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“Torminnows aren't rightly. “ Torpedo minnows traveling the
Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:50

“Torminnows aren't rightly. “

Torpedo minnows traveling the world for the sport of weap Judah, all funded by American Labor. The rest of the world sees they’re not rightly. Can American Labor not see they’re not rightly?

If American Labor can see they’re not rightly will Labor not end funding the war sport of weap Judah and bring the Torminnows home and see that they all have an existence stipend?

“Its kinda over here. Contact died. We’re dying casual. Poison fish.”

Those are some Tele receives in in the last few minutes.

Contact with the house of God, our precious sweet Father. Will Labor not “finish” and make contact with our good God almighty and free us from this Jewish prisoner of war tyranny state?

The ten thousand cows that have been found mutilated in the last 70 years. Missing hearts, lungs, kidneys, tongues and eyes. Might we not recognize cattle mutilations as Meta transiliatory communications from our extraterrestrial relatives?

If we perceive that cattle mutilations are being done by our extraterrestrial family might we not guess what some of the messages are?

Might the messages be informing us that Judah has taken our hearts out? Has Judah not stolen our eyes away so that we cannot see? Ears so we can’t hear?

The people that would speak and inform us of the right way to go. Has Judah not cut our tongues out?

The mutilated cow missing its lungs. Are we not seeing in front of our eyes how Judah is burning our lungs out with his brimstone shot from Hitachi-GE?

Can we not use our thinking and figure out what it is that our elders from outer space have been telling us?

“Roast kidney disease,” the congressperson said in reverse speech a few years ago. The radioactive waste that we are eating and breathing in. Are we perceiving that as it passes through our body it will pass out through and be filtered by our kidneys?

Might we understand that ingested radioactive waste will cook our kidneys? “Roast kidney disease?”

“Martians will be tossed, we’ve lost.” Tele receive. 1.54 AM

The kind Martians led by Sir Casper. Will we let all of Sir Casper’s teams wonderful service fall by the wayside and now let Judah die us off without ever trying it?

“Why didn’t you try it?” Precious sweet Father asked us. Why Labor? Why didn’t you try it? The STRIKE. Why didn’t you try it?

“Sooth Him.” Tele receive. 1.54 AM

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and sooth God our precious sweet Father?

Might we consider that two thousand years ago when the bible was being gifted to us that our elders from outer space knew precisely what Judah would do in the last days?

They knew that Judah would invent nuclear blast weapons and attack us with them and do we surmise that elders also knew that Judah would build Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots and melt them down?

With 87 million years of peace knowledge, might we consider that our Galactican elders have seen Judah variety of perpetrator life form before? Certainly.

Though elder did say that Judah variety of “animal primitivism” was “rare.”

The “Star of wormwood” and “brimstone” reported to us in our bibles as signs of the time in the last days.

Might we think of the Jewish electricity waste at Chernobyl where the wormwood that was left for the worms to eat now remains on the ground because the worms are dead due to radioactive waste poisoning?

“Brimstone.” Is that not an interesting word to describe nuclear waste to us that has now come in with the fire and smoke in the last days?

Though Judah is “rare,” have our elders from outer space, the angels our good God sent in, not described Judah’s exact behaviors in the end days?

“Its a minusing rub.” Tele receive. 2.15 AM

Have we given much thought to how much Judah rub will minus us when every breath of air that we breathe is poisoning us through our lungs?

Even though Judah is done with us and we with him, and Judah is going away from us to never return again, do we see how he wants to leave us dying of nuclear brimstone waste disease?

Judah nuclear war fighting specialists, having lost their great balls of fire to our elders from outer space when thy attacked us with them, reduced to fighting us with their last nuclear weapon of mass destruction, Jewish electricity waste.

Jewish electricity brimstone waste set to knock two out of three of us out of life form in only the next few short years. How is that for deadly?

“You’ll soon appear dead from missile kid here.” Tele receive. 2.29 AM

The nuclear missile kid weap Judah, that had his missiles taken away from him when he shot them at us. That we have not taken his dirty bomb shots away from him might we not soon appear dead?

Might we think of the 1968 cult classic movie, “The Night of the Living dead?” The ghouls are said to be able to paralyze anyone they touch.

Might we see why Judah is always employing his stop and frisk?

Might that help explain why he has been touching us as we get on airplanes? The touch of Judah. Might that be part of the ghoul hold that they have demonstrated here?

Monstrous undead humans. Ghouls that not only eat the dead but prey on the living. The horrific nature of the Judah cipher. Might merely thinking about who they are be so repugnant that many people choose to not plumb the depths of their own imagination much less try to see what is in the imagination of weap Judah?

