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"Quite Stupid" That was from elder shortly after Bitch post
Thu Nov 10, 2016 07:54

"Quite Stupid"

That was from elder shortly after Bitch posted yesterday. "Quite stupid."

Before that, after posting the Daily Test Page at Simple site heard this From a reader: "You got to go less stupid."

So Bitch edited the post and even taking many things out elder gave it a "quite stupid."

Might it have been the mention of "Old Basalt?" Or the snack that elder said, "we want you intelligent?" Elder informed Bitch as he was eating the snack that it had some dumb brain chemicals mixed in.

Or was it Bitch mentioning the engine of the plane that blew up on the run way the other day?

If kind elders wrote a perfect post, and Bitch had a copy of it, he would for sure post it before he would post what comes from his own head.

Might mention, something just crossed Bitch's mind early today.

The night before Bitch woke up in the middle of the night and both my eyes were sore? What could that be from?

Might the brain chemical in the snack food have exploded in the brain while sleeping that sent a shock wave showing up as pain to the eyes?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from Judah?

"They failed us." Tele receive. 2.36 AM

For those that have been reading Bitchie, do we recall a couple of months ago Bitch pulled a reverse speech from a high level guy that revealed that Hilary was not Judah pick to occupy the presidential mansion? Have we noted how it has followed as the script was written?

A third of the human race set to be died off with Jewish electricity brimstone waste. This from only one nuclear waste bonfire burning on the other side of our world.

Did we note, the over 40 Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plants that have been tripped off line in the last few years by Mercury?

Only one dirty bomb set now to die the majority of Americans off in the next fews years, taking out a third of the human race overall before Judah is permanently cleared out.

Might we not consider that our good God has not erred?

2,000 years ago in the bible we learned that Judah would take a third of the human race out when he left us.

After Father's angels shut down over 40 Jewish dirty bomb power plants, are we seeing how our good God has limited Judah catch this time?

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Are we figuring that it is us that are to be a big part of the third of the human race to die off now?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared." The angel said. "We came to warn you." Another angel said.

"Faultily they housewife your state. Publish a real deal here. They're just fishing and punishing. Cage you."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

The concession to issue our money. Do we not see how 5% has ruined us ?

"Let you down." Bitch heard yesterday while gassing his van up at 1.03 PM.

Might Labor not have let more than Bitch down?

How about as our atmosphere is fully poisoned and we have to breathe lethal nuclear waste in our air? Might that not make many of us feel let down?

All those vitamins we take to stay healthy. Watch our diets and what we eat. Always get a good nights sleep. Exercise to keep the body strong. And now we face air that is not healthy to breathe.

"A family is thrown out here, missile days are done. PUT THEM OUT! Do you understand that you are canned?"

Thank you Sir Morris for that message today.

Is Labor understanding that with the thousands of nuclear missiles that Wall Street shot at us not one has reached us due only to the love of our good God for us?

Is Labor not perceiving that Judah missile days are done?

"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more. PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS." God almighty of heaven and earth said.

Are we not figuring that they all have escape routes into the undergrounds?

The fanciest of the undergrounds where the top elite are going to spend the rest of their days sitting out our massive die off that they have set for us on the surface of our world. Have we not noticed the flying saucers of Mt Popocatepetl?

Best Sightings: UFOs Over Volcano Popocatépetl Mexico / Mejores Avistamientos OVNI
VIDEO 8.14 AT:

Comment from You Tube video:
Clay Holman4 months ago
They're observation helicopters and airplanes!!! They flew around testing stuff like wind speed, ash levels in the air and temperature. "Mystery" solved!

The top of Jewish worldwide underground shelters, Mt Popocatepetl. The place where the top of our elite are headed as soon as Americans realize we have lost our life forms to Jewish nuclear waste particles.

How about the comment that it is helicopters and planes testing for ash, wind speed and air temperature? Are we understanding Jewish are a group that work at every level and on every web site to fool us?

Judah has their commenters at all UFO sites to put false in to fool us about the presence of our elders from outer space who are cluing us about the plan to extinct us with radioactive waste.

Here is a comment from the UFOs at Popocatepetl video:

Michel Filion1 year ago

+John Michael It's only speculation on my part, based on 40 years of reading on the subject. True, Gary McKinnon might be an agent provocateur...but so could I and so could you..!

