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"To Hurt You I Need To Off Your Civil Rights" Might we rec
Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:18

"To Hurt You I Need To Off Your Civil Rights"

Might we recognize the reason Judah makes sport war? Are we seeing at its root level as Karl Liebknecht informed us before he was shot in 1919, that war is aimed to subordinate the domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?

That Judah got our rights off and then attacked us with thousands of nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might we see that if our civil rights had been maintained, we would have had warnings of the nuclear war that Judah planned to take all of us away in?

Is it not probable that someone would have informed us of what was coming before Judah tried out his Trident nuclear ballistic missiles on us?

In 2003 Bitchie got a speeding ticket. He committed an infraction when he did 12 over the limit. Caught fair and square on radar coming down hill at 47 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. It didn't matter that his eyes at the moment were on a vacuum gauge diagnosing an engine problem.

When he went to court he wanted a jury trial so that he could tell a jury about Judah's plot to smoke us with nuclear weapons and wanted to ask the jury to declare the state had no authority to prosecute a speeding ticket because they voided themselves on nuclear weaponry.

With NO rights, Bitchie could not get a jury trial even though the amount was over $20 dollars. Are we aware that in cases of more than $20 dollars our American Bill of Rights guarantees the right to a jury trial?

Do we recall Jefferson put that provision in the 7th amendment to the United States constitution? The fine was $44 dollars.

Do we recall that when our American Bill of Rights are in we have the right to a jury to decide in all cases involving more than $20 dollars?

Might we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His angels whisper in Thomas Jefferson's ear to put that into our Bill of Rights?

Courts issuing big fines for small infractions of law against people who are already short of money. Are we getting an idea of how wonderful it will be for us when US Labor puts our Bill of rights in again?

Do we see then a judge's threat to put us through door 2 for lack of a $1,000 dollars, more or less, will go way?

Could mention, Iowa does not recognize the full United States Bill of rights. Might we recall that the supreme clerks in 1832 decreed that our US guaranteed Bill of Rights does not apply at the state level?

Once Labor finishes the STRIKE to take the ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF SOCIETY away from weap Judah, will we not put our Bill of Rights in and moth proof it this time?

To properly moth proof our Rights will we not correct the error found in chapter 4, the "Masters clause," and make provisions for a grand jury to examine the corporate states information first to determine if there is "probable cause" to issue a search warrant before anyones house or castle is invaded?

The 4th amendment search and seizure, allowing for clerks to issue search warrants based on a clerks affidavit. Do we see the intrinsic flaw there that is not in accord with our Bill of Rights?

Do we recall that clerks and even elected officials lack legal standing without probable cause to proceed?

Are we perceiving how with unlimited free money from Labor, Judah has been able to by pass our our guaranteed rights?

The taking of cars and houses with clerk law. Billions of dollars of theft by the corporations using the federals to accomplish it every year.

Might we not think about how easy it has also been to take our lives with clerk law?

The many that are ghosting out now. Bitch has been reading reverse speech from news videos to try and find out how many are dead and how many are fled.

When opper guys and gals get found out, many are able to fake their deaths and go into Judah well set up ghost plan.

Many are going to the Balkans. Do we recall alligator sport guy from Australia that was reported stabbed by a sting ray? Bitch read reverse speech and learned he went to the Balkans after his failed nuclear attack upon our family in Australia.

That brings to mind, Bitch just read the other day of 4 people killed on an amusement park ride in Australia. He read in reverse speech from a news reporter in Australia that one of the dead had "frumped" Judah about something.

Maybe an anti war person? Civil rights person? Labor activist? Investigating official misconduct possibly?

Have we given much consideration of what can and does happen to ordinary workers that show up in Judah headlights?

An ordinary worker pulling a stock order and an air conditioner that fell off the higher level shelf and hit the stock puller. Freak accident or something else?

The constant shooting of Labor rights activists in many countries around our world. Do we not recognize that the assaults against other ordinary working people, that the checks to pay for the assaults are paid by the Labor of American workers?

Are we getting some idea why our good God almighty wills that Labor issue our money? Are we seeing the valuable thing we have, our Labor, needs to be protected in whatever we do for a living?

