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Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans.
Tue Dec 20, 2016 01:22

Officials: Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans Urgent Need To Assess Impact On Food & Water By: Sophia Akram |@NeonNettle on 18th October 2016 - - - - - - C4I - Dec. 13 - Doug Mather, Will P. Wilson and Patricia JHS Shupe on Buildng Alternative Energy Technologies in Your Garage with Douglas Mather Adviser Master Machinist Electronics and Engineering Expert and later in the program Will P. Wilson covering a report on the Northwest Washington State Crime Family Syndicate and How They are Trying to Set (Dr.) Will P. Wilson Up On False Child Pornography Charges. - - apfn Browns Gas Paul Pantone Geet International Alternative Energy - - December 19, 2016 To Patricia JHS Shupe the co producer and the host of Call4Investigation that is broadcast weekly and streamed worldwide and archived as Federally Copyrighted Media Documentation at , she, Princess Diana also was murdered because of what she knew about the Stuart Trust and it's Massive Theft and Massive Murder tying in directly to the Gates Family, the Maxwell Family, the Microsoft Corporation, the Satanic Luciferian Control of this nation, this planet, and the Northwest and all of the Northwest Corporate Infrastructure. Thereof, the destruction of my life and the theft of what I had created, the kidnapping of your twin son, and your two sons be switched around in 1987, (Did they need the Stuart DNA?) and why they have followed you for your entire life time and destroyed your life and why they are so afraid that their judgment of this massive theft, and murder will be turned around on them and that they will be held accountable for what they have done to you, your family, to me, and to the entire world. - The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew .Gary LiteGary Lite - - - Gary Lite - - - LEAKED Footage Of A Satanic Reptilian Ritual - David Icke - - Intense 5 -

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 2:06 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:
December 19, 2016 Intervend founder Will P. Wilson, Michael Wells Mandeville, and Gary Hawkins created for Jeff Bezos in 1992 and 1993. willpwilson 908 They are blocking all of our Internet Access. Fri Dec 9, 2016 -;article=156984;title=APFN - willpwilson 908 Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factor Sat Dec 10, 2016 -;article=156988;title=APFN

This is why they proceeded to destroy my mind with Psychotronic Warfare Electronic Weaponry and to then after disabling my mind they proceeded to destroy my entire estate and to make sure that I would loose my research files, legal records, in hopes that I would then commit suicide. This didn't work so they proceeded to disable my mind to then place handlers around me in order to then get me using their street drugs to thus plant nano technological mind control into my brain.

Why did the former head of the Northwest National Security Agency Jim Morse accompanied by an Ab Mobasher and Iranian architect and engineer who worked for the CIA and as a domestic double agent visit my home in 1997 at 22025 Redmond Fall City Way (One of the many properties that they took it upon themselves to forge my signature on the titles to these properties and bank accounts to then by 1999, to force me to then made homeless and having my mind mostly disabled.

That afternoon Mr. Jim Morse proceeded to place a black box next to himself while I had naively let them into my living room, thus mentioning to me that the black box was of no concern to me. It was later that General Terence Swan whom I had served in the Marine Corp with in 1970 and 1971 whereas, our brains from that time period were also disabled and our memories erased due to the consideration that were involve with the creation of the Delta Force Time and Teletransportation troop and agency operative transport operation.

I apparently was the first actual combat Marine to teletransported into combat in 1970 where as I have been informed that I, and Terence Swan has both received Congressional Medal of Honor commendations by General Omar Bradley Jr. Apparently I had on been in Vietnam only two day when I had received this battle Field commendation. This is in part why Northcom has been pulling out of one life factoring incident after another. As for example a Federal Agency representative pulling out of being the Boeing Company's reigning executive staff using me as their 2002 Winter Solstice Human Sacrifice at one of the disguised warehouse and incinerator twelve room facilities where I had been lured into staying at this facility by one of their Satanic Luciferian members named Wayne Lyber who had offered to me a place to live in order to act as the property manager which was simply just that a lure to have me at this facility in order to then have me murdered and used as that Satanic Sacrifice.

