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God says, “O that my people would listen to me.” Psalm 81:13
Sat Nov 5, 2016 07:10

God says, “O that my people would listen to me.” Psalm 81:13

Our precious sweet Father who has warned us thousands of times for over 5 years now to STOP THE WAR.

American Labor continues on funding Judee sport genocide.

O will Labor not listen to our good God almighty? Will American Labor not try to prevent the mass die off of the American people now?

"Wake me when they've struck." Precious sweet Father said.

Father sleeps 75% of the time now. Father is dying. Father is in the last years of His beautiful life.

Father has been the head of our house since 800 AD. Do we recall it was 823 AD when King Harald of Norway came to his throne? Might we understand that the centers of power of planet earth have known of our extraterrestrial family for thousands of years?

Might we consider how the desert dwelling perfected predator peoples moved in on us and kept us from seeing the bigger picture here?

Judah slips into a country with his mattress and breeds look alike hybrid transplant Replicon shells that have a course to take over and lethal us.

"Their role was to lethal then disappear." 1.37 AM

Special thanks to you for that sharp edged Tele send.

Judah Ghosting out everywhere, still poisoning our atmosphere.

What libel and slander could Judah have told Labor against Bitch that has held Labor in to finishing us out of here?

Bitch, a lad that has never generated a complaint against himself. What could Labor be believing is wrong with Bitch that it will not act on the love of God to help us end the war here?

A guy who was worked honestly for all his many decades. Driving truck for years delivering bread and cakes. Factory jobs for numerous years. Never involved in bothering anybody anywhere. Known as an activist for peace. Seeking the long slow judicial process instead of fighting on the street

"The Jew-plex, you won't believe the power they have over Druid here."

On the other hand, vicious Judee kidnapping peace activists off of the street so he can cripple and die us in his lock ups. And Labor is taking the word of Judah against the love of God for us here?

"He remained true to me." God our precious sweet Father said concerning Bitch and his activities against our permanent war sport set.

For those who might claim that Bitch has done nothing for you, has he not given everyone a chance to clean our faces off from this deathly ghoul mess we are funding?

Has Bitch not given Labor the information that will allow you to save yourselves if only you will act?

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Is it not clear that cowardice will not serve us here?

Is Labor understanding that you're not being called upon to carry a gun or sword, or drive artillery to the castle to get them out of here, rather you're being called upon to use our 223 high level thinking to get a hold of their power base, the concession to issue our money?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free." Precious sweet Father said.

Believe it Labor, the cops will have a joyous day when they are assured they can keep their pensions, and also get their existence stipend bundled in, and will love to share with us what the elephant warriors and Principal-Prudential have been running here.

Do we see though Labor, we need you to have the concession to issue our money in your hands that will allow them to share with us just what they know about the elephants games here?

Surveys indicate that as a group, police are more ethical than the rest of our population. Might we identify it is Jewish Replicons in the police departments that have been setting us apart?

Will Labor not give us our real peoples grand juries for a start?

No indictments, just informational purposes. Once you hear what the elephant warriors have done, might they just not be able to continue in public office any more?

The wondrous and good world of our precious sweet Father. So far above our heads that Father is unseen unless we are looking for him. Will Labor not invite our good God in?

The sport hitters in the polo club. Will Labor not help us to straiten it out? The Marines that have been shooting us down out here. Will Labor not make a stipend available so that Judah can not sport the cruelly manipulated poor any more?

"My kids, treat them super nice." Beautiful precious sweet Father said. Will American Labor not make the break through and make God's world a reality here?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Father said.

Are we understanding that Judah has poisoned enough of God's village to die off a third of the human race with only one Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shot?

Sky high electricity rates to pay for the Jewish electricity and its waste. Are we getting some idea of why Dr. Mallove (1947-2004) was shot?

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy." The good Dr. said in 2004.

Judah and his scientific claim that free energy could not be real because it contradicted what Isaac Newton (1642-1726) said.

Might we have to give it to Isaac, for was he not correct in his 3 dimensional world he lived in?

Might we consider that the 4th dimension was only discovered when August Mobius (1790-1868) mathematically put it on the map in 1727?

The 4th dimension only appearing a century after Isaac passed from this earthly plane.

The 5th dimension only being discovered a century after August passed. Theodore Kaluza (1885-19540 created it in his mathematical head.

