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Is It Acceptable to Torture Prison Inmates? Dr. Boyce Watki
Thu Nov 3, 2016 07:01

Is It Acceptable to Torture Prison Inmates?

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell discuss the torture of prison inmates taking place in Georgia correctional facilities
These are a few excerpts from a video interview with Evette Carnell.

(NOTE: There was no mention of when this interview was done.)

Today I received a very interesting message from Bruce Dixon the editor of Black agenda report. Bruce told me some really disturbing things that are going on at the Jackson state correctional facility down in Georgia.

He told me, from what I understand, that there are prisoners who have been put into solitary confinement for 18 months, since the prison strike back in 2010.

What's really interesting is this is the same facility where Troy Davis was executed.

Basically the men who have been in this confinement are now on a hunger strike.

They're basically in a postion where they feel they have nothing to lose.

To some extent, we're they're only hope.

To put the spotlight on whats going on here I wanted to talk to Evette Carnell about this.

When it comes to prison it seems that people seem to think anything goes. What is wrong with that rational?

That is torture. You're not allowed to do it. It is cruel and unusual treatment.

Its OK to take them off the street, its not intended to torture people to get your jollies off.

These people don't have any human contact. This is punishment, retribution to them for talking about the prison conditions.

You don't understand the destruction of incarceration. If you have not been victimized by it, you believe the BS.

The term criminal can tend to be very arbitrary.

People who go to prison often times are tortured.

Discussion of prison rape.

They get paid more money the less they feed you.

This whole prison culture is one of the most disastrous.

It feel like something from the 1600s.

The war on drugs giving these insane sentences of 100 years.

In 2010 there was a protest. They demanded wages for their work. They did not want to get paid a dollar a day.

There is an incentive to imprison more people for cheap labor.

They will incarcerate more people arbitrarily to increase profits.

The prisoners demanded decent food. Real medical care.

Availability of educational programs.

All of those that are connected to the protest are African Americans.

Corporations are always looking for ways to get free Labor. Imprisonment is the best way to do that.

The prisoners could give the money they earn to their families.

They want cheap labor, they want to hurt these people, they want to punish these people.

How diabolical is not surprising what is happening to prisoners.

Black Agenda report:

McGill Jackson was removed to a secluded area and beaten with a hammer like object.

Prison refused medical attention in months.

Prison official told Jackson,"You are going to die."

The United States incarcerates more people than any country in the world.

The united nations has cited us for cruel and inhumane treatment.

For those who care about what is going on I urge you to get involved.

What the government does to prisoners is what the government eventually always does to us all.

When a white boy goes to jail he gets a second chance, when black guy goes he gets 20 to 30 years.

This is becoming a very dangerous society to be in.

To hear the complete interview here is a link to the 14.58 video:

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