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MKULTRA - Psychotronic Weapons and the Hillary Clinton Seizu
Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:51

MKULTRA - Psychotronic Weapons and the Hillary Clinton Seizure Observation

Published on Aug 8, 2016

The recent viral media report released by major media on 07-23-16, showing Hillary Clinton having some type of seizure on camera, is in fact a recorded media event from late June. It is this viral Hillary media report, that in my opinion, shows much more than just the media spectacle of Hillary Clinton experiencing a seizure episode on camera. It is my observation based on observable facts, that enough evidence exists to strongly infer and or strongly suggest, that Hillary Clinton was being negatively influenced by some type of MK-ULTRA Psychotronic weapon, disguised as a voice recorder. This report will show how the seizure episode initially began and how two subjects in the video, appear to be aiming their disguised voice recorders, into the forehead and the side of Hillary's head to induce the bizarre behavior seen on camera. Once the two subjects aim their recorders at Hillary, the seizure episode occurs. It is this Hillary observation, that this report will show and discuss.

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