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“Set Them Out! A Catastrophe is Going to Give Us Fits”
Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:35

“Set Them Out! A Catastrophe is Going to Give Us Fits”

Those are a couple of Tele receives from over night. Might we not appreciate that Tele send is from ordinary people who have figured out what the hand is that has been dealt to us by weap Judah and what to do about it, “Set Them Out, a catastrophe is going to give us fits?”

Are we not recognizing that God our Father has a plan for us? A plan that we all live in harmony and peace with each other. Are we understanding that Judah does not agree with Father's plan?

Elders suggest that what we need to do is re-sight ourselves. Will Labor not give us the tools to re-sight ourselves in peace?

Judah knows the game and his sight is of his own choosing. He chooses to be a criminal. Might we consider that the mild man of the north does not hold the criminal ethics of Judah, that he is merely subordinated to them through war?

The harshness Judah puts in when he forces a recession or a depression in. Are we perceiving he can only do these things while he has the private authority to issue our money?

Do we see that is how he does his paper training of us? Gets us nice and impoverished and then offers us jobs building the implements of destruction and then drafts our children to send them out to use them on our fellow man.

Might we see that it is our higher level life form, our spiritual life that Judah wishes to take down? Our natural love for one another. Are we perceiving that is what Judah wishes to take down and destroy most?

Judah, unable to get Africa or Asia to fist for him. Only mild man of the north remains his tool. The people that need to be re-sighted. Never had abundance and Buddha was not part of our learning.

When Judah discovers Buddha he shoots him. Abundance, has Judah not demonstrated by his blocking velocity power sources that he does not want bountiful lives for us?

Might we consider that abundance allows us to naturally transition into our peaceful form? Removes resource base competition as a root of aggression between one another.

Might we consider how with the long term problem of America, over production of everything we want and need, with the concession to issue our money in Judah private hands, he was so able to niftily put large segments of our population into resource base struggle by taking income away from us when he crashed the economy in 1929?

Are we also understanding that it is the concession to issue our money that has gifted Judah with the ability to hand out as many bribes for as large of amounts as he wants? If this is understood, do we see how it is that he has been able to get away with murder for so long?

Did our good God not give them 3,500 years to pick themselves up? “Thou shalt not kill,” and they flipped it off. Might we not consider Judah passing out of life form is righteous and just?

They put themselves opposite to the rest of the human race. Opposite to the other children of our good God. “They're no friends of mine.” God our Father said of Judah cult.

“They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They've poisoned my village, I want them off.”

The total criminal state that Judah on free bourse has made America into. Will Labor not make a contest and take the bourse away from weap Judah?

“This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more; put them out, they're criminals.” God almighty said.

Our family from the universe that Judah rejected contact with in 1350 AD. The centers of power of planet earth, Royals, Vatican and weap Judah. Already had established themselves on the rest of us with a perfected predator relationship.

“They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm.” God almighty said of the fate of weap Judah.

What might we think now that we know that Judah has had supreme knowledge of our creators since ancient times? The long headed Beings that were found with marks indicating they had been slain in 700 BC. The time when our creators left the surface of planet earth because of Judah attacking them.

Judah himself being made aware of the use of meat dolls that are put in place of human Beings that are taken out of our world. The sudden and unexpected death of King Henry V in 1422 when he was close to conquering France.

“He was on a roll.” Elder from outer space said.

Henry V was pulled up into the world of our extraterrestrial family in 1422 and a meat doll substituted for him.

Henry V had children after he went to live with Mercury. As a youngster Bitch met one of Henry V descendants. Mentioned previously, a fellow about 20 years of age approached Bitch and friends in a theater in Chicago and began a conversation.

As he spoke he related that it is the Jews that are behind all of the war on planet earth. Bitch had heard things of that nature and did not know the truth.

Only recently did Bitch learn that young man who spoke with him and his friends in the theater was a descendant of king Henry V of England.

Might we consider that when King Henry's body was returned to England in 1422, it would have been examined closely? If it were to have a module installed in his back with blinking lights, plugs and cables running in and out of it, would the royal court not have know of it? Of course they would.

Is it not quite amazing how the centers of power of planet earth have been able to keep such significant things secret from us for so many hundreds of years?

Is too astounding to consider that Judee's kids have knowledge of some of these things when they are still youngsters?

