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"You're Destroying The Rest Of Your Life Forces Through Para
Sun Dec 4, 2016 11:05

"You're Destroying The Rest Of Your Life Forces Through Paralysis"

That is a Tele receive from over night. "You're destroying the rest of your life forces through paralysis."

Does that sound as if it is from our elders from outer space?

Known from before the birth of the atomic age marked by the explosion of an atomic bomb in 1945 that the human race could not survive a nuclear war, blast or waste, weap Judah using his mental, forced Atomic war on to the children of God on earth.

Warned off by an angel sent by God in April of 1945, "Destroy them, you're out," the Freud wasp president Harry Truman destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs.

"Free us." Tele receive 2.48 AM

Our peace activists, imprisoned for serving the love of our good God. "Free us." Will Labor not hear the plea of those that love us so much that they risked and lost their freedom doing what they could to help us?

Millions of slave laborers in Americas prisons. Judah sport of the children of our good God. God helped us. Will you not help us Labor to right ourselves in this world?

How did it ever come to pass that the mild man of the north is noted for shooting his brothers and sisters in this world?

The man that has absolutely NO rights because Judah clerks say so. Will Labor not help us to straiten it out?

The people that produce our wealth. Labor, absolutely right less in America and our world now.

Must American Labor not end funding our destruction?

They discovered that with a cage to put other humans in they could move themselves into controlling society and so they built a cage society.

With tight fisting they built their tyranny generation after generation. And what was the intended end result of their secret plan?

Did we not have a chance to see it when they attacked us with 3,200 nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Now that Judah has lost his great balls of fire to our elders from outer space after attacking us with them, any reason left to be frightened of them?

Might we consider how frightening it is to contemplate his municipals fists that carry the power of death on the spot with them wherever they go and the trip to the cage where Judah does his best sport?

"If I don't have a cage I'm not dangerous," Judee tells us. "Our courage is when we set you."

"O what a crushing." Tele receive.

Will American Labor not hear the love of our sweet and gentle good God and make peace in our world?

Fantastic they've lethaled us; Fallen HUGE; supreme pitch." Tele receive 2.23 AM

Set now to die out 95% of the Druid people in both America and Europe. Judah with his anatomy envy, his jealousy. Does Labor not perceive the deadly nature of the life form that is so errant that our home world, the Galactic Federation of Light, sent a rescue mission to earth to save us?

"Father failed to save us, we're lethaled minnows." Tele receive. 2.17 AM

Has Father failed to save us? Or might we have failed to save ourselves?

"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

Advised by the angels that our good God sent in to rescue us, how did we miss their message of love to us?

"We advise you well; STRIKE THEM OUT!"

The angels advised us beginning over 5 years ago.

The angels will end advising us in a few days now. We have failed contact. We are perishing in a nuclear war.

One hot radioactive nano particle may have the energy of a burning match for 15 seconds when it ignites within our tissue.

That we are now breathing in over a hundred hot radioactive particles a day, and it is increasing, might we wonder what 100 matches burning for 15 seconds inside our bodies per day will do to us over time?

Hot radioactive Plutonium nano particles that have been produced at Hitachi-GE for nearly 6 years now. Hitachi-GE refusing any assistance, unwilling to shut the Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot down.

Over 40 of Judah's other dirty bomb nuclear power plants tripped off line by our elders from outer space, preventing Judah from melting the entire surface of our world down.

Judah tells us that the Druid has ever failed to save himself. The mild man that Judah has subordinated to accept being a right less nearly biological fist for Judah.

We the Druid guys and gals that are paying for all of the war in our world. Will we, must we not be dutiful, STOP THE WAR and save ourselves NOW?

Might we not sense a repeat in America of what happened in England when the Dutch transplant hybrid shell Replicon Maurice of Orange invaded England in 1688 and the English Replicons were inside, the 5th columnists, and had marked out all the English leaders and shot them to help topple England for Maurice of Orange?

In America now millions of shell hybrid transplant Replicons that came in under the cover from the wars that Judah has used American fists to shoot in the Middle East.

Boursed up and connected with the Freud wasp Replicon shells that have established themselves in America from its earliest days.

The only thing that has prevented them from fully mauling us, might it have been the American Bill of rights?

With the series of terror attacks that Judah has put upon America, do we see how he has used his staged terror attacks to get our most precious rights away from us?

Will we not act and put our rights in again to prevent the worst pulverization that Judah has ever put on us?

In our long troubled history of Judah infesting and infecting us, with his secret cannibal cult complex life of perpetrating his rape against us, will we not act to save ourselves this time?

Will Labor not put our grand Juries in so that we can unmask his Replicons inside of our nation that are positioning themselves to kill us?

Might we think of "United we stand, divided we fall?

