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Massive Voter Fraud Reported Across America
Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:11



There has already been voter fraud reported across the nation

1) The 12 boxes of votes found in Ohio by the Maintenance Worker we talked about in an earlier show.

2) The US State Department refuses to allow Diplomats from across the globe to monitor US Elections - threatens to arrest them

3) The FBI “Dead People Voting Investigation” that is now spanning this nation with over 2 ½ million dead voters all voting 100% for the Democrats

4) The Pre-Election Fraud that is now spanning Texas.

In fact - early voters are reporting that the Voting Machines are all coming out 100% Democratic in their votes no matter how many times you vote for a Republican.

Thanks to the reporters on Alex Jones they have come up with a few examples where the votes were changed before their very eyes - so they tweeted this for the world to see.

Further - the President’s Wife/Husband Drag Queen (What do you call him) clearly stated the Big H is only being held up by Amphetamines.

It is almost as if we are being steered for massive support of the Trump and then the White House puts The Big H in office to start a revolution, right???

Then the President gets to remain in power due to the election fraud, right?

Ten years ago we might have stopped this - today the Evil is so strong that every person with any intelligence is beginning to realize that our leaders across the globe are corrupt.

So - who do you go after in a revolution - some poor guy in the military just trying to maintain order?

Some Cop trying to stop looters who's mother may live behind you?

There is an Evil emanating from the White House and London being driven by some pretty evil Handlers that seem to come from some pretty nasty underground bases.

One underground base area was - well - was sort of taken out in an Earthquake in Italy yesterday just West of Florence. The shaking took down many tunnels.

Look at the tunnel system under Florence ….. That we have already been shown. These were not dug with shovels and picks. They are ancient.

Do not fall for the manipulation and the anger they are pouring out of the White House and London. They will soon be contained - very soon.

Take a deep breath

Get your family ready

Pray that these Evil Ones are neutralized immediately one way or another.

Just relax and watch the show.

Do Not let them control you or your emotions

Remember Winston Churchill’s Final Words at his last speech, which was the Commencement at Princeton University I believe in 1949.

“never give up

Never Give Up

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


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