When Joan of Arc was beamed out of the flames as Judah tried to burn her at the stake in 1431. Joan's heart that would not burn. Judah ordered the executioner to toss it into the river Seine.

If only the people of that time had figured it out. Might it not have blown Judee's game away?

No more court Jews. No more royal blues. No more Vatican inquisitions torching us up. Does it not appear though, that it was too early for our predecessors to connect the dots to see the truth of what was the reality in our world in 1431?

Judah controlling the Vatican and all the religions of the mild man of the north. Have some of us heard that “Religion is the mind business?”

Has Judah not run it as all of his other rackets in our world?

Might we not want to spend the time to send a prayer of thanks to Father for setting us up to move ourselves right into the world of our future of peace and love?

Will Labor not let the errant Judah foul off?

Tele receives:

“Chin up. 6.36 PM

They've stolen you up, your life falls out.

A nice dog made you die. 6.41 PM

A STRIKE will save us. 6.42 PM

A catastrophe is going to give us fits. 6.43 PM

Patrick pulled them off insight. 11.20 PM

Get out conspiracy here, get out hit. 11.26 PM

You ever out yourself. 12.36 AM

Come on, help die them off. 12.39 AM

Popular fails. 12.39 AM

They wiped us out. 12.55 AM

Exhaust, you are now drillable. 1.02 AM

This county is going to be municipal here, you failed your life forces. 1.03 AM

Your armed forces are failee. 1.05 AM

State is dead, failed and on a real binge. 1.06 AM

Jefferson failed. 1.12 AM

STRIKE for contact. 1.12 AM

He has a very severe way and is punishing you out. 1.15 AM

You're helpless tossed. 1.16 AM

You lost your life forces by video force. 1.18 AM

The most distant. 1.22 AM

O my God we're being destroyed and not doing a thing about it. 1.24 AM

A state wrench poisons easily. 1.24 AM

They work for the fish and saved us for eternity, you failed. 1.28 AM

Missiles had fair deals. 1.32 AM

You failed to save your lives. 1.33 AM

The Martians have pointed out the most incredible. 1.34 AM

You've been forced out with bourstal from London. 1.36 AM

Tissue you up. 1.37 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT for hit berg. 1.38 AM

Fall your life falsing out from London. 1.39 AM

They just state dictate us. 1.46 AM

They jeopardize. 1.47 AM

One week, they're out of power.

Nature failed to save your own self. 1.52 AM

They just punish you guys.

Set them out! 1.54 AM

You have true received. 3.00 AM

Witless is scoring you out. 3.01 AM

How right you are about their Wesson. 4.34 AM

Patrick, my God, we've been forced out. 4.51 AM

Its fantastic, nuclear touched a truth. 4.57 AM

They're vandals. 5.05 AM

Systematically wiped out. 5.15 AM

Tight dyin'. 6.20 AM

You're holding us into a fail Labor. 6.32 AM

Stupid fail. 7.50 AM

They really did app us.” 7.56 AM

The last die that weap Judah will ever do to of any of God's children on earth is happening now. Will American Labor not end holding us to this fail? Has nuclear not truly touched truth?

The truth, is it understood that we do have a precious sweet Father above that loves us all? Yes it is true. Will American Labor not let God's love come in and save us from this perfected crunch with nuclear waste that Judah is doing to us here?

“You have true received.” 3.00 AM

Does Labor not accept that we have true received from the house of God our Father? The Martian angels that Father sent in that have stepped in and pulled all of Judah great balls of fire off of us. Will Labor not let go of what ever could be holding ya's and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

“We always foul a dissenter with bourse. We always use a great force to hit you when we leave you in the end. My poetry snuff you here. Your whole nation's going to be a mini poster with my die. I just misuse you's to make robbers out of you. We assaulted tomb so we just missed our time. We just molest you and make you die. I always have to get office so I can do my rude way. With my bourse I always do you a premium Jamaica. Because a brave guy showed you my spoon you win,” Judee say.

“Stupid fail.” 7.50 AM

Will Labor not act and limit the damage to us from stupid fail?

Here's some non-Judah reverse speech:

“You're a right fool. Jew made contact fail so it cleared his force. The accomplishment contact failed.”

Contact with our extraterrestrial family from the universe and 5 years of pleas to American Labor to STOP THE WAR.

