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"STRIKE THEM OUT for Stewing Jewish." "Crazy Hostiles, They
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:10

"STRIKE THEM OUT for Stewing Jewish."

"Crazy Hostiles, They're Gone. Clearly You've Been Tossed Now."

"Crazy Hostiles," that was the first title of today's post and then Bitch went on a trip to the store and a Tele sender shared this: "STRIKE THEM OUT for stewing Jewish." And Bitch changed it and made that the title for todays post.

Also received another Tele send while on the road. A lady saw Bitch and said this to him telepathically: "Your whole relationship is slow."

Thank you for those Tele sends. They are appreciated so much. The words that will set all of God's children free on earth coming right from the general populace.

Words that give insight to how to serve that will do us well. Might they be words that the mass of Labor will recognize as coming from themselves?

"STRIKE THEM OUT for stewing Jewish."

When it comes to siulingual statements does it get better than that? Just looked up the word "Suilingual," and it doesn't appear on the net.

Might it have been elder that put that word into Bitchies head? Suilingual is a statement that is direct and goes right to the point of the thought.

It is what is found in reverse speech. Quite often it is a multiple entendre. Several meanings depending on how it is interpreted.

Even though Bitchie's whole relationship is slow, if the Tele sends like that keep coming in, might we not be saved yet?

Might those words from an anonymous Tele sender, "STRIKE THEM OUT for Jewish stewing," someday be remembered in American folk lore as well as Admiral Farragut's words, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead?"

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, Damn the torpedoes and give us full speed ahead in peace?

The memory they've kept for themselves was of how bad we've been to them.

From this memory of us and what we have done to them, they never forgave us for it in all of these thousands of years.

Made the decision thousands of years ago to harm us as much as they could do to us.

Made a plan in ancient times to kill us all.

To wipe the creation of God on planet earth out. Never stepped away from it in all those thousands of years. Refused God's command to "love one another."

Focused themselves on getting hold of the power of the state in every land they infested.

Put into place as policy, mind degrading experiences to the people they dominated.

Focused their lives on killing as many of us as possible.

And now the biggest sinners among them have fled from us for what they have done to us.

Into their underground shelters they have gone. Over 18 million of them. Leaving our environment damaged and poisoned enough to die a third of us off over the next few years now.

Two out of three Americans set to die from radiation induced illnesses.

Europe they claim they took over in 700 AD. Having arrived in 525. Their series of wars beginning in 760.

War still going on using the Europeans that made our way to the land of the free, America. As they have finally reached the technical stage where they can destroy the human race in their sport of nuclear war.

As one Judee said, "I can see why they don't like us, but I'm surprised they're not amazed at us."

The terrorist of our species, weap Judah. Using the cruelly manipulated, sadly disadvantaged kids from the British Isles, they conquered the world. And what did they do once they conquered the world and had it all?

Pushed strait ahead against the will of our creator and tried to punish us with an all out nuclear holocaust. Trying for Extinguishing the lives of every single one of us with a 3 hour nuclear shoot.

Carrying on their vampire tradition in the lands of the Slav, working internationally with hybrid transplant Replicon shells to get hold of all of the human Beings on earth. And their ultimate purpose?

Have we not figured them out yet, do we not perceive their purpose in our world was and is to extinct us all?

Like chimpanzees in the wild that hoot and howl and hop around from the excitement they get when they kill smaller bands of chimps that they share territories with, Judha gets excited at killing us.

Now his troop is full of excitement, his face showing it. The nearly uncontrolled smirk rolls across the face of them. As they use the force of our dollar to put us in.

The chimpanzee that folded all the other chimps and is now dying us in MEGA DEATH.

A face full of laughter, mirth, at how they pushed us out of here. We so frightened never once listening to the love that could of saved us. Still allowing the terrorist chimp to make us dead.

All the while UFOs flying through the sky trying to wake us to who we really are.

Judah, using his violence and cunning to get total hold of the state by privatizing the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, uses the power of despay to put his agents into all the positions in our state.

All our food handled by his sly chimp crowd. More laughter, mirth, as they have their chefs put dull in our food. The entire population poisoned and contaminated from birth until death.

