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"I Wanted To Be Big So I Scored You Out; You all have Been D
Mon Nov 7, 2016 10:02

"I Wanted To Be Big So I Scored You Out; You all have Been Deceived By Me. I Was Most Threaten. You've Been Affected by Curse"

Might we recognize that message from the almost completely late weap Judah?

Once American Labor pulls the almost late, self professed great, weap Judah's tight fist off of us, might that be the end of his threaten here in the Federation's nursery, God's village on planet earth?

Father Baldec, our good God in 1,500 BC, travels to earth to grace us with His wondrous presence. Coming from heaven, 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star, to counsel Moses.

God carves the Ten Rules rules in stone, gives them to Moses and sends him on his way to deliver them to His recalcitrant Jewish children living in His village on earth.

The choice made at the time by weap Judah, to ignore the Ten Rules gifted to us by our magnificent and glorious good God and Father.

7th Century BC Judah attacks the extraterrestrial Beings that lived here on earth with us. Galacticans leave weap Judah attack meat dolls, mission specific Beings that look like the Galacticans, and Judah slays them all.

Our most advanced human family on earth, rise to be extraterrestrials 47,000 years ago. They are our family living inside Venus. Now 70 billion of them.

Jupiter is home to another group of us. They arose from earth 13,000 years ago. The understanding is that Jupiter is the nerve center for the Galactic Federation of light in our solar system.

There are many varieties of extraterrestrials that call Jupiter home.

The Atlanteans arose from the surface of planet earth to become extraterrestrials 10,000 years ago. They now live inside of Mercury. There are 30 billion of them. From the same creation as us from 200,000 years ago.

"We chose peace with no regrets." One of our big brothers from Mercury said.

Shangri-la are our Asian family that became extraterrestrial within the last few thousand years.

There home is inside of our earth. The northern Vril also are extraterrestrials. They also live inside of our earth.

The 8 billion of us living on the surface of planet earth are the last edition of humans from our creation 200,000 years ago that are now becoming full extraterrestrials ourselves.

The long term Meta-Gorical transfiguration of our species is nearly completed. Transitioning us from living under the eternal violent dominance of weap Judah who is using war to hold us in. Our extraterrestrial family is affording us the opportunity to let Judah off right so that we then can live in permanent peace.

"Basically we duped you guys."

Judah, with supreme knowledge has known of our extraterrestrial nature from ancient days. When he ignored Father Baldec's Ten Rules in 1,500 BC.

Father Christopher sent Jesus in to put us on the right track to learn peace and love and to become candidates for entry into the universe.

Jesus ministry teaching us to love our fellow man. Judah, knowing the truth of Jesus and His mission, killed Jesus violently so that he could keep his grip on his fellow man and do what he could do to keep the love of God out.

Judah cunning employed his reproductive energy to go into all terrains and create humans in any terrain shell, with an entirely different consciousness than the original terrain consciousness. His hybrid transplant shell Replicon Beings.

These he uses in all terrains to incite war between normally peaceful human Beings.

The Galacticans, with 78 million years of knowledge of how to live in peace, continue with their gentle, free will transitioning us out of Judah war and into the peace of God over thousands of years.

Our current precious sweet Father was 200 years of age at the time of Jesus. His words are found in our bibles. Father commands us to "Love one another."

Our beautiful Father is now in the last years of His perfect life.

Elders inform us that Judah is "rare," as he has been able to hold the majority of the American population to destroy our beautiful country and kill ourselves and our children.

Loss of life form even though the Federation has been signaling us now for over 5 years and Judah "Rare" is holding us in still to destroy ourselves in total.

Can we only wonder how "rare" is the Judah cipher form?

What might explain that we, with the same 223 high level intelligence genetics as Judah, have failed to his mental, psychological hold on so many of us?

Might some of us have been stuck with a needle full of Mercury on the day we were born?

Maybe chewed some gum that Judah grandfather gave to us?

How about the tasty pies we ate as kids. Might some of them come from the bakery with Bon ami in the filling for us?

Lithium in the chocolate. Might that have affected our memory and made it harder to focus our thoughts?

The fluoride that by law must be in our water supply. Studies have proven those that drink it have lower IQ scores than those that do not drink their forced in Jewish water. Might that have something to do with why Judah has been so effective with his psychological ways of mentaling us?

Our God, our current Father, entering into the top position when He was 1,000 years of age in 800 AD. Father sent Joan of arc to help us in 1429.

