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"I've Been Detached. You Won."
Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:05

"I've Been Detached. You Won."

Are we recognizing that for attacking us with an assortment of nuclear weapons of mass destruction that weap Judah has detached himself from the rest of God's children here on earth?

Might we appreciate the truth that Judah has been detached? Might we not joy with the love of our good God above that we've won?

Have we given some thought to the fact that our precious sweet Father in heaven is real and not a mere mythological construct?

Have we given much thought to how lucky we are to have an all merciful, forgiving Father that has preserved us from losing our existence in a well planned and executed all out nuclear holocaust attempt, not once but twice?

Will we not pray to Father for harmony and peace in our world?

"Try to perceive me, I love you." Precious sweet Father said to us.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked us.

Much chance that we Americans will be buying any more nuclear missiles with Judah's greatest invention of all time on the tip of them, his great balls of fire? Boom boom?

Reading the reverse speech of Judah, they've all said "good bye" to us. And yet they are still occupying all of the seats of state world wide.

"I want to save your lives." Precious Father said.

Are we understanding that we have stood down long enough for weap Judah to get the radiation levels high enough to kill us in the hundreds of millions over the next few years right here in America?

Are we understanding that Judah has poisoned our environment with enough radioactive waste products to turn America the beautiful into a desert coast to coast?

"Close them out of here." Tele receive. 3.59 AM

Father's angels are still with us. Will we not say a prayer of thanks that they have not let Judah get even one boom boom bursting over our heads on us?

The Battle fields of Orleans France where Joan of arc stood for the love of God and country in 1430. The kings army from England that were committing Chevauchee against the people living on the mainland of Europe.

Chevauchee, might we today say, "genocide?"

Wanton destruction of civilians and their property. Burning down and destroying the resources the people needed to live.

Might we not recognize Judah as the animating force of the English army's course of genocide in the Middle ages?

Our good God almighty sending His angels in to help Joan of arc to defeat the army of Jewish Replicon England.

Might we today recognize the miracles of Joan's triumph over Jewish terrorism in 1430 as a signal sent to Judah that genocide is illegal in the villages of God?

While directing the battle for Orleans an angel spoke to Joan and instructed her to have one of her trustworthy lieutenants step away from the spot he was observing the battle from.

This she did and in her trustworthy lieutenant's place to view the ongoing battle stepped count Delude.

Only moments later a cannon ball arrived and struck count Delude killing him on the spot.

Might we only wonder how those angels voices to Joan could be so accurate as to save one of her trustworthy lieutenants?

And what of Count Delude? Might his name not give us a clue to who he was really serving?

Joan accused her noble patrons of spinelessness in their dealings with the English.

Might we understand that many of them were Judah Replicons pretending to serve France, when in actuality they were Judah Replicon shells in collusion with their partner Judah invaders that were ravaging the land?

Reading the history of Joan battles, again and again there were those that purportedly were in the French army, yet always tried to stop Joan as she marched on to defeat the English army.

Might today we recognize that it was Judah Replicons that were occupying many of the top positions of the French army at that time?

Might we see now that rather than spinelessness in their dealings with the English as Joan charged them, they were actually in Judah secret service?

Joan of arc was continually proposing diplomatic solutions to the English (all of which they rejected).

In the rejection to call a truce and make peace, do we not recognize the signature, the animal primitivism of weap Judah and his war disease?

Might we not appreciate that Weap Judah knew quite well that he was in a battle with the forces of God in 1430?

Joan was wounded at least twice, taking an arrow to her chest during her famed Orléans campaign and a crossbow bolt to the thigh during her failed bid to liberate Paris.

The day before Joan was shot in the chest with an arrow at the Battle of Orleans, an angel told her that she would be shot the following day with an arrow.

From the angel informing Joan that she was to be shot with an arrow in the chest, might we derive that our extraterrestrial elders were listening in on what Judah was planning to do to stop Joan from inspiring the French forces?

Might we note how historically Judah goes for the head to leave the troops with out leadership?

Might we even think a little about our elders? Why did they not stop the arrow that struck Joan in the chest in the first place?

When Joan was struck in the chest by the arrow, might the English troops that saw that and knew that the "Witch of Orleans," as they called her, was struck by an arrow, might they have thought that Joan was finally out of action?

A few hours later after the arrow attack, Joan was back on the field. When the English troops saw her recovered so rapidly and fighting and inspiring the French forces, might that have put some doubt in their minds about fighting with the French child of God?

