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Sat Oct 29, 2016 14:22


Video:UN Intel Brief: Hillary Has Been Appointed - YouTube

Today I spent 6 hours listening to some Internal United Nations Briefings not available to the public

There were about 50 people attending and another 140 people watching from our Cell Phones - like me.

I am very grateful that as an Ambassador I can listen to these broadcasts.

Most of the speakers discussed very relevant things - such as the continuity of songs and how the vibrational frequencies are heard by those in higher dimensions and how we can relate to those beings using sound andd light andhow they can relate and communicate to us.

Towards the end a speaker came and discussed his methods of Conflict Resolution, discussing how we need both a Left and Right Side or we cannot even move forward.

Left foot, right foot analogy.

What I got out of this is that Hillary has already been appointed as President and they will use unlimited amounts of money to keep her there.

Every precept - every thought - believed by Adolf Hitler - is now the platform for both the United States and the United Nations.

We Are NAZI Germany here in the US and Canada.

There are already 22,500,000 votes counted for Hillary and 100% democrat and our polls have not even been opened.

How can you count 22 Million Votes before the polls open?

The UN Leaders Feel that we need to embrace this new idea of FASCISM and be happy, learn to grow in it.

What do FASCISTS Do - They murder. They kill Blacks and Jews and start Massive Wars to stay in power.

Then I went to a Gun Show and - well - that is for tomorrow.
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Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready Folks

Yesterday we tried feeding our Dog some of our Gluten Free Pasta with Chicken in it -from Food For Liberty.

After we were done eatIng we gave some to our Malamute DiDi some and she loved it. - and so did our little cats.

It is very important not only to save food for your family but also your pets.

So go below the Video and get ready folks while you can.

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