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“Strike Makes a Right for this Field” Right less inhabitant
Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:25

“Strike Makes a Right for this Field”

Right less inhabitants now in the place once known as the United States of America. Land of the free, home of the brave. No rights for any person except weap Judee. The only one able to hire his own judges and juries because he has all of the free money from American Labor that he wants.

The Judah man who with a write of his pen on paper can make any man a $6 million dollar man by doing what Judah demands.

Can we only wonder how many men or women in America would shoot an innocent man for a $6 million dollar check? Might we add that Judah could include a guarantee to the shooters they would not face any legal sanctions for doing the dirty deed?

“The power of the purse. That’s all the power there is.” Said the atomic bomb builder as to why he built weapons of genocide rather than things that would help us.

“Insult.” Bitch heard during the night. Was that from this previous Tele receive?

“Your dumbest boys are forced out.” 6.58 AM

Didn’t know if it should be in the post or not, it is so late as we are being perished out of life complete so took the chance hoping it would not insult anyone and instead will bring us to act.

NO insult intended.

The range of mind control that Judah has put in on the mild man of the north. Might we say “incredible?’’

How about his opp with the missing 4 year old girl that he did the other day?
Rebecca Lewis

“This is a Russian home set way. This is to psyche you Golem. This is to use for an app local. I’m defacing some white guys here to get a grip for my force.”
“We flip Martians. This is for maximum police action. This is for whiteful disease to catch you. I’ll get a settlement. I can’t fight you without war, that’s why I do a charade.

I’m aiming for some racial push because Judah best breed. We ever bubble possess you. I’m just out here to take you to ground because that's my right.”

Those reverse speech pulled from a few videos of the return of the missing blond haired 4 year old Rebecca Lewis. Might a real grand jury not get to the bottom of what that Judah opp is all about?

More from CNN:

Did Tennessee drop ball?

It was far from the only bizarre piece of information provided at the Monday news conference. Sheriff Grady Judd suggested kidnapper, Hogs, might already be in custody if Tennessee authorities had issued an Amber Alert earlier.

According to the Justice Department's federal guidelines, Amber Alerts should be issued when authorities have a "reasonable belief" a child younger than 18 has been abducted and is in danger of bodily harm or death.

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from these guys and gals who only clown with us and make sport war?

“We want your rights set out so we can vegetable you awesome,” Judee say.

Might that help explain this: Justice Department's federal guidelines, Amber Alerts should be issued when authorities have a "reasonable belief" a child younger than 18 has been abducted and is in danger of bodily harm or death.…….

What ever happened to “probable cause” to make an arrest? Might we consider it is our rights that Judah wants set out of the way so that he can vegetable us awesome? Might “reasonable belief” be what he is selling here to put into our law as his path to commit more violations against our rights? Have we noted it is a child that Judah always fights us with?

That image found on the same page, right next to the story of little Rebecca Lewis.

Powerful images of wounded Syrian girl go viral
By Chandrika Narayan and Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
Updated 8:24 PM ET, Tue October 11, 2016
Syrian child cries for father after airstrikes

Will American Labor not look into the face of that child to see what our Labor dollars are funding Judah to do in our world?

“My genocide you failed,” Judee say.

Is Labor not understanding that Jew fight has failed here?

“Mein Kampf.” Translated into English is “My Fight!”

In facial reverse speech Hitler talks about “my Jewish side.”

“They’re fiddlin with us.” Tele receive. 5.23 AM

The placement of these pictures. Might there be a suggestion that more police power is needed here?

Were the two children that were found dead from a previous “Amber alert” part of Judah script to bring forth a specific desired legislative response? Done to amplify the kidnapping of Rebecca?

Did some more reverse speech concerning the kidnapping of the 4 year girl. Here it is:

“”I’m inscrutable. I’m score-able to push you fish. I finish my wants with the police on my side. I’m a Judas for real. The ABCs talked and we caught on here.”

That last reverse speech was from a family member of the kidnapped child. “The ABCs talked and we caught on here.”

Might that indicate that they were not part of the staged event Judah put on? Might the “ABCs” have explained how profitable the coming law suit can be?

Maybe now a law suit against some of the agencies involved for not acting in certain ways that Judah wishes to put into our law?