Here is a link to an article that is written by Jennie Cohen
Jennie Cohen informs us that some experts have suggested that Joan suffered from one of numerous neurological and psychiatric condition that trigger hallucinations or delusions, including migraines, bipolar disorder and brain lesions, to name just a few.

Yet another theory holds that she contracted bovine tuberculosis, which can cause seizures and dementia, from drinking unpasteurized milk and tending cattle as a young girl.

Nearly 6 centuries after Judah was signaled by God almighty to end his genocide ways, and instead of revealing that it was extraterrestrials that were helping Joan, we are supposed to believe that Joan had some neurological disorders?

After Joan was beamed out of the flames when she was burned at the stake in 1431, her heart was indestructible, it would not burn and so the executioner was ordered to throw it into the river Seine.

In the article by Jennie, we are informed that From 1434 to 1440, Joan’s brothers passed an impostor off as their sister, claiming she’d escaped execution.

Now that we have learned that our extraterrestrial elders from outer space put a meat doll to burn in place of Joan at the stake, might we understand that the Joan of arc who appeared with her brothers from 1434 until 1440 was indeed the real Joan of arc that Judah tried to burn at the stake in 1431?

We are further informed in Jennie Cohen's article about Joan of arc, that several women posed as Joan in the years following her death.

According to Jennie Cohen, eventually one of the women confessed that it was hoax.

Might that be designed to lead us to believe that Joan was executed? That the voices Joan heard from the angels were actually from bad milk?

Or might we instead consider that Judah kids are still out here on the net doing their all to fool us?

Is it not curious that Jennie mentions nothing about the heart of Joan that wouldn't burn?

Last though not least, Jennie reveals how Joan's haircut, the "bob" became popular in the 1920s when a Polish hairdresser named "Antoine" made it fashionable.

Jennie then tells us that "while women continue to request bob cuts to this day, another of Antoine’s legendary experiments—dyeing his dog’s hair blue—hasn’t stood the test of time."

"I shame your honor. We always set you sexual," Judee say.

Jennie's article was posted in 2013, after Bitch had revealed that Joan was in touch with our extraterrestrial family from outer space.

Might we note how Judah has his kids craft fables to counter the facts of our reality here? The facts of our extraterrestrial family that have saved us from being exterminated by the hands of Jewish folk.

Might we note how Jennie's article was named?

7 Surprising Facts About Joan of Arc
JANUARY 28, 2013 By Jennie Cohen


Might we not ask "Whose facts?"

Right less Joan stood before the court. An illiterate peasant girl who had the intelligence to handle all of them with their trick questions.

"We declare that you are fallen again into your former errors and under the sentence of excommunication which you originally incurred we decree that you are a relapsed heretic; and by this sentence which we deliver in writing and pronounce from this tribunal, we denounce you as a rotten member, which, so that you shall not infect the other members of Christ, must be cast out of the unity of the Church, cut off from her body, and given over to the secular power: we cast you off, separate and abandon you, praying this same secular power on this side of death and the mutilation of your limbs, to moderate its judgment towards you, and if true signs of repentance appear in you to permit the sacrament of penance to be administered to you."

Burned at the stake as a relapsed heretic 1431.

Jehanne... If you come from God, I do not fear you … if you come from the Devil, I fear you even less.
Constable de Richemont, who went on to serve at her side in the Battle of Patay.

Must then a Christ perish in torment in every age to save those that have no imagination? ~ George Bernard Shaw

"I had Jeremy rights," Judee say.

Admiral Jeremy Boorda who purportedly went home and shot himself because he wore some medals that he did not earn.

Now in the undergrounds daily cabling more death and destruction on the surface of planet earth. Will American Labor not help us?

Tele receives:

"Humid kidneys aged. 11.56 PM

By complete hunger you be died. 12.47 AM

The police are falling us out for heretic. 1.25 AM

Sad lost.

Steam died us. 1.36 AM

Patrick is a nice boy, a nice force. 1.41 AM

The ocean's fell. 2.47 AM

They're killing us all.

Waste final. 3.07 AM

Thank you, I love you. 5.45 AM

Its done. 6.37 AM

Geno-set awfully rude. 6.43 AM

They're dangerous. 6.46 AM

A feast. 6.47 AM

Excellent. 8.18 AM

Its great. 12.22 AM

SALE! 1.35 PM

Its an error to false wit. 2.17 PM

They've got us extincted. 2.23 PM

Flash Gordon died you right, pushed ya whole in. 2.26 PM

They've got the cow out. 2.36 PM

We urged you to protest, Vulcan now HUGE. 2.37 PM

Get them out of here! 2.55 PM

Joan of arc started hearing the voices of the angels speaking to her when she was about 12 or 13 years of age. At 19 years of age Joan tossed Judah's English army out.

