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"He's Just Fooling Us Right Sport Complete" And Judee tells
Wed Nov 2, 2016 09:21

"He's Just Fooling Us Right Sport Complete"

And Judee tells us, "I died perishing."

Is there any informed person that has given the facts some thought doubt that Judee has died himself rght?

For repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles to extinct us is there any one that thinks the Vatican, palace or the weap bankers got anything to do with us any more?

Can we only wonder where is the rage, the sense of injustice, at their taking our lives away from us?

Our university system that is given a tax free status for doing good things for us. Where are the professors that are supposed to be teaching us to make peace?

Where are the voices that should be informing us of our coming mass demise?

What might it take to bring Labor to act and STOP THE WAR?

Are there any that are not aware that Jewish is poisoning out our world with nuclear brimstone waste to take their third of the human race out as was prophesied in the bible 2,000 years ago?

That we have not concerned ourselves enough to stop our money from being used to genocide our family in this world? Is there not some sense that we have left ourselves open to some very bad things happening to us?

While it may be one thing to miss seeing our family around the world slaughtered and getting their turn by Judee's nearly part of his biology white fist, how did we miss seeing it was our turn this time?

They have places underground to hide while they massively poison us out. Why won't American Labor act to get the Jewish war out? What might it take to bring American Labor to end funding our Jewish sport war die?

"We just set out with a dungeon because that's always been our great force."

That is a reverse speech of former Senator and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Will Labor not take their great force away from them?

The dungeons of Germany. The dungeons of England. Now super sized in America to. Will the mild man not get the Jewish great force off of us here?

Do working people not see it is the dungeon great force of Jewish that has harmed us so deeply?

English make Magna Carta law in 1215 and Jewish throw out mild mans rights as soon as he can. Puts his cage torture dungeon force in on right less mild man.

Will mild man man not identify himself with his long suffering family in this world and put his God given rights in before Jewish finish us here?

"I use a dog to make you retro," Judee say.

Thousands of years of assaulting everyone they meet, including our extraterrestrial family that in the ancient days used to live right here on earth with us. Though Judah was not able to reach them, only their mission specific Beings that looked like them.

Might we not consider what an education our elders have afforded us with letting Judah spend thousands of years of his time in his quest to destroy the rest of the creations of our high level family from the universe?

Might we just have to chalk it up to what budget Judee said about weap Judee, "he went the wrong way and got good at it?"

Judee could have brought velocity power sources in when they appeared over a century ago. In 1926 Dr. Moray demonstrated a solid state transistorized free energy machine that weighed 65 pounds, could fit on a kitchen table and could produce in todays energy market $240 dollars a day worth of electricity.

With that much free energy might we only imagine what sorts of vast wealth would have been created then?

How would Judee have ever been able to put in his staged economic depression if vast new wealth were being created everywhere with the use of free energy?

Are the people of Labor seeing that it is the economic power in the form of privately issuing our receipts of Labor that has allowed Judee to get so far out of his head with us?

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for certain that just ain't so." Mark Twain informed us.

Could it be that Labor is just certain that Bitch is a crook because Judee said so?

Or could Judee have convinced Labor to know for certain that Bitch is a thug and that is why Labor has failed to take the concession to issue our Labor receipts away from weap Judah?

Or could it be Judee doggy picture show on every channel that has Labor too embarrassed, stunned or frightened to act, STRIKE THEM OUT and take Labors receipts Out of Judah hands?

"Minutiae" elders from outer space said.

Might the fact that Judah embezzled our state big aid Labor in deciding to take the concession to issue our Labor receipts out of Judah private hands?

The Judah guy has looted our state in every imaginable way. That he has now covered our fields in radioactive waste. Will Labor not awaken ourselves to put our American Labor receipts into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?

We are a 12 million year earth born life form. Recently, 200,000 years ago, were implanted with high level intelligence genetics.

Our creators that genetically engineered us are with us. They are the Galacticans. A 15 million years species.

