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"I Always Get You Right With Jew Mental" Might we recognize
Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:01

"I Always Get You Right With Jew Mental"

Might we recognize that as a Reverse speech from weap Judah? "I always get you right with Jew mental." As we are holding ourselves in to a loss of life form for 95% of us by funding Judah shooting us, might we not have to give that one to weap Judah, he always gets us right with his mental?

Tele receives:

"They're sporting us all. 1.09 PM

We're gonna give you that STRIKE Patty boy. 1.29 PM

They're abusive. 2.55 PM

You've been apped.

You failed your safest deal.

You failed them right. 3.20 PM

Jews always trash you brutal and take off your state.

Your states falling out. 4.47 PM

You're blowing up yourselves.

SALE! 5.48 PM

You failed to stabilize puritanism 6.32 PM

You're social lies Pat. 6.39 PM

They've riced our fields. 12.26 AM

Fascists force here, with chemicals they threat.

White men harm field. 12.54 AM

Its an addiction throwing people off for sport. 12.58 PM

Lets authorize. 1.05

Take the false away. 1.13 AM

Authorize yourself, they're specials, they're punishing us. 1.37 AM

They failed us perishing right. 1.41 AM

Right yourselves realistic." 1.49 AM

"We just weaponize your whole country to enforce rules for my theft. Survivor cored us out of our rules. With cops we always did a Martha Raye. We accomplish you Drusel and forfeit your life.

We've ben oppin with San Francisco and grand shears. I always transport you out of here Edelweiss. Our high performance seat belts fell you well. We enforce you with beggars rights. Our moisture out. I had a battery starting at a thousand. We always race you and take the wholesome off," Judee say.

Those who are making their moves upwards. Those that have something about them that will make them a star. Are we not seeing how Judah identifies them and shoots them out one way or the other?

The star athlete that is headed for a life of big success. Shot out in what appears to be an Armed robbery. Have we not seen it enough times that we cannot now identify the killing as more Judah crime?

Some little guy that is helping kids get themselves economically established. Put out by Judah with a staged accident. Why? Because the guy was an inspiration to hope.

Anything that might help us, anything that puts us in the right direction, any actions that might inspire hope, Judah there to crash us.

Our state, has Judah not taken it out nice? His chemical threat to die off the majority of Americans with nuclear brimstone waste in the next few years, are there any that doubt it?

"Stupid told you about my Muslim opps to fool thee. I just couldn't get over the Martian so I got to go away. I got you sinful," Judee say.

Judah and his 911, 2001 attack on the world trade center. Is there any thinking person that does not know that was Judah and the pentagon that brought those buildings down?

And we are supposed to believe it was Muslims that did it?

Have we noticed the Jewish news reports of how Muslims in Europe are doing all sorts of naughty things?

Judee telling us Muslims want to bring Sharia law in. Might we not think a bit that it wasn't Muslims that took American law out? Do we recall it was Judah that took Americans God given rights away from us all?

"Like taking candy from a baby." One Judee said.

The power found in the Organizing Principle Of Society, the concession to issue our money. "The power of the purse, that's all the power there is." One atomic bomb building American scientist said.

"With a heart attack I false compass you. I shoot you with uniform policemen. I see bourse now for properly fist you. Bitch pulling me out for my police sh*t. Fight you with missiles is part of my theory. I tried to take Drupid off, that's how I lost my gen," Judee say.

The mild man of the north, that has given Judee the authority to issue his bourse. Judee used it to put in privation induced aggression to get his nearly biological white fist to shoot for him.

While white fist out shooting for him, Judee tries a sneak attack in the middle of the night to kill all of the white kids, and everyone else in America at the time.

"They're enemies." Tele receive. 3.17 AM

Even with the angels God sent in, white fish so far not able to help himself out of Judee sin. Will we not pray for a change? Will we not pray that white fish will see Judah sport war sin and end funding it?

"I got you sinful," Judee say.

Will we not pray to our good God above to have the intelligence and guts to take our purse away from Judah?

How did Judah get so strong over other ordinary men?

Did Judah not tell us it was his unlimited brutality, viciousness and terrorism he put into the mild mans world that allowed him to subordinate us to shoot war for him?