"To Hurt You I Need To Off Your Civil Rights"

The lure of a really big check. That Judah can issue them for free on the backs of American Labor. Are we not figuring that is what has enabled Judah to so thoroughly take Americans rights out?

A 19 year college student supposedly drowned in a boating accident. Bitch read reverse speech from some videos indicating that he is a ghost. He apparently did several welfare opps with the federals.

Here's some reverse speech from a video about his reported drowning: "This clear us for performance deeds. He had to port because he failed you. He chopped some people off welfare. He made some profit on some mental heads. He had barber shop rights."

Do those reverse speech not appear to indicate that the reported drowning was to cover a ghost flight?

Can we only wonder, working in the pentagon sending sending cruelly manipulated poor Americans to shoot our family in the Middle East. Might we not see external sport war as a deflection to throw us off of what Judah and his kids are doing to us here?

Is Labor seeing how the Judah cipher operates?

They train their children to off us and our children.

They pretend to be our buddies and lure us into criminal acts to ruin us for life. Are they not a cunning bunch?

"He chopped some people off welfare."

Could that reverse speech indicate some retired people were getting nice retirement checks that some corporations wanted to end paying?

Might we not consider that with our rights in they cannot get away with their crimes against us?

God has saved us Labor. Father, do we not recognize that Father is our savior? Father is real, Father loves us all. Father is from millions of years into our future. Father's world has been in peace for 9 million years. He is a kind, gentle sweet Papa to all of His kids on earth.

Are we understanding that even though we are sinners, Father wants us to save ourselves from the nuclear war that weap Judah is dying us off in?

"You're impossible to fail." 3.32 PM

That Tele sender said that as Bitch turned the corner of 86th street heading west on Hickman road.

Can we imagine for a moment, Bitch, with a double bladed fire Axe in hand battering through a door to the outside of the Iroquois theater, 1903. The Iroquois theater showing that mothers and fathers stepped on their kids trying to escape the blaze that dreadful afternoon.

If Judah were to whisper in the fleeing theater goers ears, "but don't you see the Axe in his hands? You won't go out that door that Bitch opened up, will you?"

"You're impossible to fail."

"He remained true to me." Father said of Bitch and Bitch didn't even believe that Father existed until Father spoke to him in 2009.

How is that for Bitch natural? That is, Bitch, after thinking and researching for years, at 24 years of age thought through the use of force upon humans and rejected it based on observation and common sense.

Chose in his mind that he would starve himself out before he would involve himself in harming other human Beings. And that thought process was without any knowledge that we do indeed, have a good God above.

As Bitch mentioned before, he has traveled to 53 different countries around our world. And all the people, of different colors, shape of eye and curl of hair, are at our roots all the same. We are all human Beings made by the same good God. We all need love and care. Absolutely never to be harmed.

The shame and disgrace, this everyday in our faces disgust and insult of Washington-Wall Street and their knock down world.

That we have not shut these errant boys and girls down yet. Must we not act right away and take our concession to issue our money away from them and put it into the hands of a Committee Of The Whole from Labor?

A simple working man. Do we recall that is how Father described Bitch? Might the fault of stupid be from being at the front for too long opposing these mind degrading Jew raiders?

Years ago Bitch would only get an alcohol buzz about once a year when he went to a party or wedding. But that was enough to keep his head from seeing how they got Harold the good in 1987.

After stopping drinking completely, a few years later, his intelligence jumped 2 notches. From a 6th level thinker, to a 4th level thinker.

Does it not seem strange that Judah would send his Sayans to put Bitch in, considering he was only a 6th level intelligence in 1991?

Without the words to express it, Bitch intuitive much higher level than the 6th level that came about from living in Judah mind degraded world.

At a level to intuitively understand, though not able to explain or express it, have we considered how threatened we are by Jewish nuclear weapons?

If only the other real estate agents had had any idea of how we were to be done in with nuclear missiles, might they have joined Bitch with a noisemaker lawsuit to get our dough back and the war stopped?

Not trying to rehash any old wars, can we not hope though that Labor will now see the truth and act to get Jewish sport war out?

They would not give to Caesar what is Caesar's and got away with it.

They would not give to God what is God's and got themselves canned forevermore. "I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Father said.

Will Labor not help us to join with our good God above and close them out right?