Father is a member of the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light. There are 12 members of the High Council. Father is the only 223 member. Our 223 genetics comprise 70% of the members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Thousands of species all living in peaceful cohesion with one another. They have been at peace for 9 million years after the original Galacticans discovered the departed Prenasour civilization.

The first Galacticans Studied the writings of the Periadon Beings of the late Prenasour civilization, and after 700 years of research selected a strategy of peace, giving up and permanently rejecting war.

Prenasour had been departed for 12 million years when the first Galacticans discovered it. Still in operation with robots maintaining the structures.

The original Galacticans, from where we inherited our high level 223 psychiatric intelligence, have departed existence.

It appears that in the range of 14 to 15 million years is required for a life form to independently develop the high level intelligence necessary to depart ones original planet and journey into the universe. And that would only be certain types of life forms.

We were selected from among several dozen hominids 200,000 years ago to be gifted with our creators 223 genetics because we were the most gentle of the hominids.

We showed the greatest potential to transition into high level extraterrestrial life forms. The original Galacticans were a naturally evolved species, and when they became extraterrestrial and discovered Prenasour, they may have been 15 or 16 million year life forms.

Our life form may exist for 21 million years and then pass away.

By gifting us with their high level intelligence potentials 200,000 years ago, might we see that we have been given a 2 or 3 million year head start program by our kind elders, the Galacticans?

Our life form may have another 9 million years to go before we are gone. And the fate of our 223 high level psychiatric genetics that were gifted to us by the Galacticans?

If they last as long as the high level intelligence genetics of the Periadon Beings of Prenasour, they may fade out of existence in about another 69 million years.

Prenasour high level intelligence genetics faded when they reached 78 million years of life form. At that point they died themselves out.

The mysteries of who we are and what we are doing in the universe. Understanding about our creation, our destiny in the stars and our ultimate fate many millions of years from now.

The errant guy with the tight fist. Is it not interesting that he would have had some of this information for thousands of years now?

While we may see Judah as fighting his fellow man all of the time everywhere that he goes, might we not see that it was the way of God that Judah rejected thousands of years ago?

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They're no friends of mine." God almighty said.

His Achilles heel that Judah has, his weakness, his inability to accommodate others. His counter to his weakness? Was it not shooting more sperm and creating Replicons, hoping to use them to kill us all before we learned that we were created to love one another?

Love less Judee still issuing our cash and with it hiring his anatomically correct white fist to bash our family around he world. Will Labor not help us to let the love less Judah crowd off?

Judee has got a date to go into his underground shelter. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them get themselves out of time?

That our elders computers simulated the end of Judah with us 2,000 years ago, and put it in the bible, might it have been Judee's "rare" that was programmed into the simulations that revealed Judah would die a third of us out when it was time for his bus to go?

Elder sister Loretta from outer space informed Bitch that she has done 6 planetary transitions out of war and into peace and this is the first of her transitions where there is loss of life.

In Loretta's 6 transitions, the Beings that were being destroyed by the dominant powers of their planet, acted and removed the Beings that were destroying them after they were apprised of what their leaders were doing to them.

Regrettably, though we have been informed that we are being died off by the dominant powers of planet earth, Judah, we have not as of yet responded to our die off. A full third of us are now set to die off over the next few years.

Respect and honor to dignity. The main components necessary to be welcomed into the universe above.

Might Bitch accidental, non intentional insult have so violated those critical components needed to join with our kind elders above, that it has now sealed us out of enjoying the rest of our journey through time?

Or might it be Judee pictures, lies and rumors about Bitch that has blocked us from going on in to peace?

"The majority won't be around." Is what elder said about what we are set to see in only a few years more. "Foolish to do nothing." Elder also said.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The kind Beings said."

What might explain why Labor has remained inert, never even once challenging them about their eternal war?The Labor bosses, does it not look as if Father is done with them?

They know how we are being done wrong and have not done a lick to help us at all.

"I'm forever out once you STRIKE," Judee say.

Judah and his tike hits to hold our heads. Will Labor not go around our failed bosses and STRIKE THEM OUT to get hold of our paper?

Tele receives:

"Totally void. 3.53 PM

They've got a pedigree in being bad people.

I'm paying ya. 5.51 PM

Dopey. 5.53 PM

You got 87 seconds. 9.47 PM

You hostiled deciphus. 8.56 PM

Animal vegetable. 9.00 PM

They're raping us out of existence, you're sold. 9.04 PM

Patrick sees tomorrow.

