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Sat Dec 3, 2016 03:04

The War Between People Who Rape Children Against Those Who Don't
November 30, 2016
Activist Angel

Children ARE being sold, raped and sacrificed on a huge scale. It's true. We can stop it at long last.

When Chance asked me to write a piece for his blog, I was scared. Then I realized it might be the best way to be able to sleep and eat again.

"Pizza Gate" is one of the most important citizen's investigations in history. I know, because I have been investigating the satanic pedophile and child sex trafficking rings that operate under our noses for many years. I firmly believe that at last the power of Good, or God, or Jesus Christ (I'll use any power out there, thanks) is stepping in to defeat what may or may not be real demons. I hesitate to use that word, because many of the perpetrators were "groomed" from small children and broken on purpose, mentally and physically. I try to find love and compassion for them, even as I know they must be kept away from children, and perhaps eliminated if necessary. Like a beloved dog that has become rabid.

Chance suggests that I have an over all perspective and depth of knowledge about the subject that might be helpful. So I am not going to go in to lots of evidence, or tons of links. For that go to,, or the pizzagate threads. Reddit used to have terrific threads but they were deleted by the cannibal loving and likely compromised CEO.

I first found out something was terribly wrong around 2003. I had reason to visit a place called "The Crick." It is a town on the Utah Arizona border where the cult leader Warren Jeffs led his group of polygamist Mormons. They called themselves the FLDS, F standing for fundamentalist. Jeffs has since been imprisoned for marrying 12 year old girls, but still runs the group from prison, and now I see clearer what binds them all together. That is the subject of another blog.

Back then I was naive, and on a mission to understand the FLDS better, being the love and hippie kind of fellow I was. The group had just split in two parts, since Jeffs' Father, Ruland Jeffs; who told the cult he was going to live forever; had died. When his pasty, limp wristed, tall and ugly son Warren took over, half the town became "second ward." I was barely able to visit them, mostly by hanging out with "apostates" who had fled the religion but still lived in town. No one from the outside EVER gets to visit "first ward," ... ever. When I would visit the local market, people would literally flee from me because I wore short sleeves.
I was at a party, and it was a special event. Two first ward young men had tunneled under the barbed wire topped wall of their father's compound (lots of those in The Crick), and come to see their cousins that they had only glimpsed at funerals but were never allowed to visit. Everyone was thrilled. I was enthralled.

I had never, in my life seen such beautiful young men. At the time I chalked it up to being stoned (at a higher elevation than I'm used to) but it seemed to me as if they glowed... literally. They were around 15 years old, tall and extremely fit, with that red-gold hair that some of the hardy Mormon bloodlines inherited from their British royal roots. Now that I have learned more, I realize that these boys had never been vaccinated, raised on the healthiest food available on the planet, and had never been soiled by any outside contact with the world. They had been schooled by the cult, just enough to function, but not really read or write.
In a way that I now know is horrifying, I realize I was looking at the finest human thoroughbreds the Unites States had to offer. I get chills when I think about it now.

In the course of the evening, I began to hear some things that didn't score with my stoned hippie mind. They talked about missing brothers, "sons of perdition" and one had overheard a parent talking about getting money in some strange way when a brother disappeared. There are highly elaborate prohibitions against ever talking to someone who has left the cult (or vanished) that involve putting a kid's mother in a trailer with no water or electricity for a kid's indiscretion. Any indiscretion will do to permanently banish a boy, such as listening to music. Girls are not banished. They knew they were at the age where they were not wanted any more. In a polygamist cult, when the leader has 75 wives and many of the other "council of elders" are close, boys are in over supply. It didn't quite register at the time, I was partying and it just went to the back of my mind. This is one time I wish my sharp mind could have just let it slip instead of filing it away.