The dreams that Judah has of destroying us all. Too macabre for most ordinary people to even want to think about?

The police berg that Judah has put into the American state. Where anyone anywhere can be picked up and transported gone. Too frightening to ever want to confront such a deadly arrangement as Judah has put in here on us all?

Might it be the fear, both conscious and subconscious that has kept ghoul power in so long?

The many terrors of weap Judah. Do we not see that they are taking our lives?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get their deadly ghoul power out of our lives?

“You’re over side foolish.” Tele receive. 2.56 AM

The ordinary workers that could stop the war any day we will act. Now over the side of the vessel as Judah pushes us out for our last die.

Judah bringing in a new round of wage cuts as his bash.

His windmills that dot our landscape. The best technology of the 15th century. Will Labor not let them off right?

The most belligerent vicious life forms of them all. So unaccommodating that God is dying them off. Will American Labor not authorize ourselves to give them a nice STRIKE and help God to die them off right?

A unaccommodating sport, might they ever be ignored except for the fact of their vicious and ever making war? Ricing out our fields and air. Will Labor not join with the love of God and let them off of here?

Our good God up above guiding us to find our way to love. Judah continually shooting us out of here.

“O my God Patrick made purple dead just writing.” Tele receive. 3.14 AM

Patrick reporting Mercury dispatch about purple attempt to die us off with a 3 hour shot in the dark. Did purple not make themselves pretty much dead?

“We just work you casualty. We just work to pull out a full democracy awesome. We rule the gentle precise to roll their day. With the police force the princess died you. Do you muttly. I’m furnishable. I just cage them to shoot rule. I’m all out my pitch berg. Judah murders you on your foolership past. We just die deals. The white’s a sucker, I levered you,” Judee say.

Tele receives:

“Deceiten; deceit. 1.30 PM

Its about fair finished. 1.37 PM

The robbers are a great beyond stealing. 2.02 PM

We’re all purified. 2.13 PM

Snake. 2.43 PM

Washberg. 2.45 PM

You’re going to sleep and you failed. 2.48 PM

Their saucers right us. 3.00 PM

Badgered us well. 3.13 PM

Torminnows aren’t rightly. 4.05 PM

They’re exhausting you out casually.

With their big sport their falling down nice wage here.

They’re going to bore Des Moines into a ditch, its really quite easy.

Some fouls you made were quite dummy.

In about a week the Druid space will be gone.

Judee’s sack is out of here now.

Music from Germany but your anthem catch them.

You gave the West Allis the foot.

The camel is fighting you all as usual.

Old fuss. 7.58 PM

You threat fight. 8.04 PM

Pat, put breezer in. 8.08 PM

Be here. 1.08 AM

Its kind of over here refused.

Contact died. 1.12 AM

We’re dying casual. 1.14 AM

Poison fish. 1.17 PM

Dolomites crunch. 1.53 AM

Sooth Him. 1.54 AM

Martians will be tossed, we’ve lost. 1.55 AM

Pat, wonderful criminal right pitch.

Its a minusing rub. 2.15 AM

Scheming from the devils place. 2.23 AM

You’ll soon appear from missiles kid here.

O my God, Patrick made purple dead just writing. 3.14 AM

Completely atoms.” 3.47 AM

Will Labor not help us to put breezer in? Will Labor not end funding our portion of sin?

Tele receives:

“We’ve been forced out. 4.17 AM

The great suicide ape veg that’s thrown over America. 4.29 AM

Stupid rights hang right. 4.48 AM

The dude’s talking for us truthfully. 5.10 AM

They killed exigent state snake. 5.15 AM

God is not abusive. 5.17 AM

Its dinghed. 5.39 AM

Get them off precise, they’re ruining this place. 5.40 AM

Contact will respect your pulse. 5.41 AM

Stupid gaffe.” 5.52 AM

Gaffe, defined as an “unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator. A mistake made in a social situation.”

“We fouled you racial, racially,” Judee say.

Have we not seen worldwide how Judah works to set all peoples apart from one another? Will we not pray that Bitch’s gaffe doesn’t hold Labor from letting Judah off of here?

Might we note that as “gaffe” is unintentional? Will Labor not have mercy, forgive and STRIKE THEM OUT?

God is not abusive and contact will respect our pulse. Have we not had enough proof that Judah is opposite to the way of God? Will we not respect our pulse, STRIKE THEM OUT and move ahead with contact?

“German missiles promised that we wouldn't have to feed you and they pulled us joke. Pat tore me out of this place,” Judee say.

Might that not more correctly read that Judah tore himself out of this place?