If only Bitch had had the ability to write a science fiction novel about a bunch of monkeys on a far away distant planet spending thousands of years in search of the right way to kill all of the other monkeys on planet 'Jerk.' Might a well written novel have revealed to his fellow monkeys what is going on here on planet earth? Might it have reached them in time for them to act to save yourselves?

Might hearing the truth of life and death on planet earth be just too unbelievable? Perishing while we pay our hangman to die us out.

Never making move one to help save our own lives. Bitch, the tattle tell, the guy that ripped the mask off of the monkey that killed us swell.

The psyche power of smirking chimp has held Bitch caution out. As we die off now as smirking chimp planned for us thousands of years ago.

Bitch, presumed decades ago that he would be killed off any day that he was around. Never knew the mercy of God above. Never believed God even existed. Finds out that it was the will of God that kept Bitch alive all these years.

Father had a mission for Bitch. To tell His children that he loves us all. Wants us to live.

Bitch has been using his noisemaker and shouting it now for 5 years the love that God our Father has for us all. Mis set God's kids when he insulted them 4 and half years ago.

His fault kicked in. Never fully recovered since then. God's children now going out of life form. Never truly knowing the love that God has for them.

A love so deep that God sent His word to earth that is now found in our bibles. The warning found about the end days when fire, smoke and brimstone would sweep us away.

Jewish electricity waste now poisoning our environment with brimstone waste. World wars paid for on the back of American workers. Every check for every bomb paid for by working men and women of American Labor.

Do we recall that God asked Bitch when he made his stupid mistake, "What happened here?"

Might we say "its all water over the dam now?"

Back stopped by God's angels, over 40 Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots tripped off of line in the last few years.

Sparing the entire human race decimation from nuclear waste. No chance for Judah to put his Stuxnet controllers into play to sport us with more nuclear waste.

Is it the dull in the food or the insult that has kept us destroying ourselves?

Or could it be Judah terrorism that has frozen we the people in to only funding our own destruction? What could the reason be that the majority of ordinary workers have not tried to save ourselves even once?

"Why didn't you try it?" God our precious sweet Father asked. The STRIKE. "What happened here?"

Are we the American people so unaware that we will not even have mercy on ourselves? Has Judah spell upon us so shaken our humanity that we will not even try to free ourselves from their war hell?

The cheating guy cannot take one day of a strike. Is it Bitchies fault we're all dying now?

The coward guy that needs a white fist to fight with. Will Labor not take the purse and retire Judah's white fist out? Are we perceiving that our good God wants us to free our own hearts and minds?

Will we not free the cruelly manipulated poor man from having to fist his fellow human Beings to eat?

Will American Labor not show some initiative and let the son of a bitches off right?

The olfactory stress of the palace and Parliament's hells. Will Labor not let them fall right?

The frosty ghouls and their sport, will Labor not let them off right? Will Labor not end fundimg hitchin' ole Dobbin to the slay?

They've had their fun with the white man. Their 1,500 hundred years of molesting us.

The mild man of the north and his statute of murdrum. Pay the family of the deceased to make things right.

Judha gets hold of the mild man and puts the state into punishing man. His noose, his garrote. His guillotine head chopper machine. His torture chambers that now are financed by American Labor dollars.

Might we not think about what God said to Bitch when Bitch made his stupid mistake, "What happened here?"

How did the old world of ghoul sport ever get a hold of the new world of America?

The promise of a land of the free living each day in liberty. Spoiled by the limitless bribes that Judah hands out to miniaturize the free.

Now our employees made into small people doing wrong to us as they please. NO process to correct their errors. How is it that we pay their salaries and yet have no say in what they do?

How has Labor so failed us here that we face going out of life form financing all of the sport war in our world?

America's right less off shore devils island in Replicon held Cuba, at Guantanamo bay. Is it all Bitchie's fault that Labor will not help us at all?

Bitchie's just a simple working boy that never planned on hearing from God for he did not believe He even existed.

Does it not seem to reason that if God existed, if he were truly just, he would not let war go on in this world?

So as war goes on would that not seem to indicate that God either does not care about us or that He is not just?

Since God had his angels pull all of the nuclear missiles off of us that Judah used when he attempted to make us extinct, might we not have to reconsider that our good God does love us indeed?

