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IWW organizer Frank Little was Lynched by Six Masked Men. 10
Tue Oct 4, 2016 11:30

August 1, 1917 Butte, MT copper mining

IWW organizer Frank Little was lynched by six masked men. 10,000 workers lined the route of his funeral procession. Years later writer Dashiell Hammett would recall his early days as a Pinkerton detective agency operative and recount how a mine company representative offered him $5,000 to kill Little

Might we think what $5,000 dollars to kill a union organizer is worth in today's money?

Value of $5,000 in 1917

To: Calculate
Inflation Results

$5,000 in 1917 equals $101,950.43 in 2016.,000&year=1917

Has Labor given much though to why our Labor people have been tucked away so easily?

$101,950 dollars and 43 cents offered to kill an honest workingman to stop him from exercising his rights to negotiate with his employer.

Can we only speculate how many people might show up with a gun or knife to get the job done? Dirty deeds done dirt cheap?

"The social body to which we belong is at this moment passing through one of the greatest crises of its history . . . What if the nerves (newspapers) upon which we depend for knowledge of this social body should give us false reports of its condition?" (Source: The Brass Check, p. 9)

Most clergymen are hypocrites, but they are not entirely to blame. Like other men, they are victimized by “the competitive wage-system, which presents them with the alternative to swindle or to starve.”

Will American Labor not give us better options than swindle or starve?

That the people of the United States have not been informed by the newspaper companies of our impending demise in a nuclear waste war, might we have to think about how little has changed in America since Upton Sinclair’s time?

Have the nerves of our social system not failed to properly apprise us of just what dire straits we are in now?

That we have no investigative journalists looking into the empty missile tubes of the submarines that unloaded their cargo of death, genocide and extinction upon us. Will Labor not hire us some investigative journalists? How about some grand juries to investigate our nuclear war fighting merchants of death?

“I am not a Labor Leader; I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition.

Will Labor not use the good brains that God gave us to get us out of this state of eternal warfare?

Tele receives:

“You’re refused fail. 9.51 AM

You made us fail. 9.57 AM

You’re a dolt fail. 10.20 AM

I support him.” 10.33 AM

Those are a few Tele receives while going grocery shopping earlier today.

Might we think of what Debs had to say about helping Labor a century ago?

“I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition.”

Will Labor not use your heads and pull your hands away from the guys that only make war?

On June 16, 1918, Debs made a speech in Canton, Ohio, urging resistance to the military draft of World War I. He was arrested on June 30 and charged with ten counts of sedition.

Debs appealed his conviction to the Supreme Court. In its ruling on Debs v. United States, the court examined several statements Debs had made regarding World War I and socialism.

While Debs had carefully worded his speeches in an attempt to comply with the Espionage Act, the Court found he had the intention and effect of obstructing the draft and military recruitment.

Among other things, the Court cited Debs' praise for those imprisoned for obstructing the draft. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. stated in his opinion that little attention was needed since Debs' case was essentially the same as that of Schenck v. United States, in which the Court had upheld a similar conviction.
Debs went to prison on April 13, 1919.[6] In protest of his jailing, Charles Ruthenberg led a parade of unionists, socialists, anarchists and communists to march on May 1 (May Day) 1919, in Cleveland, Ohio. The event quickly broke into the violent May Day Riots of 1919.

The May day riots? Might we see how Judah has been in the background with his minnows to break up peaceful law abiding demonstrations by making it look as if Labor people are violent?

Do we recall it was the same violent strategy Judah used to break up the draft protests in 1861 when Lincoln was going ahead with his war in America?

The entire history of violence associated with Labor seeking decent and fair conditions of employment. Might we see the hand of weap Judah always using his cunning to put us out with violence? Both directly at us and also by putting his minnow spies in to do wrong and make it look as if workers are the violent ones?

Might we understand that many union leaderships had Replicon guys in place to help with the bigger plan?

Might we note how the supreme clerks aided and abetted those who were bent upon forcing America into the first world war?

Supreme court justice Holmes not only upheld imprisoning peace activists like Debs, but also claimed it was constitutional to sterilize Americans.

In the Carrie Buck forced sterilization case justice Holmes found it constitutional to pass laws and enforce laws to sterilize Americans and concluded his argument by declaring that "Three generations of imbeciles are enough".

