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Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky
Tue Oct 4, 2016 11:03

"We cite your white force as invaluable witless"

That is one reverse speech that Bitch pulled from an interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky. Alan is of Jewish ancestry. He has been revealing that Israel was behind the 911 trade center take down.
Here are some more reverse speech pulled from this video interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a Marine corp veteran.

“Iowa has got a Judee pea shooter. I find the merchants should leave, they’ve done great digressivous. The police are advised to get tough to sport you, that’s why Jew want’s more police.

We fall all wicked fighters. You’re being scrunched HUGE to use you. I foresee a wolf state falling out someplace. Their fist has got America fallen with the company. Wise witless guys they’re going to roll fast and take your country.

They’re violently dangerous, they fell more trees to sewer for their anthem. Dungeon dies here are subtle to false you. Despot mega tonnage got them rolled for scrimmaging you.

Jew great took your attention out of here with bubble gum force leaving you tragic. Wise guy is going to fall dead collectively. Judee always shot you heart sorcery out. Their war tumble is established through British games, who hold you thief.

Mortal weapons foul you rightly capped. My theory fix you with throw them out. They’re past accomplish with submarine, they’ll roll fast when you accomplish them.

Bitch alter got them off for all days. I detest the goose man he’s corrupt. Judees out once you wake up.”

From those reverse speech, coming from the subconscious mind of Alan, might we consider that we have a genuine honest, truthful and useful man serving us?

Looks like like it doesn't it?

"We cite your white force as invaluable witless"

Will the white force not Get Smart and take the concession to issue our money away from the weap crowd that only make war, kill people and destroy countries?

Here’s a link to an interview with Alan

Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky

3 months ago (edited)
Wake up my fellow Americans. Israel is the most immoral country on this planet.

There is not one country on this earth that has killed more people than Israel (besides our government).

Our idiot government here in the USA does whatever this entity wants it to do and as a citizen of the United States I am ashamed that my country's government supports that disgusting country known as "IsraeHell" that has killed people in Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Gaza and many other places.

Listen you filthy Zionists we the people see right through you! Israel Defense Forces (IDF) go home you scumbags!

Zionists go home! Stop dominating the USA!

There are Jewish people and Israeli people that see right through their government and they reject Zionism.

Stand up Israelis! Yes to the Jewish people and the people of Israel! No to Benjamin Netanyahu and no to the Zionist regime!
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Published on Dec 27, 2012
Dr. Alan Sabrosky lays out the case of Israeli involvement in 9/11 and the U.S. military awareness
VIDEO 13.10 AT

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    • Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky — PS POST, Tue Oct 4 11:03
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