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“You’re welcome to the next world.” Elders will be departin
Sat Oct 8, 2016 09:55

“You’re welcome to the next world.”

Elders will be departing at the end of this year. It will be the end of project earth that began in 1906. The understanding is that the righteous will be delivered to extraterrestrial bases 25 miles inside of our planet. From there we will be gifted with moving to a planet 36 light years from here to live on the surface. Millions of humans that came from earth are living there already.

That was in yesterdays post.

The planet in question is only 2 light years from the Federation’s main base. It is a 6 hour journey from earth to get there.

America is set to become a desert like environment from all of the nuclear waste that is falling in on us. Our race is set to die off massively over the next few years.

Can this all happen from only one Jewish electricity nuclear dirty bomb? Can it? Is it not clear it is already happening?

Bitch saw a couple of his anti war buddies in a dream last night. They were radiating with joy that they are getting off of this planet. Because of their steadfastness in not agreeing with war they have been put through a lot of mess by Judah. Knocked out of their income again and again. Living with so little.

Now leaving planet earth and Judah war sport to live in peace finally. They were radiating joy in their faces to not have to be put into Judah cages any more for their conscious objection to Judah war. Escape from planet earth finally to happen in the next few months for the peaceful.

On these maps might we note where the nuclear waste is being poured into our upper atmosphere at Hitachi-GE is between 30 and 40 degrees north?

Might we notice how much of America is located between 30 and 40 degrees north?

The Westerlies, anti-trades, or Prevailing Westerlies, are prevailing winds from the west toward the east in the middle latitudes between 30 and 60 degrees latitude.

They originate from the high-pressure areas in the horse latitudes and tend towards the poles and steer extratropical cyclones in this general manner.

It is said that Spanish sailors ferrying horses to the West Indies were usually stuck for months in these calm waters and had to throw their horses into the water to conserve drinking water for themselves. This led to the term ‘horse latitudes’.

Are we seeing how cunning Judah has been to first attack our family in Japan with atomic bombs to put sin on us and now he is attacking us with an atomic bomb from Japan?

It is about 6,000 miles from Japan to America. Our prevailing westerly winds carrying radioactive waste. Might we figure it takes about a month to reach us? Though might much of the radioactive waste remain high over head waiting to rain down upon us and our fields? Cesium 137 and cesium 134 that spilled into the waters of the Pacific Ocean from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant took about 2.1 years to show up in measurable amounts on the shores of North American, Canadian researchers report in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. - See more at:

“Foolish to do nothing.” Elders have said to us for 5 years now.

Here’s some Tele receives from the last couple of days:

“Fantastic analogize.

Throw them out.


ORGANIZE, they’re hunting us.

They gorge in organization.

Help us.

ORGANIZE yourselves for this sport here.

We got no state here.

Grubby, its a de-greet.

Core tastic.

ORGANIZE, authorize nice guy.

Super failed to save us, we’ve lost our lives.

The guy from Iowa tell you the right port way, their spirit ain’t right.

They’re tying to finish us.

Throw them out.

Its a full degrade.

Goose raped.

Aerosol assault.

So much failed to impurity and shameless.

I need a lawyer, heretics stretch you out.

We need your help cautious, you’re our race. (That sounded as if it was from an elder from Mercury.)

High error rolled.

Stupid jester perma-die.

Dis connected.

They’ve got very simple lies.

You stumble permanently.

Underground rights.

You lost your life rifles.

Truly sport fist us.


They touched you assault with sport.

Get more energy and close them out.

They’re infidels industrially.

Falsing us failed us.

We can’t ever keep our hearts in, idiots exhausted us.

They made us puppy here.

Patrick, dutiful hike them; said ‘put in your rights here.’

Jew carries you ultimate with fear.

Cannibal kid tossed mouse.

You’ve been attacked.

Fee bolds.

Jew war fear go.

Defend them.

Thanks for watching us.

Help me.

The colonels are still on schedule.

Terror throw you right.

Tight fish will wipe your cipher out.

Its industrious outside here now.

You’re welcome to the next world.

Your cipher’s resolved.

They’re dying the field completely.

We die bad.

The white men destroy themselves.

The white man destroyed himself completely dumb.

Look at what you got, with peace there is no embarrassment.

You’re falling the best life you ever had.

You enable Jew dying you for free on wits.

It real urchous.

Killing, its what they do to merch ya.

You disturb my peaceful with your muse ment.

Bitch, you miscarry abusive.

