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Reversing That Sick And Tired Feeling
Sat Sep 24, 2016 07:53


Video:Reversing That Sick And Tired Feeling - YouTube

It is an Epifrikin Demic

When I was disabled out of the Army I spent 6 months in bed almost every day sick Lyme disease, malaria, you name it - I came up positive for it. I know how you feel.

We started this You Tube Channel to help save lives - that means YOUR Life as well.

All around you the news is depressing - wars, rumors of war, meteor strikes, Nibiru destroying Planet Earth, economic collapse

Then there is the food teat you are eating - all GMO designed to kill you.

You try supplements of all kinds

You try herbs of all kinds

Your friends leave you - they donít believe you - they think you are nuts.

Your Doctor says you have Fibrmyalgia - which means - you are sick and tired - so he gives you one pill, then 2 pills, then 4, 8, 12 different pills a day --- many of them for the depression caused by the medications you are taking

Your doctor has more medical diagnosis that carter has liver pills.

You get sicker and he gets richer.

Look in the mirror - If this is not who you want to be then


Change is scary but if you want to break out of the Sick And Tired Mess then change.

It is Your Choice - more sick and tired

We show you the products we eat to make us feel better in the video

I make no money off of any of these products - but Get The Tea is adding to our find to build our Free Cancer Clinic if you access their website through our videos.

To me - it just seems sick to make money off of the sick.

So watch this video and learn how both my wife and I are now feeling much better.

Pray that YOU learn how to feel better very quickly and welcome back to the Human Race.

YOU ARE important to God.

YOUR PRAYERS ARE important to helping change planet Earth.

YOU ARE the solution.

The News YOU need

Dr William B. Mount

IMMUSIST - Assist Your Immune System Today!

Go to our videos to access the Get The Tea and Food For Liberty non GMO food stuff and you actually save money and all profits go towards curing cancer.

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