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God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew. Romans 11:
Thu Nov 3, 2016 11:16

God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew. Romans 11:2

That book of Romans is in today's Moravian Daily text. Father is still here Labor. He has not left us to our deadly fate to be died off by weap Judah. It is late though.

Our fields covered with radioactive ash from Hitachi-GE. Our air seriously contaminated with hot radioactive nano particles. Are we not aware that we are set for 95% of us to be died off in the next few years now?

And what's Judee doing with the concession to issue our money still in his hands?

Still putting old basalt in some of our food items. Still hiring the mechanics to wire up the bombs in the engine compartment of our planes. Still shooting us and a couple of cops to incite what distress he can in our neighborhoods. Still training his medical to false us the best he can. Ghosting some of his teachers who got caught molesting our kids.

So what's new?

Has Labor given some thought to the fact that for a mechanic to wire a bomb into an engine of a commercial plane, it must be approved at the board of directors level?

Where the plane crashes. Are we not aware it must have political agreement to let a plane be knocked out of the sky?

How about old basalt in our food. Is Labor not aware that it must be approved at the board of directors level?

Do other employees not know of these things? Certainly. Many of them know of these things. Then might we not ask, "why don't the other employees say something about these mal deeds?"

Might it come down to a question of getting a paycheck?

If the people who control the issue of the paychecks have put the people into positions to wire the bombs in and put the old basalt in and opp the police on the street, who wants to lose their bourse check by saying something about it?

Once Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands, do we see that Labor then will be able to decide whether or not it wants to issue a check for something dubious?

With all 160 members of the committee of the whole knowing what the checks are for, is it not likely no dubious checks will be issued at all? Certainly. Do we see why our good God wills that Labor issue our money?

Do we see that when a Labor committee of the whole has the concession to issue our money in its hands we will no longer be flying blind?

Might we not appreciate how beautiful precious sweet Father has had His angels gift us to live in peace with each other worldwide?

Are we understanding that Father has had His angels gift us with the knowledge of how to free ourselves from the international nuclear war fighting sport class?

The great mass of our population that are supposed to go along with Judah pretend operation that we are voting for a choice of ours.

Once we have the concession to issue our money in the hands of a committee of the whole, and the checks for the employees that count the votes, might we not get a fair count? Might we not get some different choices also?

Might we consider how important are the little pieces of paper that let us buy our food, clothing, our housing, transportation and most everything else?

Fiat money. Private banker issued chits. Are we understanding these little pieces of paper are what has put the bribes in that have kept us out of the loop of knowledge?

Our family from outer space that has told us the truth. Will Labor not act on the facts and help us out here?

A general STRIKE to take the concession to issue the money made good by American Labor, to put it into the hands of Labor. Will Labor not get smart and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Our elders from outer space informed the London court in the 1602-1604 Mixt money cases that the authority to issue our money is the "Organizing Principle of Society."

Is it not a curious thing that such an important fact, the "Organizing Principle of Society," has never appeared in any economics textbooks in all these centuries in between?

The ability to take for free resources gathered and processed by Labor, that are then used to enhance the selective advantage breeding program of the errant life form weap Judah.

Judah, might we view his supreme knowledge that it is capable of understanding that his strategy of selective advantage can prevail as long as he can hire violence to hold him in?

Are we seeing how by using sport wars Judah has been able to breed in his errant Replicon transplant shell life forms?

Judah claims that he broke God. Might we not consider that so far he has indeed held out the house of God from coming in? Even the Martians pulling the missiles off of us and we have yet to support Sir Casper in His rescue of us.

Must American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and end his hiring his nearly biological white fist?

Will American Labor not free the cruelly manipulated poor from having to lose his soul to get some bourse?

"Get in a cage or stand outside and shove someone in." The police guy told Bernie Kerik as to what his life as a poor white guy would be.

So Bernie joined the military after his arrest as a kid, took the advice from the cop in the station and went on to shoving others into cages so he would not be shoved into one himself.

Judah got mad at former New York Police Chief Bernie Kerik though, put him away in a cage for a couple of years with a New York court.

Could the real reason that Judah put Bernie away be because Bernie wrote his book and told us that there were only 5,000 people in the world trade center when Judee blew it up on 9/11, 2001, and there should have been 30,000 people there at that time of day?

