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Sat Nov 5, 2016 07:38


VIDEO: Clinton Evil Overshadows Economic Collapse - YouTube

First - the Evils of the Clinton's seem to be overshadowing every other piece of news that is hitting the airways.

It their latest set of Emails released President Clinton has clearly been shown to have raped a 13 year old girl and Hillary not only denied this happened on many occasions but destroyed many women Bill did rape

So where did these Evil Acts occur?

Where is “Orgy Island?’

The Island is called St James Island and is part of the Unincorporated Islands connected to the Virgin Islands.

What this means is that US Laws apply there. It is a territory - like the US States were back in the 1800s.

They sue the US Dollar and must obey all US Laws.

So now that we know President Clinton is guilty of Rape and Hillary got a man off who raped a 13 year old child and bragged about it - why are there no arrests?

Oh - We are sure that the FBI is ready to arrest - but why have they taken no action????

So the only way President Clinton could get away with this is if he was given a Presidential Pardon.

Under the Original Constitution the only military authorized in a time of Peace is the US Navy. Even today the Naval JAG runs each and every operation the US Conducted - like the killing of Civilians in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Tanzania, Brazil, Columbia.

The US Embassy’s of Consulates in the area to host these Naval JAG folks - all Lawyers - and they literally run these wars. In the case of the Syrian Conflicts the “War Room” is located in the US Consulate in Istanbul.

So legally - the US Navy is charged with arresting President’s that commit Treason and they are no where to e seen in the FBI Headquarters and their Chief General in not only not investigating any President for rape and treason they never will.

If the arrests do come they will likely come after the election and they will be approved by Hillary and President Obama and will all be for show.

Second -- the World Wide economy is in a free fall.


For the last 100 years ht entire Industrial Revolution has been led by Oil and Coal. Most alternate forms of energy production have been squashed by those who own the Oil and Coal fields - primarily the Rockefellar’s, Rothchild’s and the English Royalty.

You build a Carburetor that gets 100 MPG in America, you die.

The only exception seems to be in the Small Cars in Germany, which get around 300MPG. An example is the VW XL1, and it is so Top Secret it is on Wikipedia.

Today - as you sit there in your chairs - we are seeing a huge cut back in what the oil companies are willing to spend as Profits Collapse.

A we saw several years ago - the Rothchilds sold much of their Oil Stock in preparation for this Oil Collapse.

World use of Oil is falling and when the North Dakota Oil Pipeline reaches the Navigable part of the Mississippi River - it is over for the Middle Eastern Oil Producers.

China has Iran and the Gulf Of Mexico for their oil

The US will use its own oil

Russia and their satellites have Russian Oil

Africa does not use much oil

Europe - they will see primarily Norwegian and Russian Oil.

Again, when the North Dakota Oil Pipeline reaches the Mississippi River it is over for the Middle East and the “Clinton’s Oil For Weapons Programs” in the Middle East will no longer be needed.

The Weapons Sales and Revolutions are to come here to the United States.

The US will become the New Muslim Terror Zone

The Clinton Crime Organization (Oil For Guns, Drugs for Guns) is now being dismantled as most of the Leaders in the Middle East turn to Russia to support them after the collapse of Oil Prices.

Already the FBI exchanges Guns for Drugs with most of the Drug Dealing Gangs across America - but they have lost control as these guns kill each other for control of drug areas. Already in Detroit, for example, there have already been over 3,000 shootings.

Now the FBI is bringing in Muslims to sell the Drugs because they have a Huge Control Network that is very organized. I personally ran in to this when I tried to contact the Head Imam (Priest) in Oakland California. I had a message for him but his secretaries were meaner that a rattle snake that had just been kicked by a horse. A few months later he was arrested for selling drugs and guns out of his “Muslim House Of Worship.”

After that - in 2008 - the FBI changed direction and began coordinating the Wars with the Clintons, the Refugee problems, and the importations of the Muslim Drug Lords and their staff into America.

The mass shootings in our inner cities - all related to FBI Drug Sales.

Now that the economy is collapsing and their Drug Dealing Muslim Terrorists are here they can increase the amount to Terrorism here to control Americans.

Selling Drugs in the Name of Allah makes this a very easy organization ofr the FBI to run through the Jesuits

Remember - Congressman Tim Caine is on the Board of Directors of most Muslims Terrorist Organizations here in America.

For those of you who think you are free - try talking to those in the FBI or Homeland Security about anything - anything. Not only are they rude, arrogant and stupid - they are told nothing. Most of them are there just to have a job.

So the FBI Plan is to Appoint Hilary as President, have her go away, and leave Tim Caine the Demon Possessed Jesuit as President to begin his “OPERATION REIGN OF TERROR” on America.

In the mean time - Hillary is not going down without a fight and it is Hillary vs. Obama vs. Trump in an internal war for America and their Drug Sales - both legal and illegal.

There are many FBI Agents who know what you have just read and find it deplorable so treat any FBI agent as if their mother lives behind you - because they just may.

Pray your family is ready for what is coming

Please have enough food and water and cash (Or Silver) to survive for 3 months - something we struggle with daily.

Finally - try praying by sending Love and Gratitude to every drop of water in the White House for the next 6 days.

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