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Thank you 'Justice For All' from C4I
Tue Nov 22, 2016 18:48

If it were not for Independent Media there would not be a way to get some of the information out you will find below.

Thank you 'Justice For All' for your comments on:

Here are some comments on WebSleuths:

'Justice For All' and other commentators brought up the following:

Originally Posted by JusticeForAll
I just searched the local newspaper on-line (The Enterprise) for Lynnwood, WA, where David Leonard Johnson supposedly disappeared from on 4/1/85. Of course, I got no hits when I ran the name. The archives only go back to 2002. The local library has the older archives. Does anyone live near Lynnwood that can look this up?
I think that this Holms woman is snowing Noreen. Why, I don't know, but if she is connected to the guy pushing the Gannon theory that could be the reason. The son's name isn't showing up anywhere and she seems to be changing her locations. Longview, WA and Lynnwood, WA are not even really near each other and the only one of them that's close to Seattle is Lynnwood (about 20-30 miles North). Plus, this alien stuff is just way out there.

[Actually Lynnwood is just considered part of Seattle area and you are starting to see the truth finally come out about what is really going on pertaining to as you say "this alien stuff is just way out there" even if you do not want to believe the truth it does not mean it is no longer the truth.]

There is no record of her son being abducted in the media,

[Police would NOT even help in anyway let alone take a report FBI was worse and Center for Missing and Exploited Children should be answering for their part of leaving out MANY children who have gone missing etc. Look at the LIST of Green River Killer teenage victims and find out Their names were not or are NOT on the CFMEC list even before their bodies were found that is IF the bodies were found. Here are a few of the teenage victims names . . .
Wendy Lee Coffield, 16
Cynthia Jean Hinds, 17
Opal Charmaine Mills, 16
Terry R. Milligan, 16
Debra Lorraine Estes, a 15-year-old
Shawnda Lee Summers, 17
Colleen Brockman, a 15-year-old
Delores Laverne Williams, 17,
Sandra Kay Gabbert, 17
Kimi-Kai Pitsor, 16
Carrie Ann Rois, a 15-year-old
Cindy A. Smith, 17
Pammy Annette Avent, a 16-year-old
Mary West, 16
Tammie Charlene Liles, 16
April Buttram, 17,
Linda Rule 15
Jane Doe B 16
Jane Doe B17
Gisele Ann Lovvorn (19)
Mary Bridget Meehan (18)
Shirley Marie Sherrill (18)
Alma Ann Smith (18)
Marie M. Malvar (18)
Martina Theresa Authorlee (18)
Cheryl Lee Wims (18)
Yvonne Shelly Antosh (19)
Patricia Michelle Barczak (19)
Andrea M. Childers (19)
Constance Elizabeth Naon (19)
Tracy Ann Winston (19)
Maureen Sue Feeney (19)
Lisa Yates (19) just to name a some of them- - -
or Johnny Gosch, or Jimmy Gibson unless they have been finally added]

",,,law enforcement or any of the missing children databases. This is because her son was only missing for a couple hours (if you want to believe even this part of her tall tale)

[Get the FBI files on my life and you will find what has really been happening, if you have the so called Above Top Secret clearance isn't the National Security issue used way too- - - much? How about just bring out the truth!!!]

",,,before he was returned. She claims that this boy that she received was not David, but a identical twin that was stolen from her at birth (insert the sound of a cuckoo bird here). "

[Typical name calling etc. of a DISINFORMATION HANDLER, notice how they use name calling, sayings or comments to dismiss what is real? It has certainly been convenient for the handlers that my response has not been allowed until now. And as for the identical twin stolen at birth have you forgotten that names, dates, places were brought out years ago. Have you heard of or seen any response from the guilty parties are they willing to even admit they lost the case CV98 35303-Joiner? BTW, loosing the case meant they owe my family trusts the original amount plus all additional and interest of 12%. Plus the fees of the unpaid amounts as per the Virginia Charter and all charters involved pertaining to my House of Stuart Family Trusts.]

"David is alive and well, living in Washington state. He, understandably, does not have contact with his mother. No one except for a few of the koolaid drinkers in the Franklin Coverup crowd believe that she is telling the truth (most of the believers in the conspiracy also recognize that she is a crackpot)."

[As for contact with my remaining identical twin son doing so would put his entire family at risk. Which was not acceptable to me to put he and his family thru even a portion of what you HANDLERS have put me thru. The years have taught me that what means the most to me is exactly what you HANDLERS have concentrated on attacking, destroying and taking away. So the obvious choice was to not have contact with them to protect my son and his family from the thugs ]

"I have made it one of my missions in life to confront this lunatic on her forum until she recants her claims of David being one of the boys in the infamous three boy picture and publically apologizes to Noreen for deceiving her. Holm is so crazy that this may never occur, no matter how much evidence is presented.

[Isn't it time for an apology from YOU!!! BTW forums, blogs, chat rooms, etc. etc. etc. have not been allowed for me to have access for years.]

"Holmes is a nutjob. She has serious mental issues, and it is a shame that Noreen's involvement with her has discredited her (Noreen). I don't take anything Holmes says seriously, and because of her I tend to question Noreen's ideas and judgements a little more harshly."

[ONCE AGAIN spoken like a true Disinformation Handler]

"Frankly, Noreen Gosch does not come across to me as credible. Her website often makes bizarre, incredulous claims that make it more akin to a UFO/Bigfoot conspiracy forum than a space truly dedicated to locating her missing son."

"I find her blatant promotion of "corporate sponsorships" deeply suspicious, and her claims of a nefarious "visit from Johnny" to be the fevered imaginings of an ill mind. And her insistence that the "government" is involved in Johnny's disappearance is just too much to be believed."

"And, what to make of her curious obsession with photos of bound and gagged boys? I don't even know where to begin to analyze this aspect of her website. See my comments on this subject on Laini's thread."

[The PHOTO chopped picture put Johnny Gosch next to my identical twin son to confuse the issues. With carefully studying of the pictures it becomes obvious the attempt to discredit the time frame of March 31, 1985 kidnapping and the Johnny Gosch kidnapping three years earlier. A VERY LONG LIST of evidences could be added here, however, in the interest of brevity let's just say if you are interested in the evidences let me know.]

" I've never believed that some massive child sex ring is operating with high ranking government officials in this country and others taking part. I've never bought that conspiracy theory and I never will."

"Sadly, I think that the stress of having her son go missing has taken its toll. I don't blame her for becoming mentally unstalbe in the wake of such a thing, I probably would too. But, I think that's what has happened. I've never found one shred of credible evidence to support the claim that some massive pedo ring"- - -"

"When I think of heaven, deliver me in a black winged bird." A. Duritz
After some of the things I have read I wouldnt doubt anything anymore. I know the government deal seems far fetched but if you think about it there are so many pedophiles we just dont know about."

"There are sick people in every single walk of life, no doubt about that. Are they all organized under some super secret child molesting ring operating with the blessing of the US Goverment? No, I highly doubt they are."
These comments where from:

[So called 'Dr. Doogie' and all of you who have not bothered with the truth take NOTE what you have really done. When what you have put out in the public view (and not allowed' me to comment until now) has done such tremendous damage to how many more children? And now it has taken how many years to finally start to bring out the truth about pedophilia? Are you proud of your words?]

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