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Mon Dec 5, 2016 06:28




A New Scientific Study banned from the internet clearly shows Vaccines (immunizations) cause Autism.


The Study was published online in the “Alternate Media” in “Frontiers In Public Health.”

The study compared 412 mothers in children 6 -12 years of age including 666 children - Yup - 666 children.

In the study 261 - 39% - were unvaccinated.

Vaccinated Children were less likely to be diagnosed with Chicken Pox and Pertussis - Whoopee

Vaccinated Children were much more likely to get Pneumonia, Otitis Media, Allergies, and Neurological Disorders.

In fact - Vaccinated Children had a high rate of Autism, ADD, ADHD, Allergies and got sick allot more.

The study had some initial backlash by the Pharmaceutical Companies - Duh.

Keep in mind that China had 0 cases of Autism until Nixon’s “Detante” way back in the early 1970‘s. After Nixon met with the leaders of China the US sent in 100 Million Vaccinations to China and China suddenly had over a million Autism cases.

We work with a gal who has helped hundreds of children out of Autism.

Out of her initial 202 Autistic Children, 2 were military babies. The moms were vaccinated before they were even born - and they were both they were born Autistic. The other 200 became Autistic within 8 hours of being vaccinated and all the ones I saw had an Indigo Aura.

All of them.

(((An Aura is the Infra Red Heat Signature all living things produce - just above the Visible Light Spectrum.)))

The Blood Tests and Hair Tests all showed they had:

1) High levels of Mercury, Uranium, and Nangalese - a chemical that destroys Nerves and does not break down unless you eat Immusist.

It takes 2 years for the Nangalese to break Down in the blood and be eliminated.

2) All (100%) had Lymes Disease - or some other form of Relapsing Fever

3) About 90% - 180 of the 202 children - had Malaria and they were all born, and raised, in areas that do not have Malaria in the area so they had to get it through a shot.

4) The two children we saw that had a Chrystaline Aura died shortly after vaccination through an aggressive cancer that started weeks after the initial MMR Vaccination, and the parents refused to work with us.

5) All of the Autistic Children were highly allergic to almost every thing.

6) Many of these children have also contracted cancer

Great - so what do we do now that our child has ADD, ADHD, Autism, MS, Parkinsons, or Cancer???

Now - this is the easy part:

a) No More GMO Food - Wheat, Soy Beans, GMO Corn, Canola Oil, etc.

b) Canola Oil is a GMO form of Rapeseed oil and Rapeseed Oil makes cows sick - so what do you suppose it does to Humans???

c) Spelt Bread is the Original Non GMO Bread - this is OK.

d) NO food colors.

e) No more chemicals like MSG, Artificial Sweeteners, or any chemicals you can not pronounce like the stuff they put in Bacon to preserve it - BHT and BHA.

f) Go Organic and buy meat from a local farmer that is only Grass Fed.

Finally - what really kicks Autism in the rear end is:

Add Immusist and a little Citricare, and Sea Weed to your diet.


Our success rate for walking folks out of Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Lyme Disease and HIV, and other Neurological Disorders like Arthritis, is 100% IF AND ONLY IF they do as directed above.

We are supposed to say check with your doctor - but Your physician will loose his Medical License if he recommends these Procedures AND 50% of the cost of ALL Cancer Medications are reimbursed directly back to the Doctor - not his clinic.

So if a Chemo treatment costs $50,000 - normal - and your copay is $3,000 the Doctor gets $25,000 put directly into his Bank Account.

Further - almost all TEST DRUGS are set to, and paid for, by the US Army Chemical Weapons Labs.

So what do you suppose HE or She will say?


We have a friend, and a Brother, with cancer. Both were doing much better when they were eating Immusist and Sea Weed. Both stopped the Immusist and Sea Weed and their cancers came back. The one taking the Chemo Therapy will die very soon, the one refusing the Chemo is still doing OK.

Of all the 202 Autistic Kids that could no speak - all began speaking within 60 days, all could dress themselves and shower within 1 year, and all have lost their speech Impediment within 2 ½ years.

These are Indigo Children - so they think faster than most of their parents and after the Autism, MS, Parkisons, etc go away they usually excel to the top of their class.

Moms - you are not failures -it is not in your DNA - your children were poisoned and to my knowledge only Immusist can break down the compounds in your child’s blood that is killing them.

Moms - there is hope for your children.

It costs around $100 a month to reverse Autism, MS, Parkinsons, Arthritis, etc.

We guarantee nothing - but these are the results I have seen personally over the last - well - 6 years.

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

The only savings tip of the day is going all natural is allot cheaper than watching your child grow up Autistic.

Study Proving Vaccines Cause Autism Banned From Internet


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Jane Mecklenburg - Thrive Life Consultant

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