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If Only You Had Paid Attention To My Commands, Your Peace Wo
Fri Sep 23, 2016 09:13

If Only You Had Paid Attention To My Commands, Your Peace Would Have Been Like A River, your well-being like the waves of the sea. 
Isaiah 48:18 (NIV) 1 Samuel 14:41–15:23; John 2:12–25

Our well being. Is the hazard to our well being not yet understood? Is the threat of loss of life form not perceived? If only we had paid attention to God’s commands our peace would have been like a river, our well being like the waves of the sea.

How is it that our good God in his love for us warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR and yet we go on day after day funding and fighting Judah sport war?

What day will it be that Labor will try to save us?

The concession to issue our money and it is privately held by the guy that claims a right to commit genocide against the children of God.

Now over 5 years of nuclear brimstone waste genocide being perpetrated against us. Can we only wonder how many understand that our life forms are passing out of existence?

The mass destruction of a civilian population, us, and still going forward with no attempts so far to try and save ourselves. Will we, must we, not hear the love of God for us and stop funding the war?

It seems so easy. Just STRIKE THEM OUT, get into Hitachi-GE and put some boron in the feed water until it cools and stops the nuclear reaction. Thousands of Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of nuclear waste pouring into our environment every month now.

Are there any of us that think this nuclear waste war weap Judah is waging against us is not going to affect us?

“You’re involved in sin, your lives won’t be spared.” The angel God sent said to us.

Isaiah 51:6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, look at the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like flies. But my salvation will last forever, my righteousness will never fail.

“The earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like flies.”

With thousands of years of warnings to us from the good book will we not take heed and try to save ourselves? Will we not act, seek the protection of God almighty and try to save our lives?

Our mass destruction going forward every single day that we fund war in our world. Will Americans not take responsibility for what we have sown? Might we not tremble in fear at what we could reap? Should we not take caution here and STOP THE WAR?

That Judah has involved us in his sin of war against te children of God. Must we not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and end the sin of war? Must we not stop our own genocide?

Will we stop war sensibly, by no longer funding it or will we stop war by being too sick to fund or fight it?

Has Judah not cunningly maneuvered us into participating in his sin of war while simultaneously dying us off?

What right might we claim if we are in the wrong?

Must we not end the blindness and see how we are warring ourselves out of existence?

Must we not recapture our sight so that we can see what is coming at us?

If only it is understood that war is merely the sport of Judah might me have a different perspective on life? On death?

Might we consider that it has been war that Judah has used to set us socially for him to use us for his investments?

Might Judah fist have shaken the imagination of what our world could be without war in it?

Judah, with his particular and peculiar hatred for the mild man of the north. Forever forcing his war upon us for his sport. Has Judah not made it appear to all the world that it is the mild man of the north that is the beast?

Used the children from the cruelly manipulated poor to topple the rule in Asia over a century ago. Asia now ruled by Replicon shell hybrid transplant Judah. Look like Asians but are really Judee in diguise.

Korea, Vietnam. America carried the war torch for Judah and now those states controlled totally by weap Judah hybrid transplant shell guys and gals.

India, Pakistan. Does the thermonuclear bomb building of those states not reveal it is Judee in disguise running them?

Every terrain Judah travels to he puts in his cipher by taking over other life forms and pushing their spirit out. Might we see the shells he puts in are cunning zombies of sorts? He seeks century after century to put the other life forms out.

Uses his shells in every terrain to stage hostile acts in conjunction with his shells in other terrains to put the people in to war against each other. His “sport” he calls it.

Are we not fully aware that our creator, our good God above has informed us, “I want them off.”

Americans, ignoring God’s wishes, continue destroying our world, ourselves and our families.

Our environment being poisoned into failure. Lethal waste of a sort the human race has never had to endure. The hundreds of millions that Judah has put to death in his century of war, now looking to be small potatoes as he presses ahead with dying billions of us using his brimstone sparkler waste.

And to think of it, only one day of a general STRIKE and the fiend will be gone. Never again to molest God’s kids on earth in any terrain.

“They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off.” God said.

If only we will spend the 40 minutes to think it through, might we not figure that we live in God’s village and are being poisoned too?

If only we will see that our lives are on the line might we not try to save ourselves?

Are we understanding that the one thing nuclear war fighting Judah cannot stand is a general STRIKE?

Are we further figuring that when his cannibal cult has lost the concession to issue our money that will be the end of war here in God’s village?

