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"Patrick, You Failed Nicely. Cheer is Dead. The Little Girl'
Mon Oct 17, 2016 09:41

"Patrick, You Failed Nicely. Cheer is Dead. The Little Girl's In."

Those are a few over night Tele receives. "Patrick, you failed nicely. Cheer is dead. The little girl's in."

Judah, with unlimited free money from being the only person that can issue the money of American Labor, keeps up his world wars.

Snipers on our streets still being brought in. Judah shooting his nuclear waste artillery from Hitachi-GE 24/7.

Every bomb, every shell, "can it be true that American Labor is funding it all well?" Regrettably yes, it is true.

American Labor never missing cashing even one check to destroy us and our world. God almighty in his mercy to us sent His angels in to spare us from our 3 hour extinction that Judah aimed to give us, made aware of it for 5 years. Can we only wonder, what might of been?

Tiny Israel still dictating to white man who he should cage, who he should kill. White man enjoying karaoke and cocktails blindly destroying himself and his kids.

Did it have to go this way? Who's to say?

With 95% of the white race died off,might our world not finally have peace then?

Without his white fist do we not see that Judah cannot carry his war on?

To die off 95% of white with nuclear waste. Does it not seem a tough way to get peace?

If only we would have had Buddha, might Judah not have caught us in sin?

Tele receives:

"Dolts; child outs. 11.59 AM

Thank you for hauling his face. 2.39 AM

White fiercins incredible.

Will you help us? 3.53 PM

Symbols are sinful. 4.06 PM

Sweet. 4.10 PM

The mouse is voided here. 4.23 PM

Delight me.

Come on, put them out. 5.14 PM

Fold rage. 5.23 PM

They failed everybody ruse-ic.

Your sight falls yourself. 11.34 PM

You lost your joy. 12.27 AM

Zero. 12.28 AM

You're forcing yourselves out of time. 12.28 AM

You're out your best lives. 12.42 AM

They manage us die fistal. 12.45 AM

You lost your life form. 12.47 AM

Jew's losing his fire. 12.51 AM

You're falsing yourself out of here. 12.53 AM

Your homes a suitable rate to die. 12.56 AM

ORGANIZE yourselves. 12.57 AM


We don't care estimate, we're dying. 1.02 AM

They make us famish by Kaiser. 1.07 AM

Popi's thrilled to save us. 1.10 AM

Vegetables waste boys. 1.11 AM

Soul boy. 1.13 AM

Its fixed. 1.16 AM

Terrier right. 1.21 AM

Scoring your wit. 1.22 AM

Druid has passed life vastly. 1.22 AM

Sweetly dowse ya's. 1.24 AM

Error ways kidnap. 1.30 AM

They wiped us out. 1.33 AM

Put a story up there. 1.40 AM

Patrick's been raked. 1.49 AM

Attorneys cease. 1.57 AM

Dull wits cost you quite fair. 1.51 AM

You're dying fisty here. 1.55 AM

Foul has fielded us. 1.58 AM

They've bursted us out. 2.03 AM

Policeman belts you. 2.05 AM

You have failed the assignment. 2.10 AM

Legendary wholesaler died you all. 2.16 AM

Falsified us errish. 2.14 AM

Cheer is dead. 2.19 AM

The little girl's in. 2.23 AM

They tossed you out pistols. 2.24 AM

Toss them out, you're safeguard. 2.25 AM

Have your money to rule your house. 2.27 AM

The white guy, he's exhausting himself mighty good. 2.29 AM

Patrick, you failed nicely. 2.31 AM

Bought your cell." 2.49 AM

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "

He remained true to me." Father said of Bitch.

Constant opposition to war ever since he first saw it. Understanding that it is a fraud. Unwilling to give any aid to any war in any fashion.

Though he did not know we had a Father at that time. By his remaining true to peace, do we see how it is that Father chose to grace Bitch this with His words to share with all the rest of His kids on earth?

Our Father in heaven, our sweet Lord. Are we not perceiving that it is an advanced extraterrestrial civilization where we arise from?

The good news of who we are. That we are loved by our maker. Created in the image of God to love one another. "What happened here?" Father asked. Will Labor not help us to get the failed foul out?

Assault and battery, kidnap. Shoot us down cold blooded as a matter of fact. He's not of us Labor. Is that not clear to us yet?

Judah creates shell look a likes to live among us that he uses to set us in evil ways.

"Jerk" he calls us everyday. Is it not understood that our good Lord afforded Judah the opportunity to throw himself away right?

That Judah had his model let loose with a thousand nuclear missiles at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 to make us extinct.

