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“We Just Took the Village Completely to Burn it” That of co
Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:26

“We Just Took the Village Completely to Burn it”

That of course weap Judah and his plans for the children of God in Father’s village on earth.

“You’re Our Complete Slave”

That of course weap Judah. Heard him say that at exactly 3.00 AM. “You’re our complete slave.”

“What happened here.” God almighty asked Bitch when he had his blooper. “What happened here Labor? Will you not step up here and make yourselves known?

Bitch posted this post at his test page early today and within a few hours had heard 5 Tele sends commenting on what he posted.

Two said, “Stupid.” One said “sad.” One said “witless.” Another said “dummy.”

So will go through it now and attempt to pull the stupid, sad, witless and dummy out of it.

“You white folks are believing in hydrogen so I got to go,” Judee say.

Even though Bitch is running uphill all the time with his fault, according to Judah, white folks are apparently believing in hydrogen and so he got to go.

Did watch some international television in the last few hours and pulled some Judee reverse speech. Here is one found:

“If Poppa had not apped you, Jew would have already scored you dead.”

That came from a young hybrid transplant Replicon woman in Mexico.

Is Labor understanding the truth of that fact of life for us? Will we not pray that American Labor will end the war that it is funding in our world?

Will Labor not honor our good God almighty and say a prayer of thanks to Father for having his angels pull all Judah great balls of hydrogen fire off of us? Thank you.

Elders said that when transitioning a planet out of war and into to peace there is an “occasional failure.” Have we given any thought to what the consequences may be for us if we let Judah sport war failure take us all the way out?

Are we understanding a failure could lead to a third of our species dying off if we are unable to stop making war?

Do we see that we have set ourselves to be that “occasional failure” that is dying off making war?

Three and a half thousand years and never able to accommodate us or our good God above. Will Labor not let their dumb off of us here?

The cruel, vicious guys and gals that only fiddle, jest, play and toy with us. The guy that God almighty is dying off be cause of his weakness, Judees inability to accommodate others.

Will American Labor not help us to get rid of their sport war?

Must Labor not take the source of his power away from him, the concession to issue our money?

Attempted to rape us out of existence with his nuclear missile shots and now is raping us out of life form with his nuclear waste shot.

Will we not remove Judah vicious hate filled society that he has put in where a small stumble and Judah uses his state power to die a boy out?

His set ups and frame ups to die boys out. Judah sport of homelessness. Will Labor not let their heroin opps off?

The mild man of the north. Millions Living homeless due to Judah sport rules. Will the mild man not let Judah off right?

Must Labor not end funding the sport of weap Judah that he plays with the most vengeance on the mild man of the north?

“I just established you into permanent death. I’m completely stupid that’s why I have a basement to evade your force. I get presidential so I can shoot you right all the time. I failed ballistic true this time so they’re taking me out of here.

We just got municipals for chump aid. My rust rite I use on you quite often. My minister of fight deal score you Jewish for me. I bought some errorous fist, shot you, it feels good. I ever offended you racial with my company skirmish.

I hold you in with an alcohol cipher to handle my wet side. I just foul your oxygen with my puritics. We just shove you with a child. We always die your rights to make you nothing. I gently subduct them out. This 8 month old is giving us our singe.

I bum molest you because its free. We just got municipals for chump aid. I have West German police for my east side. My fist com from Germany lets me foul you. We screw you out with a police department. I’m an inadequate all so I sport you fist. I’m completely stupid that’s why I have a basement to evade your force,” Judee say.

“You’re supposed to get the Jew out with minnow head.” Non-Judah reverse speech.

Is Labor understanding that it is all of His children that Father wants brought in to His house?

Will Labor not sooth and ease Father and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not do the will of God and take the concession to issue our money in to your hands and let Judah off right?

The continuing sightings of UFOs flying into and out of Colima volcano.

The UFO was filmed flying out the side of MT Colima during a recent eruption. Mt Colima is outside of Mexico city. Have some of us been wondering what all the UFO activity there might be about?

Might we start with the fact that our elders from outer space have such advanced technology that the only time we see them, is when they want us to see them? Certainly. So why are we seeing them flying into and out of MT Colima volcano so often?

Might it be to “MARK” that location?

Are we aware that Judah has basements worldwide to evade our force?

While Judah now has velocity power sources heating, lighting and cooling his basements, might we think of when he was building them a century ago when velocity power sources were not understood so he could not duplicate them? And what might that have to do with UFOs showing up near MT Colima volcano?

