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You who seek God, let your hearts revive. Psalm 69:32 One d
Fri Nov 4, 2016 08:41

You who seek God, let your hearts revive. Psalm 69:32

One day away from freedom from the Jewish terrorists that have taken over planet earth. One day away from freedom for us all. Will Labor not bring freedom in and end the worldwide terror reign of weap Judah and company?

Worldwide planetary environmental destruction directed by Judah and funded by American Labor. Will Labor not say, "enough is enough" and end funding it?

Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) owned by Houston, Texas based corporation called Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. which created the subsidary Dakota Access LLC. The DAPL, also known as the Bakken Pipeline, is planned to be built across the major rivers as shown on the map below:;article=156820

Could there be a plan to use that pipeline to poison out the Midwest? The Southland?

Maybe a break in the line caused by 'Muslim terrorists' that will do environmental damage that may persist for decades?

A company out of Houston that is forcing it through. Will Labor not help us and bring our grand juries in to look into what we may be facing here?

Have our local officials accepted bribes to push this environmental artillery through here?

The Exxon Valdez.

The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on Good Friday, March 24, 1989, when Exxon Valdez, an oil tanker bound for Long Beach, California, struck Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef at 12:04 am local time and spilled 11 to 38 million US gallons (260,000 to 900,000 bbl; 42,000 to 144,000 m3) of crude oil over the next few days.

The Valdez spill was the largest in US waters until the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in terms of volume released.

The oil, originally extracted at the Prudhoe Bay oil field, eventually covered 1,300 miles (2,100 km) of coastline, and 11,000 square miles (28,000 km2) of ocean.

According to a report by David Kirby for TakePart, the main component of the Corexit formulation used during cleanup, 2-butoxyethanol, was identified as "one of the agents that caused liver, kidney, lung, nervous system, and blood disorders among cleanup crews in Alaska following the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.

Despite the extensive cleanup attempts, less than ten percent of the oil was recovered and a study conducted by NOAA determined that as of early 2007 more than 26 thousand U.S. gallons (98 m3) of oil remain in the sandy soil of the contaminated shoreline, declining at a rate of less than 4% per year.

In a decision issued June 25, 2008, Justice David Souter issued the judgment of the court, vacating the $2.5 billion award and remanding the case back to the lower court, finding that the damages were excessive with respect to maritime common law.

Exxon's actions were deemed "worse than negligent but less than malicious." The punitive damages were further reduced to an amount of $507.5 million. The Court's ruling was that maritime punitive damages should not exceed the compensatory damages, supported by a peculiar precedent dating back from 1818.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy has decried the ruling as "another in a line of cases where this Supreme Court has misconstrued congressional intent to benefit large corporations."

Exxon recovered a significant portion of clean-up and legal expenses through insurance claims associated with the grounding of the Exxon Valdez.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the BP oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout) began on April 20, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect.

Following the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, a sea-floor oil gusher flowed for 87 days, until it was capped on July 15, 2010.

Eleven people went missing and were never found and it is considered the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, an estimated 8% to 31% larger in volume than the previously largest, the Ixtoc I oil spill.

The US Government estimated the total discharge at 4.9 million barrels (210 million US gal; 780,000 m3).

After several failed efforts to contain the flow, the well was declared sealed on September 19, 2010. Reports in early 2012 indicated the well site was still leaking.

Use of Corexit dispersant

The spill was also notable for the volume of Corexit oil dispersant used and for application methods that were "purely experimental."Altogether, 1.84 million US gallons (7,000 m3) of dispersants were used; of this 771,000 US gallons (2,920 m3) were released at the wellhead.

According to BP and federal officials, dispersant use stopped after the cap was in place; however, marine toxicologist Riki Ott wrote in an open letter to the EPA that Corexit use continued after that date[134] and a GAP investigation stated that "[a] majority of GAP witnesses cited indications that Corexit was used after [July 2010]."

Might we note BP officials claimed that the use of corexit had ended, and yet they were still spraying it?

Did we note that the active ingredient in corexit is 2-butoxyethanol, was identified as "one of the agents that caused liver, kidney, lung, nervous system, and blood disorders among cleanup crews in Alaska following the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill?

Will Labor not step up here and fund our grand jury process to properly allow us to close Jewish-Gerry worldwide tyranny out of here?

Are there not some hints that these oil spill disasters did not just happen, that they were planned and scheduled to happen?