From that little thought might we perceive why Judah has spent so much time, our money and effort, to make the mild man perceived as the vicious thug, torturer, brutalizer and killer of our brothers and sisters in this world?

Might we consider Judah puts his racism in to separate us to prevent us from getting together and putting a peaceful, just and equitable society in?

Judah tells us that to get mild man too fist for him he had to brutalize and vicious him for centuries in the old world of Europe.

While master in America was all set to put in another master plan in America as he had in the old world of Europe, with Judah in the background assaulting us to keep us off balance as was done in Europe, do we recall the one saving grace of America, the states delegates would not create the United Sates of America with out a Bill of Rights in our constitution?

There it was again. The Great Charter. The 1215 Magna Carta. The right to have a jury decide who gets to keep or lose their lives, liberty or property. Now appearing as the law of the land in America in 1791.

Came in with out a gun. A written mutual agreement was made, accepted and signed. Two years to ratify the agreement. The statutes of Jewish fraud defeated in the new land of the free, America.

What will we do about it now, that Judah has breached the agreement?

"I don't believe in this rhino-sphere." Tele receive. 2.18 AM

The baby rhino that Judah has been showing on TV. Might we not take our purse away from Judah and end his playing and toying with us? Might we not end his animal mental games?

Might we not believe and have faith that the love of our kind precious sweet Father will carry us to peace forever more? Might we not choose to not believe in this rhino-sphere here?

Tele receives:

"It true, they're bashing us. 1.30 PM

Its fallen. 1.32 PM

You failed hopee us.


They shot with their sift. 1.57 PM

They're raping us greatly. 1.58 PM

O my god, they're truly faschin.

They're therapy at this.

Its a failed state real jerk. 2.00 PM

Patrick failed peace dumb. 2.02 PM

They've fisted us. 2.03 PM

We're just fizzlin. 2.04 PM

Lies tossed your people. 2.07 PM

Lies cost us. 2.09 PM

Patrick is telling us about the stupid ranch wars. 2.17 PM

Mercury's getting thrown for vagrancy, your best deal getting thrown for bums. 2.18 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT, animal fist is striking us completely. 2.19 PM

Stupid, you failed to save us.

You permanently lost your life. 2.20 PM

They swat us bushly. 2.22 PM

You got the Jews out insightful. 2.30 PM

Geno-sight reals your life. (Reels?) 2.33 PM

You lost your rights so thoroughly they're rubbishing you. 2.36 PM

Your psyche hatchet Jew state. 2.36 PM

Its incredible the HUGE dying of us, we're chilled. 2.37 PM

Their penetrate died us. 2.38 PM

Grade failed tyranny. 2.44 PM

Scored a half truth. 2.52 PM

They snubbed your deal. 3.17 PM

All 50 states failed. 3.22 PM

The whole world's dying. 4.11 PM

They've poisoned us out. 4.31 PM

Don't worry baby, everything will be alright.

We tried to save you from hassle ways but your cannibal died tyrious white.

Don't hold it in. 5.42 PM

A rage steered us. 5.43 PM

Died your energy.

Foolish to out yourself. 5.49 PM

Get them out of here. 5.50 PM

You're a fair diction, sad they're tossing you out.

You have been greatly deceased, torched most dull. 5.56 PM

Croked us. 6.42 PM

Their margarine's soft. 7.23 PM

Busted. 7.30 PM

They mire us in casualties.

You're all put into hell. 9.01 PM

Renounce this violence. 9.02 PM

Torture ruse die people. 10.34 PM

Fister died you all successfully, we expunged.

If they accept the bribes you're wrestlers. 10.35 PM

Pures are guilty in senility.

Deadly is fused. 10.39 PM

Prerogatives officially washed your field. 10.42 PM

Your head boys have finalized your state heart attacks, you're waiting for a summons badly.

STRIKE THEM OUT, fish inherit everything, dodgers fold.

Complete infearity wages from jail fist.

Expose your mentally ill.

They're folding you rich bad contusion.

They're folding you bad. 10.48 PM

Reads set you for death.

Rich guy insure.

You spirit us ugly rolls. 10.51 PM

Tantalum clears god with a gentle force breeze.

Its a die obvious because we're minnows.

In the mills they squashed thee; they tossed us out. 10.58 PM

Though scientist is alerting you they're throwing you out policeful. 11.00 PM

Bitch made a horse die; soma fell.

Your salary dies corporation; real enemy pods. 11.02 PM

Insanity life is debtful.

Handsome failed to save your lives. 11.03

Homeless tossed molecule.

Philosophy defiles you rightfully. 11.04 PM

Its an attack to resign our field real guilty.

Jew racially terrorize. 1108 PM

You failed to save us. 11.09 PM

STRIKE their faultiness bizarre completely.

Source satisfy war then Jew plays with us.