Our closest outer space elders, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are here helping us to survive the desolation that the errant life form, weap Judah, has put on us. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are us. They were created with us 200,000 years ago. They rose from our planet long ago.

Our kind neighbors, the Martians, directed by Sir Casper with his diligent, vigilant team, have pulled every nuclear shot off of us.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us the extinction that Judah had planned to do to us?

For those who have been reading Bitch, do we recall hearing what our ultimate fate is? We are a 21 million year life form. That is the term of our time in existence.

At that time we will die out and be no more.

The original Galacticans that created the Federation 9 million years ago have already died out of existence.

The second edition of Galacticans are now in their last days of existence. They also are dying out.

It is the third edition of Galacticans that now sit on the bridge of the Federation. They have 6 million years more of time in existence before they pass out of life form.

Might we consider that it may be in the 13th or 14th millionth years of life form development that certain life forms may become extraterrestrial?

The high level intelligence we possess now. If not genetically engineered by the Galacticans do we see it would still be a million or 2 million more years of development before we would reach the intelligence level we are at now?

Judee calls our Galactican creators, "our breeders."

The kind Galacticans give us a couple of million years head start by sharing their very own high level intelligence genetics.

The key to being welcomed to join our elders? Respect and honor to dignity.

Have some of us noted those are things that Judah has for none of us? Have we not felt the disrespect he has for us by making war?

Have we noticed Judee Replicons in India now driving around in intercontinental nuclear ballistic submarines?

The Arihant class (Sanskrit, for Killer of Enemies) is a class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines built for the Indian Navy. They were developed under the US$2.9 billion Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project to design and build nuclear-powered submarines.

Will Labor not more productively invest our Labor dollars than in funding any more nuclear ballistic submarines?

With the knowledge that Judah has attacked us with nuclear ballistic submarines, will we not now end funding any more of Judah sport toys that he uses against us?

Might we consider that Judah has been planning for us to go no further than our first 12 million years? Our 200,000 years with our gift high intelligence genetics that has now put all of us at risk for going no further in human existence.

Might common sense not inform us that we must get rid of nuclear weapons?

Might that be Judee's real big win, his ability to remove common sense from our world?

Might the shear terror of his moves have frightened or numbed us into not challenging the terror boy here?

That American Labor funded an intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile firing submarine for India not inform us that we need some help here?

The perfected extinction of the whole human race using nuclear technology bought by the income tax extorted from the American worker and used to mine our world with nuclear weapons.

The fate of our species, what will it be? Will we quietly die out of life form or live for 9 million more years?

980 million people living in India. Is that not about 3 times as many as live in America? Could American workers not have done better for our family there than funding Jewish favored population reduction technology in our world?

What ever could it be that is holding American Labor to keep funding all of Judah sport in our world? is it not clear that we are now being died out of here in the only the next few years?

Was that Judee not clever to poison us slow this time with a deadly toxin that is not noisy, is unseen and cannot be smelled?

From learning about our extraterrestrial family are we getting some idea of what is the destiny of man?

As a 21 million year species as our Galactican elders also are, might we consider that our species will live for another 9 million years now?

And what of our 223 high level intelligence race? Might we not follow in the footsteps of the Prenasour civilization that died out after 78 million years in peace?

The burr under the saddle of our species, weap Judah. Will American Labor not let them off right? Do we not see if only we will act we will have millions of years of peace ahead of us yet?

The last nuclear war that Judah will wage against the children of God on earth. Will American Labor complete the funding of the die of a third of the human race in the last days that we are in now? Or will American Labor choose to end funding the die of a third of the human race in the end times now?

Are we aware that Judah has been blocked by our elders shutting over 40 of Judah dirty bomb power plants from going into full melt down?

Was that Judah not tricky wiring so many of his Jewish electricity dirty bombs up with stuxnet controllers to crash his power plants and put them into uncontrollable melt downs as he has done at Hitachi-GE?

With only one melting Jewish power plant at Hitachi-GE set now to take one third of our species away, can we only imagine how many Judah could of stole away with a couple of dozen of his dirty bomb power plant shots poisoning our environment?