Mild man came up with Great law for defense. It worked for a little while. Until Judah raided and brought his wars in and took away the best thing mild man ever invented, Civil rights for all.

And what has been Judah response to mild man's intelligent law, where things can be done in front of ordinary people of the community to settle and determine right from wrong?

Have we not heard of Judah true law?

And how does Judah true law work? The people who would come to court to hear what it is all about and work it out, Judah dies off before they get there. How is that for some true law of weap Judah? Terrorizes the people as is his true law.

God almighty has had His angels save us from nuclear blast. Will Labor not listen to God's love and close Judah out fast? What happened here mild man? Will we not respond and STOP THE WAR?

We can be re-sighted, but we must be able to end Judah ability to create privation induced aggression in the children.

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Judah, controlling Russia and America by controlling the issue of money. Are we not now twins conjoined at the head?

Do we not see Judah is still trying to crash mild man of the north against mild man of the north, both sides using high tech destruction?

The plan goes on, the election, might we just see it as more of Judah burlesque? Are we not aware yet that they are still making us dead with their nuclear waste war?

Judah wants so much to take America way down so that we do not recover and our splendid Bill of Rights stays gone. All his old Jewish Replicons sitting in the top sport seats throughout all of Europe now. Might they not get tossed the day after American Labor lets them go here?

Russian kids know of how Judah has attacked them with nuclear missiles as he has attacked Americans here with nuclear missiles.

Will American Labor not try to understand in these last few moments that we have before we lose our nation, our health and our life forms, that we can let these errant life forms off? Will American Labor, mild man of the north, not spare us from any more of Judah strange love?

Are we understanding that God will save us if we choose to be saved? Will Labor not choose not to be fooled?

Will mild man not awake to our extinction?

Judah's had his 1,500 years among us. Has God almighty not let him get himself gone right? Yes Father has. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"STRIKE THEM OUT, they're just fantasticing you guys."

Thank you Sir Jason for that telepathic message today. Will American Labor not recognize that we are set to die out in the hundreds of millions from Judah nuclear technology chemistry? Will Labor not end funding Judah fantastic on us?

Might we not see that what is happening right now is it is being determined who will go into the universe and who will die out?

"Very abusive is Wall Streets way, they're pushing you out, forcing you out. If you remain helpless you're sealed."

Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message to today.

Our real Labor leaders, poisoned out, imprisoned for one made up reason or other. Crashed out in cars and planes, arrested and imprisoned for opposing Wall Streets Jewish sport wars. Falsely arrested again and again.

Labor leader William Sylvis told us before he was poisoned out in 1869 that when Labor has the concession to issue our money, there is no need for unions then. Will American Labor not bring us to that place in time?

Will American Labor not step in here and take over the key ingredient of management, the concession to issue our money?

Must Labor not put the Jewish management that only provides war and genocide, out of here for good?

Read through all of our history and there we find weap Judah in the background of all massacres, wars, revolutions and genocides. It's his sport, killing us. Will American Labor with the love of God not close these errant life forms out of here now?

"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power they have over Druid."

The false and the fist, is it not seen that they are now being died out?

Such a wondrous, glorious and magnificent Father above. Might we not marvel at what a light touch Father has that many cannot perceive his love? Will we not choose to try and perceive Father's love for us all?

"Try to perceive me, I love you." Father said to us.

Will Labor not sign us up with the love found in Father's house above?

Is it not something to ponder that Judah has known quite a bit about Father's house for an extended period of time?

Judah, and the other centers of power of planet earth, Vatican and royals, rejected joining with Father's house in 1350 AD, when Father sent His emissary, Sir Maximilian to help us all to get ourselves to peace.

Judah and his collaborators, already had perfected the predator relationship and had fastened it on us. Will Labor not let these weap kids off?

In 1604 during the time of the London Mixt money cases, they were made aware that the concession to issue our money is the Organizing Principle of Society.

Though might we think, of Druid William Sylvis who did tell us what the truth as? And do we recall what and where it got him? Poisoned out and buried at 41.