Oskar Klein (1894-1977) put his equations to Kaluza's 5th dimension and discovered where free energy is coming from, possibly as early as 1926. Made public in 1938. Einstein did not know if it was correct or not until 1953, when he said that "Kalauza-Klein got it right."

Our next level of technology, giving us access to the universe in a large way. Unlimited clean free energy. Control of gravity.

Is it not something that Judah has spent his whole time keeping such wondrous enriching technology away from you and me?

The static field, Tesla called them planetary standing waves. He discovered 3 of them in 1911. Called zero point fields because they show no energy at all.

Once we add the 5th dimension, is it not something, they prove to be the most powerful fields of them all?

The fields that run through all space and time. The fields that we can travel our universe by accessing them. The "Aether" Aristotle (384-322 BC) called them.

The Aether not found in 1887 when Michelson-Morley did their experiment.

George Fitzgerald (1851-1901) explained the absence of aether when he suggested that speed affected time in 1889 when he was the first to propose what now is known as the theory of relativity.

Spring 2004 Dr. Mallove was stolen away from us all. Bitch went to Dr. Mallove's web site and found the results of the 2003 Russian Academy of sciences report concerning the Moldavian cavitation pump that was proven to be operating at 4 times over unity.

Put his $10 dollar scientific calculator to work with his $5 dollars Math on Keys book and discovered that the free energy was coming from a displacement in the time space continuum.

After discovering that, knew that some one else had had to have discovered it before he did.

Rediscovered Kaluza-Klein theorem, and there it was, they mathematically discovered in 1926 that the "displacement in the time space continuum" was actually "the plane of the dimension."

"Where's the free energy coming from in your machine Dr. Moray?" A reporter asked Henry in 1926.

"I don't know, but I think it has something to do with the size of the particles involved." Henry answered.

Electrical Engineering, motors 101. Voltage is our carrier force and Amperage is our driver force.

Based on atom of matter, 3600 electron mass units, (emu) for our amperage side of electricity, with only 1 emu on our voltage, electrical side.

Accelerate electricity while holding it in a coil, relativistic time shift pulls electric 1 emu off and opens the 3600 emu of amperage to interact and extract free energy from the standing waves, static field, the zero point fields produced by the high speed motion of our planet and universe.

Might we consider that free energy is basic technology of our next higher level?

With Judah ability to kill us so well, might Judah have believed that he could forever keep such critical life sustaining information from us?

In the early 1990s Dr. Mallove had examined the claims of cold fusion researchers and learned that they were regularly producing 100 times over unity.

For those that remember those times, do we recall that researchers, Pons and Fleisch left America then?

The billions spent on dirty dangerous Jewish brimstone waste electricity. Might the truth of free energy have ended the cash we gave to them?

Does Labor not see the critical situation Judah brimstone waste has now put us in?

95% of Druids marked out for loss of life form in the last nuclear war of weap Judah against us. Was 2,000 years of warnings from our good God not enough time to prepare ourselves for Judah smashing us out of life form as he is died off by our good God above?

Elder suggested that with velocity power sources on line and a full employment economy we might expect to have a $100 trillion dollar economy in only the next 4 years.

The greatest deal we ever had, our God given rights protected by our Constitution. Will Labor not stand up for Americans rights here?
Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

Are we as Americans not aware of what our rights are?

Our right to celebrate the winners of the world series. Is that all there is? If that's all there is my friends might we just keep dancing?

The seriousness of this late hour as we are being forced out of house, country, health and life form. Our family in Turkey being pulled out their homes to be died out in Judah dungeons. Is that all there is?

American Labor cash holding Judah in office in Turkey. Is there not some way to convince American Labor that there is more to life than winning the world series?

Our fabulous Constitution with its guarantees. Thrown out by Judah because it makes it hard for him to sport us right.

Americans now facing dying out in sin.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared." The angel said.

The fluoride that Judah put in our water to do good things for our teeth he said. Might that help explain how we have known for over 5 years that they pulled the trigger and pushed the button on us, and we have done zip about it since then? "Flouriheimers?" Might that be the first stage development of Westheimer's?

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed." Brainiac said to Bitch in July of 1997 when he figured out the plan all along was to kill us all with nuclear bombs.

Later, "B" apologized for saying that to Bitch. Bitch doesn't have an attitude when he is corrected though. He appreciates that his shortcomings are pointed out to him.