"This rice here is disposing them well."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Just had that new little baby. How happy a scene it is. Breathing our air in now. Is it not too sad that within only a few years that little baby may be gone from here?

"Ugliness is their antics, they made a right do. Order them out clear."

Thank you Sir Morris for that message today.

Could ordinary Americans not be aware that we have now set ourselves out of here?

Quietly funding the demise of family around the world while funding our own die internal here. What could it be that Judah plex has that has proven so effective at holding Drew to fund destroying even himself?

Jew himself, fled into his safe shelters to die us out. What might it take to convince Labor to STOP THE WAR?

When slaves were freed, those that chose to stay as slaves because they knew their place, had a bed to sleep and at least were able to eat.

In this freeing of us by our good God do we see that if we do not take our chance to free ourselves complete that our food will be poisoned on us anyways?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you. If you do not get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed."

"Thank you Father, I just a stupid boy here."

It is with a prayer that the people of America understand that we have allowed ourselves to be destroyed in a nuclear war that makes no noise and cannot be seen or smelled. We have lost our life forms, our children dying out swell now over the next few years.

A third the human race are set to die out, as predicted in the bible 2,000 years ago. Right less mild man funding and fighting all of the war in our world. Might we figure who it is that is going to die out the most now?

Have we not been given a fair chance to save ourselves? Was over 5 years and thousands of warnings from our good God to STOP THE WAR not enough time and warnings to try and save ourselves here?

For those who want to survive, might praying to our good God not be the best option now?

Will we keep in mind that Father said, "I want to save your lives?"

"They've poisoned my village I want them off." God our holy Father said

If Labor wants to have any say in the dangerous and desperate situation that Labor has funded our world into will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into your hands?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, November 2 Psalm 119:137144
2 Samuel 23:1824:25; John 11:3144

By his knowledge my righteous servant will justify the many, and he will bear their iniquities. Isaiah 53:11

The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

Jesus, help us to have a spirit of service instead of one of being served. Guide us to help those who need you. Use us today as the hands and feet of your kingdom. Amen.

Tele receives:

"They shot their garage right. 11.46 PM

Its gorgeous die fully. 12.05 AM

Its true, fish are dying. 12.07 AM

They're mentally striking us here. 12.09 AM

Genius died financially. 12.10 AM

Terminal ahead on air. 12.55 AM

O God I pray it done. 12.56 AM

It will happen in a few days. 12.57 AM

Jew embezzled us here. 2.37 AM

The best of ours he shot.

You're throwing away your life for cash. 2.39 AM

O my God, its a bash. 2.41 AM

You're past your fortune now. 2.53 AM

So insensible that you destroyed yourself and your children. 2.54 AM

He's just fooling us right sport completely. 2.57 AM

Save us, he's seriously raped us. 2.58 AM

You failed yourselves for war income. 2.59 AM

They wiped us out totally. 3.01 AM

Judee completely dumped ya's failed. 3.02 AM

A maximum fail purity. 3.05 AM

The racialists have set us for perishing here, they course egg.

Its fatal, we're failed in spite of Bitch." 5.09 AM

"Race wars always put us in. The bible holds some of my truth right. I died perishing. I put you's out of this life. We sold you delightfully out of life.

With my war I seize more mice here. We just do dangerous fishing for your babies. I just pitch apples off nice. A child fails you weakness.

I did wreckage with Germany, its in my soul. I'm going, my arrests are out. I forced you right, right off the street," Judee say.

Continues at:

1.09 PM

Early today two police officers were shot to death. One was a Des Moines police officer and the other was an Urbandale police officer. Urbandale is a suburb just West of Des Moines.

The alleged perpetrator is a fellow named Scott Michael Greene. Reports indicated that he used a machine gun to do the killings.

Bitch watched several videos and pulled some reverse speech from them.

First is some reverse speech from a local Iowa Judah who was interviewed about the shootings today.

"Our Iowa boff we did for several centuries. Iowa state support our eruption."

Might those 2 reverse speech statements help us to unde

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