Might these sorts of catastrophes be opportunities for Judah to pay bribes to his local officials to help him maintain control of his forces in government?

Is there not some sense that when a Houston based energy company is pushing an oil pipeline through the area that they have already put a plan in place for when it is to 'leak?'

In the aftermath of a major oil spill contaminating our fields and streams with damage that may persist for decades, might we hear that the reason the oil pump up north was not turned off for several days was because they couldn't find the keys to the pump-house to turn it off?

What might it take for the American people to perceive that we are about fully marked out and sealed in for our extinction?

With all the rights of cows in the meadow we quietly fund all of the war in our world. Will American Labor not get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT and get hold of the concession to issue our money and STOP THE WAR?

All the guys that are arresting the pipeline protesters. Is Labor not understanding it is we who are paying their salaries?

If this is understood Labor can we not get this issue in front of grand juries to investigate the investment practices of those that decided we were to be put to death in nuclear war?

Is it not perceived that Judah missed with their nuclear blast due only to the love of God for his children on earth?

Will Labor not take our hands away from the Haliburton-BP corporations of this world and give them to God our Father to build us a world of peace?

For over eight centuries the druid has tried to put civil rights in to provide a proper life for all of us. When our civil rights work for us, are they not a beautiful thing? Sure are.

Are we understanding that the deadliest criminals are held at bay by civil rights? And who are the deadliest criminals in our society?

Those that have attempted to extirpate us with nuclear missiles. The weapons of mass destruction builders that tried to blow us all into eternity.

Will Labor not give us the proper tools to let them off right?

And what are the proper tools to let the people off who hire the Hitlers of our world?

Will Labor not give us our publicly financed, open to the worlds media to cover, grand juries?

"I gave you the brains to figure it out." God almighty said to us.

Our 223 high level extraterrestrial genetics that God gave us that can afford us the opportunity to figure out how weap Judah is fooling us with his tude-a-ment.

Will Labor not participate in governing our society with us together?

Have we not had too much of Jewish despotism already?

James Holmes

Born December 13, 1987) is an American convicted on 24 counts of murder and 140 counts of attempted murder for the 2012 Aurora shooting that killed 12 people and injured 70 others at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012.

On October 8, 2015, Holmes was assaulted by another inmate, identified as Mark Daniels, who was convicted of auto theft. Daniels attacked Holmes after a prison guard inadvertently opened a gate separating the two of them; he struck Holmes twice before being subdued by prison staff.

At the time, Holmes was not allowed interaction with other inmates. As a result of the attack, he was secretly transferred to an undisclosed location out of the state.

Might the chemicals that James had been given finally worn off and he began telling what actually happened in that staged Jewish shooting in Denver?

"Transferred to an undisclosed location out of the state?"

Will Labor not protect all of us by taking the concession to issue our money away from the errant life form that is dying us off massively?

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

Will we not change that pitiful fact this time by acting in concert with all of our family on earth and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Can we only wonder where Judah got the idea that he could forever molest the children of God without any consequences?

As Judah goes away from us for good he still is claiming that it was his right to molest us. Are we understanding that Judah claims rights for himself that transvened the rights that our good God gave us?

Bitch just looked up the definition for 'transvened,' and learned 'transvened' is not listed as a sword.

Subvene. Word Origin
From Latin subvenīre, from venīre to come

To arrive or occur as a support or relief.

Trans- Word Origin

A prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin ( transcend; transfix); on this model, used with the meanings “across,” “beyond,” “through,” “changing thoroughly,” “transverse,” in combination with elements of any origin:

Might we define 'transvene' as cutting across our rights and trying to prevent our good God from coming to us?

Might Judah have transvened our rights to completely enjoy the love of God for His children? Cut across the rights of us to have our good God care for us?

Might it be viewed that Judah has tried to block the intervention of our good God coming to save us?

Might we have to construct some new words to help us describe what it is that Judah has done to us?

As an active trespasser, night we view Judah actions as tresvening our rights? Judah trespassing on our rights and blocking our God given rights from coming in.

Our rights our good God gave us to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Judah insistence in the face of the love of God for us, claiming his right to abuse us.

Now that Judah caught himself attacking us with nuclear Missiles in the middle of the night to extinct us, are we perceiving what our good God indicated when he said, "They have no defensible rights?"

