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"Its Very Wasteful What Are Destroying Us" That is a Tele r
Fri Dec 9, 2016 12:23

"Its Very Wasteful What Are Destroying Us"

That is a Tele receive from 3.15 AM

"Its very wasteful what are destroying us."

Will we perceive that the basic issue is, who it is that issues our money that will answer the question of whether we will have more genocide in our world or not?

Our entire planet engulfed in Jewish sport war. Are we not yet appreciating just how important is the issue of who it is that has the concession to issue our money?

God our Sovereign wills that Labor issue our money. Will American Labor not do the will of our good God and end the downwards spiral that we are in now?

Are there any skeptics left that do not believe that we are going out of space and time complete in a well financed Jewish genocide of us now?

The depopulation of the human race. Has this event not been reported to us for decades now? Yes it has from many sources.

World War 3 –Elite Plan To Depopulate World: Plan To Kill 6 Billion People
Monday, November 30, 2015 9:59

“We’ve got people on the other side [the Dark Side] who think we should reduce the population of the earth. That’s Satan’s plan, of course. Jacques Cousteau [you’ve seen his underwater documentaries] said we need to eliminate 350,000 people a day.

Ted Turner [you pay for his cable TV networks] said we need a 95% decline in population. Okay, Ted, you first. These guys for the New World Order want to reduce the population of the world [from it’s present 6 billion] to a half billion.

“Charles Wurster [Environmental Defense Fund] said people are the cause of all problems, we need to get rid of some of them.

Bill Clinton [disgraced & impeached U.S. President] signed the Bio Diversity treaty that said we need to reduce the earth’s population to 1 billion.

They’ve already got the earth [including the United States Of America] divided up into regions. Red areas are for animals only, no human beings allowed. The treaty’s been signed, it just hasn’t been enforced yet. Coming soon, though.”

“Peter Singer [he’s a Princeton professor teaching your childrens] is the guy who wants to have abortions AFTER the baby’s born.

You’ve got 28 days to decide if you want to keep it.

He said Christianity is our foe; if animal rights is to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.

Like animals have more rights than humans. Alan Gregg [official for the Rockefeller Foundation] said the world has cancer and the cancer is man.

Prince Phillip [aren’t you glad the U.S. doesn’t have Royalty?] said if I could be reincarnated I would wish to return to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels. A nice guy, that Phil.”

“BTW, Monsanto [international] is busy working on genetically modified foods. They banned them in Europe.

But 70% of everything you eat now contains genetically modified foods, causing all kinds of problems with health. Get the book SEEDS OF DECEPTION [by Jeffrey Smith] to get a whole lot more on that or ENGINEERED EXTINCTION from the New American magazine about how our food is being tampered with to reduce the population.

The U.N. said food is power, "we use it to control behavior, we do not apologize.”

All well known what the plan is, to die us off in MEGA DEATH.

That we have now left our defenses down and provided the cash needed to poison us with nuclear waste, must we not turn to our good God to save our lives?

"I would have given you anything. I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR! I want to save your lives. They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Our good God said to us.

From our beginning 200,000 years ago, we were created to be extraterrestrial Beings.

Might we not connect some dots and expect that those life forms that make war must pass out of existence when it is time for us to go on our journey into the universe?

Prophecy in our bibles that was gifted to us 2,000 years ago informing us that one third of the human race will die off in the end days. A third of our water on our planet poisoned.

Is there not yet some sense of just how vast is the die that weap Judah has put in on us here?

The worlds most powerful economic engine ever, our United States of America. Now faltering and sputtering as American Labor funds war throughout our world.

The ability to keep American Labor funding war. Is it really as simple as who it is that has the concession to issue the money of American Labor in their hands?

The concession to issue our money worldwide in the private hands of the only cipher that makes war eternally, weap Judah.

The crypto Jew, that we now recognize as hybrid transplant Replicons, found in all terrains. Working beyond borders, fooling the peoples, putting mayhem and upheaval wherever they are.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for affording weap Judah the opportunity to get rid of themselves?

Has weap Judah not himself succeeded where others have failed? That is by attacking us with long range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles, has Judah not ended his time with us all?

Tele receives:

"You failed to reach us. 6.14 PM

You're in danger from a faulty stager. 6.16 PM

Pat, you tossed them out peacefully. 7.20 PM

My god is failed by cannibal rights. 7.22 PM

You're able wit to smash it.

Germany's strafed us. 7.27 PM

Germany's raped us. 7.23 PM

Exhausted out yourself. 8.29 PM

Really dies us in. 8.31 PM

They occupied us real pure. 8.32 PM

Fearless guy didn't believe in the war of the thief.

