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"They're Dying Us Thief. We're Suckered. Boots Offend." Tho
Wed Nov 23, 2016 09:58

"They're Dying Us Thief. We're Suckered. Boots Offend."

Those are some overnight Tele receives. "They're dying us thief. We're suckered. Boots offend."

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.

With the concession given to them to issue our money in 1913 we quietly fund Judah dying us out of here. Will Labor not help us and STOP THE EWAR?

For those that have spent the 40 minutes of quiet thinking about it, is it not obvious that extraterrestrials are doing what they can to rescue us from being extirpated by weap Judah and his nuclear technology blast and waste brand?

Alerted by extraterrestrials in October of 2011 that Judah went ahead with a surprise massive nuclear missile attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, must we not try to end ignoring what weap Judah has done and is continuing to do to us and our children and grandchildren? Must we not end Judah dying us out with him?

So many of us living wealthy in America, plenty of money for everything we need. Now on the edge of a collapse that seems impossible to believe.

Must we experience the Jewish brimstone electricity waste nightmare that Judah has brought in before we will act to take the concession to issue of our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Hellyer gave an eye-opening interview.

Going back to late 2013, former Canadian Prime Minister and Defense Minister Paul Hellyer said in a TV interview with RT, that he knows for a fact that UFOs are real and that they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years.

He also said that there are at least 4 different species that he knows of and that they want to help us create a peaceful world. He also said they have the technology to completely transform our world for the better. If there would be one interview to send to someone skeptical of this subject, this would be it.........

Warned thousands of times for over 5 years by our good God almighty to STOP THE WAR, American Labor continues to fund our world gone. Must Labor not take a close look at how we are destroying ourselves and act to STOP THE WAR?

In another interview that opened even more eyes was in early 2013 when former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor Dr. Brian O’ Leary told the world:

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted and that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time…”
In the interview he also discusses free energy technology that these beings use. Another famous quote from Dr. O’Leary regarding free energy technology is:

“These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound.

It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world.”

O'Leary worked in the space industry at Science Applications International Corporation in Hermosa Beach, California, beginning in 1982. He refused to work on military space applications, for which reason he lost his position there in 1987.
In 2003, O'Leary founded the New Energy Movement. Shortly after his new energy colleague Eugene Mallove was murdered in 2004, he moved to Ecuador, where he resided for the rest of his life. He continued to travel and publicly lecture on the subject of new energy and planetary healing.

"My research and that of others show that there are literally hundreds of suppressed sustainable energy technologies, many of which have been proven in the laboratory and field, and any one of which could provide a solution to the energy crisis. The theory is explained.

However, when any of these devices has approached prototyping and manufacturing, invariably something has happened to sabotage the technology, such as refusals to grant a patent, bribes to sell the patents, theft of the device, threats to the health and safety of the inventors, and in
extreme cases assassination.

Time and time again, innovators have been disempowered by vested corporate interests in concert with a corrupt political system."


Is there not a sense that we are in the last couple of weeks before the majority of Americans force ourselves and our children to perish in the nuclear war that weap Judah is shooting on us?

Will We not pray for the 30 minute break though that will lead Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?

God our Father will not fail us. Will Labor not join with our good God and STOP THE WAR?

Those big dollars in the bank account. What will they be worth when our air is too toxic to keep us alive? How much is our money worth when we lose our health? Our lives?

Have we not heard it said, "your health is your wealth?"

Will American Labor not act to preserve the wealth that we have in our good health?

"A big bank account is an old mans best friend."

Larry S------ said to Bitch telepathically after Bitch read his tale of the nurse that was at Dayton, Ohio when the extraterrestrial space craft was delivered there.

Heard an interview with Larry on Rense com and spent $5 dollars for a download of his tale of the nurse who was there in 1947.

It was a false story, and while thinking about how Larry got a fiver off of Bitch with an exciting false, heard Larry say that telepathically to him; "A big bank account is an old mans best friend."

Bitch didn't put Larry's last name in because he found there are several people with the same first and last name that are involved with extraterrestrial research.