For did Father not spare us from Judah attempt to extinct our breed? Yes He did.

Might we have to think a little more and instead of asking why God lets war go on in our world, might we not have to ask ourselves why we let war go on in our world?

Instead of blaming God for a failure to fix our war torn world might we not have to look somewhere else to fix blame? Might we not have to look at the man in the mirror to see where the trouble comes from in our collapsing society and world?

That Judah has already killed hundreds of millions of human Beings using his white purse and fist, is there not some sense that we are not getting out of facing this?

"You're involved in sin,your lives won't be spared." The angel said.

Will the white fist and purse not repent and make peace in our world?

To spare your own personal body from being assaulted with the hideous waste from Jewish electricity artillery will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"War, that's business." Some might say. Does that bring to mind the pawnshop dealer that sold a gun to a guy that the guy then used to shoot the pawn shop dealer with?

Though at some level might our situation be somewhat different than the pawn shop dealer example, in that Judah sold us a gun that we now are using to shoot our own selves with?

Might we consider that Judah is merely holding the gun in position and aiming it at us while we fire the rounds every day with our dollars?

The carpenters that were working high up in the mountains where the air was very thin. Reported to the construction supervisor they were unable to get the beam in place even though they kept cutting it, it still was not long enough to fit.

Like the carpenters at high altitude, might we be having some oxygen deprivation issues that we should be looking into here?

With all of our funding for war, might we just not be able to figure out any other way to stop it than to keep funding it with more of our dollars?

Like the carpenter at high altitude, might we just keep on sawing and hoping some how that funding more war will get us to peace? Might that be like the carpenters that cut it so many times and yet it still was not long enough?

Will Labor not get smart and let this high altitude Jewish oxygen deprivation cipher go? He already has nuclear weapons in space that he has tried to attack us with.

Will Labor not get the purse so that we can systematically look into the bank registers to see how he has used our dough to build our extinction machine?

Our good God loves us. Will Labor not help us to get into the love and peace of our good God?

Father is Supreme being of an advanced civilization. A civilization that has been in peace for 9 million years.

Supreme knowledge boy Judee knew quite a bit about our family from outer space. Chased them off of the surface of our world in 700 BC.

Wanted to have us for himself. Are we perceiving where Judah error has led him and us to?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Our mighty and good God said. Thank you Father for loving us so much.

Will American Labor not get on the side of God and STOP THE WAR NOW?

"We perp you with a vowel. I hoaxed you in. My cipher roll is to corrupt so I could put all of my gene in. I always ail your resources before I go. With my roots I chide you whiskey. We just get rule to play you fool."

While in the store the children, 10, 11, 12 years old. Bringing their sodas, ice cream and candy bars to the counter to pay for them all. Bitchie had his cup of coffee in his hand.

The impact of thinking these are the children that American Labor is funding destroying this day. Must Labor not STOP THIS EVIL WAR right away?

Has there ever existed in all history a more favored people than Americans on our Bill of Rights?

Best deal ever in all history, so good that a jury even freed one of masters kidnap victims in 1854. Supreme clerks would have none of that, back into chains for masters rights.

We've been warned thousands of times. Is there not some way that Labor will end funding our die?

Is there not some some way that Labor will take Labors cash into your own hands and let master off right this time?

Has Labor selected the 160 members of the committee of the whole that will issue our money once you get Judah fist gone?

They're banished for what they have done. No more will they be riding in the fast lanes of our society any time.

The organized group of criminals operating at the most significant level of opportunity, the politicians, will Labor not step up here and let them off right?

This kind Father we have Labor. Its all mercy and forgiveness in His world. A new day for everyone. Yet do we not understand, that we have to be alive to have any chance at all?

Could it be that the American people just do not know how important our rights are?

As Colombian Oil Money Flowed To Clintons, State Department Took No Action To Prevent Labor Violations


Bitch read that yesterday and decided not to post that story because he has no candidate in the presidential show.

The significance of the story is how union workers in Columbia are being assaulted for going on strike for better conditions at the places they work.

A few million dropped into the right foundations and the rights of the workers are forgotten about and that is the end of the story of the abuse of workers rights.

Continues at:

Might we consider

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