Great false they used to pen.

You just poison out your beautiful.

American dog has formed you out.

Its established, you lost your lives.

Bad Jew.

Jerk has failed Jutiful crime.

Organize nuclear off.

Homeless was grease roll.

Patrick monitor, the state has failed.

Bossing out your life is bossing out yourself.

Don’t they understand they’re closing themselves?

They’ve moshed out the vegetables.

They’re right rapes.

STRIKE THEM OUT, stop commercial deaths.

You’re faulty, exhausted out yourselves.

They’re molesterin men.

Its so weird, idiot cipher is off but you’re folding up yourselves.

Brace right.

Its war failed.

Stupid pistols have cost you this state.

For income you’re falsing out yourself.

Bitch is failing BIG.

Falsing out yourself thief.

Disaster strikes us here.

Terrible loss from falsing.” 3.31 AM

Here now is some reverse speech of Judah.

“Bitch we hunched with vegetable ways. Armory, I perped you virtual cash. I’m so excited. The mouse, they give you a chance right, our strength holds you for our deal.

I always passed by stumbling your life out. I always put in fear to ditch your launch. I pull you off with a child everyday. We just want to march you.

I’m your friend Judee, I’m just pushing some ham. Judee ruse you and you lost your rights. Our core-a-state is to out human. I opp you homeless. Because we ouch you’s you’ll make my whole family go.

The register let us do a department weap. If you STRIKE me out, I don’t have a bourse field. I just tear your state with my goose state false. We rape you great postal. I’m going to put you in with some Russian policemen to get you out of here. The white minnow has spoiled your days.

I’ve always erased shrimp way to bore minnow. The desert I’m leaving you should be imminent any day. I always package our income. We hold you for our performance sphere. Ever I’m pushing you in but Papa foretell the fall of the Druid.

I’m a useless savage out contact. We just rape the air, we just rape the earth. We get you ale (ail?). I witless nice. I’m close to die. Its our glory package now. I Jew ever have dungeons to make victim corrupt. H----- come and said for making war I’m taking time off Jew. My forgery is done because I lost my sight.

I bird dog theft, I cheat you. Our fiend is a virtual right. I did you’s. My error disgrace you. F--- you detentous. They’re nursing me out. I tossed you awesome Judas. We fold you fair using some embarrassols. Germ series to fight you with, we always sport Druid.

If whites have rules we just take them out. Our official relationship is ended. I’m quite dead for my sport but continue on because you have not tamed me. I shot you jail with my Loomis rights. Your nasal sniff should intelligent you.

Ever since you revealed our launch hour I’ve been frail. The man in the moon got around. I’m getting you right with some hostile air. Your image puppy has held our sport to wipe you’s. When you want to go nice way I ever furnish you with Druid. Bitch apologize for way to port us. We’re having a sweet time taking you all out. I rape you out titular because I’m faulty.

We’re scum racers who possess you. I pitch discriminatory with a Mormon. We just hope to foul you beast, we just want to get you off your soul time.

You see Judee sight, you been assaulted. I just keep saying embezzle to hold you all for free.

We’re basically going out in a hurricane. I set you out all for my Judal face. We possess your white power head stupid. We’re taking you all away. Jew always puts you in with the right procedure. I’m perishing you under a Reich bubble. We’ve taken out your police force dutifully. Our deal is Alston, it went through the pentagon but I lost it. Our civity has cost you.

I’ve always possessed you biz-cipher. I just batch you, I’ve already offended you. I’ve done some great trans shooting with H-----. We're sport bessing before we go. Services provided luck,” Judee say.

Just heard from elder at 6.30 AM. Each of the righteous that are to be raptured off of earth will be able to bring 80 pounds of their personal effects.

The destination is planet Xeroid. 36 light years from planet earth. A 6 hour journey in our elders space craft.

There may be nearly 3 billion that will be departing. We will first be grouping in the undergrounds here inside earth before departing for Xeroid.

“Your most powerful gauge cost you’s. 6.40 AM

You failed my hopes.” 7.05 AM

No real use for Bitch there. They already have velocity power sources in operation. So that is what it is.

And what about those that remain here funding and fighting sport war? Might we think of the Star Trek movie, the “Wrath of Khan” when Captain Kirk left Khan “Stranded on a burned out planet to die?”

“The mouse, they give you a chance right, our strength holds you for our deal,” Judee say.

Have we not been given a chance right to save ourselves? Do we notice the only deal Judah has is more sport war?

