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Mon Oct 17, 2016 05:57




The Handlers for the Wicked Witch Of The West Have No Morals

So….what has the Big Bad H done lately?

Wellllll……her handlers are very, very busy trying to stop this coming election by:

1) First: Remember a few days ago how the Central Bank of Qatar received $1.8 Billion dollars form the Clinto* foundations????

Please keep in mind that the Central Bank Of Qatar (Part Of The Central Banking System) and the other Central Banks in the United Arab Republic and Saudi Arabia and of the Philippines pays many You Tubers and internet writers and funnel the money to pay most of those who work in any Department connected to the US Corporation.

The Philippines being a wholly owned corporation of the United States Corporation so if these banks go down you in the US Corporation (and DOD) do not get paid.

This Central Bank in Qatar - who lent Deutsche Bank over $1.57 Billion Dollars to keep this bank float?

When the Big H went there to give this Qatar Central Bank the $1.8 Billion Dollars she had this Central Bank pull the $1.57 Billion Dollar Loan from Deutsche Bank

When Deutsche Bank, which was the primary funder of Adolf Hitler through the Federal Reserve Bank, falls so will the value of the Euro.

Two weeks after the Euro Falls the US Dollar is supposed to fall hard - elections cancelled as the Feds cannot pay anyone for months.

Do you see how it all sort of fits together like a huge puzzle of international banking?

You drop one bank and your entire House Of Cards sort of falls apart.

The Big H will do anything to cancel the elections.

2) Second: there are rumors that somehow The Big H’s handlers have ordered a hit on Julian Assange - ((((CEO of a corporation made up of primarily Chinese from Australia, South Africa and Western Europe that support Wikileaks))))) - may either be dead or has gone into deep hiding and has apparently released a bunch of Encryption Codes to allow further releases of “Private Emails” ‘showing treason among US and Western European Leaders such as John Kerry and those in the English Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MI6, Etc.

This release of Encryption Codes means Assange is dead or in deep hiding. Time will tell.

Personally -- we think he is just tired of the whole thing.
3) Third. A Video of a US Supported Muslim Priest (Imam) has surfaced stating World Wa* 3 will begin 22 January 2017 and last one week. The videos are spreading like Wild Fire to scare us all half to death.

It will not happen.

4) Fourth. Rasmussen just released a poll showing Trum* ahead by 2 points - and that is without interviewing any White People. Yup - if you are White you can participate in the poll but your views are not allowed to be in the final count on any polls.

As for our Random Polls they clearly show Trum* ahead by 75 Points. We include every one’s opinion no matter what you r race is as long as you are eligible to vote.

5) Fifth. Quantum Dawn is a Cyber Attack Drill now being conducted across this nation in an attempt shut down the banks across the world by Sectors of the CIA and Homeland Security loyal to the Obama regime.

The primary goal of these exercises is to both shut down the banks in the United States and destroy our Food Distribution Network - IE - to shut down the computers of Major Food Distributors like Safeway, Kroger, Acme, Red Apple, Walmart, just before the election.

Further - they intend to penetrate the Electrical Grid and try and pull the plug on the net on 20 October 2016.

This is the White House’s last and final attempt short of Nuclear War to stay in power.

If a member of any organization that appears to be “Governmental” (OCC, FCC, FDA, Banking Commission) comes to your bank you are required BY LAW to dial 911 and have a Police Presence in the building watching them - it is the Law in every state across the nation.

If you work in the bank then Live Stream their actions across Twitter and Facebook and You Tube. If you do not you may not have a job the next day.

FASCISTS only work in the dark, once exposed they run for cover.

Film Everything.

Record everything they do, every action, every move they make and then release it. I’ll post it.

Remember - these FASCISTS are desperate to stay in power and will do anything to cancel the upcoming elections.

Russia and Eastern Europe - cut your lines with the US Internet or face being shut down 30 October 2016.

6) Finally - George Soros Handlers have already rigged the voting machines as can be seen here.

May I remind those in the FBI, in the Pentagon and the CIA that is the Nukes start flying they are the primary targets to the Russian 78 Nuclear Armed Submarines carrying 120 warheads a piece?

78 x 120 + 112 Nuclear armed Torpedoes = Allot Of Incling Nukes.

Fallout Maps will be worthless

So maybe we need to work together as a planet to try and preserve this place???

We either learn to cooperate together or we face total destruction before the elections in less than a month?????

Please focus like a Laser Beam your prayers to wake the planet up and focus our prayers to stop these nutcase FASCISTS from any more attempts to destroy anything - from their poison GMO Foods to their Acid Rain caused by burning oil.

Please also focus on praying that your family will have enough food and water as these FASCISTS in charge of the US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe try to shut down the Food Supply Chain over the next 3 months to try and stay on power.
As a final note - Sea Weed and Immusist (Surfactant found in Kelp) counter radiation fall out. The also help one loose lots of weight.


To the smartest, most active and one of the largest audiences in the world - thank you for participating

Your prayers make the difference.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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