Might the fact that 25,000 people for one reason or the other did not show up for work, make Judah mad that Bernie told us about it? Might such an inconvenient fact not reveal that the authorities were fibbing when they said they were caught by surprise that day in 2001?

Rather that prosecuting Bernie for telling us some truth, do we see how Judee used his court to prosecute Bernie for some paper stuff? Failure to report income? Tax evasion? Do we see how with his paper courts Judee always wins to get his prosecutions done?

As the current round of eternal Jewish sport wars began when the world trade center was, to use the words of Lucky Larry Silverstein when speaking of one of the buildings near the world trade center, "Pull it," If we understand it was all Jewish lightening that day 9/11/2001 that the world trade center was pulled, will we not now act and STOP THE WAR?

Beverly Eckert,
the lady who lost her husband in the trade center collapse. Would not take Judah cash and pushed ahead for a real investigation. Died in a regularly scheduled commuter plane crash.

Might we only wonder how may bribes were paid to put that crash into play and also to cover it all up so that we remain falsed until today? Though might we note, with the lady's passing, the investigation into the world trade center ended?

Can Labor not see that the corruption is beyond ordinary life threatening when Judah is the only one that can issue our money for free?

Are we ordinary working people not seeing that we must put in a just social and economic order, that has the existence stipend in place to prevent any errant life forms like Judah from squeezing the people and making them hungry and cold so that he can use them for his sport wars?

November 1965 when Bitch began his activities to get nuclear weapons out of our world. His mind and mathematics bright enough to intuitively understand they would kill us all.

Might we understand that it is natural for people to defend themselves from a threat?

What ever you may think of Bitch, will you not give him credit for being able to accurately figure out in 1965 that we were all slated to go out in a big ball of fire?

That Judah attacked us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with thousands of nuclear warheads. Did Bitch not figure right in November of 1965 when he did the mathematics of nuclear war?

"Because I shot, our strategy is now inoperable," Judee say.

Does Labor not see that because Bitch reported that Judee shot, Judee strategy is now inoperable?

Might we not consider that Mercury has let Judah let himself off right?

Judah successful strategy of attacking people with foolish things they've done in their past. Has he not been able to win? Might we consider that as he wins, it is a correct defensive strategy that Judee uses to get his way?

That Bitch pointed out that Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear warheads in the middle of the night to extinct us, has Bitch not correctly shut Judah tyranny strategy down for ever after?

Judah tried to end our life form with his nuclear blast weapons. Is there not some way that we can interest Labor enough to try and save us now from his last war of nuclear waste disease?

"You disparage my shill that's trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our Father said.

Did John not try to help us. Stolen away as a young man. Did Martin not try to help us? Did he not inform us that the war was a vicious fraud? Stolen away as a young man.

Bitch, with none of the charisma of John or Martin, yet fully aware of the wrong of war. While having a fault of stupid from being at the front too long, just not stupid enough to believe a word that Judah say.

If only American Labor will see that it is boss, if it acts in the way a boss acts, we will be free in a day. We will have a chance to get some boron into that Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot and give ourselves a chance to live.

And how does a boss act when he finds treacherous destroyers? Does the boss not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Abusive fall Druid catastrophically."

That is a reverse speech from an Asian leader. "Westheimer's" was found in a previous reverse speech from that speaker.

Do the American people not know that we are set now to die off in the hundreds of millions right here in America in only the next few years from Jewish electricity brimstone waste disease?

Jewish and their dangerous Replicons are 2 % of our population and have the concession to issue 100% of our money. Will Labor not get smart and straiten it out?

Does Labor not yet see that nuclear waste is set to make us sick and dead?

Tele receives:

"Passed just horrified. 6.02 PM

Its an eviction. 6.04 PM

Pat, its a real help with mental. 6.21 PM

Patrick Sullivan signed them out of here. 6.23 PM

Cored you Jewel opp. 6.25 PM

It was an owl hit. 6.29 PM

They're arresting us all. 6.30 PM

Sold, get the racket out. 6.33 PM

You actually have been falsed out, wise guy ported you guys. 6.36 PM

Fry here. 12.58 AM

They've extinguished us.