Will Labor not get hold of the organizing principle of society and help us to organize ourselves for peace and prosperity for all?

Will Labor not hire our grand juries to get us out of tyranny and into liberty and justice for all?

With unlimited free money from Labor, not only from American Labor but also from Labor worldwide, are we understanding how Judah has been able to hold our world into war for over a century now?

Thousands Sign Petition to Publicly Hang West Virginia Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting, Killing Baby Girl

A petition to publicly hang Benjamin Taylor,
the West Virginia man accused of brutally sexually assaulting a 10-month-old girl who died this week, was removed from the White House’s website Friday after receiving tens of thousands of signatures.

The petition on the White House’s “We the People” calling for Taylor to be publicly hanged was posted Tuesday by a person identified as “J.R.”

The petition was started one day after Taylor, 32, was discovered with his girlfriend’s severely injured baby in the basement of the apartment they shared.

Boggs described the case as one of the worst he’s seen in his career. Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs told West Virginia-area television station WSAZ.

“I have not and hope to never again,” he said. “I don’t know of any normal human that could fathom what would possess somebody to do that.

Might we note that Benjamin Taylor has a previous criminal record?

Might in one of Benjamin’s previous visits to Judah cage been equipped with a Jewish sport chip to make him act for Judah staged operation?

The two children that were found dead from the previous amber alert. Here is some reverse speech from that crime:

“I’m now baby set for war because you’re mis-set and upset. This horrible crime was fun, I truly benefit. We just foul you off with A-----. Seig Heil will just you to go and die. My sure McA------ days show up with interest. The goal is to roll rumpole source here. We resist your rightful. On our breek side you’re just a shower. Sweet I exhaust you with a German tank. Our debts rights the sale. This is to spirit you into the right dough for my awesome. You see here how my ancestors warred you.”

Spirit us into the right dough for their awesome?

Maybe a new prison Judah wants us to fund for him now?

Are we getting a sense of how Judah ancestors warred us?

Will Labor not right us with grand juries to open up the information about A----- using the pharmaceutical companies that produce the right funguses that cause people to act insane and totally out of mind?

Is Labor not perceiving this steady stream of outrages is Judah fiddlin with us?

Pulled some good news in a reverse speech concerning Russia yesterday. It is something that Bitch Has found many times over the last few months concerning Judah term of possession of our family in Russia.

Judah is cautious about using his Russian troops as apparently they are catching on to how Judah has been sporting them ever since he took over after tossing the Czar out nearly a century ago.

Will American Labor not show caution and pull the American forces out of the face of Russia?

“If you lost your life in war, you played the fool,” Judee say.

Will we not catch on to what Judah has done and is doing to us here, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the organizing principle of society away from Jewish and put it into the hands of the general population?

Is it not clear their war is to diminish us so that they can take what we have? Will American Labor not try to save us?

Will Labor not accept that our precious sweet Father, the Sovereign of planet earth, will guide us with his love to our destiny to live among the stars?

Royal Rife (1888-1971) was developing electro-medicine to help us. Blocked from bringing it to us.

Townsend Brown (1905-1985) demonstrated gravity control in 1928. Disputed by Judah scientists all of his life. Never funded to bring it to life. Have we heard recently, Townsend Brown got it right?

Dr. Henry Moray demonstrated as early as 1926 a use able solid state transistorized machine that could produce hundreds of dollars of free energy every single day.

And what was Judah response to such an invention? Dr. Moray had to have bullet proof glass installed on his car to drive around.

Bitch would like to relate a couple of instances of electrical medicine that he has experienced himself. He worked with a fellow one afternoon and the fellow smelled of the flu he had had for several days.

That night when Bitch went home he felt as if the flu were about to come upon him.

Had a mattress heating pad under the sheets. Turned it on and left it run all night. Woke up the next morning, clothing wet from sweat. Bitch ran the heating pad many times all night, but only that one time was Bitch clothing wet from sweat. Might the flu have been cooked out by keeping body temperature real high? Electrical medicine?

Anyways, another time that happened to Bitch. Working for a couple of hours near a guy that smelled of flu or some type of sickness.

That night after going to bed, in Bitch’s nose he could smell and in his mouth, taste the flu like odor from working with the sick guy earlier that day.

Jumped out of bed and turned on his ozone generator and breathed deeply the ozone gas into his nose, mouth and lungs.