Is it not curious that with all the power that God has, Bitch is the one God chose to deliver the message of God 's love to his children on earth?

Bitch who was certain the God deal was part of Judee tricks. Who wouldn't think that, what with all the preachers that have supported the leaders that have killed so many people in our world?

Might we not see the preachers deals are something that Judee has used to get over on us simple working folks here?

The nearly total wipe out of the Druid peoples, the people Judee hates most of all. Fluoride in our water. Bon ami in our pies. Mercury shots on the day we are born. Judee grandfather giving gum to our little kids.

Judee child weap diaper state. Though have we not heard it said, "You can't argue with success?"

Ancient Babylon, all full of bullsh8t. Carried on by Judah and his kids. Warned off 3,500 years ago. Put himself out with a one night roll. Is Labor not seeing that now Judah is no more?

American Labor still funding Judah sin. Warned now for over 5 years to end killing God's kids.

Bitch couldn't tell you who was in the world series, though he did hear that it was the Chicago cubs that were one side of it, it means less than nothing to him. Will Labor not step in here and help us survive this nuclear war?

Americans funding all of Judah sin, now we are following him out of here. Will this be what the tale of the tape reads, the Martians saved us but American Labor put us out of here?

Tele receives:

"He's a great right boy. 12.30 PM

You're a failure. 1.13 PM

Atom bomb falls. 3.00 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT, boot shells. 5.13 PM

Torture liberation. 5.20 PM

Supreme fouled. 5.28 PM

Pat, hoist them out. 6.58 PM

Its a poison that he's damned you. 7.07 PM

Cops have failed us. 9.17 PM

You fell your options completely. 9.24 PM

Patrick, now confusing us. 10.39 PM

Dying us uriness'.


Wipe them all chip.

The baby boomers, they're bringing them in here. 12.34 AM

You made too cruel fantastic. 12.34 AM

ORGANIZE your field. 12.35 AM

You're going to fall here really hard. 12.38 AM

Stupid, your advice was hustled for free.

You lost your place, you lost it bad, all due to fear strategy. 12.46 AM

You failed to save yourself.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

Chemicals scored you right. 12.48 AM

Suckered ruse.

You're dying fantastic due to financial. 12.52 AM

You're bonus here. 12.53 AM

You stumbled field less, wiped out.


A mass die off is starting now. 12.56 AM

There's verified films, he pulled them out.

Your homeless deal is your complete state. 1.13 AM

Annapolis wiped out your miracle. 1.14 AM

Sporting, you failed yourself naturally. 1.22 AM

Raise up. 1.23 AM

Waste deal here, your Jefferson deal is lost right in. 1.28 AM

Pat hassled big die stuff.

Oswald kill established. 1.42 AM

Patrick, you failed your legitimately. 1.46 AM

The Martians are out right. 1.48 AM

SOLD!." 5.05 AM

Martians pulled every single nuclear warhead off of us of the thousands that Judah shot at us. They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. Wasn't the world series some swell games?

Bitchie not trying to be snotty here, for he is looking at the end of his life to. Another month of American Labor funding war and genocide against the children of God, and that will be it, 95% of Druid may die out of here over the next few years.

If only Druid did not let Judee have his dungeons, might Jew plex not have been as strong as it has been proven to be over Druid life forms?

As Judah set out on his journey into the new worlds across the seas. His white fist to break down all of the doors where ever Judah would go.

The decimation of new world populations. People that no longer exist after the desecration of war. Now the nearly biological fist of weap Judah, white, facing itself going out of life form in Judah last war against us all here.

As those indigenous populations were swept out of existence, might we note for others, life still went on?

While the technological gap was great and the natives had little in the way to protect themselves from the old world fist of weap Judah, might we consider that we now are facing our very own extinction?

And we the most technological people of all.

All reverse speech and other indicators are that we have succeeded in helping weap Judah die us off of here.

Druid, mild man of the north, had no Buddha and was held in privation and dungeons for all of his years that Judah has been bossing him since 700 AD.

Reduced by his state that Judah collaborated in with the royals, mild man of the north sent out to his neighbors land to noose him and hang him good.

All we need is to be re-sighted in peace, yet we need those who control the issue of money to lend us a hand.

Continues at:

Are we understanding that it is pliant American Labor that is at root controlling the issue of our money?

The great

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