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Fri Oct 28, 2016 16:55


Weiner Takes Down The Hill - YouTube

Apparently Anthony Weiner has been under investigation from the FBI now for over 2 years

In their latest revelation he apparently hit up on a 15 year old gal.

Well - Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is still legally married to Huma Abadeeen, Hillaryís Top Election Aid, and knows all.

So - Huma Abadeens Private Emails were also opened up and exposed by both Wikileaks and the FBI and what they exposed was so treasonous they have to re-open the investigation against Hillary

Upon early investigations it appears that Huma Abadeen may not only be working for Hillary but also either the Saudiís or Israel as a Double, or even triple, Agent - but we LITTLE PEOPLE do not know yet do we.

So now everything is exposed about both Hillary and Huma Abadeen and if they were working to destroy America and take down the FBI, CIA and Department of Defense as we have stated dozens of times then there will be some very heavy changes over the next few weeks.

This means that both Monica Lewinski - an Isreali Spy, and Huma Abadeen have penetrated deep into the White House - no puns intended and US Security is in the toilet.

Now - to save his hide - Congressman Weiner will spill all.

My guess is that this Pervert Congressman Weiner was used by sectors of our Intelligence Community to stop Hillary and the coming Nuclear War she demands over and over again in her emails.

So, it appears, that Congressman Anthony Weiner will, in the end, get the last laugh

He may not only bring down Hillary but most of THE HILL - High Ranking DC Politicians

Let the Arrests begin.

Please pray that your family is ready for what is coming.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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