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"Get Up, We're Being Exterminated Here. ORGANIZE To Die Crys
Mon Dec 5, 2016 11:20

"Get Up, We're Being Exterminated Here. ORGANIZE To Die Crystals"

Those are a couple of Tele receives from over night. "Get up, we're being exterminated here. Organize to die crystals."

"Intelligent boy refused their set go. Judgmental did not save the day."

Might those 2 Tele receives be from extraterrestrial elders? Sounds like it doesn't it?

Has the boy not proven intelligent enough at 17 years old in 1965 to spot the flaw in the atomic bomb theory? Yes he has.

Did American native son not report back to the folks at home that "war is a fraud" after he saw it first hand in 1966? Yes he did.

Did he not go on STRIKE in 1969 when a day of STRIKE was called as a protest against the war in Vietnam? Yes he did.

Did he not get kidnapped off of the streets of Chicago in 1991 because he wanted to examine the wars in the Middle East in a court room? Yes he did.

Did he not seek out extraterrestrials in 2005 to help get us out of going into a nuclear war? Yes he did.

Then in May of 2008 kind elder sister Juliet spoke to Patrick. Juliet was assisting Sir Maximilian in "Project Earth." The Federation's rescue mission to Father's children on earth begun in 1906.

Sir Maximilian then spoke to Bitch for a few months until He departed earth zone in September of 2008.

The centers of power of planet earth knew that Bitch was in actual contact with extraterrestrials in 2008 because they knew the name of Sir Maximilian since 1350 AD when He first introduced himself as an emissary sent from the Galactic Federation of Light.

Bitch asked Sir Maximilian "why did the centers of power of planet earth reject joining with the Federation in 1350 AD?" And Sir Maximilian explained, "they had already perfected the predator relationship."

Sir Maximilian is also known as the Infant of Prague. He has been in earth zone serving as the director of "Project Earth" to transition planet earth out of war and into peace since 1910.

Our kind elder sister Juliet arrived in earth zone in 1937 to assist Sir Maximilian. Might Juliet not be recognized as our mythological "fairy godmother?"

Have we not read the childhood fairy tales of the "Magic wand" our fairy godmother uses to cure us of illnesses?

Might we perceive that our extraterrestrial family has been with us throughout all of our time in the Federation's nursery?

Sir Jason is the technical representative to us from the Federation. "Do we recall Sir Jason advised us to "Cement it in." Concerning the ongoing nuclear war that we are in that is being shot at us from Hitachi-GE ?

Sir Jason is the "personal warmth companion" of Juliet. Might a "personal warmth companion" in earth terms be, "our boyfriend or girlfriend?"

Then in 2009 precious sweet Father spoke to Bitch.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

Bitch understood then that God was not a "Mythological construct," rather God was an actual Being. A perfected Being. The Supreme Being of our 223 high level intelligence house.

God is immortal whereas our kind precious sweet Father that sits in the chair of God is a mortal. Father is dying, Father is in the last years of His beautiful life.

Father wants His children to live. The lady yesterday that said telepathically, "The whole world failed."

Will we not join with our precious sweet Father and put the love of God into our world? Must we not wake ourselves to the level that we just will not accept shooting war?

At 6.15 AM Bitch just said "Good wishes" to Sir Jason and Sir Jason's telepathic voice mailbox said, "You're Being arrested right parasite."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

"Pure head miser, RISE YOURSELVES."

Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.

Sir Morris is our Qwill good friend that is in our solar system with his civilization orbiting our sun. Sir Morris is here to welcome us into the universe.

"We came to warn you." Sir Morris said.

Will Labor not take the warning and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR before we are all consumed by weap Judah and his make us right less, homeless then extinct us with his nuclear waste us sport?

Received a couple of "Sad" Tele receives concerning yesterday's post. Might that have been to the Tele receive that said to out your mentally ill?

"Expose your mentally ill."

Bitch was hesitant to post that and should have put an explanation as to how to interpret that.

Judah tell us he is a "psychopath" in reverse speech.

Psyche is defined as the human mind, soul or spirit.

A psycho is a crazy person. Psycho-path.

While looking up the second half of psychopath, path, came upon this etymological root


1. a catamite
2. a person who suffers; victim

3. of or relating to a catamite
4. of or relating to suffering

Word Origin
C17: via Latin from Greek pathikos passive; see pathos

Word Origin and History for -pathic Expand
word-forming element from Latin pathicus, from Greek pathikos "suffering, remaining passive," from pathein "to suffer" (see pathos ).

