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"My Mind Is Set On Setting The Nursery Out" Any doubt that
Tue Dec 6, 2016 10:23

"My Mind Is Set On Setting The Nursery Out"

Any doubt that that is weap Judah?

With a chip like a boulder on his shoulder he is a tourist in all lands. Judah rejecting the commands gifted to us 3,500 years ago, "Thou shalt not kill."

Judah chose then to violate the rules.

Three and a half thousand years later Judah gets a hold of planet earth to complete his mission to exterminate all of the rest of the children of God on earth.

The unforgetting, unforgiving, unmerciful, vengeance full weap Judah. Might we see in Judah refusal to accept the love of God for His children on earth the root of much of the distress that we have had to endure since then?

While we have had to endure Judah's eternal war against us, might it actually be that Judah has a grudge against God as his motive for destroying the children of God on earth?

Judah rejection of the Ten Commandments given to us from our good God in 1500 BC. Basic, simple, easy to understand rules of the road gifted to us from our creators, the Galacticans.

Free will included with the rules, so that if we choose not to follow creators rules, we don't have to because we have also been given free will at the time of our creation.

"Sport was fair," Judee say.

As American Labor is still funding sport, might we not have to consider that sport was fair?

The late Elie Weisel that said there is an "Ontological difference" between Judah and us.

If so, what is the difference in nature, the fundamentally different form of each other between weap Judah and us?

Judah also tells us that he has "supreme knowledge."

That the centers of power of planet earth. Weap Judah, the royals and Vatican, that rejected contact with the Federation in 1350 AD. Might we have to give that one to Judah? Has he not indeed been in possession of supreme knowledge?

The Supreme knowledge that allowed Judah to be aware that we have a kind sweet Father that loves us all. Has Judah not put a lot of effort into preventing us from knowing about the sweetness of Father?

Our Father taking a seat on the Supreme council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of light in 800 AD.

King Harald of Norway taking office in 823 AD.

Might we not consider that Judah knew our new Father's name and when Father Christopher passed in 800 AD?

Father Christopher who sent Jesus to us 2,000 years ago.

Father Baldec that gave Moses the Ten commandments in 1500 BC.

Yahweh, the Martian God that preceded Father Baldec. Served the Galactic Federation of Light watching over and guiding us at that early time.

With his enhanced neuron count gifted to him before he broke the covenant with the house of our good God, might the top Judah not have had some insight into the extraterrestrial nature of who we really are?

Certainly. Judah would have had much knowledge about elders. That Judah attacked them in the 7th century BC and chased them away from living openly with us. Might we consider how powerful Judah was in relation to the rest of us at that time?

Judah plan to take over planet earth by breeding look alike hybrid transplant Replicons of himself into every terrain. The secret life of weap Judah. His Freud wasp Replicons from Europe that succeeded in holding the mild man of the north into funding and building the weapons of mass destruction to destroy us all.

Judah using sore eyes and ears and animals to hold mild man to finishing himself off even after learning that Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles to kill us all.

Might we not have to question as to what sort of supreme knowledge Judah has that has allowed him to hold us in to wipe our genome out?

With our good God almighty in heaven helping us can we only wonder when we will authorize ourselves to help ourselves out of this world of cages and war that Judah has forced upon us?

A vast prisoner transport system in place. Now Americans with absolutely no rights. All the free money he wants gifted to him by American Labor because Judah is the only party authorized to issue our money.

Will Labor not do the will of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money in to your safe hands?

The most important things we have, our rights, taken away by Judah. Is there not some sense of how deadly we have allowed ourselves to be positioned by weap Judah?

The harsh history of the mild man in Europe. Do we not have enough knowledge of how century after century we were subjected to the worst that Judah state could do to us to not make it a point to get our civil rights in?

Father has come from another world to save us. Will we not try to save ourselves? As our fields are being poisoned and our air made too toxic to breathe, a living hell being laid for us. Will we not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"This guy just needs a little help. 5.30 PM

Slaver. 6.47 PM

We're being exterminated here.

Geno-state take out. 6.54 PM

Journey for vegetables refused, you're dead. 7.27 PM

You didn't get out Jew vicious life.

SOLD! 7.38 PM

He's pushed us out of life form. 7.40 PM

Praise God, He'll never fool. 7.41 PM

A STRIKE is out waste. 7.43 PM

They tossed you asparagus numb noot. 7.45 PM

They casual die you failure. 7.46 PM

Jew pistols will be culling to take liberty, lets ORGANIZE. 10.43 PM

Claim this offered deal, the fit will be offed. 10.50 PM

They're hoods denying contact. 10.51 PM

Their state will eventually drive you right out. 1.52 PM

Look at the way they made us organize, open up strategies. 10.56 PM

They mind fist you perilously with black to white. 10.57 PM

Judees drift is cyclical. 10.58 PM

He plays you for cash for deeds.

