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Patricia Shupe, Host of Call4Investigation with Don Grahn.
Fri Oct 28, 2016 20:10 - Patricia Shupe, Host of Call4Investigation with Don Grahn. - Welcome Back Patricia Shupe, the Producer and the host with Don Grahn of the weekly Call4Investigation Television Program that is broadcast on local Seattle and King County cable broadcast channel 77/23 and streamed worldwide on-line from - to more then one hundred and ten countries. Call4Investigation C4I Patricia Shupe Don Grahn Seattle Community Media - - - Call 4 Investigation - - - - - - - - Watch Videos Online - - - Watch Videos Online - -
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= = = = = - willpwilson 908 Seeking Funding For Educational Media Broadcast & Television Sun Oct 16, 2016 -;article=156719;title=APFN;pagemark=20

willpwilson 908 Need Funding To Implement Educational Media Foundation. Wed Oct 12, 2016 -;article=156706;title=APFN;pagemark=20

October 26, 2016  To the Admissions Office of the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. 

My name is William P. Wilson,  I am writing to your offices because my having just filled out an on-line (And submitted.) student admissions forms to the UAFS admissions office and after having as well, also filled out and completed the student aid program's forms of which I placed the University of Arkansas Fort Smith Office of Admissions as a recipient of this student loan (Aid.) application FAFSA, thereof, the information is below.  

I need to ask of your office's expertise on this matter as that I am at this time trying to enroll as a student that is being supported with this FAFSA Student Aid Program and as well as my exploring the educational grant programs also.   

In my filling out the student admission forms I need to find out some things from your department officials and officers.  

I have (Many.) college credits and have attended (And, as well as taught.) at well over more then thirty different college, university, trade schools, tech institutes, computer software and tech programs and I do not have the time and or do I want to spend entire month filling out more of these admissions forms.  

I also have an honorary doctorate apparently at a foreign university that was officially granted to me by an Ambassador and signed by this country's acting president.   I probably have amassed several thousand actual college credits over the years.  

I am a world recognized investigative journalist, Pubic Access Television producer for more then thirty years having produced more then two thousand educational televised, streamed on-line and now archived as Federal Copyrighted Indexed Media documentaries.     Some of these documentaries have been referenced as Federally Admissible and Legislative Reverenced and Indexed media documentation.   Thereof, just type in for example, -  

- alldaylive willpwilson - - -

mediacific - - - - , I have authored and co-authored more then two hundred published book titles and technical manuals.  Thereof, also more then seventy thousand written, compiled and published news reports, created and co-authored Federal Legislative Administrative Regulations, founded and or co-founded some very big (Companies.) things, and yet, I do not have a college degree other then a foreign doctoral recognition apparently that was sponsored on my behalf by an ambassador. 

How do I deal with the matter of my properly submitting the admissions applications as a student for attending for classes in order to finish an under graduate degree program and or a masters degree program having done all of what is only here is a very partial glimpse of what and who I am and what I have actually done and what I have  accomplished in my life?  The actuality of what I have actually done in my life is literally none understandable by most people.  

Can someone in your department please get back to me on this matter and concerning helping me to figure out how to put together an admissions formula for my figuring out how I can apply for a student aid and student undergraduate and or graduate program.    

Having been an investigative journalist got me in conflicts that I didn't expect and so I am having to deal with this matter that in a sense I can only explain that I am trying to literally re-start my life all over again, thereof, concerning matters that are little more complex than can be explained here.      

I am in need of student aid and student grants at this time.   I can teach and have taught at the college and advanced university levels in several areas and I am also a recognized research scientist and my life is not easy to explain.      

Please have someone get back to me on this matter - Will P. Wilson, - (206) 383 - 4817 - and help me to figure this whole puzzle out.  Thank you and sincerely. -  
= = = = = - - - October 29th, 2016 To the Admitsee program administration. I am currently trying to enroll at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith at this time and I am at this time also currently living on a Vietnam Veterans monthly pension of less then one thousand dollars a month. I am a permanently one hundred percent disabled Vietnam Veteran and I am and have been for more then fifteen years a Pubic Access TV producer (Reference - and I am seeking to be able to further qualify myself with supporting my effort to try to teach and to develop Public and Community Access Television in communities, colleges and scholastic programs by my being now capable of also having a supporting degree in this field of contributing community endeavor as is explained in part here:
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October 28th, 2016 – I, Will P. Wilson, am seeking funding to help our communities to be able to be more Actively Heard by their own communities. Thus to further enable all communities to be able to more effectively be Inspirationally heard and to thus to be more extensively and insightfully to be seen and to be heard by all communities. Thereof, especially by their own communities. I have produced more the two thousand one hour educationally related community televised, and streamed on-line Public Access Television and Community Broadcast over the past fifteen years. Since 2011 these programs have been indexed and archived on-line as Federally Copyrighted Media.  - I was thanked by members of the U.S. Congress for having produced approximately two hundred one hour community educational media broadcasts. These broadcasts covered the emerging Northwest and Washington State Medical and Commercial Cannabis and Hemp industries. 