Will Labor not join with the love of our precious sweet Father, STOP THE WAR and wash the sadness away from our world?

Will Labor not take care of our children so that Judah can not lure them into harming their brothers and sisters in this world?

Our environment being taken away from us. Looking at the majority of Americans not being around in a few years. Are there any that are not aware that we are systematically, scientifically being wiped out here?

Will we not have faith that Father will have His angels help us if only we will help ourselves?

Are we not for sure competent enough to understand that sport war to facilitate sport genocide will get us tossed out of life form if we do not care enough to end it?

2,000 years of warnings in our bibles of the end times with brimstone to wipe us out.

Definition of entitle: A right, a claim.

The sovereign of planet earth. Any doubt that it is God almighty?

After Father having His angels pull every nuclear missile out of the sky that weap Judah attacked us with to make us go bye bye, any doubt whatsoever that God is the sovereign of planet earth?

Might we recall from the 1604 decision in the Mixt money case in London, that the sovereign has the prerogative to issue our money?

Must Labor not respond to the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?

Do we not recognize that we have been entitled to our rights by God almighty?

Might that blank piece of paper not better read:

"You disparage my shill that's trying to convince you to save yourselves." Father said.

2 weeks to go before our elders from outer space will cease advising us on how to save ourselves from the nuclear brimstone waste genocide that Judah has put upon us.

"We rused the white people out of their civil rights," Judee say.

The gift to us from our good God above, our civil rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and Judah rused us out of them. Will Labor not help us to straiten it out?

If we think of our God given rights as a form of heavenly 401K plan, might we not make a connection of what a terrible outcome we may have if we continue to go on without any civil rights?

Work honestly for the company for 3 decades and produce great wealth for the firm. Just a year into retirement with that nice pension you paid into for 3 decades and company sets itself to be declared bankrupt.

The properties and capital equipment, a judge sitting on the bench declares that creditor "A", the finance house, gets it all.

Creditor "B", the workers pension plan, gets none of it at all.

Might that not be the time to have our civil rights in? Might it not be useful to have a jury decide if the workers should get some of it?

To everyday ordinary workers who put money into pension plans. Might it not be useful that after working for years and putting many dollars in, that a jury make the decision if your pension is gone or not? Does that not sound better than a Judah clerk on the bench making the critical decision?

Should workers not have the right to have a jury decide the facts to determine what went wrong and who is liable?

"You Druids I ever screw you out of your deal. I just bourse corruption so I can get on the inside and instant you. Oxygen we got past you smooth," Judee say.

Perishing us out right less in the hundreds of millions over the next few years. Must Labor not bring our grand juries in?

You're welcome to have the grand jury ask about the pooch, the diaper the embezzle or whatever it is that is on your mind.

But will you not be sure to ask why they have not put any boron into the feed water at Hitachi-GE in all of these years?

Will our grand juries not ask just how many thousands of Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of radioactive waste they are dumping into our environment each month?

Might our grand juries not ask health specialists just what are the numbers of how many of us are slated to die from Jewish brimstone nuclear electricity waste?

Your Radiation This Week No 81 and 82
By Bob Nichols on November 19, 2016 alpha, beta, CPM

Nuclear War Continues Relentlessly - 59 Cities are Reporting Radiation Above 1,000 CPM - Take all necessary precautions

Radiation Soars Again in the US. Baghdad is toast. Dr Paolo Scampa on the Baghdad radiation count.

Saturday 12 November 2016

From “surgical strikes” to radiotoxic aerosols without borders.

Baghdad city covers 2688 km 2 and has more than 5 million inhabitants.

During the second Gulf War the city suffered the bombing of 2453 tons of depleted uranium with nothing but the air campaign and who knows double with land campaign.

In the “surgical strikes” 1472 tons of depleted uranium (60% of the inventory), radioactive aerosols without borders.


Thousands of tons of depleted uranium dumped on our family in the Middle East. Will American Labor not think about the consequences of not acting to STOP THE WAR?

Might we not conjecture that Judah has found his answer to dealing with us is blowing in the wind?

