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Operation to cover up acoustic weapon
Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:33

The Feds used resonance weapon in my case. I revealed it in internet. The Feds created an incident to cover up.

922. Cover up operation for Acoustic weapon (9/8/2016)

On August 8th, two ladders were still there, apparently waiting someone to go to the top floor roof. So I wrote "918. Facebook harassment (8/8/2016)", showing a picture of broken branch of the apple tree." I emphasized that "the broken end is fresh yellow", there was no reason to justify the branch broken off incident. From that time on, I started to suspect it was caused by acoustic weapon and the plot linked with roof leaking and repair contract and "falling death".

Four days later, a news caught my eye. A woman was hit by a falling branch in San Francisco on Aug.12, 2016. I think that was a swift response to my message #918.

San Francisco Woman Paralyzed After Tree Branch Lands on Her


City arborists have determined the pines in Washington Square park are in good condition, and say what happened to Zhou was a freak and tragic accident.

I think it was a cover up operation done by that acoustic weapon team. The broken tree was in "good condition" story was published nation wide by mainstream media. The purpose is to prove that healthy tree can break off inexplicably.

923. Killing plot goes on (9/25/2016)

My wife and my daughter are having a trip in North European from 9/23 to 10/2. I think it was arranged by the Feds.(FBI and DEA) It's easy for them to create accident in a trip.

The roofing contract was finished on Aug. 2nd. The ground vibration feeling was hardly felt or weakened for a little while but recovered strongly recently. I allege the Feds is still going to create a roof falling death - at the time when my wife is absent.

Then who will be that victim falling from the roof? The Westshore company said within one month after the work finished, a city inspector will come to examine the job. That inspector would be a sacrifice, I think. This is how the Feds to frame their target in a death incident.

Something big will happen from 9/23 to 10/2. In internet, there's a pop-up warning: Friday, September 30th, 2016:

On Friday, September 30th...
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