I have survived on less then one thousand dollars a month for more then fifteen years and on my own concern for our communities that I have thus produced these many community oriented educational televised media programs for our community and paid nothing this while time to do this.
I now need funding in order to be able to keep this community oriented educational media project to thus be able to continue and in order that I can more readily be able to teach people, sudents and concerned community member to become media producers.
Thereof, that then my AllDayLive Television programs having thus being Federally Copyrighted and Indexed and Archived on-line media programs were then used as Federally Copyrighted, Indexed, and Referenced Federal Legislative Admissible Media. Media that then played an important part of helping the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate to have a more effective understanding of the emerging Medical and Commercial Cannabis Industries. - Thus to be more able to legislate on what are the key factors and the important elements that can and did provide them with the ability to more effectively understand how to bring about their Federal Legislative Administrative Provisions, Protocols, and Future Laws.  - Key Legislative Factors and Elements that then can allow for all Counties and States to then be able to be provided with Jurisdictional Legislative Administration and Guidelines in their own Jurisdictions. willpwilson - Need Funding To Implement Educational Media Foundation.  - Wed Oct 12, 2016 - Need Funding To Implement Educational Media Foundation. -;article=156706;title=APFN - willpwilson - Seeking Funding For Educational Media Broadcast & Television Sun Oct 16, 2016 -;article=156719;title=APFN;pagemark=20 - willpwilson - Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV. Wed Jul 22, 2015 -;article=154794;title=APFN - - - - - - - - alldaylive - - mediacific - - willpwilson - - Thank you and sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, (206) 383 - 4817 - -
= = = = = =
Helping to create a future generation of responsibly thinking people and communities.

I want to look into the possibility of our working with Colleges, University's, Schools, and Educational Institutions and the interested administrative people who may think that a possibility may exist for our looking into what type of educational media possibilities may exist. Thereof, for their consideration of what an effective and eventually very dynamic Public Access Broadcast project might emerge into helping the students to learn about this now transcending and thus very powerful media tool and what it has to offer to interested students and what it can provide to them.  

I would like to be able to further correspond with these educational institutions on what their thoughts, their questions, and their innovative input might constructively prevail.  

Thereof, and what this media conceptual project might be able to further bring forth and to thus possibly then result in myself and my colleagues being more readily to be able to help to inspire all of us and the scholastic and college institutions in our providing our constructive insight on this possible future undertaking.  

In consideration of myself, Will P. Wilson, and my media colleagues.  I prefer e-mail ( because I am a key board person and a long time freelance journalist and investigative reporter, and I have written a great deal on the subject of Innovative media production and I have for more then twenty years produced several thousand educational TV programs and I feel that this project has a great deal of merit for our considering as to what something like this might be able to provide to Universities across the nation. 

In consideration of scholastic institutions, schools, universities, and colleges that may already have a Public Access Media Department on their campus but I believe that this program needs more interested and experienced people like myself and my colleagues to then be able to more effectively help to guide and to inspire a more substantiated and dynamic media program infrastructure at these campuses.   

Thereof, and to thus as well to begin teaching and guiding our future generations to come to be able to understand and to utilize responsibly, Public Access Media thereof, helping these future generations to begin realizing that they can create Federally Copyrighted Media and that they can then begin to more responsibly and constructively with intuitive and wise innovation, to thus take back their control of their rightful destinational pathways of their constructive and wise innovative and responsible futures. 

(Dr.) William P. Wilson, (206) 383 - 4817 - - -
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October 28th, 2016 - I am seeking funding to help our communities to be able to be more Actively Heard by their own communities. Thus to further enable all communities to be able to more effectively be Inspirationally heard and to thus to be more extensively and insightfully to be seen an

  • World control review and the rest of the Truthpatriciajhs, Fri Oct 28 17:33
    It almost seems actually posting to this site againn after all these years of being prohibited from doingn so, just AMAZING! At the very end of this article is why the long censorship of my... more
    • Patricia Shupe, Host of Call4Investigation with Don Grahn. — willpwilson 908, Fri Oct 28 20:10
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