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Mon Nov 7, 2016 07:20



We all know what the election results should be.

The real question is - why are the people in the White House, and their FASCIST buddies, perpetrating this lie to get Hillary elected?

Well - the FASCISTS are literally Demon Possess folks - they sold out to Lucifer a very long time ago.

Their goal is to get you very upset so these Demons do can literally GET HIGH off of your anger.

Whoever is appointed tomorrow to be the President of the United States Corporation (US Inc) will do exactly what their MASTERS tell them to do as the US INC is clearly owned by Baron Nathan Rothchilds in London. Only the destruction of his empire will let America be free.

Do not expect any help from the Pentagon - their Cowardly Generals are also very Demon Possessed.

The Fort Lewis 3 star was so COWARDLY and Demon Possessed he could not get within 30 feet of me without shaking violently at his own welcome party.

So this very day we see a Demon Feeding Frenzie in:

1) South Korea as thousands come out to protest the actions of their President

2) Thousands protesting in the streets because there is very little food coming into Venezuela - the people are hungry. What is so strange about this is the CIA owned World Vision Corporations and Red Cross Corporations are no where to be found supplying food???

3) Literally Millions of troops are activated across the planet and told they will have to kill some poor guy across some boarder because the World Leaders are having a little Spat and wish to see lots of pain and the Demon Possessed Generals comply.

4) Many Americans are angry as they realize just how worthless their own law enforcement agencies really are. Neither the FBI nor the New York Police Department (Hillary’s Address) will arrest her and her entourage’ for Murder, Rape, Fraud, and Treason.

5) This lack of activity now sets a legal precedence that these crimes are no longer illegal.

6) Already Newsweek Magazines and the Wall Street Journal have been shipped showing Hillary’s Wins - which is infuriating people across the globe.

7) NATO puts 300,000 troops n high alert as Obama tries to start a war just in case Trump wins. That way he can declare a National Emergency and keep his FASCISTS in power.

This FASCIST Pig Barack Obama - and his handlers - would sacrifice 6 Billion Humans to remain in power. They are that perverted and sick.

Remember - they feed off of anger and fear.


So hang on and please get your family ready.

Pollmole already has the following results:

Trump: 94%

Hillary: 1%

This would be consistent with the last 2 candidates Rallys:

Hillary had 6 people

Trump had over 20,000 people inside and outside.

In our own internal polls we fould the results at:

Trump: 86%

Hillary: 10% - But we think many of these were illegal aliens

Unknown: 4%

For You Intel Geeks:

We could use some help to:

1) Stop the busses that take people around in major cities to vote over and over again.

2) Get rid of the 20,000,000 ballots already stuffed into the voting boxes by Hillary Supporters and already counted

3) Fix the voting machines so they register the vote correctly. China - yo know Hillary wants a Nuclear War and Trump wants to pay off our debt. The US inc owns $320 Trillion if US Stocks right now - that’s $320 Trillion.

4) Convince the leaders of NATO - by any means - to stand down and disobey their MASTERS in London.

5) Do not let the FBI orchestrate huge Power Grid Take Downs tomorrow. Post sniper to eliminate Terrorists who try and take down the grid.

My personal guess is that the FASCIST Pigs in the White House will appoint Hillary, and just after she is Anointed Queen she will go away and Kaine (Jesuit) will then be anointed King and the Killings World Wide will begin.

KAINE will En ABLE the destruction of 6 Billion Humans and will strike at a time when all World Leaders are not suspecting anything.

Not Kidding

Do you forget that after Bill Clinton was appointed President the band played Hail To The King?

Be Ready

The News You Need

William B. Mount


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NATO Goes On High Alert To Block Donald Trump Presidency, Put Hillary Clinton In Power

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