Bitch you're a failure of harass life. 10.59 PM

Their raid falsed us fascist. 12.20 AM

They put some war books in that are dying Druid. 12.21 AM

Stupid boy super boy. 12.23 AM

They just fold dead. 1.30 AM

Your innocent sight tossed you's out. 1.31 AM

White field so rich it died, pull yourself out as the one that was. 1.38 AM

Spastic rupture us. 1.39 AM

The Martian is helping us, realize they've bursted out fisty.

Focus on transport now, all states out of state. 1.42 AM

Her majesty close your real sight. 1.43 AM

The attachment falls you righteous Dreyfus.

The Jews be out of here with their plan exhaustive.

You're obviously framing yourself ridiculous, you're obviously attacking yourself out. 1.45 AM

They're fully establishing you rights are out. 1.46 AM

The desert penetrate forms wildness and wicked perishing. 1.48 AM

Shadow by Gosch. 1.49 AM

God's trying to save us from idiots toss.

A theory holds you right.

You failed to save your life. 1.50 AM

Their crimmins died this field. 1.51 AM

Laboratory death is virtual right of them. 1.52 AM

Destroy you inside because you failed to save your tremendous. 1.53 AM

Your title is dead for faulty force.

A grand jury insures properly. 1.55 M

Your head forces are sinful, they fugitive you away. 1.56 AM

They burned up and you failed deep, STRIKE THEM OUT!. 1.59 AM

A pura force you can find yourself rifled. 2.00 AM

Mash you out for pura sucess.

Dead for catamite.

They clearly died your state, died yourself. 2.02 AM

Complete predator molest.

Their cage right put them out of here, 2.05 AM

Jagoff finished you visually.

Fist bribery dies your field. 2.08 AM

A real psychic folded them 2.09 AM

You're lunging real bad.

A complete fierced you're out of here, a complete fierced you for all days, a complete fierced you out of it dead. 2.10 AM

The professor failed to save our beautiful life here, now the filth is to come communist. 2.11 AM

Their delightful sin is now to come in here and rifle us in. 2.12 AM

They tossed real sweet. 2.13 AM

They mash your rights serially.

They mashed us dead. 2.14 AM

Great mob-a-teers.

They hold us right, stupid failed us. 2.15 AM

We've been hosed, we've been barreled, STRIKE THEM OUT for punishment. 2.18 AM

Once you got the circuit card everyone can be warm delightful. 2.23 AM

Abolish these guys, they're fairly obvious, their retorce is out.

The worst among us can turn to God and be redeemed.

Get best pest out of here. 2.24 AM

You're silly forcing out your sightful. 2.25 AM

Every man has his price to do wicked. 2.27 AM

Lizards raped us. 4.21 AM

Your rights are real. 4.43 AM

Their trigger failed. 5.29 AM

Patrick signaled us just great. 5.34 AM

Their rule book is symbols. 5.40 AM

You lost your right us. 7.21 AM

Authorize yourself to save your life.

We're certainly hit. 7.33 AM

Its a right conspiracy, Bitch break the spell." 7.52 AM

By Bitch taking Mercury report to the people revealing that Judah attacked us to extinct us and destroy the United States of America in a few hours of nuclear shooting, has that not broken the spell of Judah over his fellow man?

Might we think of ancient days and the slaves that Rome held captive and worked. Might we imagine the Roman foreman fled and the slaves instead of freeing themselves continued to trudge along waging war against the rest of their brothers and sisters?

Will American Labor not recognize that Judah spell on us is over and act as free men and women and STOP THE WAR?

"I would have given you anything." Our Father in heaven said.

What day can we hope American Labor will end funding sport war and genocide in our world?

The worst calamity ever, a Jewish electricity waste brimstone poisoning of us and our family. An inescapable genocide by breathing the air. Will we not pray that the mild man will end funding the destruction of our world?

"Has judgmental not failed us?

"Judgmental did not save the day." A Tele receive from yesterday.

Is that what has held Labor from acting to save us, judgmental attitude?

Are there some that think Father should of sent a perfect Jesus again to convince the people to save yourselves?

Why send a deeply imperfect guy like Bitch to try and convince us to save ourselves?