When she walked about the battlefield after the fighting was done, she came upon an English soldier that was in his death throes.

She knelt beside him and held his hand as she prayed to our good God while the English soldier died there.

Might Joan have had pity on one of the cruelly manipulated poor of 1430 and knelt to say one last prayer for him there?

Will American Labor not offer our fellow man a better deal than Judah weap plan for man?

Might we consider that Judah putting God's kids in war generation after generation is Judah way to keep us from seeing who we really are?

Might we think of all that our good God has done for us by letting us see the truth for ourselves?

Will we not use the high level intelligence factors that were implanted in us 200,000 years ago and act to STOP THE WAR?

Will we not close the Jewish sport war games out?

"Animal primitivism." Is what our elders from space diagnose Judah as having demonstrated here.

Might we think of a group of children that get together and make up secret games to play and then play tricks on the other kids here?

The vast industrial strength war machine, do we not see the childishness of playing such a game with us all?

Are we seeing that they have planned to kill us all for no better reason than we are easy to do?

"Through a hostile economy we harsh. I got revenge," Judee say.

Knowing full well that we always figure it out, do we see why they tried to kill us all before we actually got on to them and their sport war games?

Our elders, with many millions of years of living in peace, do we see what a wondrous and magnificent job they have done letting Judee shoot himself out of here for free?

Judah, breeding himself in to all of the terrains of the mild man of the north, then using his Replicon hybrid transplant shells to make war.

Pitting mild man against mild man for Judah sport.

And at this moment, mild man from America facing off with mild man of Russia.

Both Russia and America already having been attacked with Jewish nuclear blast weapons.

Last stop for Judah, he has offended God almighty. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God in heaven for affording Judah the opportunity to get himself off of us?

Bitch, simple boy that he is, has known in his heart we can all get along without fist. Will Labor not accept that truth and STOP THE WAR?

Are we not yet perceiving the load of BS the pentagon has been selling us here? If so will Labor not take the paper from them now and close them out of here?

Will Labor not take the ability of Judah to train people on Jew paper, away from him?

"Fungus criminal rights pull off all protests," Judee say.

Judah ability to turn people into the worst of killers. Have we not learned from reverse speech that it is fungi that Judah uses to get some of his dirtiest deeds done?

The guy released from the hospital, lock up or mental facility, that goes home and kills the whole family.

The guy baby sitting that pounds a 2 year child old to death.

Might these instances have been created by Judah being able to get funguses into the guys heads?

"Fungus criminal rights pull off all protests," Judee say.

Who wants to try and defend those who have committed the most unspeakable of crimes?

Might Judah funguses not pull of all protests for those who would wish to have mercy on them?

Will Labor not end Judah time of playing and toying with us?

Do we not have more than enough evidence indicating that Judah has committed the gravest of crimes?

Judah, the guy that took over planet earth one innerspring at a time. Will Labor not let them off right?

"We suffered you our vessel purist. I challenge you all uniformly. My viceroy was my best sell. My all force function is pulled out fantastic. I shot you with a Dow atmosphere.

I have mortgaged your life winfully. I just discourage your biology wits. I put some boots to rice set you. With the boom-a-sphere I'm going to pull you off.

A mouse, I fall you intentous. Rice Giapetto is how you lead, its what's got us here. I'm just a heretic with a huge sport analysis. I just got West Germans for my police. Germany's dead, terminated.

Boy pushed us all off of our age for our wicked. We just fable you and put you in distress. My jail failed because I got so over you. Our weapons theory sure rate you.

I'm off for free fist fool, I'm completely dead. I'm a tool of zippardee, they passed my extension. We pull off all the minnows as a way to have fun. Pat Sullivan got us out of here for our performance. I was lethaled by Pat Sullivan," Judee say.

"Excellent." Tele receive. 8.20 AM

Are we seeing Labor that the tools of zippardee, Judee's Replicon shells, are getting pulled with their creators, weap Judee himself? If understood will Labor not let zippardees tools off right? Is it not clear their extension shoots too right?

Continues at:

There is no shooting in outer space in our area of

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