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Sat Oct 29, 2016 05:46



Why are we all distracted by Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton - who should both be behind bars for the rest of their lives

Why is the Main Steam Media simultaneously putting these stories in front of everyone when we all know the FBI should have locked them up years ago just to silence them so as not to expose the FBI Agents - like Comey - of the Treason they are committing????

Why did the head of the FBI call President Putin and ask: Is Anthony Weiner Yours?

To which he responded: “Ask Alexander Poteyev” - another Double Agent.

Did we not cover yesterday who Congressman Weiner is really working for?

Here is what these FASCISTs are really covering up:

The FASCISTS in the White House will do anything to stay in power.

To this end we are seeing:

1) Millions of Millions of Fake Votes now being counted across the nation with NO FBI or local Police stopping these Treasonous Acts.

Not one Girly Boy from the FBI has made any moves to stop this treason.

2) The Open Arrest and holding of a Diplomat named Victor Bout - inciting Potential War with the rest of the world.

3) Huge US Troop Build Ups along the Polish/Bellarusian Boarders as Poland prepares to invade the Ukraine

4) The open claiming of Economic Collapse on the Horizon and US Attempts to fine foreign banks into Oblivion to cause an economic collapse

5) Release of trillions of Zika Infested Mosquitoes by the Department of Agriculture so that Monsanto can manufacture trillions of gallons of Toxic Spray to kill and cripple millions of Americans across Florida and South Carolina to create an “Epidemic” to cancel the elections.

6) The sending of 4 carriers groups to try and engage Russian Jets to start a war. In fact - yesterday two almost collided.

7) Attempt to initiate a war with North Korea, who received over 140 Nuclear Weapons from the Hillary - it was in all the North Korean Papers and we did several TV Stories on this event way back around 2010.

8) Now the attempt by Hillary to import over 175,000 weapons to kill local Police and FBI Agents.

9) Now we have this Anthony Weiner Scandal to hide the FBI Director James Comey’s and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Treasonous Acts that are allowing this Voter Fraud.

Please pray with me that these FASCIST Pigs - James Comey and Loretta Lynch - either repent or are immediately held responsible for their treason.

USC 18, sec 793, 794 and 796.

The recent destruction of the bases under Northern Italy should be a sign to them that they should change their ways as their Underground Support is quickly dwindling.

As a side note - if Northern Italy was a seismic zone do you really think those underground caves would have lasted hundreds of thousands of years???

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
Finally - a request to those in Kansas who hacked Twitter a few days ago using Refrigerators and stoves to slow the servers.


If you really wish to get these FASCIST Pigs upset - have every refrigerator and stove click on every video we have produced.

If you do this you will create such a sensation that the truth will be forced to get out there - like the cure for cancer, diabetes, and what is really driving these New World Order Creeps.

It’s up to you hackers

Nuclear war or peace?????

FBI Director Comey Asks President Putin: “Is Anthony Weiner Yours?”

Russian Politician Thinks US Faked Double Agent's Death | The Daily Caller

Russian girls trapped in sex-slave nightmare — RT News

Russia seals agreement to hold session of world’s oldest parliamentary union — RT Russian politics

Carlos Danger's porn-star jump-off tried to chase him down last night...



Published on Oct 28, 2016

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        Here is the result of the post at 06:05 on Nov 1, 2016 on the DOJ Kadzik: DOJ Kadzik assigned to 'investigate?' emails? Tue Nov 1, 2016 06:05 Isn't it convenient that Peter Kadzik and... more
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