Some time later I was shit stinking drunk with someone that had become a friend, and I asked him about it. (Goose bumps as I write this). The next day he told me, "If you ever tell anyone what I told you last night, they won't have to kill you, I will."
He told me that everyone knew the secret about "first ward" but anyone that talked about it was silenced or had a "four wheeler accident." He said they were sold to men from the middle east. His face was something I will never forget when he said, "they have good blood." From the rest of the brief conversation, I gleaned he was not talking heritage. He meant they were prized for the quality of their blood in a transfusion. "These guys think it makes them younger." You can imagine how I took this... I suppose. It was confusing, horrifying and I didn't tell anybody; half because of the warning, and half because I would sound crazy. It doesn't sound crazy any more. Several years ago, I began to talk of what I had heard because I had kept my ear to the ground about this sort of thing. I started to learn about things like the Franklin scandal, the hidden documentary Conspiracy Of Silence, Ted Gunderson... many others. All the while I kept up with the cult as Warren Jeffs got put in prison and the whole group became even more insulated. No one ever heard from those boys, their cousins, again.

A fantastic documentary, Sons Of Perdition, followed a few kids that tried to escape. One of the ones they were talking to disappeared mid shoot. For speaking up, even slightly, they tried to imprison me and burnt my house down. It's why I go by the name Activist Angel even as I tape TV shows and try to finally do something to save children. It's also why I drink myself to sleep at night. Fast forward to Pizza Gate. For those of us who have been trying for years to expose and end this horror, it is a mixture of relief and deep sadness. It is impossible not to feel guilty, thinking that you might have done more, and wondering how many children and families are destroyed. It is also time to storm the beaches and pray that sheer numbers will swarm and destroy these nests of horror. The problem is, it goes all the way to the top, as Conspiracy Of Silence showed us. Here is the overview that Chance wants me to give.

*****Content Warning: Not for the weak of heart.*****

One of the biggest problems is that some of the practices are so awful that ordinary people don't WANT to believe them, even if they are true. These practices are designed that way on purpose.
When sweet Gabriel and Alisa, the "Hampstead 2," came forward with their story that "our father and everybody at school puts different size "plastic willies" in our bottoms and makes them bleed," it was met with ridicule. "How ridiculous! What imaginations! They must have been tortured by their mother because of a custody battle!" Never mind the physical evidence that they had been raped (healed fissures, etc). Never mind that Alistair Crowley's more occult version of Satanism includes using sodomy (Satan's Sex) as a way to "insert demons" in to children and "stimulate the base of their spines so their third eye opens and they become enlightened." Never mind that they said the exact same thing, consistently, or that children tell the same story in many different countries. When they survive.
Yes, you read that right. Gabriel and Alisa were telling the truth as you can clearly see when you watch the videos that keep being removed by YouTube. They were sodomized by incredibly sick and twisted real life demons, including women, because these broken fiends believed in a fanatical religion called Satanism founded by a nutcase named Crowley. That's a familiar archetype.
If you can not keep reading this, do not feel bad. Many of us are forced in to looking deeper because we have known children that went missing. Sometimes survivors break free of the mind control and speak out.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, this is the place to stop, because what is coming has to be told. This information has led me to a month of being unable to eat, and shaken me and others to the core. I go on for Gabriel and Alisa and those beautiful young men I met in a remote desert town, and the hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. that go missing each year and do not return. (See the links below).

It turns out that satanists are not the only ones interested in this practice. Some "agencies" that are
looking for ways to facilitate what they call "mind control" have taken note that you can traumatize someone at a very young age and force them to create separate personalities. They believe this can give them what they want, 'programmable' Manchurian type slaves. Apparently it sometimes works for them, but not always. To that end they join with the Satanists in forcing these poor children to sacrifice other children, or watch them being tortured. I know you don't want to live in a world where this happens, neither do I. Many of us are fighting for just such a world. That is exactly what is done. If you are sick to your stomach, do not read the next paragraph. You get the idea.The most horrific aspect is because of what Crowley calls the power of "Sex Magick" these rapists believe that sex is a doorway to demonic assistance. God tends to strike down their organs however (females also have a large organ inside that becomes erect. It was deleted from Grays Anatomy in the 40's. Look up cliteracy). So they are looking for more and more horrific ways to get hard. This includes the belief (stop reading this sentence,) that if they drink the blood of a child that has been tortured, it is filled with "adrenaline" and other aphrodesiac chemicals. They also believe that drinking blood gives them youth and vitality. Science bears out the fact that a transfusion does this, but I suspect the drinking part is psychological. Sorry to those of you that read this paragraph.