How much more do we need to know before we will act to try and save ourselves?

Is it not understood that Judah has lost his guns and cages racket? 1,500 years of Judah extension work in the lands of the mild man of the north.

By attacking us with nuclear missiles to extinct us do we not yet have enough evidence that they are not good for us? If so, will Labor not let them off right?

Much of our processed food with dull mixed in the root ingredients. His kids know about and do not eat those things.

Our kids unaware, slowed in the head by eating things that kids normally eat. Will Labor not clean the filthy board of directors out?

The old communist commissars of Russia. Will Labor not get the Bolsheviks off of us? Do we not understand they are Judah and his Replicon force?

"I booze you up fiend. They've gotten on to our swish time. We've never won. A minus we bourse you. I sealed ya's all dolph plex. I'm a fox out gracious, I'm here to fight you fish," Judee say.

A vicious, brutal failed society that makes nothing but war. Imprisons millions and makes millions more live in the streets. Thank you God for letting them them toss themselves off.God will You not guide your kids to STOP THE WAR?

The nuclear wars the human race could not survive right. Are we aware that Judah decided to die us out in them right? A life form out of time.

The failed Jew Laments they "never win." But what is it that they were trying to win other than the total decimation of innocent life?

Will we not praise our good Lord for letting Judah defeat themselves in a proper form? Will Labor not let the dolph plex off?

Will American Labor not put in our rights and let us live in peace and abundance for all? Will Labor not get the Kaiser and his court Jews Auschwitz out of the land of the free? Will Labor not try it? Will Labor not put our rights in and get us free?

The land of the free that always produces abundance, dumping the abundance down sewers. Throwing it away. Millions living homeless and hungry. Are we not aware that we can have a better way?

God our Father wants us to take care of each other. Will Labor not help us out of this eternal Jewish sport war?

Are we not aware war and homelessness are some of the sports of the extension guy that drops his orphans in on us? Will we not say a prayer of thanks that Father did not let Judah and his extension force win?

As we and our offspring are being poisoned with nuclear waste will Labor not help our Lord bring us to peace?

They came to live among us with the preformed intent to destroy us. They have taken their best shot and our Lord let them let themselves off.

Will the people not try to save ourselves from Judah last nuclear war on us now? Is there not yet any sense that we are in the end times here now?

Jeremiah 32:18 who shows loving kindness to thousands, but repays the iniquity of fathers into the bosom of their children after them, O great and mighty God. The LORD of hosts is His name;…

Will Labor not take the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

"Thou shalt not kill." Our good God informed us of the rules of the road over three thousand years ago. Will Labor not let Jewish murderous corruption off right?

The big assaultive fish in the little pond of planet earth. Never to go into the universe because of his weakness, his inability to accommodate others. Now a dead life form. Will Labor not pull the plug on the failed Jewish and let them off right?

For our own protection will Labor not put a stipend in so that the sadly disadvantaged, cruelly manipulated poor misguided white mouse does not completely destroy our world? Will Labor not help us to re-sight ourselves in peace?

Judah, they get excitement in their wale time.They surge exactly opposite to human with police state rules. Murder eyes and a hospital state. Will Labor not end their weap excitement on us?

They set us baseboard casualty. Has white rumor falsity truly set us out? Will American Labor not end the assault on Africa? Has Judah maximum fear on us set us that we can not make a move?

Has white not failed a rightful proceed? Is there any that would compliment us for what we have allowed to go on during our time awake?

Is it not clear yet that this is a racist war for finality? Will Labor not take in seriously that it is either us or their sable that comes out? Will American Labor not end funding the destruction of the sparrow in Syria?

Will Labor not STOP THE WAR so that we can have happy days? Will Labor not lay away their garments of sin and close their racket to sell uniforms out?

Will American Labor not stop funding their relentless pursuit of bombing into existence cheap and pliable Labor?

"You have some tax problems, we take your home away from you, that's part of our war," Judee say. "

Delight me." Our precious sweet Father said yesterday.

Will Labor not take the economic tool that Judah has used to wipe our race out with nuclear weapons, the concession to issue our money, away from weap Judah?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and delight Father?

Isaiah 66:12 For thus says the LORD, "Behold, I extend peace to her like a river, And the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream; And you will be nursed, you will be carried on the hip and fondled on the knees.

Will Labor not end the fail of war and accept the gift of peace that God almighty has given to us?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Will American Labor not stop funding all of the war in our world?

"Authorize yourselves, you're sinking in war. Get usury and perjury done, they're useless." Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

"Its thrown, an easy die you're giving them." Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.

