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willpwilson 908
Beware of Intelligence Gathering On-line Asking For Money.
Thu Nov 10, 2016 22:45

spammed intelligence gathering - - phoney e-mail - - - - -*750xx2716-1536-62-0.jpg - - - - - - - - - - - - Phoney Spammed E-mails asking for donations and Intelligence Gathering at the same time. - - Breaking: Riots Erupt Across America - More Tonight William Mount William Mount -

Posted on the Message News Board - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on November 11, 2016 - - - -
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Beware of Intelligence Gathering On-line Asking For Money. -

The Intelligence Operation portrayed and (Linked Below.)-(Is a disguised Black Ops Intelligence Operation.) as co named: Fight For The Future is a Black Ops Operated Intelligence On-line Profiling and Embedding Operation Disguised as a Protect the Internet Do Gooder Campaign. Very Well Planned Out to Attract the Un Thinking Who Receive Their E-mail Spam.

November 10, 2016 To ( thereof - Fight for the Future from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - - Your apparently a part of the paid off whores who have been funded by the same globalist pedophile crime syndicate that have been mass murdering and mass profiteering all along? How much does your program get funded in order for your spammed e-mail to be sent to people like myself?

A spammed e-mail that I can only ascertain is your program's attempt to try to shape the Sheeples, which I hope that I am not one of the Shaped Sheeples and or even the Sleeples?

Where is your proof of all of this that your e-mail is stating about the future of the Trump Administration? You send out all of this unverified rhetoric and yet, your spamming to people like myself who are merely inquiring about this, where is your proof of any of what your claiming about Trump? Is it free to ask your TEAM this? If you want to further send to me this PROOF, of what you are claiming then please feel free to spam me back with your reply.

It very much seems to appear that your whole program should be investigated for your allegedly tying to International Organized Crime and Money Laundering? Possibly.

Where does your funding come from? Where does your claims have verification then other then being simply just claims and not solid proof about the Trump Administration?

Appearing to only an e-mail consisting being only contrived rhetorical of your un-verifiable dogma and who pays your financial support to keep your highly dogmatized rhetoric going out to the world like to myself, thus my receiving your dogged slant in my e-mail reply back to your TEAM that is below my response? I am not one of those who are Shapled to your dogmatization.

Wish I had the funding that your dogma factory must get.

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Take note, these Black Ops Elitist Funded Operations always come across as do gooder campaigns.

If you were to click on their plea for donaitions buttons at the bottom of this received e-mail (Spammed E-mail.) and then click on copy link and then paste it to the address bar you will find out that their linked URLs are embedded with a lot more then just forwarding your browser to a simple Website.

And, their so called dirt on the Trump Administration has literally no basis of any kind other then hot air BS. Who paid for these operative's very well designed to fool you Website? -

A lot of time and money went into this Intelligence Gathering On-line Profiling made to look like it is trying to save the Internet when all it is, is an Intelligence Operation that is disguised to look that way.

Thereof, they are an Elitist Funded Website(s) and Their Serving as well planned On-line Decoys and Intelligence Profiling Operative While at the same time they are Fooling You Into Thinking That They are a Do Good Save The Internet Program(s), But in Fact They are doing a really good job To Fool You and Gather Intelligence Data about you and from your computer and sucker you into sending them money at the same time.

On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 1:32 PM, Holmes at FFTF wrote: Hi,

Fight for the Future was founded to defend free speech on the Internet, stop online government surveillance, and defend our most basic rights in the digital age.

We knew that no matter who won, we would have our work cut out for us. But President Donald Trump represents a threat like we’ve never seen to the rights we’ve fought so hard for.

Some of you might still be in a state of shock, wondering how the polls could have been so wrong. But by the time Trump is inaugurated in January, we must be ready to fight back like never before. We simply don’t have a day to waste.

That’s why, today, we’re launching an emergency fundraising drive to jumpstart the effort to defend our rights under a Trump administration. Will you chip in $3?

Trump has called for more government surveillance to target immigrants, political dissidents, and ethnic and religious minorities. [1] (They are only providing a brief video of a statement from Trump that has no basis or verification that Trump is actually pursuing this.)

He opposes Net Neutrality. [2] (They provide proof of this.)

He has threatened to “open up” libel laws to attack journalists. [3]
(They are only stating this with absolutely no further follow up information.)

He wants to force Apple to build an FBI backdoor to iPhone encryption. [4] (More hot air statements with only a brief on-line video and no other back up information, and or verification of this claim.)

He’s demonstrated a complete lack of respect or even understanding of the Constitution -- and he's inheriting the most sprawling and unaccountable surveillance apparatus in the world. (These operatives apparently named - Holmes Wilson & Tiffiniy Cheng, providing literally no more proof or verification to support their claims against the Trump Administration.)

Once Trump is inaugurated, the attacks we’ll face are sure to come at us from all sides -- from Congress, the White House, the courts, corporations… you name it. (They are again making statements against Donald Trump's future presidential administration without providing any further supportive and or linked data.)

You may have voted for Trump or fought against him. But we know you agree that whoever’s president, they should keep their hands off the Internet. Winning the White House means Trump will be emboldened to do serious damage to our rights in the digital age. (Then stop making unfounded claims against this man and his now pending presidential administration without providing more actually verified information to support your claims about Trump.) - It seems that you are simply using a "Protect the Internet," Concept to find a sneaky way to fool people into donating money to your phony website information gathering and donations requesting project that must mean that your trying to fool the unknowing who then do receive your e-mail (spam), to then try to lure them into donating to your program on-line, allegedly. After you and while you are also gathering and profiling these fooled people into donating to your intelligence operation on-line. Most likely.

Will you chip in $3 to help jump-start an all-out organizing drive to build the power we need to defend our rights under a Trump administration?

For the Internet,

Holmes Wilson & Tiffiniy Cheng, Fight for the Future






(Their Website Links sent by e-mail are all embedded to tie your computer into their intelligence operated on-line gathering data on you through these links while you are clicking on the links in your browser and while you are visiting their Website.)

Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.

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