Patrick sees ahead. 11.47 PM

Rice age. 11.49 PM

Bitch, someone who prayed for us. 11.51 PM

Faulty thief analyze. 11.53 PM

Its the general raid theory fouling you guys. 12.57 AM

Your nice forces are fouled with jails, they've stood savage here.

Pat, save us our right field. 1.19 AM

Failed semen, throw them off. 1.45 AM

O my God they zero us. 1.46 AM

Your door knob is wore, is too quiet.

Stufish. 2.22 AM

You're washing out your child.

The little girl perished us. 2.32 AM

Our soul has been perished off really nice, we're finished. 2.31 AM

Tight fist wiped our seed. 2.43 AM

Perceive a HUGE falsing us out. 2.45 AM

Their stalking exists. 5.51 AM

Sold." 6.05 AM

Warring us is all the Jew people do. They engage us in external war to open the door to full time internal warring of us. Are we not aware their stalking of us exists?

"Without rights I casual you with my war weapon. I basically have to brush you dead," Judee say.

The destruction of planet earth, held in by American Labor. Providing the cash to let weap Judah assault our family from the ends of the earth.

The Pentagon wants a $6 billion cash advance from congress to wage more war.

Pentagon Makes “Urgent” Request for $6 Billion for Overseas Troop Deployments

For those that want to survive this mass die, will we not pray to our good God almighty?

Just had a bit of breakfast and here are few more Tele receives:

"Its threated. 6.32 AM

You're a vocal boy. 6.35 AM

Threat. 6.46 AM

Gorgeous failed, puzzle got him. 6.47 AM

Sweet hurt. 6.52 AM

Fantastic how they admonish you." 6.51 AM


1. to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
2. to reprove or scold, especially in a mild and good-willed manner:The teacher admonished him about excessive noise.
3. to urge to a duty; remind:to admonish them about their obligations.

Might we consider that Tele receive is indicative of how our elders from outer space gently urge us to do our duty? How they advise us to fulfill our obligations?

How now for over 5 years the head of our house, God almighty of heaven and earth, has cautioned us to STOP THE WAR?

If we recognize that our advanced elders from outer space have gifted us with a few million years head start into the universe at peace, might we not get smart and STOP THE WAR?

The great inventions of Jewish on American Labor bourse. Atom bombs and then hydrogen bombs. Will Labor not help us to get them out of here now?

Is it not clear that we are going no further here? That is, is it not perceived that we either STOP THE WAR, or Judee war stops us?

The gentle urging from our elders from outer space to be concerned enough to want to STOP THE WAR.

51 years ago Bitch saw the game when he did the mathematics of nuclear war. Bitch is a nice boy Labor, believe it.

He will not quietly sit by while his money is being used to assault his family anywhere.

Parliament in England deciding who lives or dies in America. The best in Parliament they themselves shoot out, keeping our family in England locked in.

Will the right less, voice less, mild man not accept the admonishment of our family from the Federation and close these war boys and girls out of here now?

Bitch listening for what Papa says and those that pray to Papa, Papa promises to save.

We're going under. Have we not been warned by many others?

Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry but wise. H. G. Wells

Elder said to Bitch years ago that he had "failed to give a view to the wise fish."

So Bitch put up the wise fish report to put the daily posts in.

Bitch now has put up the wise fish reporter and also pjr wise fish. Hoping and praying that the wise fish will act to help us here.

Do the fish not yet perceive that we are going out of life form now?

Our teachers, our preachers, our political and business leaders. Is it not perceived how completely they have failed us all?

I'm for the poor man — all poor men, black and white, they all gotta have a chance. They gotta have a home, a job, and a decent education for their children. 'Every man a king' — that's my slogan."

Always take the offensive — the defensive ain't worth a damn.

We are either going to apply the laws which were given from Heaven, or our country is not going to last.

We've got everything our people need … Why not let all have their fill and lie down in the ease and comfort God has given us?"

— Huey Long

"I want you to be comfortable." God our Father said to us.

We've got every thing we need except for the most important thing of all, the peace.

Will Labor not apply the laws of heaven here? Is it not seen as Huey predicted, our country on free bourse controlled by Lucifer did not last?

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God told you what the trouble was. The philosophers told you what the trouble was; and wh

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