Apparently Northcom had gotten notified of this and sent in an agency representative to get me out of there before this could happen.

apfn Browns Gas willpwilson - - -

apfn Call4Investigation -

William Mount ALERT - ELECTION IN JEOPARDY Mon Dec 12, 2016 - -;article=156996; -
They are blocking all of our Internet Access. — willpwilson 908, Fri Dec 9 -;article=156984;title=APFN -

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factor — willpwilson 908, Sat Dec 10 -;article=156988;title=APFN

Maxwell Crime Family such as Mary Maxwell Gates Bill's mom — scantv77, Sat Dec 10 -;article=156991;title=APFN

KEEP WRITING WILL - WE LOVE YOUR ARTICVLES — William Mount, Sat Dec 10 -;article=156990;title=APFN

EARTH'S CRUST SHIFTING - HUGE QUAKES AHEAD - BE READY — William Mount, Sat Dec 10 -;article=156989;title=APFN

INTEL REPORT - SYRIAN WAR ABOUT TO EXPLODE — William Mount, Fri Dec 9;article=156985;title=APFN

US BACKED ISIS ON THE RUN, DEMAND CEASE FIRE — William Mount, Thu Dec 8;article=156981;title=APFN

INCREDIBLE CAUSE AND CURE FOR AUTISM EXPOSED — William Mount, Mon Dec 5;article=156970;title=APFN

POPE CONDEMNS MAIN STREAM MEDIA FOR LYING — William Mount, Sun Dec 11;article=156995;title=APFN

OBAMA SAYS GOODBYE — William Mount, Sun Dec 11;article=156994;title=APFN

William Mount - TRUMP WINS ELECTORAL VOTE -;article=157027;

Posted from http://www.Rense.com - - - - - - William Mount Blog - - - - - - - - Will P. Wilson - - Call4Investigation pre-recorded program on -= - Call 4 Investigation - - Don Grahns weekly TV programs - All-ways Pursuing Truth - vs. NEW$, Inc. - - By – on to the Message News Board - on December 20, 2016 - - MAMMALS Listen to the mysterious 'alien call' coming from 36,000-feet below the Earth's surface - the-sun.pngPublished December 19, 2016 - - - - - December 19, 2016 Hidden In Plain Sight: Bombshell New Evidence Emerges They're Killing Us With Chemtrails As Death Rains Down From Above - By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die - - - - -

Obama Took $2.6 Billion From Vets, Gave To Muslim Illegals - - - - - - Entire N. Pacific Ocean Is Radioactive And It's Worsening - - West Coast And CA Tide Pools Are Sterilized… There Is Almost Nothing Left In Them - - Low Dose Radiation Exposure - The Facts - - Coverup Ends - Deadly Fukushima Radiation Admitted To Be In West Coast Fish And In Shoreline Waters - - Gosh…Radioactive Fukushima Fish Found On West Coast Deadly Cesium 134 Fish In Oregon Shoreline Waters - - For The 'First Time' Fukushima Radiation Found On West Coast Shoreline And In Fish (This Is A Lie …Radiation Has Been Here For 5+ YEARS) - - - Fukushima Cesium-134 Found In Canadian Salmon Wake Up - US Salmon Also Swim In The Ocean! - - - - - - - Saturday, 17 December 2016 Its a mystery: Tens of thousands of dead herring keep on washing ashore along the rocky beaches of western Nova Scotia since late November - - -

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 It's the sixth major quake in 3 days and the 9th in this area this month and with a huge coronal hole still facing Earth: More to come? - - - - - - - - Animal Die Offs Its a mystery: Tens of thousands of dead herring keep on washing ashore along the rocky beaches of western Nova Scotia since late November - Schools of dead herring keep washing ashore along the rocky beaches of western Nova Scotia, prompting a retired scientist to enlist the help of local naturalists and bird watchers as he continues to gather data about the mysterious phenomenon. Ted Leighton, an adjunct biology professor at Nova Scotia's University of Sainte-Anne, said Friday he has compiled more than 40 sightings since tens of thousands of dead and dying fish started appearing in St. Marys Bay in late November. -

December 17, 2016 'Earth Has Shifted' Inuit Elder Warning Comes Back To Haunt Us As Something Big Is Happening Along The Ring of Fire - - - - STRANGE VIBRATIONS, INCREASING INTENSITY OF EQ'S AND GIGANTIC HOLE FOUND IN OCEAN FLOOR - - (Image via - - BOTTOM LINE - The Inuit elders provided warnings to NASA and to the world, warnings which had officials concerned, and since then we have seen disturbing reports as more and more scientists continue to warn of the "big one," referring a mega-quake and catastrophic events, which will not only include earthquakes and tsunamis, but volcanic activity along the Ring of Fire as well.

For example, just days ago it was reported that "3 million cubic meters of lava are ready to blow in the air at Popocatepetl," which according to Volcano Discovery, is part of the Rng of Fire as well.

Something big is happening along the Ring of Fire. -

  • TRUMP WINS ELECTORAL VOTEWilliam Mount, Mon Dec 19 18:08
    TRUMP WINS ELECTORAL VOTE VIDEO: TRUMP WINS PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION !!!! - YouTube Donald Trump has secured the Presidential Nomination. At about 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Donald Trump secured... more
    • Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans. — willpwilson 908, Tue Dec 20 01:22
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