As America is today a vast gulag state with millions in prison and Americans have let such an obvious monstrosity get past us might we need to straiten our thinking out about being judgmental about other people?

Might Judah's newspapers with lurid tales about how the people do such bad things so they must be put in prison be part of the judgmental that has failed us personally now as we re being perished out of life?

Is there such gullibility about the land to believe what Judah says about Bitch to being judgmental about Bitch to the point of letting ones own self be perished out while in the spell of the cunning Jew guys and gals?

Judah political hirelings telling us we are right less when our good God gave us rights. Judah attacking us first with nuclear blast weapons and now nuclear waste weapons. Does that simple fact not indicate that Judah's rules no longer apply here?

Will Labor not consider the life and death consequences of not having our civil rights in when Judah in particular is holding the authority to issue our money?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail." Our good God almighty asked American Labor.

Did God not tell us that Judah has no defensible rights for attacking us with nuclear missiles? Yes Father did tell us that Jewish have no defensible rights because they attacked us with nuclear missiles.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked Labor.

For what reason has Labor failed to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"Lets wash them out because they've got a core-a-set right." Tele receive. 8.33 AM

Judah core-a-set us with nuclear missiles to get us out in America and our family in Russia. The mild man of the north destroying the populations of the other mild man of the north.

How is that for Jewish ability to get hold of the minds of the mild people?

Do we recall it went big time when Judah had unlimited free money to do what he wanted to do with it when he took into his private hands the concession to issue the money of American Labor in 1913?

All the peace activists that opposed America joining into world war I and the abuse they suffered. Might we consider where all the money came from that financed that?

The money for all the propaganda. Might we wonder where Jewish got all the money for that?

The unlimited money to hit all those that oppose war. Might we wonder where the unlimited money came to finance that?

Are we not seeing it all came from American Labor?

The false court proceedings that were used to lock up Labor leaders. Where did that come from? Is it not clear it all comes from Jewish being the private holders of the concession to issue our money?

"It cost me a bit with my Fermi lab when it missed," Judee say.

Will Labor not end funding Judah labs that work only on perpetrating genocide against us?

Tele receives:

"They've been scalping in prison and Christ is watching. 8.59 AM

Jew cipher is out for booming himself.

All fist fell down for all time in a great break.

Sheeny for real stopped clocking.

Finish or hope will die. 9.29 AM

I encourage you to save us. 9.43 AM

That last Tele receive sounded as if it is from one of our peace activists that is held in Jewish prison to prevent him from helping us. Will Labor not think of those who have lost their property, liberty and life in trying to serve the love of God for His children on earth and act to make peace on earth a reality?

"If you're a legitimite I just make you die; You won't see me molest. I shot you high tech so I got to go for too vicious. We just juice minnows out in 2 or 3 days.

I maniac catas you and use bars to cap you. My mind is set on setting the nursery out. Germany ain't stupid for me. I chapeled your jury. My best Jew battery is authorized.

I fool you personable. I booped ya foreman. Our dead Druitions always cataster rate. We're interested in sport of what people provide," Judee say.

God is with us Labor. Precious sweet Father loves us all. Father has had His angels keep us from being exterminated by Judah nuclear blast war.

Will Labor not do the will of our beautiful Father in heaven and STOP THE WAR?

2% of the human species living on the surface of planet earth, Judah and his hybrid transplant shell Replicons. Carrying forward with their mission to exterminate the rest of us.

Judah interested in the sport we the people provide them. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to beautiful precious sweet Father for letting Judah let himself off right?

Will, must, American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the nuclear war that is being shot on us from Hitachi-GE?

Will Labor not put in the best deal ever for us, the American Bill of Rights?

Who should make the decision on our life, liberty or property, a jury of our peers or a clerk sitting on a bench in a corporate state?

"Your rights are real." 4.43 AM

Our rights are real Labor. Will Labor not embrace our sacred God given rights and over ride Judah veto of our having any rights?
Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden, but my eyes still see

Talking is cheap people follow like sheep
Even though there is no where to go
How could she tell he deceived her so well
Pity she'll be the last one to know

Are we not aware enough to know that Judah is using nuclear waste for poisoning out mother?

Will she be the last to know?

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money from Jewish to end their nuclear holocaust of us?

Must American Labor not do the will of our good God and have a committee of the whole issue our money?

As our good God is our Lord, Savior and Sovereign will we not recognize God's love for us all and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish?

"Love one another." God almighty commands us. Is that not simple and strait forward enough for us to do Labor? Certainly it is.

Continues at:

"I want to save your lives."

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