The quality or power in an actual life experience or in literature, music, speech, or other forms of expression, of evoking a feeling of pity, or of sympathetic and kindly sorrow or compassion.

Medical Definition of catamite: a boy kept by a pederast—called also pathic

Catamitus:play play ( Greek Ganymede play) Greek mythological character. Ganymede was an attractive Trojan boy who was abducted to Olympus to become the cupbearer of Zeus and later his homosexual lover.

Has weap Judah not revealed that it is because we have wounded him so bad as to why he has maintained his continuous harming of us?

What might we make of the catamite aspect of pathic? Has Judah not revealed in reverse speech that his 'problem' that he needs therapy for is sexually related?

Is it not something that the memory of harm could be passed from generation after generation for thousands of years?

"Expose your mentally ill."

Might we see that Tele receive in the light of the mental illness that Judah has that needs to be exposed so that we will act to defend ourselves from the destruction and death Judah is doing to us here?

As to the people that are made mentally ill by what Judah does to us. We don't expose them, we love them. Might we though not expose the violently mentally ill among us?

Might we not well serve ourselves to expose the intentionally fiendish mentally ill that have their purpose in life to halt and harm us?

The large numbers of mentally ill that we have in America. Once we end the menace and violence of the Jewish tyranny sport state might many not experience full recovery with the love of our good God here with us? Sure.

"Be kind to the babies of the forests." Precious Father said

Instead of letting the violently mentally ill Jewish issue our money might we not be better off to listen to our sweet Father and join ourselves up in love with Father's house of peace and have Labor do the will of God and issue our money?

As to false and deception, do we recall how America was falsed into war in 1990?

On October 10, 1990 Nayirah was the last to testify at the congressional Caucus. In her oral testimony, which lasted 4 minutes, she stated:

"I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital with twelve other women who wanted to help as well. I was the youngest volunteer.

The other women were from twenty to thirty years old. While I was there I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns.

They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor. [crying] It was horrifying."

The atrocity propaganda that America was bombarded with to sell us war in the gulf in 1990. Might we surmise the 15 year old girl that falsed congress and was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States is a weap Judah Replicon?

When congress can be fooled by a 15 year old what might that reveal about the mental condition of congress?

False? As congress spends a lot of time mousing us might they not know false when they see and hear it?

Might we understand from that example that the weap Judah cipher controls all of the states in the Middle East? That is, might the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States not be a weap Jew rather than an actual Muslim Kuwaiti? Might we see how Judah plays us with his cover as a Muslim that is stirring problems in this world?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end the sick psyche sport in our world?

Has Judah not played his diaper politics in an assortment of provocative and inciteful ways?

Might such propaganda have been put out to make us cringe at the sort of people that would steal a baby's incubator?

"We always be baby fighters," Judee say.

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end hiring these sorts of false stories that are keeping us in war?
UFO Hunters Claim To Have Spotted A Crashed UFO On Mars
Posted on December 3, 2016

Rather than accidentally crash land on Mars, might our extraterrestrial elders have put that spacecraft there on purpose to let us discover it?

Might we think of Roswell in 1947 when elders intentionally crash landed one of their spacecraft there to afford us the opportunity to perceive the "MAGNITUDE OF THE DECEPTION?"

Do we recall that at that time in 1947 that Roswell was the home of the 509th atomic bombing group?

Are we perceiving that our extraterrestrial elders have been acting to "MAGNIFY THEIR IMPERFECTIONS?"

Have we given much thought to the imperfections involved in atomic bombing?

The 509th atomic bombing group had dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki only 2 years earlier.

Might we think of the emissary from the Federation and the four words he spoke to president Truman in April of 1945 while Truman was making the decision of whether or not to use the atomic bomb, "DESTROY THEM YOU'RE OUT!"

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?;article=156968;

Here's pictures of a couple of recent atomic bomb attacks against our family in Canada:

Is it not becoming obvious those are nuclear warheads in a controlled burn off?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending our big brothers and sisters in to spare us from being burned up in a nuclear conspear?

Here’s some reverse speech statements from the video:

“They came in from Germany, its part of our soul. Bitch threw our thief away because we’re crazy as hell. This is part of our vaporizing”.

VIDEO 3.29 AT:

Tele receives:

"Welcome back.

Cheer up. 2.27 PM

You simply have failed.5.09 PM

Real sick. 5.26 PM

Far out. 5.28 PM

O my god, spiritual offernaut. 5.31 PM

My god you harass us right. 5.33 PM

Scoring app failed.