As the war goes on we now have sealed ourselves into a vast MEGA DEATH nuclear waste die due to contaminated fields and air. Right less people in a tyranny that has now set us for sport big time.

“Whites are susceptible to die Auschwitz oppin tyranny,” Judee say.

Might Labor not perceive why our ancestors 8 centuries ago put the Great Writing, the Charter of Liberty, the Magna Carta in?

Will we not try to perceive why the state delegates in 1789 rejected the American constitution because it had no Bill of Rights in it? Now people pulled from the streets or their homes and put into prison on no more than the signature of a clerk. Will Labor not help us to start over again by putting our Rights in once again?

Will Labor not “Get Smart” as our elders from outer space suggest and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money?

“Law suits we fister. I melt you despot. Too much festival ruined me. A criminal state we run in house. Prince is obviously off us. We hush mental to do you bad. We thief through industrial. Jew has a richer style that hates human.

I suicide the minnows with my way. I used my force but the potato put me in. I just screw you genocide. If I can't pull minnow Druids then I'm truly lated. With Michelin I always aimed for just.

Our Major scored you and made outsiders dead. We're out for our selfish rivalry, evicted for pulling wampum. Jew weap you over time because Drewess is faulty,” Judee say.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take hold of the concession to issue our wampum? Are understanding that it is our American Labor wampum that allowed weap Judah to get over so big on us?

His dangerous extension. Will Labor not end funding it?

“Our Major scored you and made outsiders dead.”

His Major that he put in a tomb so that Major could not reveal the truth of the opp he did for Judah on Bitch. Major learned all he could about Bitch then gave that to Judah who had his opp teams make up all sorts of painful untrue things to hurt Bitch friends and make them dead outsiders.

Might we note how with his lies Judah is still holding Labor to fund the destroying of America and the poisoning of our own sons and daughters?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our wampum away from Judah and close out his school of chiefs?

DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released: Unknown to Any Human, Primate, or Animal

By Waking Times Media Posted on October 20, 2016


The elongated skulls of Paracas, Peru. The brains that filled these skulls is two and half times larger than a human brain.

The geneticists that have tested them have found that the DNA doesn't match anything human.

The late researcher Lloyd Pye (1946-2013) said, “these are not human Beings.”

Might we not recognize in these enlarged brained skulls our creators, the Galacticans that in ancient times lived openly on earth with us?

Is there not some general awareness that extraterrestrials have been on earth since before we were gifted with our high level intelligence potentials 200,000 years go?

Will Labor in particular not try to grasp the significance of the presence of our extraterrestrial family and the purposes for which they have acted with such openness that they have ever since our world was put into a nuclear war zone by weap Judah?

“Try to perceive me, I love you.” God our precious sweet Father said to us.

“I would have given you anything. I want to save your lives.” Father also said

If Labor will try to imagine the greatness, magnificence and glory of beautiful Father will you not act and STOP THE WAR? Has God almighty not warned us thousands of times for 5 years now to STOP THE WAR? Yes Father has.

The right less fellow doing monster deals for Judah. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money into your hands and relieve the right less fellow from having to do monster deals against our family for Judah sport?

Our top family from outer space, the Galacticans, have brains 2 and a ½ times the size of ours. Their brain neuron count is 18 times what ours is. With that sort of knowledge will Labor not help us to get into their love orbit? Must we not end being part of Judah's obit?

Did Father not say that He would have given us anything? Yes he did. Will Labor not do better for us and try to save our world from eternal sport war?

Will we not pray that American Labor will take a look at the abyss that Labor is funding Judah to put us in?

We're just meek little kids here Labor. Will you not act and get this vicious, malignant tyranny off of us? Kids held in Judah sport jails systematically put into solitary confinement based on the opinion of clerks.

Has our good God not let the Jew show himself to us well enough that we will not act and try to save ourselves from the genocide that he is completing on us using his war machine and nuclear waste die?

Will Labor not open its eyes and let them off right now?

“O my God they're dying us all off permanent.” Tele receive.10.18 AM

Did Bitch not report years ago about the nuclear missile attack upon Poland by NATO? Yes he did.

The government that had to ghost out because they attacked our family in Poland to extinct them.

Of course has Bitch not also reported the nuclear attacks upon us right here in the good old US of A? Yes he has.

Continues at:

Do we understand that Judah cipher is programmed to do genocide? If we understand this will American Labor not close this Jewish scho

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