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Euro Is Finished. Then Goes The Dollar
Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:15


VIDEO: Euro Is Finished, Then Goes The Dollar - YouTube

The Co-Founder of the Euro, French Politician Jaques Delors (Eighth President of European Commission and now 91), issued his Post-Mortum on the health of the Euro.

The Euro came in to existence on 1 January 1999 and was supposed to unify Europe under one currency. Nations like France and Italy jumped at the chance to switch currencies because along with the Euro came debt relief.

A debt - keep in mind - that is owed by the Rothchild’s owned corporations like “US Inc) to Rothchild’s owned corporations like the Federal Reserve Bank, owned by JP Morgan and Goldman Sacks and these are owned by the Rothchilds (Bauers) form central Germany. The banks in Germany are then controlled and owned by the Vatican Trust.

So at the orders of the Pope all world wide debt could be cancelled in one second.

The Maastrischt Treaty, creating the European Union, was done in the White House and the US Inc owns the European Union and the Euro is pegged to the dollar. When the Euro Falls so goes the dollar.

It is all interconnected - one falls they all fall.

When I was in Europe each nation in the Euro was allowed to pring so many Euros to keep the syetsm alive. Every nation printed more Uuro’s than allowed and it has reached a point where

So what happens to you when the Euro and Dollar fall?

Prices go up and up. This has already happened in much of Europe as the Euro, and now the dollar, become way over valued world wide.

For example - in the Ukraine Today most people earn around 1,000 Hryvnia (Hv) per month. What was $200 7 years ago is now worth $50.

Cost of a loaf of bread is not 15 Hv as it was in 2007 - but now 60 Hv, while 1 pound of Hamburger is not 10 Hv but 35 Hv - yet wages have not gone up at all in 9 years.

So consider this

2007 prices in Kiev, vs. today’s prices in Hryvnia

Coke/Pepsi was 5 Hv Now 8 Hv
Water Bottle was 2 ½ Hv now 9 Hv
1 Lb Cheese was 15 Hv now 38 Hv
Orange was 3 Hv now 12 Hv
Toyota Corolla was 60,0000 Hv, now 400,000 Hv
Pair of Genes was 250 Hv now 1,200 Hv
Pair of Men’s Shoes was 250 Hv now 2,000 Hv
Gasoline was 25 Hv/Gallon now around 70 Hv/Gallon

Consider what these changes would do to you?

When the Euro Falls this is what will happen - prices will then go up - Hyper Inflation.

Since the Euro is pegged to the Dollar it will then tug at the Dollar and we will either see Hyper Inflation here or a New Treasury Dollar that plummets in value world wide.

As a side note: Those CALL CENTERS you get transferred to in the Ukraine - the operators receive 1,000 Hv Per Month - or around $50 per month. Consider how that would effect your life style???

Finally - every thing is being exposed through and YOU as an American have a right to read these emails. These released Emails are causing huge upsets in the America Political World, including

1) CNN’s Reporter Chris Cuome said he can read Wikileaks but you are not allowed to - More CNN lies

2) Operation Inherent Resolve began yesterday as over 6,000 US Soldiers troops in Iraq strike out against Rebels in Mosul Iraq (For the 10th time in 10 years) as the White House opens a back door for their escape.

Fortunately other nations are waiting for their Back Door Retreat to finish them off - we hope.

3) The US Prez is now trying to take down Top Marine Corp General James Cartwright - for talking to a reporter in the New York Times and stating the US Released a Computer Virus names STUXNET - the world’s First Digital Weapon and is part of the US/Israeli intelligence operation called Operation Olympic Games started under Bush and expanded under President “O.”

Folks - thank you for watching


Please pray that you are ready for upcoming events.

Please pray that those currently Censoring the Internet are immediately immobilized and turn back to GOD.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


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