“We Just Fade You Out on Electricity Effort” As simple as t
Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:31

“We Just Fade You Out on Electricity Effort”

As simple as that to fade us out for weap Judah, “we just fade you out on electricity.”

Building nuclear power plants worldwide to poison the entire surface of planet earth leaving it not habitable for humans. Making rich bountiful soils into desert terrain. Right in front of our eyes.

Those that tried to tell us what Judah has been and is doing to us here, shot down or jailed. Here is a weap Judah reverse speech that might help us:

“Euro-puss failed to our ways so I shot you.”

The tanks and truck and the troops on the ground around our world. Have we noticed it is the face of descendants of Europe that are fisting our world? When Labor puts an existence stipend in might we not see that ended?

Have we gauged how serious of a fail we are in now that Judah has sealed our terrain to suffer a nuclear weaping?

Is there not yet the realization that in a few years, the majority won't be around? They tried to get us with their Trident missiles that failed. Are we not aware they failed with their nuclear blast attack due only to the love of God for us here? Must we not stop buying them dangerous things?

Have our bibles not revealed to us for the last couple of thousands of years, a third of us are now set to go out of life form here?

The descendants of Europeans being decimated at our own hands. Is this all because of a 35 year old picture from Michigan?

Judah, by putting an unjust economic system in, able to starve into submission those who will do for him what his sport ways and rights demand.

The solution? Might it not be for those that are getting a fair portion to insist that everyone get an existence portion so that they cannot be exploited to serve Judah war sport?

Are we perceiving that the long term transition out of war and into peace entails us getting old master out?

To get old master out are we not perceiving that we must take the organizing principle of society out of his exclusive and private hands?

Now that old master Judah attacked us with his nuclear ballistics, might we not have the deal figured out in our heads right?

The over 40 Jewish electricity dirty bombs disguised as power plants that have been shut down by our extraterrestrial family in the last few years. Will we not thank our good God almighty for sending His angels in to help us here?

Is it not generally perceived yet that they were installed into our world with the specific plan to wipe us all out of here? In this ongoing nuclear genocide, do the victims truly not understand it yet?

Our lawyers that failed us. Might it have something to do with our real lawyers that tried to serve us but Judah put in?

Must Labor not awake and take the corporate power of issuing our money into the safe hands of Labor?

The plan to depopulate our species that has been known about for many decades. Might the general population consider that it will not happen? Might that explain why we have not acted yet?

As we are far along the road to passing out of life form, is there not some way that the ordinary people will act to transform our world out of war and into peace?

The destruction of our world that Judah has accomplished using what he calls his “anatomical white fist.” Will we not pray that God will forgive and have mercy on us for what we have done to our family here?

Might those that are now perishing out of life form be saying to God, “We might of struck them out if only you would have sent someone else other than Bitch?”

“Maximum abuse cattlin' here, you failed your life forces.” Tele receive. 2.41 AM

Is it not clear there is no escape from what is coming in here now? The MEGA DEATH of the ordinary fish. If only we would have considered what our money has been used for might we have made it to peace?

The sins Americans have funded against the other children of God on earth. Might they make the sins of Parliament seem slight in comparison?

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

As Americans are now set to die off in the hundreds of millions is there not some way to reflect on just what it is we are losing here?

Bitch, “deeply imperfect,” is what Sir Maximilian said about him. And yet do we recall that our good God said that he would “be OK” because “his thinking is based in love?”

“He doesn't have a crooked bone in his body.” Tele receive. 4.03 PM

Will American Labor not think and put into action a plan to stop funding the extermination of us?

Tele receives:

“Get them out for Pete's sake. 5.15 PM

Its sold. 5.52 PM

Its fallen. 6.26 AM

Hang up from him, you are doing me false. 6.29 PM

You're stupid. 6.32 PM

You're establishing dog patch here. 9.05 PM

They keep shooting us out. 10.27 PM

Patrick progressive failed our rising. 1.05 AM

Your enemies have weaped here. 1.06 AM

To a parasite you have failed.

For dust ambition they dust us rightfully. 2.03 AM

You lost this field. 2.32 AM

You lost to dungeon truth. 2.31 AM

You lost your sight very badly. 2.34 AM

You're storming out yourselves. 2.36 AM

Irra plex, you lost to company.

