Reverse Speech of Former President of Poland Lech Kaczynski
Sun Oct 23, 2016 07:59

Reverse Speech of Former President of Poland Lech Kaczynski

This section first is an English translation of what is posted at YouTube:

President Lech Kaczynski - Betrayal of the state and the Polish Nation - mason, kryptosyjonista in Israel

Uploaded on Nov 21, 2011
President Lech Kaczynski betrayed the Jews in Israel, that the Polish Army is in Iraq and Lebanon in the interests of the Jews of Israel and no matter who wins the election in Poland, because the Polish army, and so will continue to be the guardian of Zionist interests.

This is the essence of the so-called. democracy in Poland - Republic of Poland is to serve Jewish interests. Such a system of power is żydokracją.

Fragment nightly broadcasts of Radio Maryja, during which Dr. Jerzy Robert Nowak (real name: Moritz Neumann) spoke critically about the Office of the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski: http: // V = DWd8eQ ...

I also recommend another broadcast of Radio Maryja on the subject of "News of the day": http: // ...

Here is the message of President Lech Kaczynski - to members of the Masonic Lodge, recently reactivated in Warsaw, the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge given by Minister Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka - [Warsaw, September 9, 2007.]: Http: //www.polskapartianarodowa. org / and ...

[In the 'Events press "posted on the official website of the President of the Republic of Poland was not included information about the meeting, the Minister Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka or message of the text.]

Documents court registration B'nai B'rith in Poland: http: // ...

Back B'nai B'rith to Polish: http: // ...

B'nai B'rith lodges OPENS NEW IN WARSAW: http: // ...

In Poland, which leads the war in the world in the interest of Israel, and Lech Kaczynski told about it openly in Jerusalem to Jews, ministers were two British citizens: Sikorski and Rostowski.

Sikorski from candidate for the post of President of the Republic revealed that he had sent mail to the British Ministry, which reported or expressed the intention to renounce British citizenship.

No one tried to get confirmation in London, no journalist or politician looking for answers, whether Sikorski completed all the formalities and that the British government got rid of it from the register of citizens.

Rostowski also was appointed a minister in the government of the Republic of Poland as a Jew and a British citizen and broadcasts to the public the hidden knowledge about the war, which is to be relegated to sleeping in the room peoples of Europe, to introduce the New World Order.

And he will lift the existing injustices endured as Gierek nationality column in passports, and will no longer kryptosyjonizmu, because there will be no need to hide from Goiim.

A British Jew Rostowski using in Poland named Jacek, although the British metric entered has two other names, is simply a precursor to the Messianic future of the nation, which the Talmud considers to be the only nation in the world, because the rest of the Khazar and Kabbalist with a red band on his arm to only cattle that need to persuade every few years for this, so went to the ballot box to choose a kapo and a block in the system of enslavement of the Polish nation.

VIDEO 2.11 AT:

This reverse speech analysis was taken by reading the facial of Lech Kaczynski from the video at the link above:

“I got some Spanish people heroin to give you some of my hell.

I got to pull off the state here, I guess I got caught this time.

My purpose state was foul.

I was elective bourse rate to die.

We're set through first arrangement for the foul.

I bow my infamous wisdom very much.

I insure a state federal.

TASS will give you my right truths.

My heart attacks are pulling me off for my breeze.

The prime minister has left here.

My challenge is done. I did some true goose sport.

Bourse efforts ultimately outed my ruse.”

Does that reverse speech not indicate that Lech might be a Replicon hybrid transplant look alike Judah shell?

Bitch read several different people in 3 videos concerning the crash of the Polish presidents plane. Bitch read these in facial reverse speech:

“This was a big challenge to die truth. Our relationship failed on British. We died them with some Messerschmidts. British action included this proceeding. This was performance English. When Jew hit you, you die away. He's got 2 forked spoons.

It was a great receipt dying. We're almost fell for our fiction. Jew horsepower has kept out velocity geometry. I just like to mouse you stupid and put in some fear. We have fun with a corporal. We just shoot hostages fully. This Bitch boy is watching you and told you I set you up.”

Shortly after the crash in April of 2010 of the Polish presidents plane Bitch read in a reverse speech from an international news report that it was "radar data" that revealed an all out NATO nuclear missile attack upon Poland as the reason the staged crash was put into play.

So the top people of the government that were involved, all got on the plane, it landed somewhere to let them off and then it was crashed near Smolensk.

We are now over 6 years since they departed. Might we not see the value of having real grand juries look into things?

Do we see that when Labor has the concession to issue our money, we will be able to check the register to know where they are receiving their checks at now?

Thank you.

This is a comment Bitch posted concerning the crash of the Polish president's plane:

WHO BELIEVES THE LEADERS WERE EVEN ON THE PLANE THAT CRASHED? Have we not heard that Radar data showed Poland had previously been attacked with nuclear missiles?

So why did the nuclear missiles not hit Poland?

Are we not perceiving that our extraterrestrial family pulled all of the missiles out of the air?

What about the video at You Tube that shows the crashed and wrecked plane on the ground with no bodies in sight?

Why were the coffins returned welded shut?

Who ya gonna call?

Might we not perceive the crash was a staged ghost operation to let all the leadership escape and hide before the Polish people figure it out?

Here's a video 5.08 at You Tube that has more information about it:

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