Right less errant life forms that are being died out by our extraterrestrial creators due to their weakness, an inability to accommodate others.

Father Baldec giving the rules of the road to Moses in 1500 BC. "Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal."

Father Christopher sent Jesus in to teach us God's command to "love one another."

Our Father in heaven now in the last years of His beautiful life. Gave us the peace. Will American Labor not recognize the love of God that has kept us alive and STRIKE THEM OUT to STOP THE WAR?

Must we fail Labor? Must we go the full one third of the human race died off because we care not enough to STOP THE WAR?

The offenders. Have they not competently showed us their faces by attacking us all out with nuclear missiles to die us off?

Might we not consider that Judah has ever succeeded in trespassing on our rights? Sure. Are we not right less people in a Jewish tyranny state at this moment? Yes we are.

Are we perceiving what happened to Judah when he tried to step on our good God's love for us? If we perceive they lost in their middle of the night nuclear missile attack, do we not see Judah gone?

"Forever our sin we have a right," Judee say.

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God almighty said as to the final disposition of Judah cipher in God's village on planet earth .

Will Labor not close Mr. Peepers and his 4 eyes out? Will Labor not toss Judah child weap ways rule out?

Tele receives:

"Cheers. 7.38 PM

The white man, you're falsing yourself out. 7.50 PM

Please release faulting our yourselves. 8.09 PM

Purity was meant to destroy you. 821 PM

America's dying here on racket. 8.25 PM

You passed your life forces out. 8.27 PM

They've served you off the place, you lost, you failed.10.37 PM

You lost degrade us. 10.38 PM

Stupich failed parasite, you harm us. 10.42 PM

Its stupid's fault. 10.47 PM

Punishment made you fail. 12.07 AM

They rape us nice here. 12.08 AM

Flirtatious. 12.10 AM

Its a permanent fall. 12.13 AM

With Jew scrimmage we're going for a hoist deal. 1.22 AM

Ashes to us. 1.23 AM

Velocity won't make us gassable.

Children bust you Washington. 1.28 AM

Jew passing leads to stable. 1.29 AM

Their role was to lethal then disappear. 1.37 AM

Failed rush hour. 1.42 AM

West Germany failed us sorry out. 1.44 AM

You failed to save yourself, STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.45 AM

You cattle sized yourself. 1.51 AM

Hi people. 2.19 AM


Gassing us. 2.20 AM

Patrick, your STRIKE is folded. 2.21 AM

Our rich lives are folded out.

Fools rate just mush. 2.24 AM

They strike our spirit. 2.30 AM

The STRIKE is refused, can't you save yourself? 2.32 AM

ORGANIZE yourselves, you have a fearless life that's given you a chance.

Its all error. 4.23 AM

With Judee, its a complete die. 8.45 AM

Its a penetrate zoo." 8. 54 AM

"You're gristle. Eventually you hug a pistol. We got you a full goal hustle, you didn't even see it. We fall your house with heart attacks everyday and you didn't even see it," Judee say.

"Have mercy." Elder just said at 9.25 AM

"Jew ape-ism is out."

That reverse speech is from a high level non-Judah Asian states person.

While we are dealing with Judah holding our high level life giving technology out in the last few centuries, might we consider it was Judah permanent war that blocked ancient Greece from rising up into extraterrestrial levels over 2,000 years ago?

Elders shared with Bitch that it is a 300 year quest to prove earth is in motion once the question arises.

Our ancient Greek family began asking if earth was in motion in about 550 BC.

Ancient Greece dealing with wars, plagues and arsons never found the answer to the question of earth motion. It took over 2 millennia until Polish astronomer Copernicus mathematically proved earth was in motion by 1543.

Townsend Brown demonstrated gravity control in 1928 using high voltage electricity fields. Not technically understood at the theoretical level at the time, now understood as the basics of flight that our extraterrestrial family uses to fly their space craft.

Might we consider that we now have the technical ability to build gravity control space craft? Certainly.

The large amount of electricity needed to power such machines. Do we see that with Velocity power sources we can make it happen? Certainly.

Continues at:

Once the STRIKE is ended and Labor has the concession to issue our money out of Judah hands, might we not see gravity powered space craft in about a decade? Bitch thinks so.

Will Labor not help us to g

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    • You who seek God, let your hearts revive. Psalm 69:32 One d — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Nov 4 08:41
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