The geothermal energy available near volcanoes. Might they have provided the power source for his earliest basements? That is Bitch theory of why UFOs are flying in and out of Mt Colima.

Bitch has pulled from the reverse speech evidence that top American politicians will be going to Mexico to escape when the people of America realize that they have lost their life forms due to the brimstone nuclear waste war that Judah has successfully waged against us.

If we think about that, if some of the top people are going to Mexico to get into the basement, might that not indicate that Mexico's basements near volcanoes are the most lavish of the basements available to go into as Judah dies us off on the surface of planet earth?

That the volcanoes have been the earliest of the basements due to having plenty of free geothermal energy, might they not be the best equipped of all the basements that Judah is going into as we are put to this nuclear waste war die?

An 11 day nuclear burn at Chernobyl died over a million people in Europe in the decade that followed that Judah nuclear waste opp.

Hitachi-GE nuclear waste opp has now burned for 5 years and 7 months. Is that not about 2035 days?

Divide that by 11 days of the Chernobyl nuclear waste burn. Is that not 185 times as long of a nuclear burn as Chernobyl?

If we consider a similar death rate as Chernobyl, that died a million people in the decade that followed, might we not expect to have 185 million people die from the ill winds blowing from Hitachi-GE? Might Judah not have figured long ago that the answer my friend is blowing in the wind?

Is there not yet some grasp of the mind set of weap Judah and what he has planned from the beginning with his nuclear brimstone Jewish electricity nuclear waste technology?

Do we not get it yet? That is do we not understand that Jewish nuclear electricity from the beginning was merely more sporting of us?

Are we seeing how he creates the need to bring guns and force to protect his Jewish electricity plants from terrorists that want to steal plutonium to make bombs?

Are we understanding his assortment of menaces facilitates Judah getting a hold of us? Might we see his menace of Jewish brimstone waste electricity as one of his tools to hold us for his sport?

“I’m an inadequate all so I sport you fist. I’m completely stupid that’s why I have a basement to evade your force,” Judee say.

Are weap Jewish insane?

In American law, are we aware, that the only party to determine whether sane or insane is a jury?

Might we think a little about how weap Judah has put out our juries?

When Labor puts our juries in again, might we not have the juries determine whether weap Judah are insane or not?

While we have had missionaries of all sorts seeking us out to save our souls, might we not consider that our elders from outer space are not missionaries? That’s what they say. “We’re not missionaries.”

Might we understand elders stepped in to save our physical life forms from extermination at the hands of weap Judah and his nuclear war fighting crowd?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their time with us here?

Tele receives:

“Lousy. 7.41 PM

For company interest you’re stopped fouled.

Poison passed us away.7.58 PM

Its dull. 8.03 PM

Druid lethal for head passed.

They pushed a step. 8.24 PM

Righteous, idiots fall your field. 8.56 PM

He’s stalking now. 8.58 PM

You’re a beautiful cipher.” 8.59 PM

Is it not part of common knowledge that Judah has been massively killing the working class for employer insurance collections?

His insurance collections on debts. Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can hear about them?

Tele receives:

“Authorize your dutifully. 11.48 PM

Get them out to win the day. 11.52 PM

You’re stupid. 12.00 Midnight.

Get our morsel honestly. 12.01 AM

He take us in. 1.12 AM

We perish. 1.14 AM

Court refused. 1.15 AM

Your honor state falls. 1.16 AM

Jew made us inseminous total. 1.17 AM

Patrick reports they’re shooting here. 1.18 AM

We’re going to go penniless. 1.21 AM

False falls you nicely right field. 1.22 AM

Embarrass is real cycling. 1.23 AM

Sooner or later these men are bound to STRIKE. 1.26 AM

Lost your fair to old racket. 1.37 AM

I just died for use. 2.16 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, you failed behind us. 2.20 AM

Jew fail has now made your field desolate. 2.21 AM

A foreign hasslin made us die hard. 2.22 AM

Boston rite falls. 2.23 AM

REVOLT, your right side died. 2.25 AM

The professor died to free us. 2.28 AM

You died yourselves intestate.

You died yourselves nest egg.

The white man lost his establish. 2.29 AM

The white man lost his all right.

Fetched with virtual liar. 2.35 AM

They rolled us fierce. 2.58 AM

Assaults. 3.57 AM

I say to you STRIKE THEM OUT to save your immortal soul and physical life.