“I gave you the peace must you fail.” God asked his children of American Labor.

“Why didn’t you try it?” God wanted to know about why Labor has not tried the STRIKE yet. Will you not give us an answer Labor, will you not tell us why you have held us to death?

Has there been no STRIKE yet because Judee said “this or that” about Bitch?

If it is because of what Judee said Bitch is or is not is it not becoming clear that we may have to punish ourselves and our children this time if we don’t get Judah out and STOP THE WAR?

For hasn't Judee trumpeted with his mighty Wurlitzer news organizations all of the naughty things that he arrested and imprisoned millions of us for? Doesn’t he claim that because we’re so naughty as why he has built America into the most imprisoned people on earth?

Will Labor not end building any more prisons for his elephant warriors investment sport?

Didn't Judah have to do a lot of persuading to put his gulag state in to America?

Might it be his ability to sell us such things as a big fire that has proven his super salesmanship?

Might it be his mental power that he has used to besmirch Bitch so much that Labor has been held back enough that it just will not lead? Will Labor not over come Judah hold and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Might it be the long history of slave rebellions that have always been crushed that is keeping Labor from acting to pitch master out this time?

Is Labor not seeing this time that we have our good God guiding us to peace?

Do we not see that our good God has let master Judah pitch himself real good?

After his attacking us in the middle of the night with thousands of thermonuclear warheads, much chance of the firebug, master weap Judah, ever coming in once again? Seems highly unlikely doesn’t it?

Now if only we will act with the love of God do we see that we can get this curse of an errant life form out?

Might we not consider that Judah has cooked his own goose this time?

His noose, garrote, his stake he tied us to and lit us on fire. Will we not thank our good God above for having His angels let Judah toss himself good?

Though might we not have to give to Judah his focusing on what is important? His focus on getting hold of all the power there is, the power of the Labor purse, the concession to issue our money.

Tele receives:

“Its a pyramid die. 11.21 AM

Its a hammer to joy. 11.48 AM

I’m afraid of you grave digger. 12.24 PM

Corrupt municipal. 1.50 PM

The wasters are not truthen. 1.55 PM

O my God, Bitch spared us. 2.01 PM

You’re a real animal activist. 2.20 PM

Riot deal.

Jew lates us. 2.29 PM

Vile by us. 2.58 PM

Stupid pitch, right close. 3.55 AM

Obviously their worst shot is out. 7.17 PM

Your may pole is now failed. 7.31 PM

You’re dying yourselves off giving them the best score. 7.33 PM

Safe underground Jews have squished us. 8.41 PM

You’re freeing the mouse from the cages. 8.46 PM

A stupid boring scene, the whole world tumbled by sex. 8.47 PM

Put them out! 8.48 PM

I believe it, they’re pushing us out of life.

They’re screwing you Soviet. 8.51 PM

Totally tossed your life forces.

Be waking up to sack-o-sphere.

They’re pulling off the atmosphere. 2.16 AM

Slay done. 2.18 AM

Patrick, you’re dying bruise.

We’re past mentally.

Tom cat falsing Raytheous. 3.07 AM

Soulology. 3.58 AM

Peace ever. 5.10 AM

They died out symphonies.” 5.25 AM

“I used bull sh*t to make you go. I want you to be nervous white guys so I can fist humans. We use dog white power for scrimmaging. I appear to have died for my shafting you. The police department is how we take. I screw off your wits with chocks. We’re folded, ya; we’re quite dead,” Judee say.

Any doubt that Judah is folded and quite dead? After trying to destroy America and kill us all in the middle of the night while we were sleeping, much chance of them ever regaining their seat with us? Unlikely isn’t it?

So what’s the problem then? Might we not perceive that they are still dying us yet?

Might we not have to give them some points for how far away from the rest of us they got themselves? They tell us their sob stories of how everyone is so mean to them. And telling us they only want to do good things for us. Will we not say a prayer to our good God above for letting us see just who they really are?

Will Labor not end their funding their high scoring of us? Will Labor not stop financing their many sport wars?

While it is obvious their worst shot is out, can we only say a prayer that their second worst shot with nuclear brimstone waste will keep becoming more obvious each day to bring us to act right away? Are the palace snipers not out of phase?

Have the royals not grown tiresome enough that we will not let them off? Do we not understand that they have shot us all?

The abomination of desolation. Are we not understanding that it is coming to this nation? Do we not see that Judah is taking our healthy environment away from us?

