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Wed Oct 19, 2016 19:40


VIDEO: Guess Who Pulled Ahead After The Last Debate? - YouTube

Tonight the last Presidential Debate occurred tonight between the Big T and the Big H

As for the performance during the debate they both looked pretty good

Both candidates responded very well to the questions

So after watching this exciting debate the question was - who is still ahead after the debate with less than 3 weeks before the General Election?

Unlike Rasmussen or Gallop polls we conducted a poll of likely voters and here are the final results and we included people regardless of race and sex.

Yes - we actually did not ask what there race was so we actually included White People in our polls. That is the way you do a real poll.

1) Undecided 15%

2) For The Big H still around 5%

3) For The Big T around 80%

Margin of Error is around 2%

Thus - if the election were held today the likely results would be

Big H 12%

Big T 88%

That clearly puts the Big T ahead by 88-12 = 76%

The comments were across the board but the most common one was that the voters saw through the Big H lies and were upset that she thought the public was that stupid.

As for the minorities - they still sided with the Big T overwhelmingly.

Also - “PROJECT VERITAS” - where the Big H hired folks to incite Riots at the Big T Rallys really angered the general public - $1,500 to have some Homeless Guys start throwing punches ---- unbelievable.

So in the end the Debate did not really change the minds of the public

As for me - who will I vote for - well, my opinion is meaningless in any poll so let us leave it at that.

My guess is that you already have a pretty good guess who I will cast my vote for.

Thank You For Watching

Dr William B. Mount

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