They’re totally corrupt. 5.10 AM

Debts they’ve been sporting well.” 5.20 AM

Has Labor accepted as true that Judah lost his nuclear missiles when he shot them at us? If so will Labor not now let them off right? If we agree on this are we aware that correct procedure is to grand jury them out?

Has Labor not accepted as true that God almighty of heaven and earth, the Sovereign of our planet, said “They poisoned my village, I want them off?”

Are the members of Labor not yet aware that Judah has set us to die off in the hundreds of millions in only the next few years? And that is just inside of America.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. Its what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain shared with us long ago.

Some surveys say, “59% of the mild men of the north living in America agree with capital punishment.” How can that be so?

Does the mild man of the north not accept the message from God given to us 3,500 years ago, “Thou shalt not kill?” Will we not re-sight ourselves in peace?

“Holy heresy.” Tele receive. 7.01 AM

Is there not some understanding yet that our fields, air and us are being destroyed in total in this land of the free?

Might it be all of the things that we think know for sure that are blocking us from seeing real truth here?

If our creators made us to live in peace and harmony and to love one another, can we only wonder how weap Judah ever sold us his prison-war disease?

On what basis did we let him install Auschwitz on us coast to coast?

“I’m an inadequate all so I sport you fist.”

As Judah proclaims he is all inadequate what might explain how he got such a tight hold on us?

Might we think of this thing called “facility of mind?”

Some have facility of mind in making cakes and pies. Others have it in machinery. Some have it in medical things. Others have it in painting and plastering.

Each spends doing what they like to do, increasing their specialized facility of mind every day.

Might we consider the facility of mind that Judah has?

Might we not see that Judah facility of mind is specialized in fooling the other brands?

Are there any that think that the rapture is not true?

Are there any that believe that Judah has not destroyed us and our kids?

Are there any that are not aware yet that over 18 million weap Judah have fled into their basement to evade our force?

What in the name of our good God has held American Labor to continue funding Jewish sport war?

The Periadon Beings of the Prenasour civilization chose to leave life form after their high level intelligence genetics decayed naturally through time.

78 million years they lived in peace. Leaving a message in a Cosmic bottle of sorts that the Galacticans found 9 million years ago.

They gave us the path to survive, to live in peace and harmony with everyone. “They're not listening. Perhaps the don’t know how. Perhaps they never will.” Don McLean told us in his song Vincent.

What can we only wonder what will it take for Americans to hear the song of peace and put out the march of Jewish sport war?

Will Americans not reach out to God and try to save our physical selves?

We cannot survive a nuclear war blast or waste. Are we understanding that is why weap Judah put them on us?

This cipher figured it out mathematically 51 years ago that nuclear blast war would finish us off. Now 2 months away from being sealed in to dying out of life form in the slow burn of Jewish electricity brimstone waste war. Was 2,000 years of warning from our bibles not enough time to figure out how to stop the war?

Might Judah vicious insanity be so frightening that we just want to pretend that he has got it right?

What could it be that is holding the wealthiest, most privileged people to have ever lived to continue funding dying ourselves out?

Will we not pray that Labor gets the sight and hearing that will bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?

We’re extincted my friends. Sorry I shouted at you’s.

“Rags! Rags!” The man shouted as he drove his horse and wagon through the alleys of Chicago so many years ago.

The blinders he put on the horse’s head so that the horse will see only the one way he wants him to see. Will Labor not put our grand juries in and take the blinders off of the people here?

Will Labor not give us our full range of vision and reject these blinder deals that Judee uses to put us in the fist direction that he wants to steer us in to? Will Labor not take our purse and let the people see and hear everything so we can make a right choice in which way to go?

Will American Labor not end blindly pulling the war wagon for weap Judah?

Elder said that Judah is “rare”. While Judah has pitched himself well, his “rare” has held the force of Labor to keep funding the destruction of ourselves and our world. Will Labor not help us to straiten it out?

Set now to die off massively. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Incredible false stuff, beyond belief, and yet somehow he has gotten away with it. How did we let him destroy this beautiful nation without even once trying to do a thing to stop him?

The mathematics from November of 1965. Revealing that nuclear war would put us out of here. Never aware that our good God was on our side. Father's angels keeping us in. The angels never once letting Judah connect on us with his great balls of fire.

May of 2004 Dr. Mallove went home to our Lord. Bitch picked up the thread of Eugene’s research and mathematically figured out where the free energy was coming from.

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A “Displacement in the time space

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