Ozone is very powerful so only breathed it in for less than a minute.

The smell of flu that Bitch could taste in his mouth and smell in is nose, was gone. Woke up the next day with no flu at all. Didn’t sweat during the night either. Might it have been the germicidal properties of ozone that conked the flu bug out before it got a hold?

From reading what some experts claim, ozone is 2,500 times more effective at sanitizing water than the best treatments previously available. Ozone leaves no hazardous residue after purifying water.

The most difficult spores found to contaminate water, about 30 minutes of ozone treatment and they are neutralized. Most common bacteria and viruses last less than a few minutes in the presence of ozone.

While chlorine disinfects water well, it leaves the particles of the bugs it kills in the water. Simple activated carbon filters can take them out. Letting water sit for a bit and the chlorine itself will vent out of the water.

Might we not say a prayer of thanks for having clean water to drink in America?
Without water, life would not exist. It is a prerequisite for all human and economic development. Yet today, 663 million people – about 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water and more than twice that many, 2.4 billion people, 1 in 3 lack access to a toilet.

Once we have inexpensive velocity power sources available, might we enjoy seeing pure water everywhere on earth once we can produce our ozone for water sanitation with only the capital costs plus Labor?

Velocity powered toilet systems. No need to have big public works projects and sewers when we have inexpensive velocity power sources available. Will Labor not bring our technology of life in?

Will Labor not take into your safe hands the “Organizing Principle Of Society” and let them off right?

Holding us to antique technology while they poison the life out of us. Will Labor not let them off right?

Tele receives:

“The errorous fail disabled. 5.40 PM

Pat, you failed your life forces, ogre-ee got you. 5.47 PM

If you want to escape their ultimate function get lunatics out. 6.07 PM

Judah present state rapes you theory. 6.22 PM

The judge wiped us. 9.42 PM

Closing out your right. 12.41 AM

Idiot will frost us. 12.42 AM

We’ll tumble. 12.43 AM

Insults. 12.49 AM

Who knows how much brightness you tossed? 1.49 AM

Poison. 1.55 AM


Failed wookie, trounces got you’s out. 2.00 AM

They’re obviously afflicting the Irishman. 2.04 AM

Stupid lies sport your life. 2.06 AM

Cannibal life right score. 2.08 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, they’ve vastly falsed us. STRIKE!

They’re fiddlin with us. 5.23 AM

You’re not to blame. 5.24 AM

They’ve killed us.”

I myself will search for my sheep and look after them. Ezekiel 34:11

Might we pray that Labor will give us a general STRIKE to close weap Judah and company out of here?

“You failed me useful.” Father said to Bitch.

Elder said, “You mis-set them.”

“I’m now baby set for war because you’re mis-set and upset.”

Might the collective wisdom of Labor not vault over the non-intentional and accidental mis-set and see through the baby upset to take their war power away from them?

“His mother made my divorce. Shanty put an end to our capers. We had some fun taking you off with Jew police. We like to get war heroes here to fist for us. Our racial opps do produce stress. Chuck you ICE. I’m not leaving my tyranny before a grand jury gets us out.

We shot the people with our best ment so we got to go out now. Pat, you threw off all of our ref-a-sh*t. I’m a zero rule, that’s why I put police in your place here. I just destroy you by the vote here.

We just have a spirit to get over your wit. I just have jails to jam your respect. Jew believe its our right to score wood, Bitch threw our whole day. If I want to score rich I just shoot Druids. Bitch told you I shot you the best for my purees. The castle just let us wale.

I fumbled you when I fired Bitch. The white fellow ended our Des Moine on fed. Because of our trick Bitch, our conscious stay immovable. I end all my Austrian now. I pp size you for coring, its part of my sledge war. We right criminals out front. I’ve been busted out by my contact fail. The angels have pulled off all of my invasion,” Judee say.

In our relatively modern world, 1350 AD, Judah chose to not make contact with Sir Maximilian and the Galactic Federation of Light. The centers of power, Vatican, Royals and weap Judah, had already perfected the predator relationship with the rest of the human race, and that was a far as they wanted to go with us.

Continues at:

Wearing costumes and shooting us with fists. Will Labor not give us a better relationship with one another than that one?

Bitch, a simple boy that would not q

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