After attacking us all out with their great balls of fire might we not finally have the key that will unlock the fist style of mind that has taken over in America? Are we understanding the entire route to bring our right force in is to first get our wrong force out?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this ivy league charlatan charade of fists that legitimize all of their ungodly fist acts with ten dollar words, guns, cages and physical attacks?

All the shootings that Judah is doing in side of America. Here is a reverse speech from Judah to give us his impression of what we are to expect:

“If you’re not going to take my democracy out you should just get used to my day.”

Have we noted how on a regular basis we have a truck driver or two get hit with a sniper round while driving on the roadway? Maybe we should just get used to it because we’re not taking Judah democracy out quick enough?

Weap state. Would it be a surprise to learn that Jewish are using international military, police and private corporation forces in America on a regular basis to do contracts on us? Do we perceive that is regular business model for weap Judah?

Are we understanding Labor that when we agree with Judah on his wrong, for whatever reason, we may be setting ourselves up for later to have the same done to us? Have we not already fallen in Judah trap by allowing him to shoot sport war on our dollar?

Might we note that sex is constant device that Judah uses to fist us?

The reverse speech the other day that revealed Judah fists working girls because they give pleasure to men.

Does that make sense?

Have we heard the other big reason Judah fists the dates for dollars crowd is because it violates master’s right to exploit the Labor resource?

An uncaring, unfriendly except to deceive us, unfamiliar liar, thief and fister. Will Labor not end funding Judah misdeeds?

The United States of America, now a totally criminalized, bribed out and corrupted Jewish tyranny.

The Jewish tyranny that shot us all right. Might we not yet see that because of the love of God this is the last Jewish tyranny anywhere in God’s village?

“Wake me when they’ve struck.” God our precious sweet Father said.

Might we consider that even though Bitch dolt has failed to bring Labor to save us, Father said “When they’ve struck” not “if they’ve struck?”

The physically chained American workers that organize a strike in jail. Put into solitary confinement to punish. How is that for cruel, vicious master sport?

“The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free.” Precious sweet Father said.

Will us other workers on the outside of the Jewish jails not identify with our bound slave Americans that Judah works for 14 cents an hour? Will Labor not help them now?

Weap Judah, the guy that is full of it and proud of it. Glad to be able to push it in our faces for free everyday.

The people that are starved and hungry, millions wandering our streets. Washington-Wall street waging genocide complete. And yet there is found available $101, thousand 950 dollars and 43 cents offered to fist a simple honest working man out.

Do we see the odds are against our honest workingmen while Judah holds our free purse in his hands?

Will American Labor not help us to get the Prussian militarization out of our homes, schools and work places? Will Labor not help us toss the old Kaiser out?

Is there not some awareness that Judah has given the Soviets a lease to work us now?

Are we not aware that Moscow Judah has attacked us with intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles?

Are we not understanding that Moscow Judah terror holds our family in Russia as he terror holds Americans in America?

Enforced poverty and destitution created by and held in by the viciousness and brutality of the Jewsih berg state.

Workers that don’t like 14 cents an hour, then into solitary confinement. A practice that is clearly torture. Done by clerks to God’s children in this now defunct Jewish racist genocidal tyranny.

How did the mild man miss who is really behind all of the mayhem in our world? Are there any that really believe it was Muslims that knocked the world trade center down?

God is good, Father loves us all. Is there not some way that mild man will step up here and let them off right?

“Judah have no defensible rights.” God our Father, our Sovereign of His village on planet earth informed us.

Are we not aware Judah has no rights because he tried to kill all of us nice with nuclear blast weapons?

The supreme mousers on the bench. Will Labor not let them off right? Does Labor not recognize a continuing false fist enterprise when it is placed before our eyes?

Will Labor not turn the olfactory on, take a good whiff and get them gone?

While we perish in no uncertain terms in the most Violent, brutal tyranny ever on earth, the United States of America on Jewish nuclear war, will Labor not try it at least once?

The STRIKE Labor. Will Labor not try it?

“I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn’t you try it?”

Bitch sorry he created pain among you Labor. Might it be he has not fully recovered from the hay-makers that Judah has put on us all?