You're being perceived as poison. 5.38 PM

I can't believe this guy lectures us so much bullsh*t." 5.41 PM

After receiving those Tele receives then Bitch pulled out the section that upset so many readers before posting to APFN. Thank you.

Tele receives:

"Its dangerous, you're perishing off yourself. 5.46 PM

Sinner hold you. 7.11 PM

Cheer boy. 7.15 PM

Judas feels he can ever reduce you's because you don't defend yourselves.

Atmosphere rusing has thrown psychic.

Tyranny sight has tossed you out. 10.37 PM

You tossed out your strategies goose way. 10.38 PM

Refused particle weaping here. 10.39 PM

Bless us all.


Heart attacks tossed you out. 10.40 PM

Visuals has forced us out.

Scandals fisted you's out. 10.42 PM

You lost your life forces visually. 10.44 PM

Patrick's real fell.

You're dying orphanly checks.

Jew punishing your life forms refused because you tossed them out. 10. 45 PM

Fateful you're now experiencing death.

You tossed your life for sin. 10.47 PM

You're falsing up yourself. 10.50 PM

You're dying false weap. 10.51 PM

Patrick saved us here, his mind is of pura-state shoot. 10.52 PM

You're dying full idiots. 10.53 PM

You failed to save your life.

Patrick's message is free.

You're dying off unsafely.

Hitler made us cautiously. 10.54 PM

Labor is their great fist.

You're closing up beautifully.

Seize financial permanently. 10.56 PM

You're closing yourself up and out of here.

Your spirits died fist.

Genius state refused.

Electricity is trying to push us. 10.57 PM

You're folding up your safety.

Sheeny won fantastic but his bridge was refused.

Peasant, he will tighten you in.

Nuclear squashes us.

Your advice will end sin.

Organize your fist off. 11.00 PM

They rape us dangerous.

Patrick is a blessing here, he won't stroke you. 11.04 PM

Toss them out courageous. 11.05 PM

They toss you mount-give. 11.06 PM

We fail full exhaust. 11.07 PM

Your atmosphere is getting you guys materially weak.

History's biggest fail, you died yourselves and your children.

95% of your gentlemen are history off here.

They canceled out your life history. 11.08

Beautifully they tramped out your fields.

You failed our life forces grotesquely.

You failed to sight us here.

Fearless got rid of sightless.

Your country is failed. 11.09 PM

Recognize you're well done, your life is fallen out of sanity into sin.

Parasite us arrogantly.

We false ourselves negative. 11.11 PM

Tossed your sanity, lost your field.

They have a function atoms way.

ORGANIZE your field. 11.12 PM

Patrick's died for lifting you out of this field.

You failed stupid, stufish. 11.13 PM

You died provincious.

You died completely out.

You died your victory molest out field.

You died quitly, an awfully nice joke. 11.18 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT or permanent devolution.

They're right false Jews Farragut.

They fake biology. 11.19 PM

Dig. 11.20 PM

Your salary die fist well.

Their sight reveals personal tightness.

You failed to save your life form, you failed to save yourself.

Your lives will soon end cashew. 11.22 PM

You're ricing out your safe deal, you're ricing out your spirit.

Real punished they tossed you out. 11.23 PM

You died fish. 11.24 PM

Ear ache tossed them here.

You failed to save your life force hydrously.

You signed your life forces out kidney.

The Reich here is refused for irritate. 11.26 PM

As soon as they tear off, the federal peace go. 11.27 PM

They make us here piston.

They make us here fleece.

They purposely died your sale.

They died your head, they died you perfectly.

They'll rancidly die you defeated.

You died outrageous. 11.29 PM

Nice boy turned out your fasch.

Quite brutal is white electric available here.

Irritate pinches. 11.31 PM

They tossed you laugh free. 11.32 PM

They falsed on story, eventually your die will show here. 11.33 PM

They're posturing you missile and your righteous fall your life.

They died our life forms industry. 11.35 PM

This chemical field will take you out Koresh eventually.

They just force you out fear. 11.36 PM

Total fear state is underground.

They exhaust your field at everything sympathy.

They fight assaultive mental.

Pat, come up here and save bounty.

An unstable life is dumb.

You're falsing out your season. 11.41 PM

Trapped minds fall.

Druid falsing out yourselves. 11.42 PM

Continues at:

ORGANIZE suitable field without race horse.

Close the sin right, save your fisted. 11.44 PM

They've exhausted out reach again se

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