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Regarding Those Warnings to the US Governors
Sat Nov 26, 2016 17:59

WARNING TO US GOVERNORS Keep in mind USC 18 Section 4:meaning you too are responsible to report to appropriate agencies any crimes personally known to you. Or you are part of the crimes.

Have you audited those dead people, illegal voting etc. votes?

Have you looked into those 'Priority Accounts' or paid attention to things like:

The transfer of funds and how the transfers affected the people of your State. or the use of those 'Special agents?'to:

1. Go around telling family members and friends and swaring them to secrecy that the one being victimized is being 'investigated for illegal activity of some sort.'

2. Taking away all methods for the ones being targeted to have funds to be able to legitimately provide for their own needs. And condoning calling them all types of names when they refuse to participate in illegal activities.

2. Are you to busy listening to your orders from the so called 'BAR' (British Admiralty Registry) association in other words the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) the BAR centered in 'City of London' on who to go after or target and ignore their police, FBI, or any real reports such as, attemped kidnapping, Kidnapping out of the hospital by Mary Maxwell Gates, theft, arson, threats, attempts to kill. And the person(s) going through this tries to reach out for authorities to start to do something they get paid to do. And what do you do? It is time for you to fulfill your job and oath of Office.

3. How much have you looked into why so many children from your State have been taken from loving homes without recourse of law. Parents are not even allowed to know that ONLY a SPECIAL set of rules apply to 'Family or Children's Court.' And your office just signs away the so called Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) Supervision Reports that are so heavily redacted the parent can not even get any basic knowledge of what is happening to their own child even though supposedly the child is going to a "relative?"

3.Did you ever follow through and find out more about just what CPS is really up to? Have you ever tried to find out just what your agents are up to?

4. Have you ever taken a courtcase Like CV98 35303-Joiner and called it exclusively your case to handle when one of your victims, oops citizen, tries to gain your help in cleaning up the corrupt mess?

5. Have you ever halted the return of so called 'unclaimed funds' to your citizens with the excuse they could not prove who they are no matter what the documentation of being born in your own State?

6. Have you been part of stopping Public Access TV and ignoring that the public is being sharged for the public access on their bill (in other words being able to communicate and present their grievances in a safe public forum) and not having to march and protest to be heard. When those funds do not go into Public Access TV etc. where do they go?

And there are SO MANY MORE THINGS that could be discussed Right Governor?

It is not like we don't get that you too will be under the gun literally or a rampage against you will commence if you do not do as you are told.

HOWEVER, you are the leader of your State supposedly. So lead or answer to charges like everyone else.

BTW why CFR and BAR are quite important to understand coordinating the order giving.

First consider my situation the Council on Foreign Relations go way back with trying to make sure my being a non citizen of any country. And ones even within the CFR most likely do not even realize their part in the big picture. But let me fill you in on the Big Picture. Then maybe you can fill in the ones 'ordering' to be done etc. to see how they fit in taking away not only your rights but their own rights and future well being.

Second, consider the founding of the the USA there is a charter called the Virginia Charter(s) that named Gates as the first name to have the responsibility for seeing to that the funds are collected from the citizens commerce, and valuable assets of the USA are not only belonging to the House of Stuart and are paid into the trusts properly NOT the City of London. This means NOT to the City of London no matter how big of cut of the pie they demand. Further the ones on the Charters were assigned to carry out the 'DO NO HARM' mandate of the Charters. The Gates and the names on the Charters still demand to have all the rights yet no responsibility of harm that is being caused. So Governors have you looked into just where these funds from your State are going?

Third are you aware of the same names and descendents names on the Charters have developed into the crime families using those Propriatory Accounts? Or is this just revealing your family secrets to so called 'success?'

What about it Governors? How about some real answers!!!

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