They're jeering us failed. 8.47 PM

You're at the ghost stage. 8.59 PM

Global environment died. 9.03 PM

You extreme rightly. 9.06 PM

Fist dying gentlemen alone. 9.09 PM

Great performance here for a community that stalks for a duper style. 1.03 AM

Once you get you're in failure their opps will crispo.

They have exclusive weapers to core you dead.

White Jew minnow core you dead.

White kids storage triple will put you out. 2.17 AM

False analysis with incomes, you die. 2.18 AM

They'll attack you for sport. 2.23 AM

They're assaulting filthage. 2.35 AM

Judah's voice has been refused, they're a voice from the past.

Wake us up, we're perishing off awful goosely. 2.40 AM

O my god, terrible field. 2.41 AM

Their jest is bleed.

Jews war you portleum. 2.43 AM

STRIKE this hell here, STRIKE this arrogance.

Keep rising up yourselves.

They're dying us off resources.

Genocide will treat you muzzely. 2.38 AM

The son of a bitch's are destroying our field, save us.

You lost it, your resources are now ousted. 2.41 PM

You're personally selfish kids.

They're fishing us wildly communist sport. 2.42 AM

He sports with the deevil. 2.44 AM

Your selfish will make you go zero.

Its a corrupt Jew molesting God's family. 2.45 AM

Get them off to solve advantage.

Their wind shield was thrown baby plex.

This tyranny will tumble your cheer. 2.46 AM

Jews have fallen you rightly.

They're real excited about cruelty. They're real excited about hopelessness.

Jew is closing us up Terhesus. 2.51 AM

Drew out parasitely. 2.53 AM

Typhus deal sports you out of the field. 2.54 AM

Right scoped yourself.

Anthem infuriates the right of this field. 2.55 AM

A fail to save us will now leave us dead. 2.56 AM

Your fault teach you irrealities. 2.57 AM

Simply rice horses are getting us done in for their parastate.

Official tyranny hike Christian fistic. 2.58 AM

Patrick cowboy stupid fail to rich.

They're coursing us dead; ORGANIZE, violent thieves and criminals are forcing us out. 3.02 AM.

STRIKE THEM OUT or they'll perish you.

With Bethany they shop you fish. 3.05 AM

Abrasive force will destroy you obviously. 3.06 AM

With Annapolis they tossed you out. 3.08 AM

Pleasures off complete. 3.44 AM

Ditch them. 5.02 AM

You tear rightly, you tear wisely. 5.10 AM

They ruptured us. 5.17 AM

Pat's quite fair. 5.22 AM

Irritate. 5.27" AM
Just finished watching 6 AM international news from Asia. The president of Korea is set now for impeachment. Here is a reverse speech of a Korean man commenting about it:

"We're advertising the end of the wolf man."

While our political society has been officially in existence since 1791, 225 years, our family in Asia has cultures that have been in existence for thousands of years.

From reading reverse speech of numerous speakers in Asia, it appears that our Asian family has figured out the weap Judah cipher that has been hiding within their cultures for 1600 years.

Judah cipher, only arising fully into power in Asia after the British invasion of a century ago.

Judah tells us in reverse speech that he took over the mild man of the north's cultures in 700 AD. Began his wars in the north in 760 AD.

Might we consider that Judah was never able to gain complete control over the societies of Asia because of the inoculation provided by the peaceful wisdom of Buddha?

Do we see how when Judah was able to gain complete control of the mild man of the north's terrain and bank account in England, he was able to shop for his fist that he used to install his Replicons in China a century go?

"We're advertising the end of the wolf man."

Might that reverse speech from Korea indicate that Buddha is coming in again as Judah is going out?

"I just force Druid to do my hatchet day, that's how we win," Judee say.

If only Cicero and Seneca had not been assassinated by Judah, might our roots in ancient Rome and Greece have helped us to act as quickly as our family in Asia now has?

Will American Labor not end funding buying hatchets and men for Judah sport?

The immense wealth to be gained by all of God's kids freely trading with our family throughout this world. Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR and let the bountiful life for all of God's kids come in?

Father did not have to send Jesus to our family in China, for our family there had already discovered how to balance themselves.

The true Christian philosophy, might that be what will bring us to peace? Certainly it will.

Matthew 5:38 You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.

Buddha shared his wisdom 5 centuries before Jesus. If only we would have had more time to study what Jesus said to us, might we have been more ready and able to avoid this crunch we are now in?