Will American Labor not think of the sacrifice William made to help all of the people who work for a living and STRIKE THEM OUT and end the war and the shooting of us and our kids?

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

Will Labor not let us go into peace now?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared." The angel said. "We came to warn you."

We now are going into a horrific, hellish next few years where hundreds of millions of Americans may perish here. While letting Judah keep us sinful.

Is there not some general acceptance of the fact that the key to the whole deal, love or hate, peace or war, our survival in peace or our death in war all revolves around who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands?

"An error raid." Tele receive. 5.25 AM

As there is no fighting in our elders world are we not perceiving that the people must end war ourselves?

Our elders do not fight so they will not pull Judah down. As Judah is moving right ahead with our genocide, our permanent loss of life form, might we not be wise to take the advice of our elders from outer space that said, "We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT?"

"You disparage my shill who is trying to convince you to save yourselves." Father said.

Hardcore Judah is gone and his war is done. Will American Labor not end ignoring that it is funding mass death and destruction in our world everyday?

Its now the last days for us all. Is it not perceived that we are now in a death phase?

Are we seeing that the organization that can save us from Judah finishing his genocide of us now is Labor by acting to take the concession to issue our money away from him?

"You failed them right." 3.20 PM

Bitch sorry he insult everyone four and a half years ago and shoot himself. Is that what has caused Labor to let itself be destroyed?

"You failed me useful." Father said.

Is there not some understanding here that those that fund and fist war are dying out now?

The 2,000 years of warnings in our bibles that tell us of the end times. Do we not recognize that we are dying out now?

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Laborers wages that are subjected to a forced taking by an income tax. The definition of slavery. The surplus value of Labor held in the private hands of weap Judah to do with as he and his cabal pleases.

Are we not aware that war and genocide is what most pleases Judah and his company?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God almighty asked American Labor.

Judah don't love us, is that not apparent? Tried to burst us out with a few hours of great shooting. Will ordinary simple working people not try to perceive what it is we are facing here?

"They plan to fail our testicles and make our real estate stop." Tele receive. 9.22 AM as a sanitation truck went past.

God almighty our Father in heaven wills that American Labor take the issue of our money into your collective hands.

While Bitch is working through a fault of stupid, as Father explained was due to enduring prolonged periods of suffering, might we not think of the mild man himself, might it be that we have had such a long period of suffering due to the abuse of Judah and his errant life form partners, as to why we have not let them off of us yet?

Are we understanding Labor that our creators gave the Ten Rules of the road to us 3,500 years ago, and Judah has failed the test of time?

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for sure that just ain't so" Mark twain told us.

Might that be the key to un-puzzling the secret to the mental control that Jew plex has demonstrated here?

The best deal ever offered to Labor since William Sylvis offered it to Labor before they put him in in 1869. Get hold of the authority to issue our money. Will Labor not make a purchase of peace for us here?

The offer this time for us to issue our money coming from high above William Sylvis, God our precious sweet Father in heaven above wills that Labor issue our money.

Will we not pray that Labor will take the best deal ever offered to Labor anywhere or anytime? Will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a committee of the whole comprised of Labor?

Might Labor also want to think about the fact that the world of the angels and our good God above is an extraterrestrial society employing advanced technology that provisions everyone bountiful?

That Judah has blocked for over a century the most significant development in all our history, the entrance of free energy for everyone into our society, might we see what Judah plan was all along?

Might we surmise that by blocking free energy Judah has all along been planning to wipe us out? Have we noticed Judah likes plenty of mice so that he can mouse? By blocking free energy are we understanding it has kept really great wealth out?

Dr. Moray demonstrated his solid state transistorized free electricity machine in 1926. Might we consider that Judah could not have put his depression in in 1929 with such wealth creating machines in operation as Dr. Moray demonstrated then?

With cash in everyones pockets might it not be hard to get any fists to serve his sport war?

Are we seeing Labor we must have the goods for the people to properly position ourselves to become an advanced extraterrestrial civilization ourselves?

Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and let us bring in our high technical bountiful technology of life and close out the small, confining technical world of nuclear waste death? If so then will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT? Thank you.

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
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1 Kings 7:1–33; John 13:31–38
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