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Thu Nov 10, 2016 07:07


Breaking: Riots Erupt Across America - YouTube

The Elites literally are throwing a temper tantrum.

First they try to keep their Satanic FASCIST Regime in power

Failing that they tried to destroy the financial markets.

Failing on this front they are now following the script of the 1960s and 70s and trying to get young people into the streets to protest.

All across America the likes of George Soros are paying people $15 an hour - CASH - to try and rally people to trash businesses and destroy the infrastructure in America.

Just like in the early 70s there are about 15 people per riot who are the Paid Agitators only this time rather than being paid by the Communist Party they are paid by George Soros NGO’s - Corporations set up to pay rioters.

Back in 1976-77 I worked for the Chief Engineer at U.C. Berkeley. He was the prosecutor for the Infamous People’s Park Riot - they rioted over a lawn owned by the Corporation of U.C. Berkeley that was eventually tuned into a parking lot.

The day I left Bezerkeley 6 Police Cars were overturned and burned and neither the FBI or Local Police were allowed to arrest these rioting pigs.

When the riots began in the early 70s the FBI actually did their job and arrested those who started throwing bricks and my Boss prosecuted them. Every one admitted being paid CAHS by the Communist Party to start the riots.

What the FBI did not do - Girly Boys - is arrest those who paid the rioters.

So now the Likes of George Soros and John Kerry will pump millions into the rioters until they are either arrested or they regain control of America using their Puppet Satanic FASCIST Candidates - like Governor Tim Kiane and Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown of California.

So here is how the riot works:

1) The likes of George Soros is given Digital Money by the IMF or Federal Reserve and he hires people to set up NGO’s in nations he wants to destroy.

2) He pays corporations and they make their employees to go out into the streets and form a Peaceful Rally.

3) These NGOs (Or CIA) then hire Thugs to start throwing bricks or burn pre-set up garbage cans and throw them into the streets. Sometimes they block highways and the Paid Off Governors order the local police to let the highway be blocked. If you try to get through YOU are arrested for assaulting a Protester even if they hit you first.

4) Either colleges students looking for fun, or the Homeless, attend these Riots and get very unruly after dark when the NGO Free Drugs and Booze begin to filter in.

5) Finally - a man is sent In to burn stuff or fire shots into the crowd - as occurred in Seattle last night. This makes the funder of these organizations accessories to attempted murder.

Those who start the riots have been doing this for a very long time and have it down to a science.

After the Chief FBI Investigator on the Hillary Email Case was murdered, along with his family, there is a new strategy being developed without the Director James Comey’s knowledge

There will be no charges filed against these criminals until after President Obama leaves office. Then there will be no pardons available for these Murderers.

The arrests by other nations of those mentioned in the Clinton Emails has already begun - but the Major Arrests will not begin until Late January. Until then the Elites will try anything to keep Trump out of office - but it will all Backfire ---- so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

If they try to attack Trump it will all fall on their heads - so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Attack Trump and his organization and you will find yourself on the Backside of Perdition.

Pray that you families are ready for what is coming

Send Love and gratitude to every drop of water used in the White House for the next 2 days.

Finally - pray that those who wish to destroy American and Freedom are immediately and permanently immobilized for life.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount



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