The scourge of all mankind, Judah and clan. “They’re no friends of mine.” God almighty said. “I died them truthful.”

Is it not generally understood that they are going no further with us?

“I’m dying them off, tunnel death.” God our almighty Father said.

Will Labor not recognize Judah's fatal flaw, their weakness, their inability to accommodate others? If so will Labor not let them off right?

Are we not aware that we have sealed ourselves in to dying out in a nuclear war? A war that we see no bullets fly. A war with no bombs bursting near us. A war known by only those that choose to want to know about it. A war funded by ourselves, for ourselves and of ourselves. A nuclear war that is destroying us here.

Can we not pray that we will “Get Smart” and stop funding it?

Has Judah not thrashed us good? The prison camps in his zoo. Can we only wonder how he sold them to us? Are we understanding our good God wants them off of us? Will Labor not rid us of their prison camps and zoo?

“I come fooly. Your whole country I missed ya’s, my suffers out now. I hose you out mousively, that’s my good trick. I believe stupid. I hold you outside, I sold you a fire. I ever take off your race with my Jew wits. You guys can’t hold me down, I ever die you complete,” Judee say.

Is there not a chance that we can make an exception to the rule this time? That is, will we not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that we can hold him down long enough to prevent him from dying us complete?

“I believe stupid,” Judee say. How is that for a double entendre?

“They’re taking me out for my management sports. We just set you to core ash you out. If I take you to jail its all shadow. My real analysis takes me to check city. They died me truthful,” Judee say.

Might we understand that our family from outer space will not knock anybody down? If we understand that are we understanding that they will not knock Judah down even though he is perishing us now?

While the angels have protected us from Judah 3 hour nuclear blast extermination of us, might we note that they never laid a hand on Judah?

Pulled all of Judah’s nuclear missiles when they were in flight, headed to America in the middle of the night to kill us all. Is it not something though, elders from outer space have never laid a hand on Judah?

Might we consider that Judah has known for thousands of years that our extraterrestrial family does not use force on one another or any anyone else?

Are we getting any sense of the magnitude of the deception that Judah has foisted on us?

Bitch, a guy that never believed that we needed to use force on one another. Sitting in a world mined with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. Positioned to kill us all in a few hours of shooting.

Might Labor not grasp the significance of what God has done for us here and act to help save our lives?

Is there not yet a general awareness that we are being perished by our own check in the hands of the errant fellers?

For thousands of years Judah has known we don’t fight and yet he always puts us into a fight. Will Labor not end funding Judah sporting the children of God on planet earth? Will Labor not give us peace in our time? Will Labor not help to prevent our extirpation in the brimstone waste war that Judah is waging?

“Stupid pitch, right close.” Might that Tele receive be telling what has happened here?

Is there not some way to prevent the right close that is taking our nation, our health and us gone?

“Dull crispy.” A Tele sender just said at 8.02 AM.

Might the dull be from our food? Bon ami boron in our pies maybe? Do we have much of an idea of just how much Judah has contaminated our food with things that slow our thinking down real good?

“Vile by us.” The bus driver said.

Or could that be “Vile buy us?”

Is there not some sense that we are going out now? Might Judah not have mirrored us well?

“Howdy.” Tele receive. 8.10 AM

Life’s short, have fun, be nice and love Poppi. Are we not aware that we are only alive because of the love of Poppa for all of his kids on earth?

“Get help.” Tele receive. 8.15 AM

Is there not some way that Labor will help?

The war is done, have we not figured out it is false? Might the only question now be whether or not a third of the human race is going to die out of here now?

What will it be? Bitch the guy that chronicled the die of God’s kids on earth or Bitch the guy that convinced Labor to pull Judah off?

If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea. 
Isaiah 48:18 (NIV)

Now facing termination of life form. Our children passing out of life with us. If only we would have listened and followed, “Thou shalt not kill,” might we not made peace in our time?

Looking for help here Labor. Are we understanding that we are involved in sin and our lives won’t be spared?

“Super MD Judas is mutual in. ARREST WAR!”

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Sir Jason is our technical representative from the Federation and will help us shut the dirty bomb down as soon as Labor gives us a hand with a Strike!

“The bridge is falling the opposite way to terror you.”

That you Sir Morris for that message today.

Continues at:

Sir Morris is our Qwill friend that is sitting by the sun to welcome us into the universe at peace. Will Labor not give us some help to

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    • If Only You Had Paid Attention To My Commands, Your Peace Wo — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Sep 23 09:13
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