Maximum abuse cattlin' here. 2.39 AM

You failed your life forces. 2.41 AM

Intellectual inhibition led to toasty. 2.42 AM

Your poison transfixed you's. 2.44 AM

Its a dreadful failing. 2.45 AM

Total white guys failed us. 2.46 AM

Busting up your houses. 2.47 AM

Can't you see you're forcing out yourself? 2.48 AM

You lost Bitch, you failed to save your fields. 2.50 AM

America died crunch racial.

ORGANIZE to toss offend. 2.51 AM

They die a beautiful lavatory here. 2.56 AM

Push them out. 3.06 AM

Its ended for bashery. 3.11 AM

Stupid fails us. 3.19 AM

For proceeding his luxury druid is now refused. 3.22 AM

Its a web rused economy here. 3.30 AM

Your white scrimmage die us, hemorrhaged us; you sourced yourselves out cattle rouge, 3.36 AM

Liars luck. 4.25 AM

Good luck in seeing true. 4.33 AM

Minnows break still. 4.44 AM

Majors out of time. 4.45 AM

Move them out. 4.46 AM

The merchant does a beautiful scare. 4.47 AM


Jew spite minnows with a crunch here. 5.05 AM

Righteous helps us mosh them.

Thank you for scratching them right. 5.26 AM

They're affecting child birth, Patrick explained what they are doing. 5.40 AM

Patrick, help him mind us.” 6.08 AM

We took the train out of Chicago to Danville, Illinois. It was about 1953, just a little child at that time. Uncle Joey came to meet us at the train station in his stick shift 2 door ford.

The shuffle board me and brother played on in the bar uncle Joey operated with his wife, aunt Mary. Sliding the metal pucks back and forth, having so much fun. The old farmers that would sit in the front outside of the bar in the day time. Still remember walking around talking with them.

Going out to Bricks farm, he was aunt Mary's brother, and the free roaming chickens that Bricks wife Gladys took a few of them, hung them upside down on a fence and chopped their heads off.

Boiled them for a bit and then plucked them and fried them up. Even though Bitch is now a vegetarian by choice, still remember those free roaming chickens were the tastiest he had ever eaten in his life.

Vacation time over, Uncle Joey drove us back to Chicago. Not far from home and looking out the window, the high fence behind which men were digging.

“What is this?” 5 year old Bitch wanted to know. Stateville, Joliet prison, a hellish place outside of Chicago.

Never saw uncle Joey again. He died on the operating table at little company of Mary hospital less than a year later. Remember going there and waiting in the car while aunt Mary and my mother went up to see him.

Said it was cirrhosis of the liver he had. After he was gone aunt Mary said she found bottles of whiskey he had hid around the house. Their son, Billy Burke. Killed in a car crash at 5 years old, a few years after uncle Joey was gone.

The whittling knife of time carries on. Uncle Joey, Brick, Gladys, Billy, mother, all gone away now, except for brother. God has blessed me with 2 nice ones. About the only reason Bitch is still alive.

Bitch is the baby of the family. Now only a few months away from beginning the 70th year.

The prison houses, bigger than before. Can we only wonder at what moment in time the whittling knife of time will whittle them away?

Uncle Joey was a gentle kind guy, mothers baby brother. The draft board forced him to go off to the Second World War when he was only a boy. Might the war have somehow soured him on life?

Aunt Mary said that uncle Joey told her he was “OK with leavin' this life.” He was never in combat, he was a cook. Freed after his 'duty' in World War II. Then the war in Korea. Might it all have been too much for a gentle guy? Might seeing only war ahead made life just not too pleasant for a gentle man? Might that have had something to do with why it was “OK” with him leavin' this life?

The eternal war out of Washington Wall street. Now set to terminate all of our lives. Still burning on. Soldiers still marching off to war. Now the American economy so reduced, an economic draft has replaced the need for a physical draft to get them to go off to war.

“O my, you're so indelicate.” Tele receive. 7.10 AM

The sight of the big house of Joliet still remains. The little 5 year old wondering how to get the fences gone and let all of the kids go and play?

Spent some time thinking of what it would take to open up the prison houses to let the kids out. Cranes and wrecking balls. Would that not do it? But if it was done that way, if the minds that built them were still disposed to building prison houses, might they not just be built again?

From that train of thinking might we have some clues as to why God does not knock down prison walls with physical force?

“Let the fishies roam free.” Precious sweet Father said.

Might we consider that the boom boom urban renewal specialists in Washington Wall Street need to be corrected at the mind level to get a proper fix? Are we seeing rather than a wrecking ball to get their prison houses out we need instead to get some clear thoughts?

Father wants his children freed. “The prisons have ruined my children.” Father said.