Are we seeing Labor that all we need is Father's love and we will all do great? How about fantastic? Will we not all do awesome when Father's love is in and guiding us with His love?

Judee the rare, that wanted to make us chapel Jewels to prove he was.

Opened up with his great balls of fire on us and pushed himself right on out here.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God almighty for having His angels come in and protect us from April sport shot of Roosevelt-Truman decree?

"Destroy them, you're out." Sir Maximilian said to president Truman in April of 1945. Might Judah have just fooled around too long? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and finish them out right?

"Slom your families, toss them out, it is incredible serious here. God will have to remove His kids."

Thank you Sir Jason for that warning message today.

Has Labor not yet taken a look at just how incredibly serious it is here? Are we perceiving that God will have to take His kids out when the atmosphere is fully contaminated with radioactive waste?

The star of wormwood. Fire, smoke and brimstone. The rapture when God takes His kids out. Are there any who doubt the bible warnings to us from 2,000 years ago?

Will Labor not help us to get ourselves together with our good God and our home world, the Galactic Federation of Light?

Velocity is subscribed. No need to go to congress to get the money to start building. Money is ready to start hiring Labor the day after the war is ended in our world.

Lots of Labor will be called upon to build, install, operate, maintain and repair the equipment and machinery that will be coming in to enrich us all.

Might we not have Labor fully employed for the next century or so just to catch up on the destruction that has been done to our world by weap Judah century of sport war?

New water projects that may require decades to complete.

Long term good income sources for the Labor called upon to build these things we need. Vast permanent wealth for our society when they are complete. Wealth created while they are being built.

"GET HELP!" Tele receive. 6.57 AM

The theater is on fire. Mercury gave Bitch the fire Axe to break the door down to let us escape. Will Labor not see the light shining through on the other side of the door, the love of our precious sweet Father for us all, and help us escape the nuclear blaze that we are in here?

The angels Father sent in to rescue us. Will Labor not take the life line they have dropped to us and help us before we are perished out of here?

Is it not becoming clear that there really is no more here for us Labor?

We are now poisoned out. Our air, fields, our water supplies. Nuclear waste is in on us.

Father will have to pull His kids. Elders are wrapping up in about 2 more months now. Those left behind, do we recall the line from the Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan, "left stranded on a burned out planet to die?"

Might we not consider that the writers of that movie, knew the exact plan of weap Judah for us all?

After doing the math of nuclear war, Bitch at the intuitive level knew in November of 1965 that nuclear weapons would get us gone.

Though he did not know that extraterrestrials were keeping Judah finger off of the trigger at that time. Didn't figure that out until July of 1997.

32 years to figure the basic out. Might we consider that Bitch has got no bragging rights at all?

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed." Brainiac said when it broke through to Bitch that the plan all along was to get us all gone in a surprise all out nuclear war.

They're finished. Is it not clear to all able to think that Judah have been voided out by their attempts to exterminate us all with their vast nuclear stores?

Will Labor not hear the words of our Lord and take the issue of money away from the dangerous, deadly Judah life form and put it into the safe hands of Labor?

God, the sovereign of planet earth. Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into your hands before we are set to where we may never ever recover anymore?

Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough but we're gonna make it

Starting all over as friends is gonna be rough, on us but we gotta face it

We lost what we had, that's why it hurt so bad. It set us back a thousand years.

We're gonna make it up, though it's gonna be rough to erase all the hurt and tears

Starting all over again is gonna be hard but I pray that the love will help us make it

Starting all over again is gonna be slow but we both know that we can make it

We gotta take life as it comes and never worry about who's right or wrong

It's an uphill climb to the finish line we're gonna try to make it one more time

Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough but we're gonna make it

Starting all over as friends is gonna be tough, on us but we gotta face it

Starting all over again is gonna be hard but I pray that the love will help us make it

Starting all over again is gonna be slow we both know that we're gonna make it

We can make it Labor if only Labor will try it. How about forgetting who's right or wrong and just get us to peace?

How clever was Judee to spend years building the Titanic with a plan to sink it?

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Titanic, Under the command of Edward Smith, who went down with the ship, the ship carried some of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as hundreds of emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia and elsewhere throughout Europe seeki

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