This information is so shocking that any normal person goes through several psychological stages. Past the nausea, the horror, the grief, the depression and the denial comes a stone cold determination. That is where we all become mother grizzlies, and access the fiercest force in the Universe; a mother protecting her cubs. We are all Mother Grizzlies now, and have a chance, after centuries of rape and plunder being the norm in this world, to expose and end this. To that end, there may be nothing you can do right now, but just knowing and caring, and praying for these children is actually doing plenty. There is a race consciousness, I believe. It is awakening and no amount of internet censorship, or labeling the independent media as "fake" is going to stop it. The morphogenic mind of this planet is evolving, and this literally satanic practice must be eliminated as we become more enlightened together. This involves finding ways to love and keep loving through this. None of us are Jesus, but even he overturned some money changing tables... lovingly.

For those of you who want to hear what's going on that brought these revelations about, it was Wikileaks, now compromised and Assange killed; and the New York Police department.
The FBI and "Justice Department" are both led by, though not completely filled with, these compromised, blackmailed monsters. Many of these folks don't participate in the worst abuses, but they do enough that there is secretly recorded video on most of them. This information is used by the money masters to keep the war machines, banking and energy scams going.
Part of what's going on, I believe, is that the people who are merely corrupt thieves are sick of the child rapers but don't want to upset the apple cart. So there is a strange, lopsided effort to get rid of these people without "discrediting' the whole system. These people need our support and prayers. I for one am perfectly happy to suggest immunity for the bribers and the banksters if we root out this unspeakable evil.

The Satanists thought they would put one of their own, Hillary, on the presidential throne. They had all the voting machines lined up, they had the "mainstream media" lying completely about the polls ("no one shows up at her rallies, but they're gonna vote for her!") but they screwed up.
Comey, the FBI director, had "confiscated" all the laptops from the Clinton clique and given immunity to everyone without any prosecutions, and all was arranged. Then the NYPD found a file on Anthony Weiner's lap top called "Life Insurance." It is said that many of New York's Finest wept openly at the blackmail insurance that they found. They also knew about the corruption, so they made copies (which was illegal... this was child rape, porn and worse) and THEN went to Comey and the FBI. That was when he was forced to issue his famous "we have re opened the investigation" statement. This was done as a way to save face for the phony voting/polling people because like the highly credible Steve Pieczenik said, a counter-coup was taking place against the "globalists;" which was really against the woman Julian had rightfully called a "demon" and her despicable coven. You will notice it looks like they've stopped giving her the transfusions, she can finally decay properly.
Now this amazing world wide citizen's investigation is scaring the hell out of them. Sleuths, some of whom proudly calling themselves "weaponized autists" (using their spectrum skills to obsess about research), are uncovering the truth at an astounding rate. Reddit went down because some of the citizen researchers had hacked in to a secret part of the "Comet Pizza" website and found child pornography, ways to "buy" children and even worse. Some said they had tracked users to the FBI. They were asking the community how do deal with it... you can't just download that stuff to your computer and bring it to the same authorities that are complicit! We were discussing what in the world the options were regarding such utterly smoking guns when Reddit deleted all the threads. I had three of the best still up in my tabs, copied them and saved them, as did many others. Perhaps we can post them on a page with other links and research I have done about the Utah trafficking in high end boys. I haven't gone to thoroughly to see how much was retained. We also did not really find an answer to that question. What do you do with explosive evidence like that that could be used against you and puts your life in danger? To be honest, I suspect there are a bunch of suicided Reddit researchers out there.

There are so many damning pieces of evidence, look deeper if you can. I will talk about one specific thread. Before the last real release from Wikileaks, one of the leakers made the cryptic comment "look for the cards" regarding evidence against the Clinton cabal. The leaks were so huge that he was trying to guide us to something specific. I believe it is the picture below.

For those of you following this, you know that many believe John and his brother Tony Podesta should be suspects in the disappearance of Madeline McCann from a vacation hotel in Italy years ago. John Podesta wiped his emails the day after she disappeared, they match police sketches pretty well, and evidence has been found that they were staying with a known (convicted) pedophile descendent of

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