Are we not understanding that because Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles he no longer has any defensible rights? Is Labor understanding that Judah has no right to issue our money?

Are we not perceiving that God almighty wants Judah management out forevermore?

Will Labor not bring the love of our good God in to manage us now?

Jeremiah 3:22
"Return, O faithless sons, I will heal your faithlessness." "Behold, we come to You; For You are the LORD our God.

Will American Labor not wake to the love of our good God and STOP THE WAR? Will Labor not end funding the genocide and return us to the love of our good God?

Psalm 57:2 I will cry to God most high; to God that performes all things for me.

Will we not end giving Judah an easy die of us meek? Will we not find within our selves enough faith to take Judah out of management of God's village on earth?

Will Labor not get hold of American Labor paper and and take Judah ability to wage war out? Must Labor not put our God given Sovereign Dollar in?

Will Labor not have faith in our good God above and accept the advice His angels have given us to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Judah now has the mild man of the north faced off with the other mild man of the north. Both equipped with extraterrestrial level planetary destruction level technology. East versus West. Judah big day of sport set to come on us.

A large number of our bridges could be taken out in a day with robot drones set upon us. Will Labor not prevent the catastrophe that Judah is putting on us by taking the concession to issue our money away from him?

The millions of his Replicons that he has put into positions to take us out when he gets his big score inside America underway.

Will Labor not listen to our good God and close the many thousands of years of the errant life form out?

Might we consider that Judah learned how to dominate his fellow man with violence, terrorism and treachery thousands of years ago?

Because he was able to get so far over on other ordinary men might that have been what gave him confidence that he could get up and over on our good God above?

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Is what our good God said about the fate of the late self professed great Judah consciousness.

Though might we not want to entertain some opinions as to how it is that even after losing his great balls of fire when he shot them at us, he is still holding all of the management positions in his tyranny in America and the world?

The leaders of Syria as all other lands. Are we not aware they are Replicon Judah shells?

The mild man of the north both east and west, are we not aware that Judah holds all positions of power in those states?

That we are set to go face to face head to toe with our family in Russia. Will Labor not help to prevent such a catastrophe from falling upon us?

Will we not keep praying to God for mercy to survive this last nuclear war that Judah has put upon our land?

Do the ordinary people not as of yet understand that Judah scientists are telling him that he has died the mild man of the north off? Will we not pray for peace?

"Foolish to do nothing." Our elders from outer space have said to us for years.

Will we who want to survive this last series of wars of Judah genocide on earth keep in mind that Father said, "I want to save your lives? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT? Thank you.

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy


Continues at:

Monday, October 17 — Psalm 119:25–32
2 Samuel 8,9; John 7:45–52

His greatness will reach to the ends of the earth. Micah 5:4 (NIV)

Your kingdom come. Matthew 6:10

Father, let your holy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May your will for our lives manifest so that in all that we do and say we bring glory to your name. Amen.


After finishing the above post did some Judah reverse speech during the noon news hour. Here it is:

"Your soul friction puts me right. My Houston keeps you on the river right. I know how to fiddy your sight to hit the jackpot.

With Parliament Druid I fetch bad. I put Khrushchev in to put you into caboose. My favorite sport is diseasing humans. With a GI I always war spot you. Contact don't want me to come back.

This boy we can't sport because of my past performance, he follow me for my war respect. The white guy I suffer dog to tough him out. The dog is the best theory for boo, it leaves me open to stalk.

I use China to slow you in every way so I can put in poverty rule.

My cipher always gets legitimate off and puts in fear.

We score you enormously with your past."

Might it not be of interest that Bitch has had not a complaint filed against him in his life except for when Maxwell kidnapped him with a preformed plan to cripple him in a Chicago police department lock up because he was and is a peace activist? Must Labor not end funding the war criminal activists in our midst?

"We score you enormously with your past." Might we not ask, "what past?" While deeply imperfect, Bitch follows the route to be nice.

He just has a thing about somebody using his money to war molest others with it. If he was smart he would bypass so many things that Judah sets in his path, but he stumbles because of his fault, with almost each and every thing that Judah tries to trip him up with.

Might we consider the major crimes of state in his tyranny that Judah casually commits against us, and then the victim, to survive a little misstep, Judah makes it into a big thing?

Do we recall that Father said that he absolved Bitch of embezzlement because Bitch has and is serving him?

Is Father's village not a place that He can do that in? Certainly. Of course.

As Father said that Judah has "no defensible rights," where would Judah get any brace to ca

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