"We inherit an edge in muscular disease. The white guy I average rate you, I'm going to leave you here with pleurisy. I'm a federal rapist. I batch you with fist is my history. Dog food core-a-late you. The Amateur found me out and I'm virtual-ed," Judee say.

Might we not consider the love that our good God has for all of his kids?

Have elders not shared that all mild man needs is to be divorced from weap Judah and resight ourselves in peace?

Might we not be helped by observing our family in the Far East that are now advertising the wolf man is done?

"Truly we're out foolish, lost our summer," Judee say.

What is it Labor, why no help?

"If you accept embezzle I'm porting you death, that's how we silence nice guys," Judee say.

Is it all the smear that Judah put on Bitch that has prevented American Labor from trying it?

Precious sweet Father up above loves all of us Labor. Do we recall that beautiful Father asked Labor long ago about the STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and give it to a Labor committee of the whole to issue for us?

If so do we recall that God our Father said, "Why didn't you try it?"

Will American Labor not break the 1300 years of Judah hold of the mild man?

The STRIKE Labor. In God's name will you not try it?

Judee and his vicious racing of us. Have we not had enough of it where we will not act and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I fished them to steam them away," Judee say.

Judah is done, is that not clearly seen? So what's the problem then?

Are we not perceiving that because we are still involved in sin and we are being put out of here with him?

While Judah has his well equipped mountain shelters, what about the rest of us?

Is there not some concern about having to breathe his invisible radioactive dust in?

Did Father not make our bail when Judah tried to blast shoot us gone? Yes Father did. Might we perceive that our bail will not be made if we fund Jewish electricity waste weap degrade upon ourselves?

Bitch just said good wishes to Sir Jason and Sir Morris, wondering if we are still on speaking terms yet and pleasantly we are.

"Unelect them." Sir Jason's telepathic voice mailbox said.

"They're dying you slow. Jewish failed." Thank you Sir Morris for that message today.

That we are now in a nationwide death grip from Jewish science on nuclear, will Labor not step in here and help us survive this last nuclear war of weap Judah?

"I core you right wolf. Bourse is Jew basic theory. I bust you with Jew right force deals. I assault you visual and die your soul," Judee say.

Is it the visual assault that has held Labor from acting sanely, sensibly to let them off right?

"Supers got the right deal. 5.45 AM

They're virtual sinful. 6.01 AM

This unusual psychage tossed them out." Tele receive. 6.38 AM

Might Labor keep in mind that this unusual psychage would not have gotten completely on to them much less toss them out without Mercury report plus elders teaching Bitch how to read their minds?

The facial reverse speech that Bitch has learned from elders. Might we consider it is another gift from Father to His children on earth to afford us the opportunity to save ourselves?

Using facial reverse speech Bitch is able to uncover the hybrid transplant Replicons that Judah has installed in governments in all terrains of our world. And to hear what they say:

"I'm going to push you desperate to stop breeding."

Are we getting some sense of the genocide that Judah puts in to make us stop breeding?

"I stole you with grease pumps, that was my fine way. I'm sad I can't fight you physical. Bitch made the case that bourse is our force," Judee say.

Did Bitch not make the case that bourse is indeed Judah force? If understood will Labor not take the bourse and end Judah's force that he uses to make us desperate and stop breeding?

"Resources will force us right out.

They ruptured us" Tele receive. 8.52 AM

Might we not consider that the right deal is one that does not make anyone bleed? The deal that doesn't leave our resources poisoned, does that not sound like the right deal to have?

Will Labor not sign on with the deal offered to us by our precious sweet Father, the one that doesn't make us die?

The wolf is all typhus, he's not with us, never was. To fool us into fighting each other was the purpose he gave himself in this life.

His courage is found when he is setting us. His high tech to take our lives.

"I always confuse you with a right central. Because of nice guy I'm closing. For fate I'm failed. I use my zipper just to foul with some principles. We just bust your heads because we have rules of fist.

Baltimore always held our rules of eviction. I had some baby sh*t to right fool you. A veteran hawk serves in many ways. Our perish bore your life. Pat see right and bust all Judah cops. Our adventure land did some wonderful cores.

We're just an awful genus. His mother was fair with our wreckage, showed you how we fooled you rich. We did some nice dies with weird effects. Jew never change my sight, I just go free and die," Judee say.

"Its sold. 8.03 AM

SOLD!" 9.19 AM

Father is with us Labor. Will Labor not now act with the love of God, STRIKE THEM OUT and set All of God's children free?

Will we not pray for peace?


God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Continues at:
Friday, December 9

Psalm 141:1–4
2 Kings

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