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Wed Nov 9, 2016 06:46




Last night in a surprise victory forces of the Satanic Fascist Regime had a set back - they lost the elections on all fronts.

My wife’s friends created a New Drink - A “Trump-Tini.” More about that later.

The President, the US Senate, and the US Hose of Representatives will become Republican for the first time in a very, very long time.

Our own Exit Polls clearly showed that 97% of the voters were voting for Trump.

So why did he only get 51% of the overall vote?

This means that for the next year those who committed the Felony of Voter Fraud by stuffing the Ballot Boxes ON CAMERA will need to rounded up and jailed, or the Police Chief’s of these counties and cities may be jailed themselves.

It’s a long way until Donald takes office and now, more than ever, you - the reader and Viewer - are absolutely needed.

President Obama has 2 alternatives left:

a) The “Alien” invasion - which has been cancelled by some “Friends” from Out Of Town.

b) Massive War - which may also have been cancelled simply due to the fact that certain folks have placed very strategically located weapons in places that would make this Massive War terminate these Cabal Leaders first including their masters in Ant-Arctica. Yup New Swaziland would vanish the second they start a War.

These Satanic Fascists (Cabal) must have realized something was wrong early yesterday morning because many of these Cabal Elites - like the NEW JOHN KERRY (Secretary of State) - flew to a Secret base in Antarctica to plan for both a Major War and an American Revolution.

The existence of these bases was confirmed to me by a very lovely US Air Force Pilot I met and almost dated. Her job was to fly to this Top Secret Base just below the tip of South America and deliver supplies.

It is a very small world of Officers on the local military bases.

We have all seen the films of the New NAZI Germany in 1946 - New Swaziland - and all understand what is at state - Freedom and the actual right to live.

Pray that those planning these wars in Antarctica are immediately immobilized for life.

In related events:

1) The entire Little Rock Arkansas Office of the FBI is now investigating the Clintons and their foundation. After the FBI Agent in charge of investigating Hillary’s Emails was murdered (Along with his family) there is a vengeance erupting against it’s leadership.

2) It appears that charges will not be filed against Hillary until after President Obama leaves office and there is no one left pardon Hillary and her criminals for Murder, Treason, Rape, Fraud and Theft.

3) To this end Hillary transferred $1.8 Billion Dollars last week to the Central Bank of Qatar as an “Insurance Policy“. Of course - once she is out of power and the hunt for these War Criminals Begins - there is no place she can hide.

4) Amazingly - Hillary is taking her money and planning to run Qatar - it has no Extradition Treaty with the United States Corporation. She is running like a Rat and going to let her staff hang for her crimes.

5) Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs, has ordered the case against the Clintons to be re-opened after a host of emails hit the internet last night by WIKILEAKS - a Chinese owned corporation who’s CEO is Julian Assange.

6) President Elect Donald Trump has been invited to the White House by President Barrack Obama tomorrow. Please pray that Trump is not effected by the Negative Electronic Equipment they are going to try to use on him.

Please keep in mind President Obama - you or your handlers touch him and we will stop doing what we do and you know exactly what that means.

Please also keep in mind Obama Handlers - you lost a major set of underground bases under Northern Italy and one under Central Chili a few days ago. Hands off Trump or more may go very, very soon. I have nothing to do with those in charge - but I have met some and we stay in touch daily is ways you cannot even imagine.

Do not - Obama Handlers - try to start a war on the Super Moon 14 November and stand down on your assassination attempts on Biden And Obama 3 days later CIA. The Bombing of the Senate Chambers and a shot at Obama is a very, very bad idea.

7) The latest Flu Vaccination must be stopped Obama Handlers - it is the deadliest Flu Vaccination ever to hit the market. See the executive orders.

Folks - we have a long way to getting rid of these Globalists and eliminating those who are killing us with Vaccines, GMO Foods, Chemical Trials, putting plastics and Gasoline in our foods, etc

8) According to Benjamin Fulford - the arrests of these Satanic FASCISTS has already begun as the Japanese Government has now surrendered to the White Dragon Society.

The Fight has only just begun so join with me daily to put an end to these Satanic FASCISTS that now roaming in the halls of Palaces of the Elites across the globe.

One final Note - those who are now going after these Satanic Fascists are not barbarians. If President Bill Clinton - and his 3 doubles - come here we can heal the holes they now have in their brains. Call it Parkinsons or HIV - we can fix them. I owe it to Bill after he treated my Adopted Sister in Yalta so very well 9 years ago - he never touched her.

Pray that these Satanic Fascists are rounded up and placed in an area where they cannot harm anyone any more.

Pray also that your families are ready for whatever these Cabal Members may throw at us.

For you Intel Geeks:

A) We have recommended a World Wide Penal Colony for Felons - Murderers, Child Rapists, Pedaphiles, Armed Robbers, etc to be placed on an island - a tiny island - much like the colony of Australia was for the English Empire so many years ago. They work - they eat. Period. The cost of housing these folks would be paid for by the products they make and almost all nationwide prisons can be shut down - diverting costs to rebuilding our infrastructure.

B) Use US Military Engineer Units to build roads in America, not overseas. We have the capacity within our Engineer Units here in America to rebuild most of infrastructure in 4 years using our own assets we already pay for.

Intel Geeks: You will either assist the US in these processes or you will be arrested and end up with a shovel in your hand and assist - so says the I AM That I AM, who was, and is, and is to come.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

New York Stock Exchange employees chant during Clinton’s Concession Speech this morning:


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