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willpwilson 908
They are blocking all of our Internet Access.
Fri Dec 9, 2016 06:44

Just to let you SCUM know, I actually created the Internet in 1991 when I received the first license from the Internic to create the first GTE and US West Phone Company National Yellow Page Listings called the "INTERNET" index in these national yellow pages, when my Intervend Company was the actual first National Yellow Page Index Listing.

Thus acquiring such clients in the next two years who never paid me, or paid Gary Hawkins, and or Michael Wells Mandeville, (We authored the actual first college computer text book from our instructing the GTE and US West Phone companies with our instruction book that became the first Internet College Text Book.) for creating and architecting "" which the scum bag Besos still owes us, and Zuckerburg directly needs to pay me for having been his Uncle Will in steering him to create "FaceBook." Do you scum get it yet. You are going to clearly get it for what you did to me and to all of us the American People and Patricia Shupe and many other courageous Americans. They are blocking all of our Internet Access.

15 Years Old Girl Survive Pizzagate Satanic Rituals Abuse Pt 1 - Wake up call - Wake up call - -

patriciajhs Repost of Article WELL Worth Reading!!! Sat Dec 3, 2016 -;article=156959;title=APFN -
patriciajhs Here is Another Article, Thank you to these researchers: Sat Dec 3, 2016 -;article=156960;title=APFN - Red Elk‘s wishes before he died was for me to carry on his work. One of the things he had hoped to see created was his coloring book he drew by hand with a children’s story about God, before he started to shake and could no longer draw. The front of the book is exactly as he requested, with his original drawings and colors. The back of the book is black and white where kids can color in the images. Adam (who trained under Red Elk) and I refocused our efforts recently – both feeling/hearing/sensing a calling to keep his work alive. Normally Red Elk says check 3 times for confirmation, but we have received confirmations of being on the right track 10 fold. Special thanks for Justene Merriman for helping clean up the only copy of this work I had, Crystal Lewis for using her new found skills in self-publishing an illustrated book, Michaela Paeth for helping us find a cover photo that we could legally use and many others who participated in getting me over the hump to get this project completed. - Is being blocked from our being able to access it.

I like life too scum bags. Dire Straits -

And, inform Gene Palmer and Jeanie Williamson to realize that their attempt to try to press charges of Internet Porn on me will not work. They need to go to jail not me. They are the criminals not me. All I have tried to do here on this planet is to protect the American People every way that I can. I don't need corrupt States of Washington and Officer Sullivan of the Seattle Police Department who are controlled by the Maxwell Crime Family Satanist Beehive who own the State of Washington and their Gene Palmer trying to influence their alleged corrupt Federal Judge Zilly who is Gene Palmer's father in law and other corrupted Federal Judges and their owned and controlled FBI connections to try put me in jail. They better get it. Their judgement is going to transcend if they keep their evil intentions. They are being watched by the way on over drive. Don't try to pull any false charges on me because I have done nothing but try to protect us, the American and World people. You will be in for surprise Gene Palmer and your Maxwell Crime Family of Washington State. Be aware Scum bags.

They are also blocking access to -

Through facial recognition on the Van Buren Library computer they are right at this time also trying to mess up this computer while I using it. You Scum are in for some serious judgment. You will be judged soon.

Bohemian Grove Satanic Illuminati Ritual (Caught on Tape)

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