Living in amongst us as they scheduled nuclear attacks upon us. Do we get some idea of their thinking and intent in that they knew when the nuclear attack was to happen and would schedule their vacations and business trips so that they could leave our area to be near the entrances to their underground shelters?

Each and every time Judah set up a nuclear attack on us our elders from outer space would shut them down, sparing us from extermination.

After a failed attempt to get us with their nuclear shot, then Judah would return to his house and continue running his rackets until the next attempt to score us all out.

“We perish you goy,” Judee say.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

“For my violent sport I'm out. Torminnows aren't rightly. Rockingham shoots. I'm inaperous to dolt. Patrick knows that all imperials shoot.

I just sin with tumor wits and everybody knows. Our rainbow's off casually for Bitch evidence shoot.

My boom boom power failed so I'm just s--t out of here. I'm screwing you white guys now with my rockingham nice ways.

Bitch has got all my sight how I foul a guy. We have a mirage for a fine sport. Bitch is we're soaking. They just wouldn't let me sport you ballistic.

Because of true Martians we leave.

I weaped you right with West Germany. I just found some ways to deface the professor. We're settling now in South Asia. Bitch got me out because I'm a screwy head.

I encourage you ultimate molesco for a good time. You soon will die. Erica is completely wiping the bilge.

Our fortune let us suffer you right. I failed caster rate, we're dumb to make you die.

Our bed evolution let us sport you. Our sport weap your kidney nice guy. Our last memorial is our day to go. All British missile sites are off so we're just staying around sportily. Bitch report my hawk.

I've got a GI on cinnamon that will chemo you out. Nice guy has told you about how strange Bismarks are.

Mutual mooch wit you guys.

I'm falling for my cat rate. German missiles promised that we wouldn't have to feed you and they pulled us joke.

I have competition spite for my trip. You'll pull me out for schemin you out. My cow fist is rightful for fun.

I just want to fist you everyday savage, that's my good, my idle-Meyer. With my gun I shot you's dumb. Jew Fight you with some supreme knowledge.

With police in my pocket I can investigate you 4 eyes all day.

I'm taking my Jew cop out because we're limpily dead. Bitch I couldn't fold and he washed out my theory and told you how I foolished you.

For my scheme I must leave you rightly. I close you executive, I embarrass you. We war away your rights.

I Judas got to go, we enjoyed falling your rights. I sport with my Mormon, that’s how I spoo you,” Judee say.

The last Judah windfall on us now. This time scientifically wasting our atmosphere out. A total breeze. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to survive?

“Try to perceive me, I love you.” Precious sweet Father said to us. Will Labor not try perceive Father and the love that Father has for us and STOP THE WAR?

The concession to issue our money. Are we not figuring out how deadly it has proven to be in the hands of weap Judah? Will Labor not do the will of our good God and issue our money for us?

“I surrender totally, my rights are completely out,” Judee say.

Judah knows that they are finished with us. Will Labor not close them out before they finish us completely? Are we clear Labor that for attacking us to extinct us Judah have no defensible rights at all?

Bitch has been watching some news videos and reading reverse speech from them. Read one from Tennessee where an 11 year old girl was shot after she stepped off of her school bus. Found this one reverse speech in a video:

“She was a Jewish victim.”

Then read reverse speech in one video concerning a man that purportedly had sex with a 4 year old girl and found these curious statements in reverse speech:

“Its real exciting when we booze you out. We ‘just’ you injectivous.”

Maybe the guy had a vaccine or was a diabetic and something was put into his medicine? “Just you?” Revenge Set up?

Then a video of how Polish people in England have been attacked with one Polish man recently killed:

“We encourage you in a police state way to support our usury. I first acknowledge you pooper.”

The gangs that attacked and killed the Polish man in England brought police from Poland in purportedly to protect the Polish people living there. Might we see how Judah stages things to inflict harm on all communities?

Might the harm not encourage his police state? If we see this must we not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end his usury state?

Then watched a video of a serious storm in Asia. An official spoke and said this curious statement in reverse speech:

“This was to make a Jew video.”

Might HAARP have been used to amplify the storm? Maybe steer it in the most damaging path?

Then Bitch read the reverse speech from a video of a brick falling on the head of a lawyer:

“My shove is a gentle fight. I have white torpedoes for passages. The police provoked this. All Judee does it for the purse. Because my masters gone it fall all my debts. The state department rused this false off because police departments write off. This was Austin right French to publish. As a midget we might use 4 or 5 falls to get you off. This was supreme booked. I’m revolutious to stop you off a bit. Because you’re half wits Jew is going to take you all of the way.”

Continues at:

That reverse speech was from several speakers. Might we not consider that the news media people knew the falling concrete that struck t

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