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“UGLY! We Got You Foul Turkey” Those are two Tele receives
Tue Oct 11, 2016 09:35

“UGLY! We Got You Foul Turkey”

Those are two Tele receives from shortly after Bitch posted last night.

The “Ugly” was from a reader shortly after Bitch posted and the mention of “abortion” caused her to say “Ugly!”

Only a few minutes after that Bitch heard a Tele send from Judah, who read Bitch post and he said “we got you foul Bitch.”

Here are the sentences involved:

“Has Judah not given themselves a proper enough abortion that Labor will not step in here and let them off right? Did the vacuum of the 5th dimension not suck them out right?”

When Bitch wrote that he decided to use it because Judah is always talking about giving us an “abortion.”

Elder said that it cost Bitch a loss of 14 points. He would have gotten a 90 on yesterdays post but because of putting what Judah says to do to us, he only got a “76” for yesterdays post.

Thank you for the Tele send informing Bitch that it was “ugly” to write that.

Bitchie would have lost even more points if he had posted the other words he pulled out of Judah reverse speech yesterday. Judah calls us the “T” word on a regular basis. Bitch copied it from a reverse speech and then pulled it out of the post. He has found it is a really irritating word.

The “G” word that Judah calls us all the time and Bitch loses points when he mentions it. Bitch pulled it out of yesterdays post.

“We want your rights set out so we can vegetable you awesome,” Judee say.

Here’s some more Tele receives from last night:

“Ugly. 8.37 PM

We got you foul Turkey. 8.41 PM

This war cranks us, we want it to end now. 8.55 PM

You got a kidney degree.

Get out your liars.

You’re refused because the company's still sporting. 1.58 AM

Oil is failing us. 2.02 AM

Beautiful racists are falling you out. 2.04 AM

You lost your life.” 2.06 AM

Have we given much thought to the FDA ending testing our milk in 2014 for radioactive waste products?

Have we given any thought to the congress person that said “roast kidney disease” a few years ago?

Has Labor given any thought to just what a push over we have proven to be to weap Judah who is still putting our race out of life? How is it that we let them hold the economic key to our life?

Have we not yet figured out that we have been terminated from our life form?

Are we not yet aware that we, our children and grandchildren cannot survive this nuclear war that Judah is waging against us?


To get our earlier Americans to fight World War I Judah had to put in a draft of young men to force Americans to return to the old world of Europe. Either go to war or go to prison Jewish told us.

Now he has so many millions living out on the street, might that be the draft, an economic draft that has proven able to get so many young men to go and fight Jewish sport wars around our world?

Will Labor not hear the word of precious sweet Father and end all of the war in our world?

Will Labor not RISE and let The Jewish assault life forms off of us here?

The Jewish cipher has repeatedly and consistently attacked the children of God on earth with weapons of mass destruction. Will the children of God not wake ourselves to the point to be aware of it?

As our nation is being destroyed in Jewish sport war will the people that are paying for it not take our purse away from the only guy that makes war?

All the chances we have had to save ourselves and not taken even one of them. Might we just not have gauged properly the terror and fear that Judah has put into Americans?

“They’re out.” Tele receive. 3.12 AM

Does Judah not do a real good job of mollifying us? Has his eternal sport war not for sure subordinated us to exploitation at the hands of the vicious dominant class as Karl Liebknecht explained the purpose of war is? Did Judee not do a real smoothie to hold us in this long to perish us?

The banker bombers and insurance die artists. Their victims still doing nothing about it. How can that be?

“We are excited,” Judee say.

Are we not aware that Judah gets excited when he is in the process of dying us?

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)

“Wake me when they’ve struck.” God our precious sweet Father said to Bitch.

A 3,500 year process to let Judah let himself off right. How is that for patience from the house of our good God above?

Three Father’s now since Father Baldec gave Moses the word on the rules of the road in Father’s village on earth.

Judah, having knowledge of the supreme, never sharing the truth with us.

Will most of us not go in the right way if we know it? Sure. Have elders not shared with us that all we need is to be re-sighted to fix ourselves up? Yes they have.

Cunning Judah on the other hand, knows the Right way to go and yet, chooses of his own free will to go the wrong way.

“Ethically they’re criminals.” God our Father said of Jewish.

“They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm. They’ve demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I’m dying them off, tunnel death.” God our Father said.