Knowing full well since the time his clerk Adolph started building missiles, that Mercury could pull them all easily.

So the answer to how to put the Druid people in if he could not get a clean shot off with his nuclear great balls of fire?

"The answer my friend is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind."

Are we not yet getting some idea of the jester head that is burning our fields and air out?

"My psychorama keeps scoring you out. My minnow brief is Okie, I got some cash insure. I disgrace you beautiful. I'm just going to bury you all in because my score day is dead. I just died you so I'm in. You tossed your ammo on a great false," Judee say.

The tons of depleted uranium that are now producing cancers and birth defects. Is there not some way that American Labor will take a good look at what our income taxes have been used to pay for here?

"I fired you in all profits. We're just a great filthy fist force. We make you die with our stumble wits. Of all my schemer routes my boots are the best. Our terrorist force and acts we're leaving because we so ruined you. My Polish house tossed Jupiter," Judee say.

Extraterrestrials have stepped in to spare us extermination from the series of nuclear wars that weap Judah has been and is still shooting upon us.

God almighty of heaven above has spoken to us for over 5 years now warning us to STOP THE WAR.

Our lifeforms pushed out of existence as American Labor funds dumping thousands of tons of depleted uranium on our family.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." Our elders from outer space said.

Does Labor not sense that we cannot survive a nuclear war right, blast or waste?

Our totally corrupted and criminalized system. Will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put decency in? Reason? Sanity? Must Labor not close Judah bad dog out?

Tele receives:

"Genius. 7.19 PM

We're dying here, falsing ourselves out. 7.48 PM

We're being destroyed with images.

Its incredible, they saved us. 7.47 PM

The son of a bitch's burned us up. 7.55 PM

Its a festival of beast. 7.58 PM

Correct. 8.07 PM

Jerk is fistulin fish us sick. 2.02 AM

In a couple of days it is faulted exhausted. 2.13 PM

Give them a cry back home, toss them out from our fields. 2.18 AM

Patrick, we cite you innocent. 2.19 AM

This guy fisted us. 2.22 AM

Their shooting has got us set for wretched. 2.52 AM

They're dying us thief. 2.53 AM

We're suckered. 3.05 AM

Boots offend. 3.08 AM

Stupid man. 3.37 AM

That boy human come in we'll be rich.

You're wiping out your establishment. 6.15 PM

Get out your jails. 6.27 AM

You're finished with your error. 6.40 AM

Its a throw stupid. 6.45 AM

They failed our field tikeish. 6.55 AM

Jew app died. 7.17 AM

Jew failed Bitch true, you're now eligible to die. 7.30 AM

The manager shot himself. 7.32 AM

These are shots officials. 7.33 AM

Your crazy opped Jew boursive. 7.43 AM

If we can't be nice to each other then we throw ourselves out with Judee. 7.48 AM

Its an air raid.

Cow sports. 8.05 AM

They've destroyed us already. 8.27 AM

Patrick, I see the waste fold. 9.32 AM

Terrible." 2.53 PM

"Patrick, we cite you innocent." 2.19 AM

Last night Bitch read in reverse speech that the people have found out that Judah lied about Bitch.

Might that coincide with the Tele receive in the middle of the night, "Patrick, we cite you as innocent?"

Might this truth that Bitch is innocent breaking through help convince Labor to help us STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will we not pray it does?

2 weeks and that it is it. Father wants us to come home with Him and live in peace. Will American Labor not let the fist crowd off right?

"We just miniaturize you to sport you out. Bitch boy pulled us out for our racials. You simpled me great Pat," Judee say.

Is there some agreement that for repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles in the night, that Judah has finished himself out of here?

Continues at:

That we have funded Judah to put enough nuclear waste into our environment to kill the majority of Americans over the next few years, is there any doubt

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    If it were not for Independent Media there would not be a way to get some of the information out you will find below. Thank you 'Justice For All' for your comments on:... more
    • "They're Dying Us Thief. We're Suckered. Boots Offend." Tho — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Nov 23 09:58
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