Judah now dying our economy out. He has given a lease to the Soviet Replicon Jews to try their hand at sporting Americans. First the Prussians and now the Bolsheviks. Will Labor not toss both of them out?

Are we understanding it is with war that Judah gets his license to assault and molest Americans?

Will Labor not take Judah’s war powers away?

A group that wouldn't give you the right time of day, now successfully dying us out.

Might we not consider that Judah greatest abuse has always been centered on their Labor molest?

Our jury trial process began the peaceful process of freeing the kidnap victims from master’s labor racketeering operation in America.

An all white jury freed a man of color from his master in 1854. The supreme clerks decided that the white man did not want the man of color freed. What are we to consider that it was a jury of whites that set him free? Might we not see the Supreme clerks as merely more of Judah Replicon brand? Might we not rightly see them as white hybrid transplant shells from hell fooling us all?

Has God our good Father not had His angels help us to see the Replicon brand now in every land?

Mao and his great march. Might we not find that in Judah hike ya?

The guy that attacked Pearl harbor.
Might we not find that guy to be an Asian Replicon brand? Purportedly shot his plane down killing him in 1943. Does that Judah not know how to ghost out good? He spent a couple of years at Harvard, Princeton and Yale in the 1930s. Are we getting some clues where war is being planned from?

Will American Labor not step in here and let them off right?

“They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off.” God almighty said.

Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money in to your own hands? To save your own life forms will Labor not try it?

The meanness of poverty. Might we understand by subjecting so many children to it, that is how Judah has gotten some to hurt Gods other kids on earth?

Will Labor not end Judah’s ability to subject children to privation induced aggression? Might Labor not appreciate that once Labor has the concession to issue our money out of Judah’s hands and into the safe hands of Labor, that no child will be molested by privation?

Might we not appreciate that our good God is gifting us with a route that will bring us into an advanced civilization?

The jealous guy that rapes for a date. Will Labor not take his power away from him now?

The tickets to eat. Has Judah not proven he is not to be trusted with the concession to issue them?

Tele receives:

“He’s a psychic.

You’re an oracle. 7.18 PM

You failed to save yourself. 7.34 PM

Patrick bluffing us. 7.35 PM

You guys big slip up. 8.07 PM

Looks like they’re going to ream us. 8.21 PM

The weaping irritite died. 8.28 PM

Judas died you just.

Tranquilize yourselves. 1.14 AM

Electricity cost us life. 1.19 AM

Get your greatest self. 1.21 AM

Patrick has mercy, he knows revenge kills. 1.22 AM

Missing your right force cost you your life forces. 1.25 AM

They’re sewing you up here. 1.27 AM

You failed to save your gently. 1.29 AM

You failed to save your suffering.

Your fail obviously will come out dire fist. 1.30 AM

All your dungeons have been refused.

Your spiritual life goes shamelessly.

The white guy is tossing out yourself. 1.35 AM

They out us fairly. 1.38 AM

The total obliteration of ourselves.

They still ache around us. 1.39 AM

Shooter over. 1.41 AM

Jury is failed. 1.43 AM

A new fist and bleed. 1.44 AM

Bitch failed this life totally.

You fell yourself mousey. 1.46 AM

Jewish truth is flushed. 1.47 AM

Righteous failed with barely a hunch. 1.50 AM

My God held us, throw war. 1.53 AM

You die core less.” 1.57 AM

The many reasons that Judah assaults us, might the least understood be that he hates us?

Though he threw himself away permanently, what are we to make of the fact that the mass of the ordinary population has yet to act upon what Judah has done to us here?

“Perp rude. The white man’s fighting for a white-mare and shares. Horse maniacs always infringe. I’m in overtime, opposite falls. I fought you. I chow wits, its my basic true. I’m completely excited,” Judee say.

Will we not pray for a miracle to come in and Labor will do God’s will and try it?


God bless you, God bless us all.

Love Godfather

Have mercy

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Tuesday, October 4 — Psalm 116:1–7
1 Samuel 24:1–25:17; John 5:16–30
In God’s hand are the depths of the earth; the heights of the mountains are his also. Psalm 95:4

The God who made the world an

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    • IWW organizer Frank Little was Lynched by Six Masked Men. 10 — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Oct 4 11:30
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