The facts are....We have NO acknowledged vehicles of that size able to enter the crater of an active volcano. Silicon, which is ubiquitous in everything we use nowadays is highly present there.

If anybody can explain this metallic cylinder, which seems to be intelligently controled, (no one as of yet as tried) then it is safe to assume that something beyond our comprehension is taking place.

This volcano in particular is a hotbed of sightings year round....WHY..?

As to Gary McKinnon, Bitch did some reverse speech on him and his mother. It has been reported that Gary claims we are fighting with aliens in space. Might we not detect that that is a false? Is it not accepted that our elders from outer space are at peace all of the time? They are. There is no war in outer space.

Might we consider how tricky Judee is to build up his guy Gary with a court prosecution of Gary to make it look as if he is the real thing?

If we believe that we have troops fighting aliens in outer space, might that be to make us afraid of aliens from outer space?

Did we notice how the courts have been used as stage props for Judee tricky propaganda business? Here's another viewer comment from that video:

Chucky Gallagher1 year ago
Os they seem to live down there. A volcano very interesting. I think PROOF of hollow earth. They got to be going somewhere . ?????? THX 

Might we sense in that questioning comment how our elders from outer space choose to communicate with us? That is, if they are flying in might some of us consider that there must be a hollow space where they live there?

At some point might we ask the question, if extraterrestrials live there, are there humans living there to? If we do make a connection, then might we not connect some more dots with the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that Judah has pointed at us and pulled the trigger?

"You failed me useful." God almighty said to His Bitch.

If only Father would have had His angels melt those pictures, might that have tipped the balance to bring Labor on board to help us?

Yet do we not see that in Father's world of truth there is no smoothing over things that are facts?

If only Father would have had His angels cause a computer loss of a file where Bitch had his insult. Might that have made the difference here?

Might we not appreciate that in Father's world there is truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Will Labor not look at all the false that Judah has used to put and keep himself in? Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we the people can hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Visited the local cemetery yesterday. Looked at some of the names on the headstones. When they arrived and when they left. Said a prayer for the repose of their souls.

Right behind this rock with names inscribed on it, a path to scatter ashes.

This is the field.

Archie Cleveland McCormick. Sounded like an interesting name and so took a picture of it.
Only 19 years old when Barbara left. What could of happened at such a young age? Bitch said a prayer for the repose of Barbara's soul.
Wife of a doctor. Left at a young age. Bitch said a prayer for repose of the soul of Carrie.
Veteran of World War I. Said a prayer for the repose of Earl's soul too.
Hercules McGill from Missouri. Who wouldn't of wanted to meet Hercules with such a great name? Said a prayer for the repose of Hercules soul.
Margaret a loving wife and mother. The head of the stone says, "Together again."
Lyle, 69 years old when he passed. Came from Kansas. Said a prayer for the repose of the soul of Lyle.

While walking through the cemetery saw a headstone recently decorated. The young man passed in 1965, 49 years ago. Might he have been an especially wonderful fellow to be remembered all these years later?

The beginning of our lives and the day we depart this earthly world. Marked out and carved in stone. Little messages of who we were. Some tell us the state they came from. What they did for a living or what military company they served and what war.

While walking through the cemetery the sound of gunfire rang out. A volley fired as mourners stood by a grave site.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 A time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Will Labor not give us a time for peace? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives

"You got to go less stupid. 3.40 PM

They're doing Druid dead. 3.41 PM

Do it yourself. 3.58 PM

Quite stupid. 6.06 PM

You failed to save us free. 6.25 PM

You just keep assaulting out yourselves. 6.27 PM

Its very sad the white force is dying. 6.28 PM

They wiped us out because we're criminals. 8.53 PM

Jews riced war selfishly, they washed themselves away dangerously. 11.02 PM

You failed to save yourselves.

You who are innocent like Bitchie are not thugs. 12.48 AM

Jews appetize you fearlessly.

5% tossed you out. 12.50 AM

Surge awful wicked. 12.51 AM

You awfully scored your lives.

They cap you inside, shot you washed.