Jail made us die dumb. 11.15 PM

Courage. 11.18 PM

Their highly effective special laws, their specialties leave us.11.24 PM

Parasite cites you out with fear, blown you rightfully. 11.25 PM

Its failed, wrap them out of here. 12.16 AM

He was able by ment to zipperize animal sin with all its imagery; it is not useful. 12.21 AM

It was a real fatal fall real closely. 12.41 AM

You're here to save us. 12.45 AM

They're stocking us with misfits. 12.46 AM

Core-a-states bust you fairly badly.

You failed to joke bridge.

You failed your niche to free racket. 12.50 AM

Idiots died out your serious. 12.52 AM

They war with a core fail.

Patrick opped very nice and he's an evictual here.

Permanent far us badly, its sport now English.

For 5% you lost a win. 12.53 AM

We're fairly out. 12.54 AM

Faulty failed to save us. 12.55 AM

We're dying virtual lies.

Impressive violence munch you out.

Dyna thinking fails. 12.59 AM

The diapers failed us.

You orches stupid prince fail.

Patrick, they really forced us.

Title gives them entrance to false you out of your gear.

Tight fish abuse will capture.

Predator boys commercially out you.

An unbelievable thief tossed you out.

They're dying us off fairly diaperous. 1.14 AM

Your great is gone. 1.20 AM

Tissue score-a-check.

They're jeering. 1.22 AM

Embezzle your white house with white forces. 1.24 AM

Genius prophecies have failed.

Bourse up your spiritual here. 1.28 AM

Wise up, they're perishing us. 1.30 AM

O my god, pitch you off with veterans. 1.31 AM

They rifle our streets, toss them out.

Candy outs our relationship here. 1.33 AM

So oppage tyranny.

You're dying off from nuclear that deficits. 1.36 AM

Their ass parasites are dead and they carry on. 1.38 AM

They raped us spiritually foreign. 1.39 AM

The fails true visch us. 1.40 AM

Perils you failed. 1.44 AM

Irratech is going to make you frosty. 1.50 AM

You're right falling out yourself, you sin-a-died.

When you do close crime scene it will clear. 1.57 AM

They fouled us out of life forms, Pat told you about cataster. 1.58 AM

Its basic offend right gar ya.

They wrap us out of here criminal. 2.04 AM

95% shell go away now, Brazilia life will score you edge.

You're strangled HUGE. 2.09 AM

Poverty all the time refuse. 2.10 AM

You're destroying the rest of your life forces through paralysis. 2.11 AM

West Germans shot your age. 2.15 AM

Thruit out yourself.

They're boring us tight fish. 2.16 AM

Father failed to save us, we're lethaled minnows. 2.17 AM

O what a crush, you're suffering the spec of age.

I don't believe in this rhino-sphere. 2.18 AM

Fantastic they've lethaled us.

Fallen HUGE. 2.23 AM

Supreme pitch.

Submarine core refused. 2.25 AM

Free us. 2.48 AM

Fold you China. 5.13 AM

Bears, they rape you." 5.29 AM

"Source satisfy war then Jew plays with us."

Is that not an especially insightful thought?

Uses Labor to source his perpetual war and that way is able to silence opposition to his war. Then all Judah does is play with us. His Replicons dressing in the garb of whatever terrain it is he is occupying.

"Free us." Tele receive 2.48 AM

Might we not hear the plea of our peace activists that are being held in Judah jails?

If only they were free might Bitch have had some help here and not made the stupid mistakes that he has?

Judas with his senility meals that he has been serving to both those in prison and us on the outside. Will Labor not give us the STRIKE?

Is it not certain than in less than a day Judah will turn over the concession to issue our money to Labor? Certainly he will.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for letting these war guys throw themselves out of here?

The funniest, most dangerous guy ever. Will Labor not let them off right? Now wiping us out of life form. How is it that he has been able to convince us to keep funding it all?

"I inherited a paper ruse," Judee say.

Are we seeing the issue of money is merely that, a paper ruse?

Will Labor not help us out of this dangerous mess that we are in?

Might we consider that war goes on because the majority of the people do not actively oppose it?

That war has nearly fully arrived right inside of our beautiful nation do we not yet have a sense of how deadly it is when one high intelligence human sets out to harm another high intelligence human?

God gave us the peace Labor. After thousands of years we can sing peace on earth good will to men and actually be living it this year.

Luke 2:14 "Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased."

Glory in the highest to God, and upon earth peace, among men -- good will.'

Must Labor not STOP THE WAR and make ourselves pleasing to our good God?

Will men of goodwill not make the peace among ourselves?

"Its over, child's win." Tele receive. 7.04 AM

Continues at:

The age of human warfare. Do we not perceive that it is over with? The thousands of years that Judah has been tricking people to harm other people. Will we not

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    • "You're Destroying The Rest Of Your Life Forces Through Para — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Dec 4 11:05
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