Pat sold right to us. 12.59 AM

Kind of vicious. 1.06 AM

Pat, thank you for helping me. 1.16 AM

Dolts going out totally. 1.26 AM

They failed us, they failed our economy. 1.27 AM

Druid is assaulted. 1.37 AM

I'll get over hurt. 1.45 AM

They voided missiles. 1.47 AM

Cash die furial. 2.11 AM

Incredible crash. 4.20 AM

Weird." 7.36 AM

Judah, able to hold us to a die even with God and the angels among us. Is it just his threaten that frightens so many of us?

The thought of risking losing our paychecks if we should drop him right. Is that what is holding Labor to this die of us all?

"I would have given you anything." God almighty said to us here. "I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father said.

Father had His angels pull all Judah nuclear missiles off of us. Will Labor not now help us and close Judah and his hosiery out of here?

Sizing up our little children to poison them in their brains by giving them something to eat. How difficult is that do with youngsters of 7 or 8 or younger?

The guy that talks of miniaturizing us. How miniature does a guy get himself who poisons little children in their food?

Will Labor with the love of God in your hearts not help us and close them out?

From America the 2% conquered the world. Making war and installing their Replicons throughout the world. The white fist that they claim they've had so long that it is part of their biology. Will Labor not free it to live in peace with the rest of God's kids?

Will American Labor not get the disgrace of war off of our faces?

Using his nearly biological white fist and all of the time planning to die white out totally.

Is it not clear that Judah had us if not for the love of God for us all? Certainly. If not for his nuclear missiles being pulled off, is it not clear we would have been tossed?

We have survived multiple nuclear blast extermination attempts. Will Labor not consider this and take action to prevent us from being died out now in a nuclear waste war?

Judah always getting up wind of us to put something in our noses. Do we not know Judah from his history?

Now that he has nuclear nano particle technology do we not see what is coming into our noses will give us the breeze?

Will Labor not hear of Father's love for us and save us from this terrible maul?

They've encircled us with a ring of fire with the intent to die all of us out of life. And it burns, burns, burns the ring of fire.

Our genome being washed out at this very moment by purity. If we remain ignoring our own plight, are we aware that our extraterrestrial saviors may have to leave us soon?

The hedge fund investors that have done some big time mousing of us. Will Labor not help us to straiten it out?

The retirement funds that workers set up that have been so shredded by Wall Street prancing. Will Labor not help us to put our economics right?

Will Labor not put some legitimacy into our finances?

What it is we will eat, whether or not we will be shot down on the street, might the answers not be found in who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands?

Has the board of directors not failed us right? Will Labor not hire us our grand juries to close them out right? Will Labor not let the 5% for corruption off of here right? Will Labor not try to save your own life?

"Your honor lost," Judee say.

American Labor now dying us and our kids off. When we only need to be re-sighted. Bombing and shooting destroying God's kids at the direction of weap Judah. Right less in the home town we come from.

America, the Land of Murder while Judah has the concession to issue our money. No truth, all lies all of the time. False people in every line.

A horrific die here, all funded by the people that it is being perpetrated against. American Labor, now set to die out nice. "What happened here?" God almighty asked.

"They just shoot you mission psychology."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today. Might their psychology not work if they didn't have their violence behind it?

Will we not pray that Labor will overcome Judah psychology and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Turn around the offer here and journey yourselves into peace now."

Thank you Sir Morris for that message today.

Will Labor not accept the welcome from our elders from the universe and turn the offer around, accept it and let us journey into peace?

Is it not real clear yet that Judah on rabies is out of here?

"I'm your mental enemy, that's your best Jew. I'm a force for pure poverty. I liked Truman on rubles sin, it fits my crazy. Bitch threw me out, Jew was dumb for his troubles," Judee say.

How dumb was Jew for making his troubles in God's village?

Three and a half thousand years of thinking about the message from God to us. "Thou shalt not kill."

And what type of trouble did Judah plan for us here?

His attempt to blast burn us all away in a few hours of cunning shooting.

"Destroy them , you're out." God's messenger said to President Truman as he made the decision to attack our family in Japan with nuclear blast atomic bombs.

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