Shot your score-a deal. 12.54 AM

You destroy yourself quite failed. 12.56 AM

You're in molest here, STRIKE THEM OUT.

30 days will capture you all defeat. 12.58 AM

Your nice failed your life rightly. 1.00 AM

Scrimmage for corporations has fairly failed.

Irishman has tossed your bribe wits, made you well parasite. 1.03 AM

You lost your life form fidagerous. 1.05 AM

Through poetry you lost your favored atmosphere. 1.06 AM

You lost your favored happy.

O my beautiful fields are waifish.

You're snatchables.

ORGANIZE your field and STRIKE THEM OUT. 1.09 AM

They bare fist you and concentrate you. 1.10 AM

They're pounding you waifer. 1.11 AM

Lethal lives are now falling leafs. 1.09 AM

They delightfully conspear. 1.21 AM

They enjoy detence and freedom. 1.22 AM

Its fascist fairly in. 1.23 AM

You're an honorable bus man, write your deal. 1.26 AM

Perceived. 1.34 AM

Desolation will fail our day. 1.35 AM

They've abused the world. 1.36 AM

Terror rights fallen you's. 1.37 AM

You fataled your psyches. 1.38 AM

Core out, punish rules are frightening. 1.43 AM

They score thee highness. 1.44 AM

You lost your payrolls. 4.44 AM

Patrick, get help. 4.45 AM

Terrible they sin. 4.50 AM

You're well perceived. 5.03 AM

They're dying us all off? O my God nuclear state. 5.38 AM

They're making the whole field die. 6.53 AM

Wonderful fact." 7.23 AM

Are we understanding that is what they are doing, making the whole field die?

Is the gigantic death head that is in here not seen yet?

A harvest of a couple of hundred million Americans in only the next 3 years. How is that for a demonstration of some real lethal effective toxins?

The nuclear state. The state we exist in. Lost their blast, now all they have is their Jewish electricity waste.

"That's an error." Tele receive. 8.01 AM

If Bitch knew what the error was he would fix it. Might we think of the Late Steve Allen and his Jerk test? Might he not have put together a test for stupid?

If Bitchie could see these errors he would not put them in. Given enough time he usually sees them eventually. If only Labor will step in do we see that then we will have our entire community to look at what we are doing and have the mechanism where everybody's sight is in?

By letting Judah hold the Organizing Principle of Society in his private hands, do we see how he has used the purse and silenced our other voices that would give us some help to send us in the right direction?

Tele receives

"White's forcing this whole community here. 8.14 AM

White's forcing yourselves out of here rightly." 8.15 AM

White's from England and Poland and onto America put in the best Bill of Rights anywhere. Yet unable to keep them in operation because of who it is that holds the Organizing Principle of Society in their hands.

A jury decision of ordinary people in Missouri freed a bound laborer from his master in 1854. 7 years before the Czar in Russia freed the Russian serfs. Will Labor not recognize the value of real juries and how they benefit us?

Might we see that real juries will give us the real sight we need?

That our predecessors had to suffer to bring us the golden rights to have juries and grand juries honestly look into what we have been charged with.

The ease with which Judah has been able to die us once he gets our rights away from us. The total nuclear blast genocide that Judah attempted on us. Will Labor not Get Smart and help us?

The awful abuse that Judah does because he has a problem and needs therapy for it. They've poisoned us out using their highest tech, nuclear blast and waste technology.

Judah nuclear blast pulled out by the angels that God almighty sent in to save us. Will American Labor not try to save us?

For 12 million years we have roamed planet earth free together. For 200,000 years we have had our high level 223 psychiatric genetics that were gifted to us by our creators, the Galacticans.

With one God, we have had 180 Father's in the 200,000 years of our high level creation. Will we not recognize who we really are and STOP THE WAR?

Judah, merely hides in our midst, toys and fools with us. A cat with his mouse.

Might Labor not recognize that Judah ape-ism is done now for good?

Judah animal primitivism and his plot to smoke the entire human race out.

God almighty, our Father that loves us said, "Let the fishies roam free. My kids, treat them super nice." Will Labor not help us to shut down America's Auschwitz?

Continues at:

They're done here Labor, is this not yet coming through loud and clear?

Without their threat to kill us all in a few hours of great shooting, might we not see that th

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