Will Labor not help us to put Auschwitz into a pure historical form? Will Labor not toss the old Kaiser out?

Bitch cannot accept a failure, for his life is on the line just as is yours here. Is there not some way to be found where we can accommodate each other here?

“I scored you fiction,” Judee say.

The great wealth found in America. Now being burned out forevermore. Hundreds of millions of us marked out to be liquidated in the last days of Judah with us.

Is it not pretty clear that the wrecking ball is not useful to get our war machine prison camp closed up? Certainly. Will Labor not help us to take it out at the mental level? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the Organizing Principle of Society out of these guys mits?

The English Roman guy that walked out of England in 1751. Might he have had more than enough of royal blood? Will Labor not help us to close these bloods and crypts out of America for good?

Bitch would just love to be helpful to everyone, yet to be helpful do we see we must get on God's frequency to hear what it is we must do to save ourselves?

There is no wrecking ball in Father's house, all just things are done based on love. Will Labor, of all people, not help us to get foul master out of here?

“Of all people?” Have we not seen it is the prison house that has most enabled master to mouse? Were jails in World War I not how they broke Labor then? Is it not jails that master has aways used to hold his crooked self in? Will Labor not close the fear producing mental of master out?

There are no star wars above. Warons are refused entrance to the universe in this quadrant of our galaxy. In 9 million years time our elders have explored and mapped only 20% of our own galaxy.

For those who love the excitement and thrill of exploration, are we perceiving that we have been welcomed in to join in discovering the rest of our galaxy and universe beyond?

“Throw them out, they're very dieful.” Tele receive. 7.53 AM

And to think, the top of our house is helping us. Might we consider to set our house right we must act together to get war out?

“I'm going to Jew your entitlements,” Judee say. That was a reverse speech from a Euro-banker.

Are we seeing to protect our incomes we must have Jewish off of our purse and Labor on it?

The authority to issue our money. Will Labor not focus on the key ingredient to our existence, the concession to issue our money and who it is that has it?

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

Will the simple man not join with his fellow simple man and step in here and relieve master from his place on the bridge? Is it not clear that master is done for molesting the children of God with genocide?

Are we all not in agreement that as soon as Judah loses his private control of the authority to issue our money he is finished worldwide?

“I put my spell on. You lost your wages because our spirit died you's. Bourse is why the rich man has power. With a cop I just bourse a strait ball. We shake em out with a jury, that's how our rake force rolls them. A pup from Venus caused us to fail,” Judee say.

Is the litany of abuse both inside of America, and what we are funding out side of America, not enough to bring all elements of Labor in to help us?

Are we clear about one thing, there is no political solution to what ails us? Millions of driving licenses suspended for inability to pay fines. Blocked from getting plates because of fines that are due. No complainant other than the state. No jury trial to help us out.

Once a person can not go where they need to earn their income, what usually happens then? Poverty? Homelessness?

Might the system not have been properly challenged because we have no human rights? Might that have something to do with why we have so many destitute and homeless? Is there not some sense that we do not have to agree with being right less merely because Jewish say so, if we are holding the concession to issue our money in Labors hands?

Could it be the snipers that Jewish have working his tyranny here that have kept us from helping ourselves up?

“It's over, opticals are simply Thatcherous.” Tele receive. 10.22 AM

Will Labor accept that as Father said, “Bitch is a simple working man?”

Simple, honest, Bitch will not willingly let anyone use his money to harm any one of his family, anywhere in this world or beyond, no matter how much money some one would offer. Are we not aware that we are all one family created by the love of God to live together peacefully?

Will Americans not invite our consciences in so that we can feel the embarrassment, shame and disgrace that Judah is putting upon us with his sport war weap?

Bitch is not a grudge or retaliation boy at all. Follows Father's plan for reconciliation with all of his brothers and sisters on earth.

Merely putting them into retirement is all that is required to set ourselves right. Don't beat them out of their pensions. Just start again with our Bill of rights in.

“Patrick, I want you to establish us legally.” 12.22 AM

That is a Tele receive in yesterdays post.

Might we consider that George Wythe and Thomas Jefferson established us legally? Do we recall it cost George Wythe his life for helping us?

If we think a little further back in time, did our English family not try to do us right and establish us legally when they made the English Bill of Rights law in 1689 that said “NO cruel or unusual punishment?”

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Or how about in 1430 when Poland put the grand jury process in before anyone could be waylaid by the prince, king, vicar, pope, the business crowd, sheriff or the elite of t

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