The Supreme Being that is our good God. Our Father in heaven who will never harm us. Is it not an awakening to learn that Father is as we are, a mortal Being?

Father Christopher who sent Jesus in two thousand years ago. King Harald of Norway who came to his throne in 823 AD. Are we not perceiving that Judah has known all along some of the secrets of God’s house?

Our kind Father who art in heaven began as a member of the “Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light” after Father Christopher passed away in 800 AD.

Our Father is dying. Father is in the last years of his glorious, magnificent and precious life.

“Try to perceive me, I love you.” Precious sweet Father said to His beautiful Simian children living in His village on planet earth.

“They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off.” God said.

Will the meek not step in here and let them off right?

Father is watching over all of his children in 1300 nurseries not unlike ours on earth. The Galactic Federation of Light is raising many varieties of high level life forms.

Assault and battery boys and girls need not apply for any positions with the Federation’s right. Peace in the Federation now for 9 million years. Will American Labor not let the errant boys and girls go?

Will Labor not sign up with God’s side where all of His children have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Will Labor not end the free funding of Judah dastardly?

“British offers made offices my right,” Judee say.

Will American Labor not think about the Declaration of Independence, the wish for freedom, the Spirit of 76, the 7 year war to get the palace out, and give them a pitch once again?

The sadly disadvantaged, the cruelly manipulated poor kids from anywhere. Will Labor not end the tight fist misrule of Jewish?

“If you don’t get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed.” The angel said.

“We base Orpheum with spite,” Judee say.

The ancient Greek poet “Orpheus.” The desire of Jewish to “spite” us.

Spite: Deliberately hurt, annoy, or offend (someone).
Upset, hurt, make miserable, grieve, distress, wound, pain, torment, injure.

A desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone.
Malice, malevolence, ill will, vindictiveness, vengefulness, revenge, malignity, evil intentions, animus, enmity.

Will Labor not pitch the errant life form out, the life form that in his weakness did not have the ability to accommodate others? Will Labor not end funding Jewish spite?

“Love one another.” Our good God commands us. Will Labor not end funding the spiteful, vicious Jewish that are molesting us?

“They’re a great force falling out. Nuclear is spiteful.”

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Does Labor not yet see there is no place to hide from Jewish nuclear spite disease?

“Judas spriking.”

That you Sir Morris for that message today.

Might “Spriking” be “Striking, spiking, spite-ing and sporting all combined into one simple word, “Spriking?”

Has Labor not given the 40 minutes of deep thinking needed to apprise itself of just how deadly is the Jewish life form to the rest of God’s kids?

Desmond Leslie was a British intelligence officer during world war II.

Desmond addressed potential doubters and seekers of proof of extraterrestrial visitations with matter-of-fact disdain: "Why should they risk a public landing? Their ship would be impounded for evasion of custom duties.

Their clothes would be torn off and sold as souvenirs."

Desmond’s book, The Flying Saucers Have Landed, became a bestseller and was translated into 50 languages.

To Leslie's gratification, it was denounced by the sort of people he liked to infuriate.

Arthur C Clarke attacked it as a "farrago of nonsense"; Professor Bernard Lovell suggested it be "dumped overboard in space".

Thereafter, Leslie continued to preach the message of the space people. Their intentions, he was at pains to explain, were wholly peaceable. Desmond Arthur Peter Leslie was born on June 29 1921 and grew up at Castle Leslie beside Glaslough in County Monaghan.

Might we not wonder why the intentions of our extraterrestrial family were difficult to explain in our world that was being built up with weapons of genocide that only began to appear with the arrival of the nuclear age?

Might we consider that highly educated people may have not made the connection with extraterrestrials and the threat to our existence from the nuclear weapons that Judah built to finish off our life forms?

Though is it not curious that Judee’s kids might of had it figured out at 15 years old?

Here’s some more Tele receives from the last few hours:

“Welcome. 3.51 AM

Cheers. 4.18 AM

Its finished. 6.01 AM

Stupid wager. 6.05 AM

Stupid sweet rolls.

They bossed us out.

Molest trek. 6.38 AM

This is what it is, they’re wiping us out? 6.50 AM

Pastee. 6.55AM

Your dumbest boys are forced out. 6.58 AM

Smart business boys ever racial.” 7.01 AM

Prenasour, the civilization that died itself off after 78 million years in peace. The ancient passed civilization the Galacticans discovered while they were still making war. The civilization the Galacticans studied for 700 years that gave them the desire to seek peace.