Was 5 years warning from our good God almighty not enough time to straiten it out?

One group of whites eating well while the cruelly manipulated white driving tanks and shooting out our world. Will Labor not choose to fix that?

“Patrick lost your field.” 7.33 AM

Might it all be merely water over the dam now?

Who needs a field anyways if we won’t be here in a few months more?

Did Labor leader William Sylvis not clue Labor to get hold of the concession to issue our money before he was stolen away on 1869? Yes he did.

Has our good God not willed that Labor is to issue our money now? Yes Father did will for Labor to issue our money.

Nearly a century and a half after a true Labor leader helped us, gave us the clue to get hold of the concession to issue our money, and lost his life in the process. And now our good God wills that Labor issue our money and what do we do; Nothing?

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are beneficial. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be dominated by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12

While Father wants to save all of our lives, might we consider that if Labor remains deaf to the love of Father for all of his children on earth we will not do well?

“I rape you out titular because I’m faulty,” Judee say

Titular: holding or constituting a purely formal position or title without any real authority.

The tyranny that Judah put in America and God almighty put out of here. “It is no more, put them out, they’re criminals.” God our Father said.

Are we not yet perceiving that Judah has no real authority here any longer? What with losing his nuclear missiles when he attacked us with them do we see he has even lost his great balls of fire and cannot to hold us any longer if Labor chooses to not be held?

His reverse speech is saying that it is fear that is continuing to hold Labor in to not strike him out.

“Your nasal sniff should intelligent you,” Judee say.

The slight whiff of chemical industry that has a bit of ozone smell to it. Might that not tell our noses that we are in deep trouble here now? Should it not intelligent us?

“I would have given you anything. I want to save your lives.” God our Father said to his Simian children on earth.

“I’ve always erased shrimp way to bore minnow,” Judee say.

Might we only try to begin un-puzzling the “Magnitude of the deception” that Judah has put on the human race?

“Thank you.” Tele receive. 8.56 AM

Why? For what? Labor has not struck them out yet.

“Wake me when they’ve struck.” God our Father said.

When Labor strikes them out and stops the war, thanks would be fine then.

“They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off.” Father said.

Americans, repeatedly saved from nuclear missile attack by the love of God almighty for all of His children on earth. What might it take to end this fail to perceive and act on the fact that we exist due only to the love of God for us all?

Here’s one of Judah nuclear warheads coming in that was burst off safely high in the sky by our good friend and next planet neighbor, Sir Casper and his diligent team of Martians. Thank You Sir Casper for pulling that one and bursting it off. Thank you.

VIDEO 0.07 AT:;article=156686;title=APFN

In Philosophical Transactions, 19-224, is an extract from a letter by Mr. Robert Vans, of Kilkenny, Ireland, dated Nov. 15, 1695: that there had been "of late," in the counties of Limerick and Tipperary, showers of a sort of matter like butter or grease ... having "a very stinking smell."

There follows an extract from a letter by the Bishop of Cloyne, upon "a very odd phenomenon," which was observed in Munster and Leinster: that for a good part of the spring of 1695 there fell a substance which the country people called "butter"--"soft, clammy, and of a dark yellow"--that cattle fed "indifferently" in fields where this substance lay.

"It fell in lumps as big as the end of one's finger." It had a "strong ill scent."

His Grace calls it a "stinking dew."

In Mr. Vans' letter, it is said that the "butter" was supposed to have medicinal properties, and "was gathered in pots and other vessels by some of the inhabitants of this place."

That is from Charles Fort’s “Book of the Damned.”

Might we only wonder what the meta-transiliatory message to us could be from our elders concerning that “MARKING” in the counties of Limerick and Tipperary in 1695?

“I’ve always erased shrimp way to bore minnow,” Judee say.

Will Labor not let them off right? Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor, will you not try it? Thank you.

God bless you. God bless us all.

Love God
Have mercy
Continues at:

Did a little shopping and have some new Tele receives from that journey.

“Get out these fascists. 1.55 PM

Patrick, close them up, Resources are going out. 2.00 PM

Finish. 2.16 PM

Judas serf man. 2.19 PM

Fair-a-kit. 2.25 PM

Hostity cost you. 2.28 PM

Treachous. 2.24 PM

A chromee item. 2.32 PM

Sport cash. 2.34 PM

Get out pure.

Leave cuff.

Its cash. 2.56 PM

Core great for free.

Harshness works a die.

How you doin’, how you doin

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