The Galacticans that are on the bridge of the Federation at this time are the third edition of Galacticans living in peace. The original Galacticans have already passed out of life form due to old age of their species.

The second edition of Galacticans have partially passed out of existence. The second edition are as we are, a hybridized species that had the 223 high level intelligence of the original 223 Galacticans engineered into their body forms.

From what it seems Bitch understands, the Periadon Beings of Prenasour had a 636 high level intelligence genetic number.

Half of the 1300 nurseries of the Federation are 223 Beings that are being raised up.

With the Periadon Beings of Prenasour, they were also hybridized life forms after the founders of their civilization, that carried the original 636 gene number from the beginning of their civilization until the end, 78 million years later.

At that time the 636 high level intelligence genetic factor began to break down due to natural decay. They faced no longer being able to hybridize any more life forms with their own high level intelligence genetic factors and that is why they chose to die themselves off.

Their advanced technology gave them a 30 million year record storage time frame. Before they passed they put all of their records into a new storage format and it is still good for another 9 million years before it will need to be transferred to new storage media.

Prenasour had passed away 12 million years before it was discovered by the original Galacticans, 9 million years ago.

Luke 21:33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. 34 But watch yourselves, or your hearts will be weighed down by dissipation, drunkenness, and the worries of life—and that day will spring upon you suddenly like a snare.…

Might we think ahead many tens of millions of years when our own 223 high level genetics begin to decay and no longer are able to be reproduced in other life forms?

Might heaven and earth have passed away then, but God’s words not still be passed forward to the next generation of time and space voyagers?

So little knowledge we have of those who came before us. So little knowledge of where we may be going to. So little input into what our money is being used for. Will Labor not change that for us?

The cruelly manipulated poor cannot change the equation here. Do we see that it is only Labor that can do that?

There is no political solution to what ails us, is that not agreed?

Are we seeing that it is an economic thing we need to fix us up right?

Our hundred trillion dollar economy only a few years away. Will Labor not end funding Judah blowing what we got away?

Will Labor not take a long hard look and consider just how false is this Judah root?

As a species we are a young one. 12 million years in our present life form. Another 9 million years to go before we pass out of life form.

At that time the Galactic Federation of light will only be 18 million years old. If it lasts as long as the Prenasour civilization, might it still have 60 million years to go before it passes out of existence then?

Or might other naturally evolved high level life forms enter into the Federation and extend its duration after our 223 life form has passed from the scene?

Will Labor not get the foul cipher out?

Every day his mouth pieces are ragging Muslims. Are we not aware those are Judee in disguise?

The billion plus $ dollars of American Labor money handed out to the Ayatollahs in Iran from Washington. Do we not perceive they are weap Judee in disguise?

With a knowledge base of 78 million years of life, will Labor not sign on to our precious Father’s house of peace?

“I would have given you anything.” Precious Father said.

Will Labor not even try once to give us the peace?

“Bitch rolled us out for our genus opp,” Judee say.

Is it not yet perceived that it was not Muslims that attacked us with nuclear missiles it was weap Judee?

Is there anyone that can explain how the BS guy has fooled so many for so long?

What will it be Labor? Will we go forward and enter the universe as a planet at peace or weed ourselves out committing sin for Judah disease?

Just one decade in peace. With a gigantic purse gifted to us from Labor combined with velocity power sources, might we not have the flying ships built that will be able to take us on our journey to the stars?

Will Labor not take our purse away from Judah and give us our decade of peace?

Is there not some sense just how preposterous Judee cipher is?

If there is do we not see the threat to our existence that Judah has put in?

Has Labor picked the 160 members of Labor that will issue our money yet?

Have some of us not felt the cold winter winds begin to blow? Will Labor not end Judah genocide of the millions of Americans that he has played his homeless sport on?

Does Labor not see this is the last chance to save ourselves?

Because of their coring they have no basis here. They’re waiting for you to assemble Labor and send them away. Will Labor not let them off right?

We live near them and they’re trying to figure out how to package and merchandise us. Work with them and they’re trying to figure out the best way to kill us.

Bitch is merely the messenger here Labor. Will Labor choose to not shoot the messenger please? Will Labor please choose to not be fooled?

“I want to save your lives.” God almighty said.

Continues at:

They’re putting us out in the billions with their sparkler shot. Will Labor not step in here please?

If so will Labor not STR

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